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Healing Trauma, Somatic Counseling: Holistic Therapy San Francisco
Nick Venegoni, MFT talks discusses his work with clients to heal suffering and experience more joy and ease in life.
Mindfulness & Vulnerability: Holistic Therapy San Francisco
Nick Venegoni, MFT discusses mindfulness practice and being vulnerable with clients. http://www.holistictherapysf.com/
Nick Venegoni, Holistic Therapist in San Francisco
Nick discusses his holistic therapy practice in San Francisco, and how he works with clients.
Exploring Your Gender Identity with Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC
DARA HOFFMAN-FOX, LPC is a queer-identified gender therapist in private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a subject-matter expert on transgender and nonbinary issues Dara is the creator of the “Conversations with a Gender Therapist” YouTube channel as well as the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Self Discovery.   Episode Highlights Dara discusses their path to becoming a therapist specializing in working queer and trans folks. Starting an online academy for therapists to learn more about working with trans and non-binary clients. How Dara has reached people all over the world via social media to offer help and support exploring their own gender identity. Their book, “You and Your Gender Identity,” a workbook to help those questioning their identity find more clarity. Creating a team to help you on your gender exploration journey. Confronting your fears as you begin your gender exploration. How to find a gender affirming therapist (WPATH.org standards of care).   Dara’s web links  Dara Hoffman-Fox.com Trans Affirming Therapists Academy Facebook Twitter
Queer Ancestral & Sexual Healing with Pavini Moray
Pavini Moray, M. Ed., offers Somatic Sex Therapy and Ancestral Lineage Repair to a wide variety of clients from all around the world: they often work with queer and straight women, trans folks, queer couples, and genderqueer/gender-fabulous humans. In this episode, we discuss the importance of desire and pleasure, and how it gets complicated in the presence of trauma. Pavini talks about how to know if you’re not living your body, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Lastly they explore the transmission of trans-generational trauma and its effects on the body and sexual well-being. Episode Highlights The body as a source of intelligence, wisdom and kindness. Including our bodies in the conversations we have about sex. “Being embodied gives us more access to all of who we are.” Tuning into our bodies helps us connect to our humanness. Building capacity to be present with all emotions and sensations in our body. "Transcestors" and ancestral healing for erotic liberation. The power of listening to the land on ancestral pilgrimage. The wound of belonging which many queer people carry. How connecting with well, queer ancestors is a source of support. Pavini's web links Emancipating Sexuality - somatic sex coaching Transcestral Healing - ancestral lineage repair Bespoken Bones - Pavini's podcast
Radical Art & Radical Faeries with Jack Davis
In 2017 Jack Davis retired from being an office worker, which means that he can now devote as much time as he wants to being a visual artist, a witch and a radical faerie. His most recent visual art show, called FAGGOTS, was at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco in January 2019. In December of 2018 he created the dancers’ costumes for Winter Circle X, a ritual/performance piece instigated by Keith Hennessy in collaboration with Snowflake Towers. Episode Highlights Jack tells how he first started studying art and education in college, and then got a masters degree in textiles. He started making crocheted penis shapes as his own way of glorifying sexuality during the sexual revolution of the 70’s. He shares the history of the word faggot, and about his exploration and usage of “faggots” in his artwork as part of queer liberation. We discuss the public's response to his art, and how censorship and exclusion of his art has been part of that response. Jack uses performance art and ritual activism, such as in "Faggots around the Labyrinth," in San Francisco prior to the 2016 presidential election to protect queer youth. He gives us a brief history of the Radical Faeries, starting in 1979 with a gathering of gay men who were anti-assimilationist, who believe that gay men are different and have a special purpose. Now Radical Faerie community is co-created in cities and sanctuaries around the world, with gatherings that are open to all gender identities. Jack got involved in ’82 and eventually became the treasurer of a local division. He was also part of the support team to care for two of the founding members (Harry Hay and John Burnside) at the end of their lives. He offers his ideas about how and why the Radical Faerie communities have been, and continue to be, so influential in queer culture. Jack shares how he uses pagan prayer beads, which have been a significant part of his spiritual daily practice. Contact Jack Davis Contact Jack by email here. Visit the Queer Spirit episode page to view some of Jack's art.
