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WIN TV NEWS - Aussie Bosozoku Report 20-10-2015
WIN TV turned a 20 minute interview where I STRESSED that I was NOT a member of a club or "Gang" - that what I do is 'cosplay'.... a 'homage' to a street fashion and a uniquely Japanese style of motorcycle customization I like - into a 30 sec segment inferring that the Yakuza is on the Sunshine Coast... and Bosozoku gangs are "wearing their colours" on the Sunshine Coast... I am less than impressed with their reporting and editing... Never let the facts get in the road of a good story huh :P At least they spelt the name right ... and there were some NIIIICE shots of the bike that I can use in my own videos.... but basically WIN TV SUCKS ASS!!!! :P
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Break the Rules -  Charli XCX - Yanki Gal Mix (Mid Res Version)
Because Japanese Yanki gals are waaaaaay HOTTER than Charli XCX will EVER be!!! :D
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Who Wants to Come to Japan GP Audition   FINAL DRAFT
It's short but sweet.... my Video Audition/Application for "Who Wants to Come to Japan GP"...
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Music video in Progress...   No Vocals Yet!
While I've been offline I've been doing a pile of video editing.... here's one that is NEARLY finished and just needs the vocals added.... the Modern Lovers classic "Roadrunner"....of course the lyrics will be "updated" somewhat.... so here's the new lyrics to go with it.... Let me know what you think ...ok? Ich Ni San Yon Go Roku! Roadrunner, roadrunner Go a thousand miles an hour Gonna ride straight past the Big Top With the radio on I'm in love with Yokohama And the neon when it's cold outside And the highway when it's late at night Got the radio on I'm like the roadrunner Alright I'm in love with modern moonlight Route 127 when it's dark outside I'm in love with Tateyama I'm in love with the radio on It helps me from being alone late at night It helps me from being lonely late at night I don't feel so bad now on the bike Don't feel so alone, got the radio on Like the roadrunner That's right Said welcome to the spirit of 1986 yankii boys chain ssmoking in Seven-11 The highway is your girlfriend as you go by quick Suburban trees, suburban speed And it smells like heaven (thunder) And I say roadrunner once Roadrunner twice I'm in love with rock & roll and I'll be out all night Roadrunner That's right Well now Roadrunner, roadrunner Go a thousand miles an hour Gonna ride past the Family Mart With the radio on at night And me in love with modern moonlight Me in love with modern rock & roll Nihon girls and Nihon rock & roll Don't feel so alone, got the radio on Like the roadrunner O.K., now you sing it Nihon Lovers (Radio On!) I got the FM (Radio On!) Got the car, got the FM (Radio On!) Got the Nihon sound, got the (Radio On!) Got the rockin' modern neon sound (Radio On!) I gonna ride through Takeyama, got the (Radio On!) I got the power of Kanazawa when it's late at night (Radio On!) I got the modern sounds of modern Chiba City (Radio On!) I've got the world, got the turnpike, got the (Radio On!) I've got the, I've got the power of the FM, got the (Radio On!) Late at night, hit 'em wide, with rock & roll late at night (Radio On!) The factories and the neon signs (Radio On!) We've got the power of Nihon sounds (Radio On!) Alright Right, bye bye!
Australia's FIRST Licenced Bosozoku style Motorcycle - June 2015
Australia's FIRST Licenced Bosozoku style Motorcycle - June 2015 オーストラリア初のライセンス認定カジノ暴走族スタイルのモーターサイクル - 2015年6月 1993 Honda CB400SF Sunshine Coast - Queensland - Australia サンシャインコースト - クイーンズランド州 - オーストラリア
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Gaijin Rider does Halloween in Shibuya 2016
It was an AMAZING night... a GREAT experience :D
Bomb Damage, Yokohama, Japan - July 4, 1945
U.S. Army Air Forces silent Combat Subjects film #4522. Footage of Yokohama Japan and bomb damage. Slate "7th Combat Camera, MORRIS, Date 7/4, Subj BOMB DAMAGE" US National Archives Identifier: 5526 no description.
