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How to walk in heels
Learn how to walk in heels with these easy to follow steps! Feel confident walking in high heels, wedges, platforms and stilletos. The heels in this video are all available from www.ImHaute.com These tips from Kassandra Brooks will have you strutting your stuff like a model in no time!
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Spring 2013 Floral Prints
Below are the links to each item as it appeared in the video: Yellow Full Bloom Dress: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Dresses-D1066-YLW/ Mint Cross Stud Belt-https://www.imhaute.com/accessories-belts-cross-studs-belt-mint/OA-CRS-BLT-001-MNT/ Mint & Spikes Crossbody Clutch-https://www.imhaute.com/accessories-bags-belts-mint-spikes-crossbody-clutch/CP1814-MINT/ Orange Bow Tied Floral Print Ruffle Dress- https://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-bow-tied-floral-print-ruffle-dress-orange/P7152-ORG/ Midnight Bloom Dress-https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Dresses-D4292CH-BLK/ Circle Sunnies-https://www.imhaute.com/hair-hats-eyes-J31437-TOR-BLK/ Turquoise Ruffles in Bloom Romper-https://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-ruffles-in-bloom-romper-turquoise/P7144-TRQ/ Neon Flowers Cut Off Shorts- https://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-shorts-cut-off/RP1290F-WHT/ Pink Ruffle Around Blouse- https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Tops-T1038-PNK/ Pretty Pink Paisley Maxi Dress-https://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-pretty-paisley-maxi-dress-pink/P0394-PNK/ For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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How to become a Model
Modeling is not as easy as one might think. Just like any profession, modeling involves hard work and dedication. Kassandra Brooks & Tamara Cramsey share with you their tips and tricks from their many years of experience in the fashion industry. Kassandra has been a published glamor model as well as a professional freelance catalogue model for many years. Tamara is in the Guinness Book of World Records for walking on the Catwalk for the longest consecutive time. She also owns and operates a Modeling Agency in Australia. For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Peplum Outfits- 5 Trendy Outfits with Peplum dress, skirt, shirt & more!
Dare to Flare This Season in the ever so flattering peplum trend!! This feminine fabric frill added to clothes can enhance your curves and add a touch of class to any outfit! Mint Blouse & White Peplum Skirt: http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-mint-sheer-chiffon-blouse-with-pyramid-studs/t2550-mnt/ http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-black-polka-dot-peplum-skirt/f4u-001-blk/ Coral Peplum Top & Black Sequin Shorts: http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-coral-lace-peplum-blouse/3071-cor/ http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-black-sequin-shorts/xjboost-blk/ Open Back Mint Peplum Top & Cream Crochet Shorts http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-mint-open-back-peplum-blouse/t5850-mnt/ http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-cream-floral-crochet-lace-shorts/mp4002-crm/ Green Chiffon Peplum Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-embellished-peter-pan-collar-chiffon-layers-dress-green/P6188-GRN/ Red & Black Striped Peplum Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-red-striped-peplum-dress-with-black-mesh-cutout/d3111-blk-red/ For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Spring 2013 Shoe Trends
Put some spring in your step with the hot footwear trends for Spring 2013. Links to the shoes as they appear: Water Color Espadrille Heels-http://www.imhaute.com/shoes-heels-blue-watercolor-espadrille-heels/BLAIR-18-BLU/ Denim Espadrille Wedges-http://www.imhaute.com/shoes-wedges-light-blue-denim-espadrille-wedges/BOOSTER-01-BLU/ Rose Gold Sandals-http://www.imhaute.com/shoes-sandals-rose-gold-rhinestone-sandals/LOTTIE-51-ROSE-GLD/ Purple Gemstone Sandals-http://www.imhaute.com/shoes-sandals-purple-gemstone-sandals/WONDERFUL-07-PUR/ Black 3D Flower Wedges-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Wedges-JASMA-2-BLK/ White Haute Heels-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Heels-GAZE-185-WHT/ www.ImHaute.com
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Homecoming Dresses - 8 beautiful outfits for school dance