Queer Men & the Sacred with Andrew Ramer
In 1990 Harry Hay blessed Andrew Ramer as “a younger elder of the tribe.” Mark Thompson interviewed him for his 1994 book Gay Spirit along with fifteen other writers, healers, teachers and visionaries. Andrew’s own books include Two Flutes Playing: A Spiritual Journeybook for Gay Men, Queering the Text: Biblical, Medieval, and Modern Jewish Stories, and Revelations for A New Millennium. He was born in Elm-hurst, New York, across the street from an amusement park called Fairyland, and he now lives in Oak-land, California up the street from an amusement park called Fairyland. You can read more about him and his work at andrewramer.com    Episode Highlights We discuss the sacred role queer men have as guardians of the trees, and the connection to the environment as a whole. The role of gay men in the world, and as consciousness scouts. “Now is the time for us to own who we are.” Andrew’s experience of hearing voices which guided him through out his life and guided his writing. The essential spiritual practice of mentoring queer youth, and the challenge of cultivating inter-generational queer family. The difference between “crazy” and mysticism. Cultivating queer community through commonality and kinship. Meeting Harry Hay and Malcolm Boyd at Gay Spirit Visions early on his queer spiritual path. His new book, “Deathless,” about a 3000+ year old lesbian living in Venice beach, re-telling stories of the bible from a queer perspective. Resource links AndrewRamer.com His writings on White Crane Institute Gay Spirit Visions retreat CrazyWise documentary film
Self Love for All with Bevin Branlandingham
Bevin Branlandingham is an ultra rad warrior for self-acceptance. She is a writer, aerobics instructor, healer and performer in Los Angeles, CA who believes that all bodies are good bodies and makes the world safe for people to love themselves. An award-winning Femmecee and event producer, Bevin’s monthly body positive dance party Rebel Cupcake was named one of the reasons New York City is the Best City in the World by Time Out New York. She moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and is excited to be part of an upstart community that turns the stereotype of thin obsessed Hollywood on its head. She goes live on Facebook every day, blogs at queerfatfemme.com and offers Reiki, energy healing and life purpose readings distance and locally. She teaches her one-of-a-kind healing aerobics class Fat Kid Dance Party (For All Sizes to Heal from Body Oppression) in Los Angeles, on tour and in an aerobics video available at FatKidDanceParty.com! Episode Highlights: Bevin talks about going from an NYC lawyer and queer party promoter to SoCal aerobics instructor and Fat activist. How she started doing reiki healing after a tarot reading, and the benefits of energy healing on yourself and others. The importance of creating safe and accessible spaces for fitness. The journey from dance parties to Fat Kid Dance Party class. Holding trauma and oppression in the body, and healing it through exercise. Creating community through self care. Body liberation activism, body currency and being a gender warrior. Bevin’s Social Media links Twitter Facebook Instagram  
The Healing Magic of Queer Gods with Jenya Beachy
Jenya Beachy is a writer, teacher, priest, rootworker and so much more, who has been exploring the old ways and forging new ones for over 25 years. Her work and teachings focus on: Self-knowledge, Self-healing and Self-possession, Expressing the beauty of Poetry, Wisdom and Magick, Keeping in right relationship with all things, Walking as an ethical and compassionate Warrior. Her first book, The Secret Country of Yourself: Discover the Powerful Magic of Your Endless Inner World, was published last year.   Episode Highlights We discuss the symbolism of monsters and their vulnerability. The power of addressing our shadows with humility and compassion. The inspiration for her new book coming out of her own pagan practices and experiences in her inner world. Holding our faults with self-compassion. The work of cleansing negativity and following your true identity. The importance of having non- or multi-gendered gods and deities in a spiritual practice. How the queer uprising plays a role in the evolution of humanity.   Jenya's web links  JenyaTBeachy.com  Facebook Twitter  Instagram
Is holistic therapy right for me?
Nick Venegoni, MFT of Holistic Therapy SF discusses how to decide is holistic therapy is right for you.
