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My WPF ScrollBox Dressed Like a Windows Phone 7 Series
I love it when a plan comes together. To get the Phone feel on a touch desktop took a week's work in WPF to get physics and scrolling working together but I think I nailed it.
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Loud F355 Tubi
We recorded this on the way back from Le Mans in 2005. Russell jumps out to film me racing off to get an idea of why the Gendarme were so interested in us.
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Lac D'Annecy - Hotel Beau Site
At the water's edge in the private garden of Hotel Beau Site, Talloires, France
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Izzy the Pirate, Yaaar!
Isobel can't speak yet, but shiver me timbers, she's a pirate already.
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Rare Clip of Drum Sensation Paul Annis
Rare footage of the drumming legend Mr Paul Annis in his studio, possibly high on spine-numbing pain-killers. Apparently, this is who people have been seeing when performing seances around Gracelands, a garden centre just outside Margate.
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iPhone-style Scrolling WPF ListBox with Physics
A ListBox that supports scrubbing up and down and flicking with the mouse, like the iPhone contacts list. More soon at www.lukepuplett.com
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My WPF GesturalScrollViewer - Panning around a large Image control
**Shocking quality - sorry** The ScrollBox was refactored into a subclass of ScrollViewer and can now be used more flexibly.
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