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This video describes how agricultural land can succumb to salinization
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Lightboard experiment- using normal window glass
I test normal window glass to see if you really need to use ultra clear glass when making your lightboard.
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Catalase experiment
Demonstration of an experiment involving the enzyme catalase in potato catalysing hydrogen peroxide.
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The phosphorus cycle
This video explains the biogeochemical phosphorus cycle and includes human impact on the cycle
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Making my lightboard in NZ
This is the lightboard I made in Australia, dismantled it to fly to NZ and then put it back together again for FlipConNZ.
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Lightboard lighting and camera settings
The secret to great light board videos is the camera settings firstly and the lighting secondly. This video will explain the DSLR camera settings for great lightboard videos. (Note, i would drop the aperture to 6 to increase the brightness of the talent)
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FlipCon 2016 How to make and use a lightboard Steve Grififths
I am presenting a paper about how to make and use a lightboard at the 2016 FlipCon conference on the Gold Coast.
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Strong vs weak, concentrated v dilute
Comparing the terms strong and weak, and concentrated and dilute as they relate to acids and bases.
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Genetic Counselling
Some of the options and considerations for a couple planning a family when there is a family history of genetic disease. This video is part of a senior high school biology genetics unit.
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Setting up a lightboard video shoot
This very short video shows how I set up the studio to make a video and then doing the post production.
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Predator prey relationships
This video looks at how a species' population fluctuates based on the interaction with another species in a predator-prey biotic relationship.
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How we learn- the science of learning
This is a video for students to help them understand how they learn so they can improve their learning habits.
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Flow charting algorithms- Variables and loops
This video provides an example of how variables and loops can be represented on flow charts for algorithms.
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Positive feedback loops and global warming
This video describes how melting of the permafrost and melting polar ice is contributing to global warming through positive feedback loops.
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How to make a cheap ipad tripod mount
An idea for how to make a very cheap ipad tripod mount.
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Video file size Camtasia 9
Sometimes you need to forego high quality so the video is small enough to avoid buffering in playback and small enough to be hosted by your LMS. This video will show you what you can adjust to reduce the file size.
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Insulators, conductors and resistors
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Adaptations of the blue periwinkle
A description of the adaptations that the periwinkle has to overcome the abiotic factors of the rocky shore.
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Ligtboard Studio Tour
This is a tour of my lightboard studio. For further details of the build, check out this blog post http://flippedlearning.org/how_to/how-to-make-a-lightboard-for-less-than-100/. Leave a comment if you have any questions or contact me on Twitter @Sciencesteveg. Good luck.
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Environmental impacts of aquaculture
Fish farming is designed to reduce the strain on wild fish stocks but does have some significant ecological impacts that can actually reduce the wild fish stocks that it is trying to save.
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Flipcon NZ  How to make and use a lightboard to make engaging videos
See me present at FlipCon NZ in Wellington on the 23rd and 24th of June 2017. For more details visit https://www.ereg.me/ehome/index.php?eventid=203101&
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Anions and cations
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Balancing equations examples
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Lightboard video post production Camtasia 9
Raw lightboard video files are inverted because the camera is on the opposite side of the glass to the teacher. Camtasia Studio 9 can be used to flip the video 180 degrees.
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Lightboard tip  Pens and making the writing pop out
"How do you make the pen colour really pop out?" This is a common question. It comes down to the pen type, the LED edge lights and most importantly the camera settings.
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Accommodation of the eye
Accommodation is the process of the eye changing optical power to maintain focus on objects at varying distances.
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Medium sized board video example
This video demonstrates a video made with my medium sized lightboard (1200x 800). I also compare the warm and cool white LED strip lights.
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Lightboard tip- how to clean the lightboard
The best product to use to clean the lightboard is paper towel.
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Tour of medium sized lightboard
This is a tour of my medium sized lightboard with some details about how I put it together and the materials I used.
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Nitrogen cycle
The nitrogen cycle is a biogeochemical cycle that is essential for life. This video explains how nitrogen gas is fixed into nitrates in the soil to so they can be absorbed by plants. The video also explains the human impact on the nitrogen cycle.
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Science Steve channel trailer
An introduction to the Science Steve Channel
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FlipconNZ Lightboard video highlights reel
Here is a sample of the excellent lightboard videos made by the delegates at FlipconNZ. Such talented teachers!
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Lightboard experiment- using a white background
Normally lightboard videos have a black backdrop. This video trials a white backdrop. What do you think? Add a comment to tell me if ou prefer black or white background.
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Biotic factors
Biotic factors are the living components of an ecosystem that influence the survival of species. This video looks at different types of biotic relationships and whether they are beneficial or harmful to the species involved.
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Elyse explains the condition PKU
Phenylketonuria (PKU) is an inborn error of metabolism. Elyse explains the condition for the perspective of a child with the disorder.
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Abiotic factors
Abiotic factors are the non living components of an ecosystem and they influence the survival of organisms.
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Streaming video and buffering
This is my first video using the document camera. Streaming video can be frustrated by buffering. This video explains what it is.
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Electron transport chain
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Does the lightboard improve learning?
This video reports on new research on learning from a video lesson made with a transparent whiteboard (Lightboard) and a traditional whiteboard. The study reference is: Stull, A. T., Fiorella, L., Gainer, M. J., & Mayer, R. E. (2018). Using transparent whiteboards to boost learning from online STEM lectures. Computers & Education, 120, 146-159.
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Coles Little Shop blindfold challenge
Elyse demonstrates the Coles Little Shop blindfold challenge. How quickly can you place all of the minis in the case in the right order while blindfolded?
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Hydrogen pop test
Demonstration of an acid metal reaction that produces hydrogen gas.
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Scientific method- to design experimental variables and write hypotheses
This video explains independent and dependent variables and how to write a hypothesis.
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Homeostasis in single and multicellular organisms
Single celled organisms such as the paramecium respond to changes in their environment by moving. Multicellular organisms are more capable of responding because the have specialisation of cells, tissues and organs and communication between different structures and systems.
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Lightboard tips to get you started
This video with Rob Sadler will help you get started with making lightboard videos.
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Socks are used to demonstrate mitosis.
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Chloroplast structure
The chloroplast is the location of photosynthesis in autotrophic eukaryotes. This video describes the basic structure of the chloroplast.
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Early career teachers' perception of flipped learning
A video about what early career teachers think about implementing an existing flipped course. Made on Steve Crapnell's lightboard.
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Insect pollination
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Description of meiosis using socks.
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