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Justin Bieber Exploding!!!
You wanted it so we did it for you. Justin Bieber star of music videos a csi episode and 14 year old girls dreams... EXPLODING!! No we didn't say he's cute we left that up to you, and NO Justin Bieber had nothing to do with this video, we borrowed a vid he did for youtube a while back. (this is a parody protected by trans-formative fair use and the fact that Bieber has a sense of humor.) So tell your friends, tell your kids, hide your kids hide your wife because JUSTIN BIEBER FINALLY EXPLODES!!!!! Check out our new Facebook App: http://apps.facebook.com/cutethingsexplodin/
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I've Got a Bad Case of Exploding!!!!
Well this is probably the episode we shouldn't have made, but it was just sitting inside of us, bubbling waiting to get out.. EXPLODING!!!! So we made it yes, are we proud of it? Well should we be? How could we not touch such a weird and cute video. So sing and dance and learn some english with these girls and we hope the video doesn't give you a bad case of...
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Well it's been 3 full seasons of EXPLODING!!! so now enjoy watching all 24 episodes from this season without any annoying fluff between them. The song is Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner and all of the videos are available in their entirety for your viewing pleasure. What was your favorite? which ones sucked? This season was in our opinion the most creative, as all the easy videos had already been done first season. We hope you enjoy our show. The experiment is 3/4ths of the way through, so enjoy SEASON 3 MONTAGE!
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Attack of the Show!... EXPLODING!!!
So this show that we like to watch... Well they also watch us. They shot this clip special for us to explode and boy are we happy about it. Enjoy Kevin and Olivia in our most EXPLOSIVE episode to date. YES they are both cute. And NO we can't give you there numbers. Thank you to G4 for all of the help, we love the bubbles and the pinwheel!
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Cute Things... EXPLODING Season ONE MONTAGE!!!
It's been an entire season and now let's catch up on all the fun. Enjoy all 24 season one explosions in this jam packed special. I hope you had as much fun watching as we did making them and we'll see you in season two. And if you can't wait until then, you should watch them all again. They are funnier the second time around. And if you want to support us financially at all, click an ad, or buy a T-Shirt and one day this may be our actual job!
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Xmas Xploding!  Happy Holidays from "CUTE THINGS EXPLODING!"
Did you forget to send out a Christmas Card?? Well don't worry because we made one for you. Send this to your friends, enemies, cats, children, reptiles, and friends... if i said friends twice... show them twice, they will love you forever- or never talk to you again but hey then it's one less thank you note you have to remember. And check out the genius that inspired this at http://www.jinglecats.com HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US AT CUTE THINGS EXPLODING
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It's been two whole seasons and more then 50 videos so check out what we have done for the last several weeks in this EXPLODING!!! montage. There are ducks and monkeys and skunks and birds and bunny's and puppies and lots of cats. Ninja cats... begging cats, pooping cats, hat wearing cats, but no standing cat anymore grrr. But maybe sometime again. AND there is a 4th of july theme. ENJOY
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Snuggle Bear...EXPLODING!!!
This is an episode we have always wanted to do. Aww remember this guy probably not since so many of you are under 15, he got your clothes snuggly soft with just one cup of his EXPLODING!!!! Yes we know the fx aren't perfect but we just couldn't resist trying to make this old bear blow up with snuggly softness. IT'S A PARODY! Check out our new Facebook App: http://apps.facebook.com/cutethingsexplodin And this video is obviously a spoof we do not mean to imply the Snuggle or his wonderful fabric softener in any way represents cute things exploding... however if you see there add please click it so we can send our kids to college.
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What The Buck?..EXPLODING?!?!!
Just before Attack of the Show found us, "What the Buck!?" found us, check out his reaction to Cute Things Exploding... He loves it so much that he may just BURST INTO FLAMES!!!!! If you have some extra time please Thank "What the Buck?" for doing this for us:)
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Old Timey Things... EXPLODING!!