Bring on the Glitz and Glam! These 8 beautiful homecoming dresses will have you ready for the dance and the best dressed as well! Everything featured in this video can be found at www.ImHaute.com Below are some direct links: Homecoming Dress #1: Hot Pink Tea Party Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-fuschia-bow-ruffle-party-dress/k82150-pnk/ Homecoming Dress #2: Royal Blue Peplum Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-blue-ruffle-party-dress/md3921-blu/ Homecoming Dress #3: Little Black One-Shoulder Sequin Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-black-satin-sequins-one-shoulder-ruffle-dress/3014-blk/ Homecoming Dress #4: Black & White High-Low Chiffon Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-white-chiffon-dress-with-lattice-cutout-corset-top/sd28111-wht/ Homecoming Dress #5: Mint Chiffon High-Low Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-mint-lace-sheer-chiffon-high-low-dress/d1392-mnt/ Homecoming Dress #6: Blue Maxi Dress with Vegan Leather Trim & Cutouts http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-dusty-blue-chiffon-maxi-dress-with-vegan-leather-trim/d13915-blu/ Homecoming Dress #7: Black Maxi Dress with Open Back & Chiffon Bow http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-chiffon-bow-back-black-maxi-dress/d3490-blk/ Homecoming Dress #8: Yellow Maxi Dress http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-long-day-belted-maxi-dress-yellow/P6166-YLW/
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Delicious Dairy Free Dessert: Red, White & Blue Trifle
These patriotic trifles are a perfect way to sweeten up your Memorial Day weekend! Made with fresh strawberries and blueberries (or blackberries) as well as fluffy angel food cake and a mixture of dairy free, fat free and sugar free ingredients. Eye-catching and delicious, these Red, white & Blue Trifles will be a hit with any holiday event! For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow me: twitter: @KassandraBrooks instagram: @KassandraBrooks www.Facebook.com/KassandraMarieBrooks
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Celebrity Looks For Less- Miley Cyrus Outfits
It is easy to look cool with these Miley Cyrus inspired outfits! Outfit #1 Naughty Kitty Skirt- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-naughty-kitty-mullet-cut-leopard-print-skirt/ab2070a-leo/ Black Cami-http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/TA0002-BLK/ Riding Boot-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Boots-JENNIFER-1-BRN/ Gold Studded Belt-http://www.imhaute.com/Accessories/hair-hats-eyes-BLK-STUD/ Outfit #2 Leopard Leggings-http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/8001-LEO/ Black Sweater Dress-http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Dresses/65298-BLK/ Black Flats-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Flats-DEDE-1-BLK/ Gold Studded Black Belt-http://www.imhaute.com/Accessories/hair-hats-eyes-BLK-STUD/ Outfit #3 Green Military Jacket-http://www.imhaute.com/new-arrivals-oversized-army-green-jacket/coj4fh-grn/ Black Skinny Pants-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-black-high-waisted-gold-button-skinny-pants/p4014-blk/ Grey Boyfriend Shirt-http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/61845-GRY/ Riding Boots-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Boots-JENNIFER-1-BRN/ Outfit #4 Vegan Black Leather Dress-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-the-vixen-black-vegan-leather-dress/igd551-blk/ Shoes-Available next week Outfit #5 Black & White Striped Shorts-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-black-white-striped-denim-shorts/dbs9017-blk-wht/ Black Lace Crop Top-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-black-lace-chiffon-crop-top/it3626-blk/ Black Knitted Hat-http://www.imhaute.com/Accessories/hair-hats-eyes-HAT-BLK/ Black Flats-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Flats-DEDE-1-BLK/ Outfit #6 White Skater Skirt-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-skull-studded-white-skater-skirt/s-664-wht/ Black Open Back Top-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-black-lace-side-open-back-shirt/63013-blk/ Gold Purse-Available next week Outfit #7 High-waisted Shorts-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-classic-button-fly-high-waist-cutoff-shorts/sh-2495-blu/ Black Tube-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-black-sweetheart-neckline-sexy-ruched-tube-dress/5021-blk/ Riding Boots-http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Boots-JENNIFER-1-BRN/ Black Messenger Bag- Available Next Week Blue Skull Bag- Available Next Week All theitems worn in the video are available from www.imHaute.com
