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Cyalume versus Revolution Ultra Comparison
Our short video comparing the similarities and differences between the Cyalume Ultra 5 minute light stick and Extreme Glow's Revolution Hi Intensity glow sticks.
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el wire connections
Mix and match your EL Wire. Combine colors, run wire in different directions - all from the same power source. We offer wire, power sources, and splitters for the ultimate EL Wire experience. Extremeglow (dot) com
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Fairy Lights Fireworks Bouquet
Fireworks Fairy Light Decorations for Floral Bouquets, 60 Warm White LEDs, Power Options: AA Battery Pack with Remote Control http://www.extremeglow.com/Fireworks-Fairy-Light-Decoration-Floral-Bouquet.aspx 30 Strands of Fairy Wire - 2 LEDs per strand (60 total) Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included) Each strand measures 6 inches. Total diameter is up to 12 inches. Wire color - silver only. 60 Warm White Fairy Light LEDs LEDs are ~4 inches apart (~5cm) 8 Flashing or Steady On Mode (see video for demonstration) Remote controlled - Set unit with switch on wire remote. Dim and Bright Buttons on Remote Timer option (6 hours on / 18 hours off)
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Supernova LED Golf Ball
Twilight Supernova is a regulation golf ball that contains a bright LED that illuminates upon each impact for 8 minutes and retains a continous glow afterwards with our patented after-glow technology. The proprietary design is motion activated by either striking the ball with your club or dropping the ball from approximately 12 cm. You can follow the ball from the moment it leaves the club face to its final destination. The remaining layers are made from conventional materials. The final cover material is Surlyn which has been used by the golf industry for decades. Our high impact lighted technology has been incorportated into a golf ball.
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body light tutorial www.extremeglow.com
body lights are a great way to get noticed. They are light, bright, and inexpensive. All Extreme Glow body lights use a magnet as a method of attaching to clothing or fabric. We our lights as ear rings, light up your hat, or affix them to any metallic surface. Because of the strong magnet you know they will stay where you place them. Check out our entire line of round body lights as well as body light shapes at www.extremeglow.com.
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6 in Glow Sticks
Extreme Glow's full line of 6 inch glow sticks
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LED GlowHawk lighted mohawk
instructions for how to make your lighted mohawk rock! Use the fiber optics as "spikes" that stand alone or spread them out for an awesome, even look. Check out the video for full instructions. Extremeglow.com
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LED flashing necklace tunnel star
Multifunction flashing LED necklace within a tunnel necklace. Cool LED effects! Extremeglow.com
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Flat accent light options from extremeglow.com
FLAT ACCENT LIGHT - 2 Pack http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/27-Flat-Lights-2-Pack.aspx Width – 0.75 inch; Length – 1.75 inch; Height – 0.0625 inch Perfect for lighting up your disc for nighttime disc golf! Solid color: 4 modes (steady on, fast flash, medium flash, and off) Run time 12+ hours FLIGHT7: 7-modes of operation, 3 LEDs FLIGHTMOOD: 1 mode, 3 LEDs (mood: colors scroll slowly) Run time 12+ hours 1 CR2016 (not replaceable) Battery included Inhibitor included – won’t activate during shipping
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Revos Ultra Hi Glow Stick Compare
Extreme Glow's new Revolution 5 minute ultra light sticks are the new standard for performance glow sticking. We'll gladly prove it too. Check out this short video comparing our Revolution sticks to regular red and purple light sticks.
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Plastic Body Lights PL Series
body lights now feature plastic battery compartments for smooth turning and fewer problems in activation.
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Gloving Tutorial - Chapter 1 Digital Flow
Want to get into gloving? Learn the basics from an expert. Tiny Love breaks down "digital flow" in our short tutorial. Difficulty - basic
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52 inch Staff Light Saber www.extremeglow.com
WOW! This is the big one. A double-bladed light saber that really works. Connect the two sabers together to complete this great product. Batteries included and replaceable. www.extremeglow.com
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led running arm band
Be seen anywhere you go with this comfortable flashing arm band. Great for running, biking, hiking, or any outdoor night activity.
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parachute ligths
Fun for kids of all ages. Great party giveaways to keep the kids busy for hours.
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flashing leg warmers
LED fluffies are hot. Leg warmers that actually flash different patterns now at reasonable prices! Check out extremeglow(dot)com for more info on these awesome accessories.
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glove troubleshooting II www.extremeglow.com
Need to replace the batteries on your LED Magical Mitts? Have spotty performance and light drop out? Check out this video to learn how to fix those problems in 5 easy steps.
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7 color mini foam stick
7 mode, 7 color LED foam stick. 14" long. Extremeglow(dot)com
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youtube trouble shooting AG13
We pride ourselves in sending out high quality products however we're also realistic about problems with novelty LED items. This video troubleshoots some of the most basic problems found in products that use the AG13 batteries. www.extremeglow.com
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glow stick comparison for light output www.extremeglow.com
this video shows the relative amount of light put out by a 1.5 inch glow stick, a 4 inch glow stick, and a 6 inch glow stick. Make sure you check out the difference and make an informed purchase.