Way back in 1911 when all of those "First Youtube Videos" were made they forgot to show this one, it was the VERY FIRST OCCURRENCE of a "Cute Thing..EXPLODING!!!!!! It's a monkey washing a CAT well a chimpanzee washing a cat but the probably called them monkeys back than:) And now we have dug it out and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure... Yes it's in black and white and it's silent but we added a nice score to accentuate the action. So enjoy Old Timey Things EXPLODING!
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Twinkle Dog... EXPLODING!!!
Aww the cute doggie falls asleep when it's owner plays the fiddle.. twinkle twinkle little EXPLODING!!! Titles by CLAYDAYSTUDIOS!!! Someone sent this to us but we forgot the name, so if you are that person please add your video as a response so we can credit you directly. The account disappeared before we wrote it down but not before... EXPLODING!!!
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Talking Tom Exploding!!
BUY TALKING TOM'S APP HERE http://outfit7.com/ this isn't product placement but we're glad we could use it. Yes we know how people feel about animated episodes but we enjoy making them... EXPLODING!!! and YES we are working on a BiEBER EXPLODING episode that we can hopefully share with you in a few weeks. Until then although this isn't paid product placement check out the Talking Tom Cat app we used to make this episode, as we have enough fun with it to want to explode it. I think you can get it on iphone but we use android:)
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Golden Lab... EXPLODING!!!
This doggie is outstanding in it's field...of EXPLODING!!!!! Todays Splodie Submission comes from one of our first fans... CODYSMOVIES100!! so shout out to him and his SISTER who totally believes in his talent and ability! It features his cute Golden Lab dog running in slow motion!! (our first slow mo submission) He can be found here http://www.youtube.com/user/codysmovies100 and THIS EPISODE IS SPELLED CORRECTLY thanks to the kids at ClayDayStudios. (It was our fault it was misspelled but i guess we never have to worry about that with all of your eyes on everything we do:) Remember to be considered for a Splodie Submission please add your video to this video as a VIDEO RESPONSE. Although we watch all of your recommendations they sometimes get lost in the shuffle. And by that we mean the IPOD shuffle we use to randomly choose which video we do next.
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Cute Chick... EXPLODING!
A cartoon chick singing a crazy little song and of course you know what happens next EXPLODING!!! We should probably just apologize for this one right now as it is the weirdest yet, but just think of it as a cute thing that gets possessed momentarily by the devil so exploding is actually a good thing. As usual it's not real, especially because it's a cartoon. HAPPY 2010! And if you want to see the inspiration for this video check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIUoMUwFlFQ
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Home Dawg ... EXPLODING!!!
BANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA CREAM PIE!! This video is the first in our series of 'Splodie Submissions! Stuff sent to us that was made by you!. The original video was sent by user Thumbupprod and can be be viewed HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RK48uFSrNw ENJOY the heartfelt epic song BANANA CREAM PIE! and try not to sing it for the rest of the day! trust me.. watch the whole original video and in two hours you will be doing something... and it will sneak up on you... banana banana banana banana cream pie! ClayDayStudios -- those amazing kids did the OPENING AND CLOSING CREDITS which we will probably use a few more times in the next year at least. They are rad, because we say so! (our favorite parts are the cat looking around before he blows up and the fact he blows IN HALF and STILL chases the mad 'sploder off the screen:) If you want YOUR video exploded POST IT AS A VIDEO COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO AND!!!! 1. make sure it's YOUR video, although we still will take suggestions, we're much more likely to explode a video that YOU made, then it won't vanish as fast as a sleepwalking dog! 2. Make sure it's CUTE. i know your dad would be fun to explode but he's more hairy than cute. 3. Don't use copy-written material like a Justin Bieber song or a McDonalds logo because they get mad and sue us. 4. Get a tripod or at least hold the camera still, it's hard for us to see it when it's all shaky. and 5. Be patient, we can't do all of them, but if they're cute enough and good enough then "Dawg Gone" it, we will explode it:) BANANA CREAM PIE!!!