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What To Wear To A Wedding
Going to a wedding? Don't freak out- We help you answer the age old question, "What am I supposed to wear to a wedding?!!" Black Satin & Rhinestones Dress-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-black-tube-dress-with-rhinestones/hd2005-blk/ Yellow Belle Chiffon Maxi Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-chiffon-maxi-dress/P-8697-YLW/ Purple 3D Flower Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-chiffon-rose-garden-dress-purple/P0358-PUR/ Neon, Taupe & Blue chiffon Maxi Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-the-rachel-one-shoulder-sheer-chiffon-maxi-dress/4526-nud-blu/ Peach Sherbet Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-sweet-peach-chiffon-hi-low-dress/5002-pch/ Baby Blue Cotton Maxi Dress-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-halter-maxi-dress/P-8678-BLU/ Dressy Casual Pink Chiffon Dress-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-sweet-pink-chiffon-ruffle-dress/130350-pur/ Mint High-Low Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-mint-lace-sheer-chiffon-high-low-dress/d1392-mnt/ Casual Floral Print Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-bow-tied-floral-print-ruffle-dress-mint/P7153-GRN-BLU/ For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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How to Wear Crochet Shorts
Crochet shorts are hotter than ever for spring & summer 2013. My favorite thing about crochet shorts is that they're super comfortable, and just as versatile. This adorable wardrobe staple can easily be dressed up OR down depending on what you pair it will. I'm Haute TV is going to show you how to style crochet shorts for all occasions. 1. Dressy yet practical crochet shorts outfit with peplum top: This outfit is figure flattering and flirty. White peplum top- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-white-open-back-peplum-blouse/t5850-wht/ Mocha Brown Crochet Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-mocha-floral-crochet-lace-shorts/mp4002-brn/ 2. Feminine yet edgy outfit with crochet shorts: This fashion forward is surprisingly easy to wear and fabulous! Brown High Low Chiffon Top- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-tops-blouse-low-hemline-sheer/50020DR-BRN/ White Crochet Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Bottoms-S1051-WHT/ 3. Comfy & Relaxed Crochet Shorts Outfit: -adorable lounge outfit for hanging with friends at home or running errands Boyfriend Fit Wolf T-shirt- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-boyfriend-fit-white-wolf-top/gt3002-wht/ Coral Ruffle Crochet Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-coral-crochet-lace-ruffle-shorts/mp4001-cor/ 4. Perfect Day to Night look outfit with crochet shorts: -great for days when you want to look cute and fashionable but not too overdone. This option works beautifully with wedges or flats. Hot Pink Chiffon Blouse- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-hot-pink-chiffon-blouse/9006-pnk/ Black Ruffle Crochet Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-bottoms-shorts-/S1051-BLK/ 5. Resort Chic: Crochet shorts are perfect for the beach, pool or vacation! Chiffon Anchor Top- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-floral-aboard-coral-mint-sheer-chiffon-blouse/20210-cor/ Mint Crochet Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-mint-floral-crochet-lace-shorts/mp4002-mnt/ For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Easy DIY Football Strawberries for Super Bowl
These adorable chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect dessert for your Super Bowl Party this Sunday! They are very easy and fun to make!! for the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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What to Wear to A Concert (Hip Hop, Pop, Country, House, Rock, Indie)