Black Market - Kyoto 05/28/1946
342-USAF-11067 Black Market - Kyoto 05/28/1946 US National Archives description: "93' The following scenes give the complete story of black market activity between Japanese civilians and members of the US Occupation Forces. As the scene opens, the GI driver of jeep is talking to two Japanese Nationals. Unknown to the trio, two MPs approach and discover the illegal transaction. One MP makes the arrest of the driver, while the other MP takes care of the Japanese Nationals involved and turns them over to Japanese Civil Police, who in turn take them into custody. 53' MS Japanese policeman and the MP. MS The Japanese policeman arrests the Japanese Nationals and moves out of the picture. R frame. MLS The MP makes the arrest of the driver and drives him off to the Provost Marshall."
Let me take you on a Strange Journey... Aussie Bosozoku style!
Just a quick edit of some pix of my Beastie.... Australia's FIRST Registered and Legal Bosozoku style Motorcycle... :D
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Effects on the Human Body of Radiation from Atomic Bomb - 10/1945 (GRAPHIC )
Listed at the US National Archives as "Effects On The Human Body, Of Radiation From Atomic Bomb, 10/1945." US National Archives description: "CU Burned hand & arm showing scars. CU Map showing people standing at different distances from blast. MCU Injured personnel with burns on necks, arms, heads, faces, legs. CU Doctor's finger points to badly burned hand of Japanese. CU Japanese with very bad burns on neck, face, and ear. MCU Japanese faces camera showing injury to body from blast; burns and loss of hair in evidence. MCU Doctors work on badly burned Japanese leg CU Various Japanese showing many types of injuries caused by blast. QUALITY GOOD" US National Archives Identifier: 80628
Japan Today - 1946-06-20 - Partial Newsreel
Japan Today - 1946-06-20 - Partial Newsreel (Public Domain)
Japanese Repatriates -  Otake -  03/09/1946
342-USAF-11026 Japanese Repatriates - Otake - 03/09/1946 National Archives description "12' MLS Japanese soldiers getting off tugboat and landing. 8' MS Same as above, closer shot. 7' LS Civilians getting off landing barge. 15' MS Same as above and a CU of civilians as they walk up gangplank. 5' MS Japanese airplane carrier which brought the soldiers and civilians from the South Sea Island. MS An old destroyer "Yakumo" which brought civilians from Formosa. 9' MCU Japanese soldiers and civilians getting off a tugboat. 26' MS CU Civilians in line waiting for the trucks. Civilians boarding trucks. View from different angles with different lenses. 12' MLS Japanese soldiers in line marching towards the barrack area. 6' MS Same as above, reverse angle. 18' CU Assorted angles showing a group of Japanese civilians marching. 11' MC Group of aged, sick and infirm adults boarding trucks. 12' MS Reverse angle of same. 7.5' MS Japanese soldiers landing from boat coming toward camera. 14.5' MS CU Reverse angle showing packs on their backs. 23' Soldiers marching in group. Cuts - LS MS Reverse angles. 12' Soldiers lined up putting packs down on the ground ready for the custom examination. Pan L to R. 7.5' Japanese soldiers in a group listening to a leader explaining what they have to do after examination and what to expect when they get out of the army. 7' MS White clad Japanese girls using pressure gun to spray DDT on each individual soldier. This shot shows method used in spraying down pants (from crotch) turning and bending over from spray around buttocks. 