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Just another day scuba diving in Cape Town South Africa
Visit us at http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za This scuba dive video gives you a glimpse of what you could expect when you scuba diving in Cape Town South Africa. We have about 800 shipwrecks to explore, and a multitude of sea life. In this video you see the scuba diver swimming close to both the Cape Fur Seal as well as Cow Sharks. For more information on other fun dives you can do in Cape Town, visit our website.
Nature dives in Cape Town with Into The Blue Scuba dive Centre
For more info visit: http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/fun-dives/ This video shows some of the dives that we have been on in False Bay in Cape Town
Seals @ Strawberry Rock
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - I took this clip while scuba diving @ Strawberry Rock, Cape Town. Good visibility like this is quite rare in Cape Town, and these seals were in a playfull mood!
Nature diving in Cape Town
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - This video was taken in Cape Town, South Africa. The thing that is most appealing about this video is the dense kelp forest (Bamboes - is the Afrikaans word for kelp). Kelp forests in Cape Town is quite common and a popular diving experience for the local as well as the international divers. It is a beautiful forest under the water with wonderful creatures living around and onto the kelp!
Scuba diving with Blue Sharks in Cape Town
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - Scuba diving with Blue sharks in Cape Town!!! Blue sharks are also very curious animals and can come up very close to you, sometimes bumping cameras. It is not unusual to see Blue Sharks up to 3 meters long. We offer fun dive packages that allow you to see these creatures up close and personal
Diving with sharks in Cape Town
For more info visit: http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/fun-dives/ http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/fun-dives/ This video shows a some of the shark dives that we have been on. It starts off showing the seven gill cow shark, then the blue and mako sharks and finally a short clip on cage diving with the Great White Shark.
Octopus in Cape Town, South Africa
This video is taken of a octopus that we found on a dive and followed it for a while! It's an amazing creature. Octopuses have two eyes and four pairs of arms. Interesting fact; octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviourally flexible of all invertebrates.
Theo's Pasella experience
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za Theo recently had the opportunity to train some guests of the SABC 2 actuality show Pasella. It was an.... interesting experience :-) If you are wondering if we changed our company name to Blue Scuba Diving...well wonder no more...we did'nt. Were still called INTO THE BLUE.
Red Sea Liveaboard - Wreck dives
For more information visit: http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/dive-holidays/ Explore so of the awesome shipwrecks in the Red Sea when you join us on our annual Red Sea Liveaboard Safaris. This includes guided tours on wrecks like the Thisstlegorm and many more.
A-frame sharks.wmv
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - SHAAAAAARKSS!!!!!! We swam into the little cave, and to our surprise found 5 or 6 sharks circling around... awesome dive - could only be in Cape Town!
Baboons come to say halo before Scuba diving, Cape Town
A troop of baboons is VERY common in Cape Town. Before and after the dive the baboons was happy to come and see what is scuba diving equipment. It was wonderful to see the underwater world and wild baboons in 1 day.
Diving with Cape Town Fur seal!!
Lovely vizibility diving with seals!!!!! The Cape fur seals is so playful in the water; "at one moment during the dive I wanted to through a stick and say fetch doggy." If you dive in, the seals dive with you, if you go left, the seals go left. It really feels like these playful animals were just waiting for you to come and play.
7 Gill Cow Sharks in Cape Town, South Africa
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - It is awesome to scuba dive with Cow sharks which is a family of sharks characterized by extra pairs of gill slits. Scuba diving with the 7 Gill Cow Sharks in Cape Town is a wonderful dive experience. They can grow up to 1.4 m (4.6 ft) to over 5.5 m (18 ft) in adult body length.
Scuba dive with seals
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/fun-dives/scuba-dive-with-seals/ Join us for one of our expeditions where we go dive with the Cape Fur Seal!
Red Sea Liveaboard - Nature dives
For more information visit: http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/dive-holidays/ Scuba diving in the Read Sea is amazing. There is such a wide variety of sea life and the viz is incredible. This video shows some of the fantastic fauna and flora you will find when you go diving with us.
Read Sea Liveaboard - Facilities
Read more: http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/dive-holidays/ Our annual trips to the red sea offers some of the best scuba diving there is. Not only is the scuba diving superb, but the facilities are outstanding. This video shows the typical 5 star accommodation that you can experience when you join us for this Liveaboard experience.
Pyjama Shark or striped catshark in Cape Town!!!!!
http://www.diveschoolcapetown.co.za/ - The Pyjama shark or Striped catshark is endemic to the waters of South Africa. They can be found particularly over rocky reefs and kelp beds. Interesting fact about the Pyjama shark; it spends most of the day lying motionless!