Empaths & Sacred Clowns with Desiree Cervantes
Desiree Cervantes: “​I’m a shaman, intuitive healer and empath. A modern medicine woman with a creative soul and the gift of clear sight. A wild woman with a tender heart. I see magic everywhere and in everyone. ​I am the kind of woman they used to burn at the stake and I am reclaiming the word Witch. I am an Oracle Witch but I am not a fortune teller. I have a number of psychic gifts including the ability to see, hear and channel messages and communicate with my guides and yours. I am not afraid of my shadow side or yours. I’m great at helping people process raw emotions and release pain and grief. I won’t give you the answers but I’ll help show you that you had them all along inside yourself. I dispense truth and wisdom with honesty, a fierce tenderness and sometimes a bit of tough love. I sometimes speak to non-breathing people (call them what you like) if I feel that communicating is helpful or needed. I give myself permission to want what I want and feel how I feel. I am learning how to lean into my desires to uncover what they are trying to show me. My core desired feelings are vibrant, powerful, sexy, abundant, magical and wild-hearted. I’m an artist, designer, truth teller, mother, warrior and seeker. I am large, I contain multitudes.”   Episode Highlights Desiree shares how she discovered her ability to read other peoples feelings and energies as a young child. She discusses hearing the call to study shamanism and become a “witch doctor.” Being an empath and learning to honor the boundaries of others while balancing the ability to help. Working with the common challenges of empaths, such as energetic overwhelm or overriding your intuition. Tuning in to wild spirituality and sacred clowning as a form of creative disruption to shake up and shift energy outside of your comfort zone.    Web links SpiritFireShaman.com Facebook Instagram Pinterest
Spiritual Activism & Liberation Magic with Lou Florez
Lou Florez is an internationally known Spirit worker, medicine maker, priest, activist, and artist who has studied with indigenous communities and elders throughout the globe. Lou grounds his teachings and practice in the idea that connectedness to ourselves and our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental landscapes is a fundamental necessity for any long lasting change to occur. He holds that through creating these living, dynamic relationships we become conscious of the inherent power available to us in every second of our lives. Episode Highlights Lou discusses how he became a spirit worker based in folk traditions of magics from the American south that comes out of connections to the Earth and the land, and rooted in communities fighting against oppression and colonization. He tells the story of growing up on a farm and being introduced to different folk spiritual practices in a church bingo parlor. His activism supports diversity among multicultural pagan and spiritual communities, particularly around issues of safety, accessibility and justice. Intentionally inviting Queer people of color to the table or altar for their particular prayers and spiritual needs. His three year Audre Lorde spiritual practice, and how it helped him heal his connection with his body as a queer brown man. 
Emotional Clearing & Spiritual Adulthood with Langston Kahn
Langston Kahn is a New York City based shamanic practitioner specializing in emotional clearing and radical transformation. He stands firmly at the crossroads, his practice informed by the western modality of Inner Relationship Focusing, initiations into traditions of the African Diaspora, the contemporary shamanic tradition of The Last Mask Center, and the guidance of his helping spirits and ancestors weaving it all together. He joyfully endeavors to bring spirituality out of the dark dusty recesses of esotericism and into our daily existence, where it can aid us in re-aligning with the ecstatic energy of our soul’s purpose and allow us to become the people who can create the change we wish to see in the world. Episode Highlights Langston us how he was always a helper from an early age, wanting to support others in need. He looks for solutions in witchcraft to change the way larger culture affected our mental health, and tells how a dream lead him to explore shamanic practice. His journey of deep shamanic education and practice to heal himself and move into spiritual adulthood, and taking those experiences to help others. What it means to be a spiritual adult and how to achieve that, especially with the support of elders. The particular importance that queer youth get the support of queer elders to guide them into adulthood. How ancestral healing fixed his love life by reconnecting with his dead grandmother and doing the work to support their own healing. His practice of Deep Liberation Process to help others to respond authentically to life more clearly and easily. The importance of having strong healthy boundaries from the inside out. Web links Find Langston at Occupy-Your-Heart.com Find him on Instagram & Facebook Upcoming classes: - Masks of Illusion & the Authentic Self, retreat in Arizona, June 2019 - Energy Body Mastery, online class, September 2019
Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite with Holcombe Waller