20' MC Angle shot, same as above, several quick cuts. 16' MS Same as above, different angle as seen from rear. First shot stationary, second shot a pan from L to R. 7' MS Same as above, females being sprayed with DDT. 5.5' MC Same as above, angle shot showing white clad girls spraying the DDT. 5.5' CU Same as above. 10' MS Another shot showing soldiers being sprayed with DDT. 7' MS Japanese soldiers boarding train with their heavy baggage on their backs. 10' CU Japanese Major General, Sixth Infantry Division. 7' CU Japanese Major General, 86th Infantry Division. 8' CU S. Wakamatsu, Japanese Lt. Colonel, 36th Infantry Division. 7.5' CU M. Ide, Japanese Major, 38th Infantry Division, Intendence Officer. 8' CU H. Dairaku, Japanese Captain, 81st Infantry Brigade. 7.5' CU M. Ishizaki, Japanese Superior Private, Machine Gun Company, 22nd Division. 8' CU J. Morifugi, Colonel, 8th Army Engineer. 18' Japanese soldiers heating and cooking food over fire. Three takes from different angles. 8' MS Looking at a group of repatriated Japanese soldiers sitting by the table facing each other. Showing soldiers taking their rank emblems off and throwing them on the table. Soldiers talking to each other. 11.5' CU Two Japanese soldiers doing the same as above. 12.5' CU A Japanese soldier writing a letter. 9.5' MCU A Japanese soldier getting his beard shaved. He is lying down on a table and a soldier is standing by him with a Japanese razor. 7.5' CU Same as above. Japanese. 9' CU Japanese Sergeant Major. 5' CU Japanese Sergeant (age 38). 5' CU Japanese Sergeant (age 39). 5' CU Japanese Sergeant ( age 36). 5' CU Japanese Warrant Officer (age 35). 13' CU Japanese Sergeant (age 38) eating food (rice) from his mess kit. 27' MS Moving dolly shot of Japanese soldiers from Formosa getting their baggage sprayed with liquid DDT. 4 6' LS Civilians in long line marching into the custom area. 10' LS Civilians waiting for the custom officer to examine their baggage. 12' MS Same as above, pan L to R. 20' MS Group of civilians waiting for the custom examination. 22' MCU Civilians passing through in front of the camera marching toward the barrack. 40' LS Outside the Otake Station showing several thousand Japanese soldiers loitering around waiting for their train to arrive. Pan R to L. CU Misc. shot of a group of Japanese soldiers. Individual candid shots. US National Archives Identifier: 64471 listed as "Japanese Repatriates, Otake, 03/09/1946"
Never Mind the Bosozoku    Here's the Revillo's (Motorbike Beat)
A vid I put together this afternoon... Never Mind the Bosozoku - Here's the Revillo's (Motorbike Beat)
Gaijin Rider and Mama san's Trip to Japan 2016 -  Random Thoughts
Just some random thoughts about our time in Japan
Gaijin Rider and Mama san's Trip to Japan 2016 - Day 10 - Kyoto
Day 10 in Japan and already starting to feel sad that we will be leaving soon :'( I have NEVER felt more at home ANYWHERE the way I have in Japan.... I MUST have lived here in a previous life :) Japan feels like "Home"... Australia seems like another planet o_0
Children of Japan (1941)
Shows home, work and school activities of a middleclass Japanese family. Conversations are reproduced and interpreted. The film presents daily life in the life of a middle class Japanese family. Their home, surroundings, living and sleeping quarters, furnishing, dress, customs, and manners are depicted, along with school and play experiences of the children and routine tasks of the parents. Following a visit to a nearby shrine, the family is studied at their evening meal and making preparartions for bed. The film centers about the experiences of two Japanese children in a family setting. It is simple, friendly, and covers a variety of aspects of Japanese life. The Japanese speech heard in the film adds to its effectiveness.
