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Android:  ListViews
Demo of creating a ListView and binding it to an array data source.
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Use Xcode to Program C++
Demonstrates how to use Xcode for programming in C++.
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Android-Passing Data Using an Intent
Demonstrates how to pass data from one activity to another using an Intent.
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Get vs Post
Overview of the difference between method="get" and method="post" in html forms.
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C++ Extraction Operator, getline and cin.ignore()
Learn how the extraction operator and the getline function handles keyboard input and how the cin object allocates data into memory. Also learn how to use cin.ignore() to discard characters from the input stream. Table of Contents: 02:22 - The cin object 03:25 - getline() function 07:58 - ignore()
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Creating a Simple Service in Android
Demonstrates how to create, start and stop a simple service using the onStartCommand() and onDestroy() methods.
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HTML and CSS - Using CSS to Layout a Form
Demonstrates how to layout a form using CSS in place of html tables.
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C++ Randomizing an Array
Demonstrates how to randomize the index values of an array.
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iOS 5 - Passing Data Between View Controllers
Demonstrates how to pass data from one View Controller to another.
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C++ Validating Input with a while Loop
Demonstrates how to setup a program to loop continuously until the user enters a valid number. Software used in this demo is Xcode on a Mac. Note that the code for Windows is exactly the same.
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C++ Prompt User to Loop a Program
Demonstrates how to setup a program to loop continuously based on user response. Software used in this demo is Xcode on a Mac. Note that the code for Windows is exactly the same.
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Create a PopUp Alert in XCode 4
Create a PopUp Alert in XCode 4
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C++ Play Sound on Windows
Demonstrates setting up a Visual C++ project file to play a sound.
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Setup Your Mac for Perl Development
Demonstrates how to setup TextWrangler and test a simple Hello World program.
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Basic Database Terminology
Overview of basic database terminology. Discusses difference between flatfile and relational databases.
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iOS - Storyboards-Scenes and Segues
Demonstrates how to use storyboards to create multiple scenes and navigate between them.
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C++ while Loop
Demonstrates how to create and use a while loop in C++. Software used in this demo is Xcode on a Mac. Note that the code for Windows is exactly the same.
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Android-Intro to Sensors
Introduction to the concept of sensors, types of sensors and build an app that displays the sensors available on that device. Uses SensorManager, getSensorList(), StringBuilder and HashMap.
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Intro to SQL
Basic SQL commands.
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iOS 5 - Pinch Gestures
Demonstrates how to add a pinch gesture to a view. In this example it zooms an image in and out. Uses UIGestureRecognizer and CGAffineTransform. Photo Credits: Robert Kohlhuber - http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-12953897-trapped-manga-girl.php
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C++ - Create New Project in Visual C++ Express 2010
Demonstrates how to create a new C++ project using Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 Edition.
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Installing Perl on Windows 7
Demonstration on installing Perl on Windows 7
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Android Google Maps API Key Signup-Windows
Demonstrates how to get a Google Maps API key for Android app development using Windows 7 and Eclipse. I recommend you watch this in ADDITION to the Android-Google Maps Setup demo (http://youtu.be/vdBBm2fC__o). This is just how to get your API key if using Windows. The Maps Setup video also explains how to setup a project in order to be able to display Google Maps.
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iOS - Segmented Controls and Views
Demonstrates creating an app that uses a segmented control and then displays a different view based on which button is tapped. Setting up the Storyboard 1:06 Customizing the Segmented Control 1:22 Adding the Views 2:13 Resizing the View Controller Screen 5:35 Outlets and Actions 14:36 Coding the Implementation File 17:00 Final Review of the App 18:55
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Create Header Files in C++
Demonstrates how to create and use a user-defined header file in a C++ application.
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iOS 5 - Rotate Gesture
Demonstrate of how to add a Rotate Gesture to an image view. Photo Credits: Robert Kohlhuber - http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-12953897-trapped-manga-girl.php
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iOS 5 - Sending E-Mail from Your App
Demonstrates how to access the Mail application and populate it with e-mail addresses, a subject and a message. Uses the MFMailComposeViewController class and the MessageUI framework.
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Looping through a List in App Inventor 2
Demonstrates how to loop through a list. Also includes changing the case of a text string to all upper case and all lower case. Download the starter file from http://webbie.org/youtube/appinventor/LoopDrills.aia
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HTML 5 - Link an Image
Demonstrates how to create a link on an image. If you are beginner, I recommend you watch this series of tutorials in order in this playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLk083vNjCXZ6ATbFypPLXwN3CzkJcywP
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iOS - Swipe Gesture
Demonstrates how to add a Swipe Gesture to an image view and display a series of images. Uses a UIGestureRecognizer and NSArray.
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PHP MySQL Database Intro
Overview of the completed database that will be developed in a series of PHP and MySQL Database Tutorials. View the entire PHP/MySQL Database Tutorial series in this playlist - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLk083vNjCXb0eWNemGjeAv5EJBzDXSjd&feature=view_all
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Android - Discovering Bluetooth Devices
Continuation of the project created in Turning Bluetooth Off and On. Demonstrates how to turn on Bluetooth and make the device discoverable as well as find previously paired devices and nearby devices that are discoverable.