Concerts and shows are super popular during the summer months, so we've put together a video to showcase a number of perfect outfits for you event-goers out there! Here's a quick list of the clothing used in this video. For more detailed info, check our blog! -Read My Lips White Muscle Tank -Black Mickey Skull Muscle Tank -White Sleevless Collared Top With Tulip Hem Back -Classic Button Fly High Waist Cutoff Shorts -High Waisted Camo Print Cutoff Shorts -Old Glory Vintage Style Denim Cutoff Shorts -Open Heart Back Leopard Print Chiffon Crop Top -Haute Spot Polka Dot Denim Shirt -Coral Crochet Lace Skater Skirt -Blue Graffiti Jungle Romper -High Expectations Shorts in Black -Lime Green Heart Breaker Crop Top -Pushing Daisies Chiffon Skirt in Purple -Ivory Lace & Chiffon Crop Top -Vintage Vacation Turquoise Paisley Print Wide Leg Pants -Retro Comic Print White Scuba & Mesh Crop Top -Black High-Waisted Gold Button Skinny Pants -Sexy Textured Neon Yellow Bodycon Dress -Neon Coral Striped Shorts -Sheer Mojave Crop For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow me! twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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How to wear leggings
Sorry for the video quality/ugly background... We are doing our best and promise better very very soon!! How to enter the CONTEST: 1.Leave a comment. -in your comment include the name of your favorite item from www.ImHaute.com -write a sentence or two about why this is your favorite item That's it!! :) You can at random or by having the most "likes" on your comment! Contest Ends January 30th... The winner will be announced on the 31st!! GOOD LUCK!! Here are links for all of the items in the video: Raspbrry Misty Dress: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Dresses/T3236-PUR/ Rasberry Boots: https://www.imhaute.com/new-arrivals-raspberry-delight-over-the-knee-boots/razor-s-pnk/ Purple Warp Top: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Tops-1466-PUR-BLK/ Black Cami: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/TA0002-BLK/ Aztec Top: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Tops-T2809-BLK/ Rust Orange Fleece Lined Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/11802-ORG/ Red Fleece Lined Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/11802-RED/ Houndstooth Coat: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Outerwear/78749-BLK-WHT/ Kiss Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Bottoms/2959-BK-RED/ Black Boyfriend T: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/61845-BLK/ Red Scarf: https://www.imhaute.com/Accessories/Scarves-Gloves-RED-SCARF/ Red Bow Shoes: https://www.imhaute.com/new-arrivals-red-bow-tied-peep-toe-pumps/allen-05-red/ Brown Boyfriend T: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/61845-BRN/ Camo Army Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/ARMY-LEG-GRN/ Army Green Military Jacket: https://www.imhaute.com/new-arrivals-oversized-army-green-jacket/coj4fh-grn/ Brown Riding Boots: https://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Boots-JENNIFER-1-BRN/ Cross Sweater Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/P8001-BLK-WHT/ Cozy Skull Sweater: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Tops/COJ2CG-BLK/ Antique style Ring: https://www.imhaute.com/Accessories/Jewelry/Rings-ANT-RING-002/ Leopard Print Leggings: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Bottoms/8001-LEO/ Black Sweater Dress: https://www.imhaute.com/Clothes/Dresses/65298-BLK/ www.ImHaute.com Save 20% off site wide when you use promo code:KMB20 at check-out! :)
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Halloween Tutorial: 3 Easy & Cute Carve Free Pumpkins in 3 minutes!
Decorating pumpkins for Halloween is a lot of fun but it is also very messy and time consuming. This halloween tutorial will show you how to decorate 3 very easy and adorable pumpkins in 3 minutes! Plus if you choose to use a faux pumpkin these decorations can last you for years and years to come! Thanks for watching out video! xoxo I'm Haute Check out our online women's fashion boutique www.ImHaute.com follow us! Twitter: @Im_Haute Instagram: @ImHaute Facebook: Facebook.com/ImHaute Fashion Blog: Blog.ImHaute.com
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Hermes Birkin Bag Haul
The Hermés Birkin Bag is by far one of the most highly sought after bags in the entire world. It exclusivity and price tag put this bag at the top of most wish list... and keep on wishing lists. Watch this video for a brief run down on what makes the Birkin Bag so great and get to know this famous bag inside and out... up close & personal! For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Sparkly Homecoming Makeup Tutorial & Makeup Giveaway!
