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Begin Again - Taylor Swift - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, it's time to begin again
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Homeostasis - Andy Do - Original Song
Anna, I write songs
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Mario Kart Love Song Cover - Sam Hart - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, I hope you've played Mario Kart before
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The Only Exception - Paramore - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, the ONLY exception.
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Lovebug - Jonas Brothers - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, I guess I'm done trying to play it cool
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Mommy's Song - Andy Do - Original Song
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy :)
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Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
This one's for you, John
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No Mud No Lotus - Andy Do - Original Song
Happy Father's Day, Pops :)
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Little Things - One Direction - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, this is a song about our "friendship"
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Nicest Hand - Andy Do - Original Song
Can you catch all the poker references? ;)
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Throw Me a Rope - KT Tunstall - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
I first heard this song during one of my morning warm up classes at Rutgers. Now it's one of my favorite songs about longing for someone far away - something all of us at Rutgers have been feeling the past week. This one goes out to Sham and his family. RIP my friend.
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Sunday Morning - Maroon 5 - Andy Do Acoustic Cover
Anna, I never want to leave
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