Rare end of war Japanese prototype test flight WWII
Rare end of war Japanese prototype test flight WWII
Feeling hyped - WHO WANTS TO COME TO JAPAN Comp
At around 11-30 this morning I got a call while I was at work from the Australian production company associated with TV Tokyo "Who Wants To Come To Japan GP" ... The Japanese producers want me on the show!!!! They will interview me here in Australia and film me and the bike.... and it will be shown on TV Tokyo in Japan.... and there is a chance of me going to Japan as a result.... BANZAI!!!! Just awaiting a confirmation of dates and times!!! This is like an early Birthday present... I turn 55 next week... and when I grow up... ... I want to be a Japanese Juvenile Delinquent
Gaijin Rider and Mama san's Trip to Japan 2016 - Day 11 -  Kyoto - Miajima - Hiroshima
The Shinto shrine at Miajima was so beautiful... so serene... it was wonderful... I REALLY find myself drawn to Shinto philosophy :) The Peace Museum in Hiroshima is a MUST SEE for EVERYONE... I cried my eyes out.... it is a heart wrenching experience but I think EVERYONE needs to go there once in their lives :'( It WILL change you forever!!!
Bomb Damage, Yokohama Home Factories & Harbor - September 7, 1945
U.S. Army Air Forces silent Combat Subjects film #4548. Slate says "5th CCU, A SHARKEY" Exterior shot from top of hill, to view of bomb-damaged houses below. Slate says "5th CCU, A SHARKEY" Exterior shot from top of hill, pan of damaged area. Slate (chalk on pavement) says "5th CCU, WILLIAMS, Bombed out residents, 8 Sept, Yokohama." view of bomb-damaged houses Slate (chalk on pavement) says "5th CCU, WILLIAMS, Yokohama, 7 Sept, BURNED out area ." shots of bombed area and damaged machine tools. Slate (chalk on pavement) says "5th Combat Camera, LT BRESNICK, 7 SEPT, YOKOHAMA, HOME FACTORIES" shots of bombed area and damaged machine tools. Slate (chalk on pavement) says "5th Combat Camera, LT BRESNICK, 7 SEPT, YOKOHAMA, HOME FACTORIES #2" shots of bombed area and damaged machine tools. Slate (chalk on pavement) says "5th Combat Camera, LT BRESNICK, 7 SEPT, YOKOHAMA, HOME FACTORIES ROLL #3" shots of bombed area and damaged machine tools. Boy walks down path. Shots of bombed area and damaged machine tools. Slate: "Cameraman WOODALL 5th COMBAT CAMERA UNIT, CAMERA A-7, DATE 9-7-45 ROLL II YOKOHAMA HARBOR BOMB DAMAGE" shots of bombed dock area. Train passes in BG. National Archives Identifier: 5540 no description.
At Work   Monday 13 06 2016
unedited raw footage
(Alternate Soundtrack) Trip to Japan 2016 - Day 13 -  Kyoto -  Osaka  - Kyoto
Our last full day in Japan... and quite possibly one of the best days of the whole trip :D Osaka is BRILLIANT!!! Many, MANY thanks to our friend Ryo chan for a wonderful day full of surprizes, experiences and memories we shall remember for a lifetime! :D
Japan Street Scenes -  late 1940s
00:00 Process plate, moving, daytime, shot from automobile, 3/4 angle forward. Passes by long string of wooden houses, stores and small shops, somewhere in Japanese city or suburb 01:17 Process plate, moving, daytime, shot from automobile, POV forward straight on. Probably same street. Car approaches intersection where policeman stands on small platform directing traffic, turns to right.
