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Dune: The Holtzman Shield Explained
A little commentary on the Holtzman Shield technology in Dune. Also a little news on what is going on with my channel. Links to the other channels mentioned: Star Wars Bunker: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvTKzeZty4RCncmEEGY0sA HK-47: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXq9inEJOx2r9snAPjWZuA FanAddicts of Film: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoWjQlgTxrsuRDQg0LeQv7w I will mention more related channels in upcoming videos as well. Enjoy your afternoon!
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Dune 2000 Introduction
The opening introduction to the game of Dune 2000, developed by the Westwood Studios division of Electronic Arts. (EA Games today) The, legal, free full version of the game is available here, for Windows 7-10 https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
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Dune 2000 Harkonnen Mission 5 -1
The further conflict over control of Arrakis escalates as the Emperor Shaddam IV allies with the Ordos and now has his vessels en route to Arrakis. The Harkonnen now have a key radar outpost under attack by the Ordos. Should the outpost fall, the Harkonnen will lose their ability to detect and respond to the landings of the Empire's elite Sardaukar soldiers - Soldiers literally selected for being the elite survivors on Imperial Prison colonies, and the unholy alliance between the Emperor and the Ordos could guarantee Ordos ruling over Arrakis, The Outpost must remain standing and the Ordos in the area must be utterly destroyed.
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SWEAW Rebellion Campaign part 6
The campaign continues with the capture of Tattoine, Geonosis, and Naboo.
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Star Wars   Tribute to the Jedi
A tribute to the Jedi Knights in the days of the Old Republic Music: "The Old Republic" from Knights of the Old Republic Soundtrack, "Binary Sunset" from Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope, And "Opening Credits" from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
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Dune 2000 Harkonnen mission 1 (with audio)
The game of Dune 2000. This is the first mission of the Harkonnen campaign. The full game is available for Windows 7-10 and Mac OS X for legal free download at: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/
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Doom 3 walkthrough part 1
Back in 2004, two great FPS were released: Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. Doom 3 was a remake that took the Doom games into a more horror style setting, with flickering lights, surround sound, and plenty of shocking moments. I like Doom 3 for the horror aspect, and while this will take a back seat to Dune, I still find Doom 3 a good game after all these years.
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SWEAW Rebellion Campaign part 7
The Rebellion Campaign intensifies as rumors of a new weapon, The Death Star, have emerged. Han Solo is met by the Rebellion once again and tasked with delivering a package to the Empire, and the Rebels search various systems for further clues as to what the "Death Star" is.
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Channel Updates
Just a little overview of my channel and current plans. Happy New Year 2019!
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Jedi Outcast part 3
The adventure continues as Kyle and Jan discover that the facility on Kejim contained clues linking the imperial lab experiments involving lightsaber crystals to a mining operation on Arturus, leading Kyle and Jan to perform an operation to help the New Republic end the Imperial Remnant's Operations on the planet.
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KOTOR part 4
The adventure on Taris further continues with the exploration into the sewers and Korren entering his first swoop bike race. Also includes the formal introduction of Canderous Ordo, Bastila Shan, and a plot to carry out a heist of the prized ship: The Ebon Hawk
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KOTOR part 8
The adventure continues on Dantooine as Korren Skymaster heads out to the plains of Dantooine to continue his Jedi trials. Cath Hounds? Mandalorian Raiders? A tainted grove? how much worse could it get?
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Jedi Outcast part 1
The adventures of Kyle Katarn continue with Jedi Academy. Kyle and Jan are on a reconnaissance mission as they discover that there is a hidden Imperial Remnant Base swarming with troops searching for ".... of the Jedi. This is my December surprise and other Saturdays will be KOTOR at 9:00p.m.
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KOTOR part 5
Almost there! Stay on Target! Korren runs a mission to retrieve the Sith Codes along with his new droid companion, T3-M4, and the escape from Taris begins. Also featuring the showdown between Bendak Starkiller and Korren as the Mysterious Stranger!