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Dubstep Cat...EXPLODING!!!!!
It's Dubstep cat, our first new video in a year! We will have new videos premiering later this year on this channel - http://www.youtube.com/nerdist add us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cute-Things-Exploding/214849462179 and follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/cutenexploding ANNND we visited Dennis Haskins AKA Mr Belding from saved by the bell HERE http://youtu.be/GXynBRbSChQ for more Skifcha go here! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SKIFCHA/120265514740115 http://vimeo.com/36820781 http://youtu.be/rT2LzCLhbOE Music by http://youtu.be/LltIscddNf8
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Burstday Cat...EXPLODING!!!
To celebrate our first Burstday sing along with us! Happy Burstday to you happy Burstday to you happy Burstday dear popper! Happy EXPLODING!!! yeah so they're singing happy birthday and not burst day it is just to perfect for us to not say, so HAPPY FIRST BURST DAY and we hope we have another one.
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Hootie Owl... EXPLODING!!!
Look at this owl, whoo whooo whoooooo is he trying to catch? An invisible EXPLODING!!!!!!!! We hope you enjoy the first owl we've ever done! HERE IS THE ORIGINAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXFlnlrk2zg
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Happy Earth Day... EXPLODING!!!
Well it's earth day and you know from space the Earth is just a little blue ball floating very cutely in space... EXPLODING!!!!! Happy Earth Day from Cute Things Exploding
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Dexter the Juggernaut...EXPLODING!!!
SPLODIE SUBMISSIONS presents the CUTEST ONE YET!! DEXTER THE JUGGERNAUT submitted (after our request) by ARMCKINNEY1016 on our FACEBOOK page, watch him run into a wall, it's almost as funny as that dog that ran into the wall only it doesn't have a sleep disorder and wasn't egged on to do so in order to make money. IT'S JUST CUTE!!!! find the original video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4obKGs_Cn6s AND AS USUAL the opening credits are done by ClayDayStudios!
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Buzz, the door opening Kitten... EXPLODING!!!
Awww look it an open a ... EXPLODING! Sure, you can link to the Owners Youtube page: www.youtube.com/yatpaysarchives Here's the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8xiB4a4woM Cats are named named Neil and Buzz after the Apollo 11 astronauts, haha.
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Dramatic Cat... EXPLODING!!!
You have seen the dramatic hamster or gopher or whatever it is but here is the dramatic CAT and to make it even cuter he's EXPLODING!!!!!
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Valentine the Cockatoo... EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Splodie submission number something... THIS CUTE BIRD is so cute chirping and dancing and EXPLODING!!!!!. Submitted by MissPickletoes the original can be seen HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUDCJChP-mY AND you can submit your video as a video response HERE!!!
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NUT THE SKUNK...eating crickets... EXPLODING.!!!!
RIP Nut the skunk. Who actually passed away on March 31, 2010 but we love her and miss her and her army of crickets... EXPLODING! Submitted by BLOODGUZZLER watch the original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdVu51aqViU
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Little Superstar... EXPLODING!!
Remember him? The Dance, the smile the bursting into flames when he EXPLODES!!! Well valentines day is over!!. So enjoy the 23rd in the series. Little Superstar EXPLODING!!!. Then you can check out or t-shirts!!
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Sleepy Baby Bunny.. EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's sleepy it's cute it's a bunny and most importantly it's EXPLODING!!! this bunny can barely stay awake... or asleep as it keeps getting squeezed and moved around when it would rather just sleep but that doesn't stop it from being adorable.
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Sleepy Kitten...EXPLODING!!!!!
This is such a sleepy little Kitten who can barely keep it's eyes open or its head up untill EXPLODING!!!!
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Inch Worm...EXPLODING!!!!!
It's a new critter woohooo! INCHWORM Inching along.. minding his own business until suddenly.. EXPLODING!!!
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Keyboard Cat...EXPLODING!!!!