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Save and Retrieve Data in Text Files Using PHP
Demonstrates using PHP to save data to a textfile on a server and read in and display text from a textfile on a server. Also demonstrates basic data clean up, using functions, and file includes. Starter files used in this video can be downloaded from http://webbie.org/youtube/bookmarks.zip.
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Drag and Drop in Flash Using Code Snippets
Demonstrates how to add drag and drop functionality to movie clips in a Flash project. Also shows how to reset the movie clips back to their original positions using a button. Covers startDrag(), stopDrag() and using event.target to streamline the code. You can download the starter file from http://webbie.org/youtube/snowperson.zip. Created using Adobe Flash CS6 Professional.
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Designing for Android Screen Sizes
Demonstrates techniques for supporting multiple screen sizes and densities. For additional details on supporting different screen sizes, check the Android Developer site. There are various ways to do this depending on the version of Android you are using. http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html
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Create your first C++ Program in Dev-C++ (Video 1)
Learn to create your first C++ program using Dev-C++
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Running a Service Asynchronously in Android
Demonstrates how to move a long-running service to a separate thread preventing an application from being suspended. Uses the doInBackground(), onProgressUpdate() and onPostExecute() methods.
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iOS 6 - SQLite3 Database Intro (Part 1)
Introduction to creating an SQLite3 database. Previews completed project and overview of database structure to be used. These are the videos in the iOS 6 SQLite3 Database Series: Basic Database Terminology http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8136vWng3c iOS 6 - SQLite3 Database Intro (Part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUb2F1NLCBc iOS 6 - Setting Up a SQLite3 Database (Part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMhkc8qaQG8 iOS 6 - Creating a Database Table (Part 3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3eMdrjPYkM iOS 6 - SQLite3 Adding Records (Part 4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxoeZ-1yCMc iOS 6 - SQLite3 Database - Retrieve Records (Part 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ34P_GkNe8
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Get Longitude and Latitude of a Tapped Location - Android Google Maps
Learn to get the latitude and longitude of a location that corresponds to the position that was tapped on the screen. Can be used for reverse geocoding (finding an address that matches the point). Covers the onTouchEvent() and getProjection() methods.
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PHP User Authentication with Sessions
Demonstrates a basic implemention of using sessions for user authentication.
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Creating a Simple App in Xcode 4
Use the Tab Bar Application project template to create a simple app that includes custom buttons, playing a sound and running a short animation. You can download the images and sounds at http://www.webbie.org/youtube/assets.zip If your using a more recent version of Xcode, check my new tutorial that demonstrates this app using Xcode 4.3.3 at http://youtu.be/OHj7nQHqq2c. I think it will answer many questions since the recent changes in Xcode.
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Android: Text Messaging
Demonstrates how to create an app that implements text messaging, also known as SMS. Uses Broadcast Receivers and the SmsMessage class.
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HTML 5 - Creating and Formatting Tables Using CSS
Demonstrates how to create a table and format the layout using CSS. Includes how to center a table, adjust cell padding, centering content within a cell, adding background shading and customizing the borders. Table of Contents: 05:05 - Table tag 05:42 - Table Row Tags 06:07 - Table Header tags 07:13 - Table Borders 09:12 - Adding TD tags 12:41 - Add a table title 13:39 - Spanning Columns 14:16 - Adding a Caption 14:52 - Format a caption 16:00 - Border-Collapse 16:53 - Centering a Table 17:13 - Styling Table Header 17:40 - Add background color 17:55 - Adding borders to rows 18:18 - Styling table cells 19:05 - Center cell content 21:06 - Style a row
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HTML and CSS - Embedding Fonts with @font-face
Demonstrates how to embed fonts using CSS @font-face. Also shows how to download and use free fonts from SquirrelFonts.com Table of Contents: 03:09 - Embedding Fonts 03:31 - Browser Requirements 04:07 - IE Problem 04:28 - Where to get Free Fonts 05:03 - Previewing a Font 05:41 - Download @font-face Kit 06:08 - Reviewing the font face kit files 08:51 - Using @font-face 10:46 - Caution!
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iOS 5 - Save Data to a CSV Text File
Demonstrates how to take information from UITextFields and save the content into a text file in CSV format. Also demonstrates how to read in the content from the text file into the app. Includes using NSSearchPathForDirectoriesAtIndex, NSFileManager, NSDocumentDirectory, NSFileHandle, seekToEndOfFile, fileHandleForReadingAtPath.
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Android - Turning Bluetooth Off and On
Demonstration of using the Bluetooth Adapter class and getDefaultAdapter() method to turn Bluetooth off and on from within an app. Also uses a BroadcastReceiver to check for state changes on the Bluetooth receiver.
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Android: Playing Video
Demonstration of how to play a video from a file on the device or from a URL.
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C++ - Value-Returning Functions
Demonstrates how to create value-returning functions including returning a string and an int.
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Dreamweaver Swapping Images Using Behaviors
Tutorial on how to use behaviors in Dreamweaver to create image rollovers. Sample files can be downloaded from www.webbie.org/youtube/swap.zip
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Android: Launching the Camera
Demo of creating an app that launches the camera, takes a photo and displays it in an ImageView.
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