Sparkle at your homecoming dance with this easy and pretty shimmery makeup tutorial. You can also enter to win some of the products used in this makeup tutorial. Please share and enter as many times as you would like. Winner will be announced end of day October 1st. You have until 2pm on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 to enter. Thanks for Watching! www.ImHaute.com
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Last Minute Cheap & Free DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Watch this video for tons of ideas on Free, Cheap & Inexpensive DIY, Customizable and Unique Valentine's Day gifts. For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute Here are links to some of the great artsy blogs I found: http://www.lovepomegranatehouse.com/felt-fortune-cookies/ http://lilluna.com/valentines-hooked-on-you-pail/ http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/2012/01/valentine_ideas/
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I'm Haute Welcome Video & Giveaway!
Welcome to the world of I'm Haute TV. Owner & Fashion Lover, Kassandra Brooks, introduces you to the newest and HAUTEST online boutique. Get killer deals on the latest trends and win fabulous prizes! www.ImHaute.com is an online retailer of addictive fashion. We want every woman to be able to say, "I'm Haute" when she looks in the mirror! TO WIN THE RILEY RIDING BOOTS 1. Subscribe to I'm Haute TV Youtube Channel 2. Leave a comment underneath this video about your Favorite Fall/Winter Fashion. That's it! Good luck & Keep it Haute!
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Winners Announcement!!
Sorry this took so long... :( For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute Here are links to some of the great artsy blogs I found: http://www.lovepomegranatehouse.com/felt-fortune-cookies/ http://lilluna.com/valentines-hooked-on-you-pail/ http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/2012/01/valentine_ideas/
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New Years Discounts & Riding Boot Winner Announcement
Congratulations and Happy New Year!!! (Sorry for the late upload. I tried everything to get it to upload yesterday but it was just not possible.) Twitter @Im_Haute Instagram @ImHaute www.ImHaute.com Save 20% off site wide when you use promo code:KMB20 at check-out! :)
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How-to Apply Self-Tanner & The Best Ones To Use
Most of us want that beautiful bronzed look but non of us want to come out looking like an oomph-loompa or a zebra. Get a tan the healthy way with a self-tanner and come out looking flawless with these tips and tricks! This video features easy to use self-tanners, affordable self-tanners and even shoes you which products to stay away from.
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4th of July Outfit Ideas
We show you NINE 4th of July inspired outfit ideas to keep you looking festive and fashionable for all your Independence Day Festivities!! The links to the items in the video are listed in the order which they appear :) 1. Lipstick Lover Tank- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-lipstick-lover-white-muscle-tank/lv003-wht/ American Flag Backpack- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories/bags-belts-american-pride-flag-backpack/bag2168/ Studded High Wasit Shorts- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-classic-studded-high-waist-cutoff-shorts/sh-2497-blu/ Spike Bracelet- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories-jewelry-bracelets-antique-gold-silver-double-spike-bracelet-punk-arm-candy/81670-AGD-ASV/ 2. Read My Lips Tank- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-read-my-lips-white-muscle-tank/rk003-wht/ Star Short- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-all-star-cutoff-shorts/dbs9017-star/ Circle sunnies- http://www.imhaute.com/hair-hats-eyes-J31437-BLK/ 3. American Flag Chiffon Blouse- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-stars-bars-chiffon-american-flag-top/27548s/ White High Waist Skinny Jeans- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-the-stunner-white-high-waisted-skinny-jeans/p584-wht/ Gold Plated Nude Sandals- http://www.imhaute.com/shoes/sandals-gold-metal-plated-nude-sandals/lupica-cml/ 4. Off The chain Chiffon Blouse- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-off-the-chain-white-chiffon-blouse/t-925-wht/ Flag Short- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-old-glory-vintage-style-denim-cutoff-shorts/dbs9017-flag/ American