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Dune 2000 Harkonnen Mission 4-1
The fourth Mission of the Harkonnen campaign on Dune 2000. The mission for the House Harkonnen to dominate the planet Arrakis escalates following attacks by Fremen warriors believed to be aiding the House Atreides. The Southern Sea of Arrakis must be purged of both Fremen and House Atreides forces.
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KOTOR part 14
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KOTOR part 2
Stuck on Taris, Korren takes a little look around with Carth, learns the basics of Pazaak, and visits the underworld to learn more about Bastila Shan's whereabouts.
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SWEAW Rebellion Campaign part 3
The 3rd part of the Rebellion Campaign in Star Wars: Empire at War. The tension rises as the Rebellion gets a distress call about liberating wookies on Kashykk and also frees Mon Calamari from Imperial Control. Rumors abound of a great weapon being built by the Galactic Empire.
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SWEAW Rebellion Campaign part 8
This is the second to last part of the Rebellion Campaign. Han and Chewbacca go to Carida to retrieve designs for a capital starship, while Leia Organa is reported by the Empire to have been killed along with her crew by a pirate raid in the Tattooine System. Dark Times for the Rebellion. So far the biggest video ever, and full of surprises.
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My Top Five Star Wars Parodies on Youtube
So here it is: My top five Star Wars parodies found on YouTube. If you have other parodies that I have not mentioned found on YouTube, and there are thousands, feel free to mention them in the comments below. Links to the parodies: Galactic Empire State of Mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfX5ocl2T8M I'm Han Solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg_FoEy8T_A Star Wars Call Me Maybe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBM7i84BThE Undercover Boss Starkiller Base https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaOSCASqLsE Honest Trailers: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4KLprGyue0&t=65s
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KOTOR   part 1
Welcome to the game you have been looking forward too. As promised, Knights of the Old Republic begins! Witness the Journey of Korren Skymaster, beginning with the clash aboard the Endar Spire and continuing on the surface of Taris.
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Jedi Outcast part 2
Kyle's adventure continues as he proceeds to travel further into the mysterious base to learn more about what "Empire Reborn" is.
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KOTOR playthrough part 3
The search for Bastila Shan intensifies as Korren Skymaster falls in the dueling ring, tasting defeat. Further tension flares up as Carth and Korren head down into the undercity of Taris, where the dreaded Rakghouls roam.
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Star Wars: Empire at War Rebel Campaign part 1
The first part of Star Wars: Empire at War released for PC in 2006. LucasArts definitive Star Wars real-time strategy game that combined both space and planetary surface combat with familiar weapons from both the Rebellion and the Empire in the conflict leading up to A New Hope. It also had an Expansion called Forces of Corruption, which was released the following year and included numerous characters and ships from the EU, as well as an extra faction, the Zann Consortium, and a campaign detailing how the criminal syndicate rose to become the dominant criminal syndicate in the Galactic Empire/New Republic (Legends). The Game and its expansion are sold together on Steam or GOG.com as The Empire at War Gold Pack.
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SWEAW Rebel Campaign 3
So here is part 3 of the Star Wars: Empire at War Rebellion Campaign coming on at 8:00p.m. tonight, Thursday October 25. I have decided that Empire at War videos will come on at 8:00p.m. and Dune 2000/Dune related will premiere at 6:00p.m. This Empire at War campaign won't go on too much longer, so the biggest discussion is what happens next? The poll is found so you can cast your votes by clicking on the letter i in the upper right hand corner of the video screen. Feel free to leave some comments!
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The Sith Lords
The tribute to the Sith Lords, from the Great Hyperspace War down to the Galactic Empire. (Legends, not canon)
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DF2 Jedi Knight part 2
The adventure continues as Kyle Katarn retrieves the disc from AD-8 and proceeds to investigate his father's homestead. Visions from a dead Jedi known as Qu-Rahn indicate that Jerec is a threat beyond measure, should he take the energies from the mysterious valley of the Jedi.
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Doom 3 part 4
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Star Wars EAW Rebel Campaign part 1 (higher audio)
This is part 1 of the Rebellion campaign for Star Wars: Empire at War for the Rebellion. I have raised the audio because with some complaints and with some testing on my own mobile phone, the audio was low on mobile devices for some reason.
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KOTOR part 7
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Star Wars EAW Rebel Campaign 2
The Rebel campaign continues with an effort to capture the technology for the new X-Wing fighter, also begins a campaign to capture the desert planet of Korriban from the Empire. The game is available on GOG.com and Steam, as well as on the Mac App store (Thank you HK-47)
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SWEAW Rebellion Campaign part 4
The Fourth part of the Rebellion Campaign in Star Wars: Empire at War.
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KOTOR part 12
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Channel Updates for Late Jenuary
Some more updates on my channel. My schedule now means I won't be around in the evening. Should I continue to make my videos a livestream? Comment your thoughts.
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Jedi Outcast part 4
The adventures of Kyle Katarn continue as he encounters and is beaten by a powerful force user known as Desaan and Jan Ors is apparently killed.
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SWEAW   FOC campaign 1
The opening of the campaign for the Empire at War Expansion Pack, Forces of Corruption. Tyber Zhan, a former crime Lord, has been deposed from his leadership in the Zhan Consortium after losing his forces in a fight with the Hutt Cartel and being imprisoned by the Galactic Empire on Kessel. Zhan has finally plotted revenge against the Empire and the Hutt cartel and has determined to achieve his goals by any means necessary. Just going to take a short break from the Rebellion Campaign to show a bit of the expansion, which IMO, is an excellent addition to the original. Up by Request. As usual this will premiere at 8:00p.m. as my other Star Wars related gameplays will.
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KOTOR playthrough part 11
The journey continues on Kashykk as Korren Skymaster is asked to go and handle the situation involving poachers for the newly introduced Jolee Bindo.
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Jedi Outcast part 5
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Diablo 2 attempt
A play of Diablo 2 as a Paladin. This is only an attempt. This is not a campaign I am trying to play to finish.
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FullMetal Alchemist and Live Action Remakes Overview
This is my commentary and rant on the FullMetal Alchemist live action remake on Netflix. The original animated show has its episodes on Netflix as well. Original is greater than the Remake and this one is a 6/10 for me. It's not something I would own, but it's okay for a rental or how I watched it on Netflix, which is cheap. Also my rant mentions other live action remakes of originally animated shows.
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Where I Stand Regarding Star Wars
The simple video that offers the answers as to where I am regarding Star Wars and what I have bothered with, as well as my thoughts on the BlizzCon embarrassment and why you don't see more modern AAA games in my recordings.
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Updates for February
Some updates for February. Good news is that my machine now does run DOS games and the older games such as Dark Forces and Jedi Knight pretty well at this point. So you may very well see those games being played in the near future. Cheers
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Dune trailer
An old trailer for the 1984 Dune film. Back from before YouTube even existed. I am alright with this film, but I realize plenty of shortcomings in the film and would sooner recommend the novel for anyone exploring this sci-fi franchise. Anyways, another Dune film is in the works and I am pretty hyped for it. Cheers
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KOTOR part 13
The final part of Kashykk, as well as a return to Dantooine.
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Doom 3 playthrough   2
So yes, I was able to go a little farther on Doom 3 until the game cut out, but still some progress is better than none eh?
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AVP Predator Mission 1
So it's approaching Halloween and I decided why not show a little bit of those old time horror video games. Today I am happy to say that my machine mostly works, so here's the first predator campaign mission from Alien vs. Predator Classic from 2000. Happy Hunting!!!
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An Introduction to Dune
My brief introduction to Dune. Sorry, had to cut it short. Otherwise, hope you enjoy.
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KOTOR part 10
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Doom 2 attempt
Okay, so I made an attempt at Doom 2 in spite of my computer being very choppy on it. FWIW, it's got some difficulty to it and I did try. This is up along with Doom 3 for Halloween. Have a Happy DOOMED Halloween!
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