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timed string lights
From Extremeglow(dot)com. Using 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) you can light up the night for 17 days. When you turn the lights on, you automatically set the timer. These battery-operated timed string lights will come on for 8 hours, go off for 16 hours, and repeat at the same time every day until the batteries die. Just set them one time, and you are done. Each strand of lights is roughly 10 feet long. Steady-on is the only mode for these bright LED lights. Each strand has green wires that come with 5 handy clips that will help you attach the strand to costumes, tents, trees, bushes, wires, etc. The battery box is also green. We offer White, Blue, and Red/Green/Blue. The RGB strand has 7 red, 7 blue, and 6 green (jade) lights.
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LED sway stick
Use the LED Sway Stick to create a light show in the air. This fun wand sends pulsing light from a 1.5 inch white ball located on the end of the stick. Two buttons on the base of the toy control the light or a music plus light option. Easy to use and great for hours of fun. Each Light Up Sway Stick comes with 3 x AAA batteries. The wand measures 14" in length. Each unit comes on a retail card. Ages 8 and up.
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el tape (electro luminescent)
EL tape is bright and measures 1cm across so it is wider than the standard EL Wire. This does not feature an adhesive backing. ExtremeGlow(dot)com. Power source included.
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poi stick youtube video www.extremeglow.com
Looking for an LED lightstick that is durable and versatile? Youve found it with our multiple-mode POI STICK. Use the button near the clip to cycle through 6 different colorful modes that allow for an endless number of uses. Use the attached lanyard to spin it in Strobe mode for a fantastic multi-color light show. String them up at your next party in Mood Lighting mode for stunning accent illumination. Its perfect for vending, fundraising, parties, and more. This multi-mode LED lightstick is HOT. They go fast when we have them in stock, so order yours today! Modes: Off, Strobe, Mood Lighting, Multi-Color Steady On, Flashing Blue, Flashing Red, Flashing Green. Uses 3 AG13 batteries - included, replaceable.
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blacklight paint
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translucent LED rock star glasses www.extremeglow.com
The best RockStar glasses yet. V 3.0 featues a clearer plastic frame, improved LED functions, and the same great, low price for awesome lighted glasses.
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Flashing Silicone Bracelets
Silicone Motion Activated Bracelet http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/327-Silicone-Motion-Activated-Bracelet.aspx Thickness – 0.75 inches Diameter – 2.75" inches Fit is similar to sports silicone bracelet 2 LEDs - you choose the color Silicone Bracelet color matches LED color Light is turned "off" for shipping. Simply slide switch inside bracelet to turn on. Bracelet flashes when in motion The batteries in the bracelet will last for 150,000-200,000 flashes Made from soft silicone (will stretch to accommodate most wrist sizes) Batteries included, not replaceable Packaged individually Ages 8 and up
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Glow Easter Eggs
Amazing ideas for lighting up your eggs this Easter!
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Waterproof your Anywhere Fairy Wire
Take Fairy Wire Lights ANYWHERE - yep, I said ANYWHERE! With a battery pack the size of two quarters this neat unit is the answer to providing fun accent lighting to any decor or product. This video shows how you can water proof the Anywhere Fairy Wire so it truly can be taken ANYWHERE! Lights and Decor: http://www.extremeglow.com/store/c/24-Decor-and-Craft-Lighting-Product.aspx Anywhere Fairy Wire: http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/238-3-Foot-Fairy-Lights-10-LEDs.aspx Holiday Lights: http://www.extremeglow.com/store/c/36-String-Lights-with-Timers.aspx
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Toes to bar challenge
Challenge at crossfit tupelo. September 2012
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double bubble gun
Blow bubbles at twice the rate of standard bubble guns with two spouts! Bubble illuminate with the use of a handy blue LED at the mouth of the gun. Fun for all ages and events. extremeglow(dot)com
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LED accent lights - need light in a small space? www.extremeglow.com
Small, lightweight, bright, long-lasting, ultra-thin LED lights available in a variety of colors. Each light has 3 modes: fast flash, slow flash, and steady-on. Introducing the WIP, our ultra-thin LED accent light that can be used in hundreds of ways for creative people in need of wafer-thin LED lights. Here are just a few examples: 1) Accent Lights - These lights will go practically anywhere to provide attractive points of light in a room. 2) Crystal Lights - Looking for a good way to light up crystal figurines? These thins lights slide easily beneath practically any piece, and the effect is amazing. 3) Wristband Inserts - Use these pieces to spice up a non-transferable ID band. When used with the "Vinyl Wide 490 with Pocket" from Precision Dynamics, the ID band becomes easily identifiable at any light level. 4) Costume Decoration - Attach these lightweight pieces to a costume or hat to make a lighting effect that will blow people's minds. 5) Gloves - Put a WIP into each finger of a transparent or translucent glove and turn your hands into a light show. 6) Crystal Displays - Light up your favorite crystal pieces by placing WIPs beneath it.
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7 Mode LED Foam Stick for Weddings & Parties
Wow your guests with this fun light up party foam stick. Perfect for big and small events alike! http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/118-Multi-color-Foam-Sticks.aspx 15.5" long Width ~ 2 inches Red, Green, and Blue LEDs Run time 2+ hours Uses 3 AG13 batteries Batteries included and are replaceable Individually packaged with an opp bag Inhibitor included – won’t activate during shipping 6 light options (plus off mode) Modes: Rapid Flash, Slow Scroll, All On, Only Red Flash, Only Blue Flash, and Only Green Flash We can customize these foam sticks for you. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 888.748.4755 for pricing and availability.
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LED Stick Comparison - POI vs Reusable www.extremeglow.com
Looking at the differences between two similar LED sticks.
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troubleshooting CHARAIN ag13 batteries
Troubleshooting tutorial for led items like extremeglow's AG13 Chaser Rainbow, one of our most popular products. While it doesn't have many problems and we continuously check our stock quality this video should help you navigate problems you do come across.
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LED Rope Lighting
Round LED rope light is what most people think of when they think of rope light, and we offer this version in many different color options such as warm white, blue, red, and multi-color. Rope light from Extreme Glow are waterproof so you can install these lights in many different environments. Start shopping: http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/224-Rope-Lights.aspx
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Fairy wire light strand with AA battery box timer
Fairy Wire, 18 LEDs, Power Option: AA Battery Pack. Color Options Available 18 Fairy Light LEDs Warm White Fairy Lights available in copper, silver, or gold wire. Cool White and Pink Fairy Lights available in silver wire only. Red Fairy Lights available in copper wire only. Blue and Green Fairy Lights available in copper or silver. 3-foot long wire strand (Note: Blue, copper are 6-foot.) Uses 3 AA batteries - Batteries not included Run time 20+ days with brand name alkaline batteries Steady-on option (no timer) or Timer option (6 hours on / 18 hours off)
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new solid mitt lighted gloves feature
Solid color lighted gloves now at extremeglow(dot)com. Find our LED gloves in red, blue, and green and wow your friends! Each pair of gloves feature brilliant lights in your choice of colors. Perfect for dance groups, bands, or just for having a good time.
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Sequin LED Fedora
LED Fedora with sequins. Comfortable novelty hat with bright lights will catch attention wherever you go. Batteries are included and can be replaced. Only at extremeglow(dot)com
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LED Light Up Mask Skull
Amazing! Two masks in one - white cover and a skull. Both light up and both are crazy cool. You've never seen a light up mask light this before. ExtremeGlow(dot)com
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Fairy Light Wire. Short for Mason Jars & Crafts
Short Wire: 20 inch Fairy Wire, 10 LEDs Coin Cell Batteries http://www.extremeglow.com/20-inch-fairy-wire-10-leds-coin-cell.aspx 10 warm white Fairy Light LEDs Uses 2 CR2032 batteries (included) Wire comes in copper-color or silver-color (wire color availability may vary) Wire Length: 20 inches (0.5 meters) Lights are separated by 2 inches (5 cm) For CR2032 Battery Box Switch On / Off Switch - No Timer
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Colorful LED Legwarmer Fluffies
Light up fluffies or legwarmers now come in 4 colorful options. Three flashing modes and lights in every direction make for a great look. Find them at extremeglow(dot)com
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photon II video and tutorial
www.extremeglow.com now carries the Photon II Microlight. Made in the US and unrivaled in quality and brightness these great LED keychain lights are useful in many situations.
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new fiber optic wand
Flashing fiber optic wand. LED lights the fibers for great effects. Find them at extremeglow(dot) com
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Hand Powered Pocket Sized Bubble Gun
Here it is! Hand Powered Pocket Sized Bubble Gun No batteries required!! Dip the end of the bubble gun in solution and pull the trigger multiple times to blow bubbles. Pull the trigger quickly to make lots of small bubbles, or slower to make large bubbles. Easy to use and fun for all ages! Height – 4.5 inches Length – 6 inches Width - 2.5 inches Features blue LEDs (lights up when shooting bubbles) Includes one bottle of bubble solution Individually packaged in opp bag. http://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/304-Small-Bubble-Gun.aspx
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Fiber Optic Wand
fun and simple led fiber optic wand. Great for all ages. Multicolored, multimode flashing. Extremeglow(dot)com
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Lighted LED double windmill
flashing double windmill LED lighted toy from Extremeglow.com
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bubble gun with lights video www.extremeglow.com
Our new, reliable bubble gun with lights.
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Extreme Glow Deal of the Week - Medallion
For just a buck, get a cool medallion!
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LED Motion Activated Bracelet
Light up your moves with our motion-activated LED Bracelet. Two bright LED lights shine when you move your arm. Great for concerts or sporting events! Find them now at extremeglow(dot)com
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