Flag Bikini- http://www.imhaute.com/swimwear/two-piece-swimsuits-twist-and-shout-american-flag-bandeau-bikini/36007623-flag/ Gold Skull Hand Chain- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories-jewelry-bracelets-gold-skull-and-bones-hand-chain-slave-bracelet/SB3275-GLD/ 5. Bow Bandeau Top- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/tops-adorable-floral-print-denim-bow-bandeau-top/3903-blu/ White Skater Skirt-http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/bottoms-skull-studded-white-skater-skirt/s-664-wht/ Gold Lion Head Ring- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories/jewelry/rings-gold-black-lion-head-ring/r742-lion-gld/ Gold Skull Bracelet- http://www.imhaute.com/JB31-GLD/ 6. Chevron Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Dresses-PD1512-BLU/ Red Wayfarer Sunglasses- http://www.imhaute.com/hair-hats-eyes-WF-001MIR-RED/ Silver Spike Earrings- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories-earrings-spike/UA-001-SLV/ 7. Red Skipper Tank Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/Clothes-Dresses/3075-RED/ Red Heels- http://www.imhaute.com/new-arrivals-red-bow-tied-peep-toe-pumps/allen-05-red/ Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses- http://www.imhaute.com/hair-hats-eyes-WF-001MIR-BLU/ Blue Stone Bangles- http://www.imhaute.com/FB1030-BLU/ 8. Blue chiffon Jumpsuit- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes-dresses-chic-jumpsuit/JP20017-BLU/ Red Statement Necklace-http://www.imhaute.com/red-triangle-pendant-fashion-statement-necklace/ Clearly Amazing Skull Clutch- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories-bags-clutch/skull-J51756RD-RED/ White Peep Toe Pumps- http://www.imhaute.com/Shoes-Heels-SHANA-05-WHT/ 9. Sexy Blue Ruched Dress- http://www.imhaute.com/clothes/dresses-blue-sweetheart-neckline-sexy-ruched-tube-dress/5021-blue/ Red Floral Print Wedges- http://www.imhaute.com/shoes/wedges-red-floral-print-platform-wedges-with-gold-accents/marco-01-red/ Red Bollywood Chandelier Earrings- http://www.imhaute.com/accessories/jewelry/earrings-the-bollywood-red-silver-chandelier-earrings/ere-8012ta-red/ Red Rhinestone Bangles- http://www.imhaute.com/jewelry-bracelets-AB-3100-RED/ Music: Whiskey on the River by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/ For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Kawaii Nail Art Tutorial & GIVEAWAY!!
This contest is open Internationally here on YOUTUBE (Youtube.com/ImHauteTV), as well as on our FACEBOOK PAGE (Facebook.com/ImHaute), & our TWITTER ACCOUNT (@im_Haute) Please be 18+ or have your parents permission to enter. PRIZES We will be giving away 4 TOTAL NAIL SETS -2 nail sets here on Youtube -1 nail set on our Facebook page -1 nail set on our Twitter Account The way to enter is very similar on each Social Media Platform. Here on Youtube you can enter by: 1. Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite item from www.ImHaute.com 2. In this comment be sure to include a reason why this is your favorite item. 3. You can enter as many times as you would like. Make sure to use a different "favorite item" for each comment or youtube may flag you for spam. For Twitter & Facebook: 1. Share a link to your favorite item from the www.ImHaute.com. 2. Don't forget to menton/tag us so that we can see and count your entry. 3. You can enter as many times as you would like but please make each entry unique. We will be announcing our Youtube winners here on Youtube. The twitter winner will be announced on Twitter. The Facebook winner will be announced on Facebook. Contest ends April 30th, 2013 Winners will be announced May 1, 2013 ****Please note that the nail sets vary slightly in design and color of jewels/glitter**** We will be leaving a copy of the official rules in the description box underneath this video in case you have any questions. Remember, you can always inbox us with any questions you may have here on youtube or our email address is [email protected] Thank you so much for watching!! We wish you the Best of Luck!! For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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Office Tour & Winners Announcement (Still Under Construction)
Winners Announcement for Kawaii Nail Art Contest and a mini tour around the "Still Under Construction" I'm Haute Office! *WARNING* It is VERY pink! lol For the Hautest Fashions online visit www.ImHaute.com follow us: twitter: @Im_Haute instagram: @ImHaute www.Facebook.com/ImHaute
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