Air horns, LED and Beacon lights - first test :D Aussie Bosozoku
Air horns, LEDs and Beacon light on my Bosozoku bike... First test... the Air horns blew a fuse and killed the horn and the LEDs.... (the beacon light is on a separate circuit) :D :D :D ...OK... TWENTY Amp fuses not 10 next time :D
Headed for Nikko -  the Gaijin Rider's first view of Bosozoku on the streets of Japan
Headed for Nikko (Day 3 of my 1st trip to Japan) - My first view of Bosozoku on the streets of Japan... We were on a bus tour to the Shinto Shrine at Nikko when a group of Bosozoku bikers weaved through the traffic
Abbey Medieval Festival 2015
Some pix from the Abbey Medieval Festival on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.... There were Vikings and Saxons and Normans.... there were Crusaders and Saracens.... there were all sorts of geeks and nerds in armour.... but there was one thing missing.... THERE WERE NO OTAKU DRESSED AS SAMURAI!!!!! Next time Gadget.... Next time! ... Mwahahahahaha!!!! :D Have already begun work on some kick ass Samurai armour for the 2016 event :D :D :D
Bosozoku Tours - Sunshine Coast, Queensland HD
A short promotional video HD Version
First draft of my TVTokyo "Who Wants to come to Japan" Comp entry
First draft of my TVTokyo "Who Wants to come to Japan" Comp entry... I think it should get their attention just as it is... HOWEVER... ... this is just the basic clip.... I still need to add the Voice Over (in English) and the subtitles (in Japanese) .... they should be ready in a few days time....
Gaijin Rider and Mama san's Trip to Japan 2016 - Day 13 -  Kyoto -  Osaka  - Kyoto
YouTube has blocked the above video in some countries due to copyright issues with the soundtrack.... sooooo a version with an alternate soundtrack is posted HERE!   https://youtu.be/7KdLbBDusJg Our last full day in Japan... and quite possibly one of the best days of the whole trip :D Osaka is BRILLIANT!!! Many, MANY thanks to our friend Ryo chan for a wonderful day full of surprizes, experiences and memories we shall remember for a lifetime! :D
Kamikaze Ceremony - PD Tokyo - Way Of Life Tokyo (1945/10/27-1945/11/01)
Kamikaze Ceremony, PD Tokyo; Way Of Life, Tokyo 1945-10-27 - 1945-11-01 Recreation of a kamikaze ceremony at a Japanese air field in Autumn of 1945 and footage of life in occupied Tokyo. Description from the National Archives: REEL 1: Chofu, Japan. 41' MLS inside a Shinto Shrine, four Kamikaze pilots dressed in flying gear, walk towards camera and bow towards shrine. 45' MLS Same as above. 17' MS Low angle showing the four pilots lined up abreast and bowing. 18' CU Low angle from L side. 89' MS This scene was recreated at a Japanese airfield. It shows four pilots standing in front of a small table where the saki is placed. At the other end is their commander. Here they drink their farewell toast, etc., etc. 76' MC Another angle of the pilots as they salute their commander, about face and walk towards their planes. 17' MC Frame shot of three pilots, then a slow pan to the fourth one and the commander. All are shown drinking their farewell toast from the saki cups. REEL 2: Tokyo, Japan. 31' A large factory in the Tokyo area that escaped the fire raid. In the foreground, the factory's own fire department puts on a demonstration showing the type of equipment used. Misc. shots showing equipment and the workers. 10' LS Air raid shelter on grounds of radio and camera factory. Workers open door and enter shelter. 9' CU Same as above. 8' CU Interior scene, worker at bench lathe. 18' CU Same as above. 13' CU Another worker and lathe. 7' MCU Showing line of lathes. 5' CU Worker and lathe. 8' LS Group of workers and lathe. Fraternization in Tokyo. American sailors and Japanese girls out for a stroll. There is a pan to show the stubby feet and bobby socks. Scenes to show group and their reaction. 31' MLS Soldiers and girls walk along the roadway leading from Imperial palace. 19' MLS Same as above. 31' LS Same as above. 19' MCU Faces of the four soldiers and two Japanese girls who appear in the above scenes. This is a very slow pan down to their feet. 32' LS Shows American GIs walking their post in front of the main entrance to Imperial Palace. Several shots. 59' MLS CU MPs on guard at Palace grounds, present arms to a group of American officers. They stand talking and are told that they are not permitted to go any further. It is off limits to all Allied troops. 