Holcombe Waller is one of America’s most unique voices in music theater. He is a 2011 United States Artists Berresford Fellow in Music, an award that noted his mournful, folk-inflected style as well as his approach to music “as total theater.” He is a Creative Capital artist, a four-time recipient of the MAP Fund grant, and a Joan Shipley Fellow of the Regional Arts and Culture Council of his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Episode Highlights Holcombe’s approach to music as total theater, incorporating multimedia into concerts for a different kind of performance experience. The upcoming performance of his community piece, Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite, to invoke a peaceful repose & celebrate queer history. Bringing diversity of community involvement within the work to exemplify and bring forward inclusion and representation. The origin of Requiem Mass as a church performance to explore the persecution of gender and sexual diversity. Holcombe’s experience of talking to church goers on a phone bank about marriage equality, and wanting to bring a queer voice to liturgical music. Web links Requiem Mass, San Francisco - Fall 2018 September Free Community Workshop series Performances: November 16 & 17  HolcombeWaller.com  Facebook  Twitter Vimeo
Sexuality as a Source of Infinite Power with M'Kali-Hashiki
M’kali-Hashiki is a Renegade Sexual Mystic, a Tour Guide to the realm of Eros & a Teacher of Somatic Erotic Possibilities. She holds certifications in Sexological Bodywork, Sound, Voice & Music Healing and Tantric Sacred Intimacy. A published essayist, a former professional social justice organizer and an Ifa devoteé, she believes the sexual & the spiritual are irrevocably intertwined. Her politics, spirituality and lived experience as a queer, feminist, polyamourous, middle-aged, fat, kinky, Black Femme Dyke trauma survivor inform all aspects of her work. She is the author of the popular ebook, Turn Your Junk Into Treasure: Five Steps to Deepening Your Relationship with Your Nethers. She offers both individual sessions &  transformational group journeys helping QTIPOC & allied folk access their erotic energy for radical transformation fuel. She also offers Enstatic Breathwork™ for Collaboration & Employee Wellness to companies & social justice non-profits. Episode Highlights M’kali-Hashiki discusses how she became a renegade sexual mystic early in life through discovering how to channel sexual energy to connect with universal flow. Deepening her connection to sexual energy through her studies with Joseph Kramer at the Body Electric school, and in Sexological Bodywork. She discusses the interconnectedness of sexuality and politics, and bringing in her renegade activism to that connection. M’kali-Hashiki teaches marginalized people to use sexuality to make space for joy through sex as a form of activism. "Oppression requires the repression of the erotic." - Audre Lodre What happens when we lose connection to passion, and connecting with pleasure in the body instead of falling into the spell of consumerism. The 3 pillars of fierce passion - presence, pleasure and prayer; and the difference between the sensual, sexual and erotic. “Our sexuality is a source of infinite power and transformation.” Her specific work with fat, queer, black women and other marginalized people explores helping them take up space and find safety in their bodies. Workshops Erotic Breathwork for Women of Color : Oakland, CA  Oct. 6 - 27 Queer Eros: Embody, Enhance, Explore : Oakland, CA  Dec. 15
Divination, Magic & Forming Your Life with HiC Luttmers
Offering Information, Insight, Empowerment, Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 18 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He offers his services using the Tarot combined with healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of i-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. HiC’s approach to a reading is creating a space that honours the person and allows them to open the door to, ultimately, have a conversation with themselves. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session (in person, FaceTime, Skype and phone sessions available) at Tarotbyhic.net   Episode Highlights We discuss the difference between a tarot reader vs. a tarot conversationalist, as an interactive dialog among the people and spirit for guidance. Our futures are not set in stone - “We Create our own outcome and future.” Looking at life situations from a different perspective to move closer to your desires. Using divination to gather additional guidance about your life, instead of seeing it as a narrowing of life options. The way HiC synthesizes the tools of tarot, astrology, I Ching, runes, Feng shui, magic and ritual to support his clients and to effect transformation in their lives. Using rituals and magic as a point of focus to infuse energy and intention into their goals. Using natural elements — like herbs, oils or crystals — to bring energies to help support your magical intentions. The magical energies of food. The benefit of working with a reader who has different life experience than yourself. The influences of Buddhism and Egyptian Kemeticism on HiC's spiritual and personal growth paths.   HiC's web links Tarotbyhic.net Facebook Twitter Instagram
How do safety & trust help to heal trauma?
Nick Venegoni of Holistic Therapy SF discusses the importance of building safety and trust in order to heal trauma in counseling.
Reconnecting to the Wild Spirit of the Land with Laura Perlin
Laura Perlin is a Tarot card reader, intuitive counselor, and ritualist. She works especially with personal and collective transformations, resolution of chronic & mysterious health challenges, and ancestral lineage repair. Her approach to healing work is rooted in anti-oppression practice and animist sensibilities. Laura grew up on Ohlone lands in the SF Bay Area and is of Jewish, Sakha (Siberian indigenous), Roma, and Finnish ancestry. She is a founding member of Embodiment Arts Collective, a healing arts and events space in San Francisco rooted in queer and outsider communities.   Episode Highlights We discuss how Laura's work in national forests lead to mystical experiences by connecting to the presence of land in the wilds of nature, and the cultivating of relationship with other-than-human entities. Ritual work as healing, and working with spirits, ancestors, plants and land. Acknowledging the time and space that we’re in is sacred. In ritual, the spiritual component is in the foreground. Laura's work with people who are transforming and shifting to help with move through a new experience; as well as chronic and mysterious health issues. Ancestral repair work. How being in relationship with her ancestors helped her clarify and align with her life path as a healer. Laura's pilgrimages to Siberia and the important process of re-indiginization she is dedicated to.   Laura's web links LauraPerlin.com Wild Heart Tarot Embodiement Arts Collective
Transforming Unconscious Racism with April Harter
April Harter is a black, queer, radical feminist who specializes in reforming the perpetrators of racism through the Racist Signature™ Anti-Racism Method. "I teach anti-racism without shame and with loving compassion for my fellow human beings. We all have things we are ashamed of, and it is in those dark nights of the soul, that we convince ourselves that we do not deserve love or compassion. "I reform the perpetrators of racism to learn to love themselves so that they can learn to love people of color (POC) authentically, and in so doing, love all of humanity on the deepest of levels." Episode Highlights April tells us how she unexpectedly got into anti-racism coaching by working in her private practice to help white psychotherapists, and also after the events of Charlottesville. She discusses the importance of healing her own racial trauma before she could help perpetrators of racism. We talk about the difference between performative allyship versus actual healing from racial trauma through intervention; and how it’s a kind of deep shadow work and tuning into unconditional love. She unpacks the relationship of shame to racial trauma, and the effects of racial battle fatigue on POC. We talk about the deep commitment it takes to do the healing work necessary to heal racial trauma and overcome unconscious racism. We compare and contrast unconscious racism and unconscious homophobia, and she exposes the thread of narcissism running through unconscious perpetration. April lays out her model of identifying Racist Signature™ patterns as a form of defense mechanisms in unconscious racist behavior. She shares about her different offerings to help people work on their unconscious racism, on social media, free e-book and e-course, community network and coaching programs. Web links Find April's coaching programs at AprilHarter.com Join April's Anti-Racism Network Find April on Instagram & Facebook
Healing through Sound, Art & Activism with Amber Field
Amber Field is a queer, non-binary Korean American adoptee singer, musician, performer and teacher featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music. They have performed and taught at SF Jazz, the Queer and Asian Conference, UC Santa Cruz, and more. Amber specializes in world fusion music and plays didgeridoo, djembe, esraj, Native flute, and piano, and sings like an angel. They love to free people’s voices so they can sing, sound and speak their truths. Amber facilitates somatic and expressive arts workshops for adopted people. They also conduct trainings and workshops on diversity and solidarity. Amber is available for private and group sessions. Their latest CD Serendip is available on AmberFieldMusic.com.   Episode Highlights Amber discusses how they became an “artivist” - combining art and social activism on their healing journey. Amber offers transformational workshops to support others to free their voice to speak their truth, using sound healing, improv, expressive arts and more. They work with queer people who are shifting their identities, to get more comfortable with their body and voices. Using sound healing and meditation as energy medicine, and transmitting a frequency of love through song. Falling in love with ourselves is a path of self acceptance. Amber’s gift of creating rites of passage with sound and song for all life occasions.    Web links AmberFieldMusic.com Facebook Twitter Instagram
Queer Introverts & Quiet Gays with Josh Hersh
Josh Hersh is an entrepreneur, writer, seeker, and curator of community. Over the years, he’s focused on creating mindful, heart-centered spaces for queer people, such as The Thoughtful Gay Man and queeret (pronounced queer-it), a global community for queer introverts. He believes in the power of belonging and connection as a means to bring healing and a sense of togetherness to queer communities. Episode Highlights Josh Shares his inspiration to start social events for queer introverts after watching the Hannah Gadsby special and her asking, “Where do the quiet gays go?” Nick & Josh discuss the difference between introverts, extroverts and ambiverts, and what kind of environments they feel most comfortable in; and misconceptions about introverts being shy, anxious or loners. The process of self-discovery and self-acceptance of being an introvert, and the challenges of that identity in the larger queer culture. Josh talks about being sober curious, and bringing in the additional aspect of sobriety to his Queeret social gatherings. He describes the different events that Queeret produces, such as Qalm and Book Qlub. Web links queeret – a global community for queer introverts. Find queeret on Instagram & Facebook