For our SEASON FINALE we couldn't resist... PLAY US OFF KEYBOARD CAT...EXPLODING!!! And yes we know he died in 2000 we though we would honor his memory by blowing him to smithereens!! RIP FATSO! Order keyboard cat shirts at http://www.zazzle.com/charlieschmidt?... app at http://iphonekeyboardcat.com Visit the original creators website http://www.charlieschmidt.com Cool stuff at http://www.keyboardcatchurch.com/ http://playhimoffkeyboardcat.com/ SO buy the shirt on the guys website or the songs on itunes, seriously there is a keyboard cat album!!! ON ITUNES!!! PLAY THAT ON YOUR IPAD! before it explodes:)
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Cat Begging to be EXPLODING!!!!
we have had many people beg us to explode their pet but this is the first pet we had that begged us to be...EXPLODING!!!! Or maybe he was just praying to go to kitty heaven after he exploded... well DONE AND DONE. And here is the original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tNTcZOpZ7c
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Froggie... EXPLODING!!!
We had a lot of requests for this, it was also on failblog... AND it's not easy being green... and EXPLODING!!! Have a great Earthday Week!
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Begging Kitty...EXPLODING
Wow we get a lot of cats. Well check out how cute this little splodie submission is begging for EXPLODING!!!!!!! This video was submitted by Burrow Dizzy Studios http://www.youtube.com/user/BurrowdizzyStudios with of course the opening by Clay Day Studios it's a studios party
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Tiny Tortoise... EXPLODING!!!!!
This is such a cute little tortoise and look how much it loves to eat those EXPLODING!!!!!! We haven't done many turtles, or tortoises but we plan on doing some more as we never knew they sparked. This video may not be full of blood and guts but it is still cute and it is still exploding. Thanks for watching.
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Little Duckies...EXPLODING!
We have never done ducks until now.. EXPLODING!!! such a cute mother and babies walking walking walking boom!
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Pygmy Jerboa ...EXPLODING!!!
This is a ... well.. EXPLODING!!!!! we've never actually seen this thing in real life it's kind of like a head with little legs which are the cutest part of a gerbil so WELCOME TO THE CUTENESS CLUB PYGMY JERBOA!!!! i think we'll call him Steve. Here is the original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJnn-wMPU9w
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Dog on a Lawnmower... EXPLODING!!!!
look at him ride that lawnmower he's so EXPLODING!!!! and then some other things happen.
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Hammy Stuffing his cheeks... AND EXPLODING!!!!
This cute little guy is so cute stuffing his cheeks until BOOOM!! turkey chili! Yes it's the grossest episode ever but it's not real children or real, children, (why would we make hamster guts out of children, that's just disturbing:) just an illusion made possible by leftovers! ENJOY!
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Henry the Hedgehog... EXPLODING!!!
SPLODIE SUBMISSIONS This is a bit messy but this Cute Thing was sent to us pretty recently and was so cute and in Hi definition that we just had to see him EXPLODING!!! We enjoy hedgehogs and with all the cats lately this was a good change of space it's the FUTURE FAMOUS!!! His name is HENRY!!! Henry's facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/henryhedgehog and his YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/MrHenryHedgehog The opening this week is done by someone new! its TARDISTOBY1996 http://www.youtube.com/user/TARDISToby1996 thank you everyone!
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Cute Bear Cub... EXPLODING!
Aww this bear cub is so cute he can "bearly" keep his eyes open and when he finally does... Well you get the idea! HAPPY NEW YEAR from CUTE THINGS EXPLODING
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Is it cute? sure:) i guess.. REMEMBER CUTENESS is in the EYE of the EXPLODER! is it a thing? well you can't argue that! and it's definitely EXPLODING!!! so feel free to hate on things....GO! Sure it has no camera, and you can't multitask but it still looks great on fire and damn we're timely. Let the arguments begin!
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You saw the movie, you were confused you liked the music added to a video of a cat... EXPLODING!!! and although it really has nothing to do with the movie, it is cute so it must explode. INCEPTION CAT!!! EXPLODING. Not quite as cute as Leo or JGL but cute enough for us to make go bang. Enjoy!