15' Scenic shot of the Palace as seen from outside. In the foreground, two Japanese women and small child are shown walking toward Palace. 19' LS Main entrance to Palace, American soldiers on guard walk post, others are walking toward Palace. 12' LS Reverse shot showing soldiers walking towards Palace. In the background is the Meiji Building. 26' LS Several cut shots showing American soldiers on guard. Guard returns salute to a group of American officers that pass by. 16' MS Same as above. 17' Reverse angle showing action from rear of guard and shooting at the officers as they walk up to the sentry and return his rifle salute. American soldiers walking toward camera, and more soldiers sitting on the grass talking to Japanese girls. 23' MLS Main entrance to Imperial Palace, as scene opens a group of American soldiers walk toward camera. 23' MS Same as above. 6' MC Two GIs and two Japanese girls sit on grass talking. 24' CU One of the soldiers and his girl friend talking. REEL 3: 11' MS Air raid shelter, slit trench type. 25' MCU Same shelter as above. Civilians in trench then they walk out and toward camera. 16' CU Group of Japanese boys fishing above a dock. 12' LS Same as above. 11' Fire gutted building in background Tokyo, in foreground a shack. 7' CU Make-shift shack used as living quarters. 5' Reverse angle of shack. Another angle of shack. 7' Another angle of shack, woman in foreground. 12' Girl holding cat in her arms. 8' LS Tin roof shack among the ruins of modern structures. 10' MCU Shack and its owner. 8' Same as above. 23' Various cuts of same type shack. 4' CU Rusted ruins. 5' CU Shack and ruins. 23' Unidentified object. 12' Shack area along main street. 22' Shack area, various cuts. 12' MS Japanese women and man near water faucet outdoors. Taken amid the rubble of a congested residential section. Flimsy homes in background. 13' CU Women washing dishes. 8' LS Same as above, vegetable garden in foreground. 8' MS Same as above. 8' CU Same as above. 10' CU Same as above. 23' MLS Typical Japanese homes that escaped fire. 8' Same as above. 22' Same as above, small Japanese boys playing in rubble. 20' USSBS Jeep No. 9 with group of women and children about. 7' Same as above. 17' Same as above. 20' CU Children shown above. 17' Four children pose for camera. 36' MCU Same children walk to camera. National Archives Identifier: 23670
Things I learnt today... NEVER make a "Dance video" in the front yard when people are walking past :D ...or when you're sober! :D
Bomb Damage At Yokohama - September 6, 1945
U.S. Army Air Forces silent Combat Subjects film #4556. Clapperboard: WOODALL 5th Combat Camera Unit, 9-6-45, BOMB DAMAGE YOKOHAMA HARBOR" V iew of damaged harbor from ship. Interior shot of damage. Exterior shot of damage. Damage at railyard. US National Archives Identifier: 5547 no description.
Our Job In Japan (1945) US Occupation Propaganda
Training film for U.S. soldiers embarking on occupation duty in Japan. Written by Dr. Seuss and formed the basis for his latter 1947 Oscar-winning film, "Design For Death." This film was seen as too sympathetic to the Japanese and MacArthur worked to suppress it.
Street scenes - city in Japan - late 1940s
Shotlist 00:00 Process plate, moving reverse view from automobile driving down city sidewalk, daytime; large city in Japan, late 1940s. Shot passes by shops and many pedestrians, who look at camera. 00:56 Similar shot, probably reverse shot. 01:47 Similar shot on more crowded sidewalk with stalls of sidewalk sellers on each side 03:02 Process plate, reverse 3/4 view, daytime, shot from sidewalk towards street (same street). United States military bus passes by.
Intelligence And The Japanese Civillian (1945) US Occupation Propaganda
This military training film was produced for the US troops who would be occupying Japan at the end of WWII.
Our Enemy - The Japanese (1943)
Stridently anti-Japanese film that attempts to convey an understanding of Japanese life and philosophy so that the U.S. may more readily defeat its enemy. Depicts the Japanese as "primitive, murderous and fanatical." With many images of 1930s and 1940s Japan, and a pretentious and highly negative narration by Joseph C. Grew, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan.