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Motorstorm-like Off road racing game Made in Dreams - PS4
Driving feels great even though I'm bad at it. The dirt effects gathering on the car are a nice little touch. I know I'll be playing this one a lot when Dreams comes out. NAME: Off-Road Racing Creator: TheZarrich
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Giant Bomb Plays: Slayer Scrolls - Made in DREAMS (PS4)
Grew up watching Giant Bomb play games, never thought I'll watch them play something I made! For those not in the beta, you can watch me do a full playthrough of my game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YsDd4hwzA0
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Godzilla Recreated In Dreams PS4
Very loud, but imagine the possibilities of Godzilla games we can have in Dreams. Personally, I would love just a scene of walking around a city with Godzilla slowly approaching. Title: Godzilla 2014 Creator: Gi022601_
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Stylish Horror Circus Scene - Made in Dreams PS4
Love the vibe of this level. Kinda makes me want a FNAF game in Dreams. Name: Clownycircus Creator: ChelseaGrin-93
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Slayer Scrolls: An RPG *FULL WALKTHROUGH* (Made in Dreams PS4)
A full playthrough of my Dreams game Slayer Scrolls. If you have the beta, no need to watch this, you can play it yourself!
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Dog Simulator! Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Dog's Run Created By: Angelotje Really adorable game.
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A series of cool explosion physics tests made in Dreams. Name: Demolition Mayhem Creator: Loarchie Made in #DreamPS4
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Bowling Game - Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Drop Side Bowling Creator: CloaknDaggerson Fun bowling game. Made in #DreamsPS4
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Counter Strike Style Multiplayer Shooter - Made in Dreams
Multiplayer FPS game made in Dreams. Currently it's bots only as media molecule hasn't implemented online yet. Creator: Fabix Name: One Breath Made in #DreamsPS4
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The Witness like First Person Puzzle Game Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Puzzle Haven Creator: Totodiel Beautiful first person puzzle game that reminded of The Witness #DreamsPS4
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Time Based Puzzle Platforming Game - Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Mini Astro's Adventure Creator: ItaloSvevo Very cool mechanics in this game #DreamsPS4
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Toy Story like game - Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Yoko's Escape Creator: ROGA89 Fun little game that reminded me of Toy Story. #DreamsPS4
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Blade Runner Open World - Made in Dreams (PS4)
Looks amazing. Can't wait to see where the creator goes with this. Name: Blade Runner Flight Test Creator: JimmyJ75 Created in #DreamsPS4
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Slimer Quest: a Dragon Quest like game made in Dreams PS4
Game: Slimer Quest Creator: Raz0rbackzwei Controls very well and feels great to play! One to watch when the game comes out.
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Classic Sonic Sculpt - Made in Dreams PS4
Looks amazing, and can't wait till someone makes it into a puppet. Plus an demonstration of the add detail tool. Name: Classic Sonic Creator: Moneyboy_Ben
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Ace Combat Flight Sim - Made in Dreams PS4
Very impressive game and all the little details in the cockpit view blew me away. Can't wait for more of this. Name: Fighter Jet Game Creator: Elgaga Made in #DreamsPS4
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Bouncers - Short film made in Dreams PS4
Gives me some claymation vibes Name: The Bouncers Creator: Dreeko Made in #DreamsPS4
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First Person The Last of Us/Walking Dead game - Made in Dreams PS4
Janky, but the start of something great. Love the clickers in this and the walking dead + joel easter eggs. Feels like I'm playing a first person Last of Us Name: What's Left Creator: buttermybiskitt Made in #DreamsPS4
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Media Molecule Plays: Slayer Scrolls - Made in DREAMS (PS4)
Here are the developers of Dreams playing the dreams beta within which they are playing my dream game's beta. Suck on that Inception.
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Valentine's Day Short Film - Made in Dreams PS4
A short film made in Dreams PS4. One of the most impressive shorts I saw on Dreams during the beta. Name: DreamChaser Creator: Aesbi
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Sonic The Hedgehog Remade in Dreams - PS4
Very early, but funny. Title: Impic Impotopia Creator HallowedHero
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Pig Wolf in Beijing - Full Movie Made in Dreams PS4
I want to highlight that Dreams can also be used for shows or movies! A very trippy ride. Name: Pig Wolf in Beijing The Movie Extended Cut Creator: AppleSquidd
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Rubix Cube 3D Platformer - Made in Dreams PS4
In the PS2 days every mascot got a 3D platformer, in the Dreams days every object will have a 3D platformer. Name: Rubix Roll Creator: oLMCo #DreamsPS4
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Game Informer Plays: Slayer Scrolls - Made in DREAMS (PS4)
Game Informer's Dreams Cover Story and their 100 Questions video is what renewed my interest in Dreams and now I get to watch them play my game. (Even though unluckily got every glitch while playing!)
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Dexter's Laboratory - Made in Dreams (PS4)
Brings back so many childhood memories. Love the artstyle here. Can't wait to see the eventual Spongebob + Dexter Dreams Crossover. Name: Dexter Creator: Culosoman Made in #DreamsPS4
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Telltale/Tim Schafer Style Adventure Game - Made in Dreams PS4
I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to more games like this. Name: Pig Detective Creator: SdeReu Made in #DreamsPS4
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Sully from Monsters Inc - Remade in Dreams PS4
Derpy remake of Sully from Monsters Inc. I feel like Dreams will lead to a lot of PS2-era Disney platformers. Creator: HBoss77 Name: Sully Made in #DreamsPS4
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Shark with a Secret - Made in Dreams PS4
Shark with a little camera trick secret. Made in #DreamsPS4 Name: Shark WIP Creator: RubberToeRobbo
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SURREAL THEATER - Made in Dreams PS4
Interesting WIP level that I messed around in. Name: Black Box Theater Creator: DDevaraj Made in #DreamsPS4
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Metroid Style 2D Retro Game - Made in Dreams
2D retro game made in #DreamsPS4. Reminds me of Metroid and Megaman.
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Twin Peaks Set Remade in Dreams - PS4
Name: Twin Peaks - Black Lodge Creator: Falkinator-Z Dreams can not only be used for making games, but also short films. There's already a couple in the beta, and stuff like this makes me excited for next level fan fiction.
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Donald Trump Simulator - Made in Dreams (PS4)
No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, this is pretty funny. Creator: HeartFactory-KW Name: Stress Reduction Experiment Made in #DreamsPS4
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Big Chungus: The Videogame PS4 - Made in Dreams
Name: Big Chungus V1.65 (WIP) Creator: GamerJay_ChiefOP Someone's finally done it and made Big Chungus into a real PS4 game. #DreamsPS4
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Zelda Ocarina Playable - Made in Dreams PS4
Fully playable Ocarina Made in Dreams PS4. Name: The Ocarina (WIP) Creator: Krazykarl15 Song List: Zelda's Lullaby Epona's Song Saria's Song Song of Storms Sun's Song Song of Time Scarecrow's Song Minuet of Forest Bolero of Fire Serenade of Water Requiem of Spirit Nocturne of Shadow Prelude of Light
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Epic Jesus Army - Scene Made in Dreams PS4
Pretty epic scene. Reminds me of Lord of the Rings. But a different kind of Lord. Name: The 2nd Coming Creator: Battlebourne
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Ponte Vecchio - Scenery Made in Dreams PS4
Name: Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Italy Creator: Convertaction Absolutely beautiful and it's remixable. So if you want it as a backdrop to your game or cutscene, you can use it how you wish.
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