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JACK the dog... EXPLODING!!!!
We're not sure why we decided to play this video in a 1981 Zenith Console tv, it just seemed like it should be played in a 1981 Zenith console TV. BEHOLD JACK.. he never stops smiling, or wearing those sunglasses. See the original video, HERE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D65a1V1x69Q Sent to us from ILOVEMUSIC7777777 Remember you too could be exploded if you post your video as a video response TO THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE!!!
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Surprised Kitty ... EXPLODING!!!
Aww this is the cutest thing i've ever seen... EXPLODING INTO FLAMES!!! SURPRISE! CuteThingsExploding takes the cutest, most adorable videos from the internet and explodes them. Want us to explode your pet? Send us a video response! Pay respect to the original posting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf...
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A Sleepwalking Dog...EXPLODING!
So we still hope that some day we will see the original "Sleepwalking Dog Exploding!!" video again but until we do here is PRETTY much what it looked like if you squint your eyes. (This video is actually much higher resolution then the original) It's a video of "A Sleepwalking Dog" that is COMPLETELY MADE OF CLAY!!! SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE so we RECOMMEND you subscribe to the following two 'Splodies! ClayDayStudios -- those amazing kids did the OPENING AND CLOSING CREDITS which we will probably use a few more times in the next year at least. They are rad, because we say so! (our favorite parts are the cat looking around before he blows up and the fact he blows IN HALF and STILL chases the mad 'sploder off the screen:) and AndyCamsHits -- who did the ENTIRE SLEEPWALKING DOG STOP MOTION VIDEO for us, except the explosions of course. Look at the detail involved in that phone charger and messy rumpus room. Is that a word? Rumpus? On a side note Andy is an original member of TheZero which is weather you like it or not The Future:) Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do, and who knows some day, if we all wish really hard maybe we'll get to see the original video again... but don't hold your breath;)
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Baby Monkey...EXPLODING!!!
This cute monkey is so cute it may just EXPLODE! We're back from Spring break with a Spring in our step and a SPRING IN THIS MONKEYS NECK HAHAHA! Boing. SEASON TWO BEGINS NOW!
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Big Eyed Maki... EXPLODING!!
This cute Maki has such big eyes that it may just EXPLODE!! CuteThingsExploding cute things exploding takes the cutest, most adorable videos from the internet and explodes them. Want us to explode your pet? Send us a video response! and here is a link to the original video http://youtu.be/14alLh3LglQ
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Silly Tac... EXPLODING!!!!!!!!
this video was submitted to us a while back, it's so cute we almost didn't want to...EXPLODING!!!!!! The Titles were done by EVERYONE, you know who you are and i have shouted your names a lot. AND of course, THIS VIDEO SUBMITTED BY http://www.youtube.com/user/roborovskihamsters Click em to see the original vid
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Snow Dog... EXPLODING!!!
In Number 2 of our 'SPLODIE SUBMISSIONS series this cute dog named MAGGIE tries to jump through the snow until it EXPLODES!!! yeah it looks bloody but it's ON FREAKIN SNOW what do you expect it to do? Not be red? You can do it!! WATCH the original here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ALgBAwypo and the titles were done by ClayDayStudios http://www.youtube.com/user/ClayDayStudios We did this very recent submission to prove that we WILL ACTUALLY EXPLODE YOUR VIDEOS! provided they are CUTE, Added as a video response to another of our videos, and provided we are inspired by it that week. There is no order to these things, and we won't get to all of them. But we hope you enjoy SPLODIE SUBMISSSSSIONNNNNSS!!!
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Dwarf Hamster... EXPLODING!!!
This cute gerbil runs so fast on it's little wheel that it might just BURST INTO FLAMES!!! Thank you to AotS for featuring us last night and WELCOME to the newest 'Splodies!
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Zero Gravity Cat... EXPLODING!!!
It's zero gravity, it's a cat, it's EXPLODING!!!
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