Herbs, Magic & Wounded Healers with Seraphina Capranos
Seraphina Capranos is a homeopath, herbalist, and educator who is passionate about bringing more healing, communion, and earth magic to the world. She grew up learning natural medicine from her elders, and this rooted her in the confidence and power of the body’s innate healing wisdom, which inspires her daily. Seraphina's greatest passion is educating and empowering people in the wisdom of natural medicine through one-on-one consultations and classes at her clinic, The Green Raven Centre on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, where she's been in practice since 2004. She also offers online consultations. Episode Highlights Seraphina gives basic descriptions of western herbalism and classical homeopathy, their differences, and how they fall under the umbrella of naturopathy. She shares her story of being a 3rd generation herbalist, using plant medicine for common family ailments; and how she used natural medicine to help her through a spinal injury. How to make the decision to use natural medicine instead of prescription drugs, particularly for prevention and comfort. She describes how most herbs are often safe and tested over centuries to offer ease and support. Using magic for healing by connecting to the energy force of nature, spirit and the unseen world. As queer people are often more sensitive in their environments, which is a gift and challenge, Seraphina talks about how she supports people to manage their energy levels. Queer people are natural wounded healers as a result of our path in the world today. Web links SerpahinaCapranos.com Find her on Instagram & Facebook
Queer Journey Circles workshop: LIVE Q&A #4 - Power Retrieval Journeys
Nick discusses the topic of Power Retrieval Journeys, in part 4 of a LIVE Q&A for the workshop #QueerJourneyCircles : Reclaiming Power & Dignity http://www.holistictherapysf.com/quee...
Queers with Cancer - Part 1 with Nick Venegoni
Nick Venegoni is the host the Queer Spirit podcast. A few months into beginning the podcast, in July of 2018, he discovered that he had stage one testicular cancer. With the support of doctors and nurses, integrative practitioners, family and friends, he made it through surgery and nine weeks of chemo therapy. In part one of this topic, to kick off the second season the podcast, he shares the story of his journey from diagnosis to completing chemotherapy. "It feels important to me to tell this story because I don't really hear these stories being told, especially in a queer context. I hope it will help others to understand what it's like to go through cancer, and others to feel less alone in their own healing journeys." Episode Highlights Nick tells about the discovery of his tumor and the speed at which he went into surgery. He shares about the different complimentary and integrative therapies he employed to support him through surgery and chemo, including herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, acupuncture, guided visualization and more. Nick discusses the challenge of dealing with the multitude of side effects from the chemo and how he managed that. He talks about the importance of self care and asking for help from others during recovery. In part 2, on the next episode, Nick will compare and contrast his stories with a friend who went through colon cancer last year. Web links National LGBT Cancer Network National LGBT Cancer Project LotsaHelpingHands.com - a free site to organize support for people in need. Movember - promoting awareness of cancer in men.
A New Spin on the Law of Attraction with Larry Armstead
Larry Armstead II is an expectation coach and inspirational speaker who is taking the world by storm. Seeing a need for a step over the law of attraction, Larry heard these words during his nightly meditation that forever transformed his life: “In life, we don’t get what we want. We get what we expect.” That caused him to chase this wisdom like a madman. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Spanish, and a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. Episode Highlights Larry tells us what the law of attraction is and his new spin on it. He shares his merging of expectation and anticipation: Exp-anticipation Getting clear on your internal mindset to match your expectations in the world. His new book “Where’s my pizza?” as a road map to help you get clear on your life intentions. His story of awakening his psychic abilities when he was a teen and foreseeing the death of his older brother. How he helps people get clear on what they want by getting clear on who they are. The challenges queer people have being vulnerable and open to loving relationships. Web links Find more at larry-armstead.com Find Larry on Instagram Join the Queer Spirit Community Facebook group to continue the conversation and stay up to date on new episodes. And follow us on Instagram! Join our mailing list to get news and podcast updates sent directly to you.
Healing Sexual Trauma with Depth Hypnosis with Rhiannon Morsch
Rhiannon Morsch is a healing guide and intuitive channel. Along her journey she has gathered expertise in a broad range of transformational healing modalities, including Depth Hypnosis, Core Shamanism, and Energy Medicine. Through the blended use of these methods along with her multi-dimensional channeling gifts, she has found her way to powerful toolbox that allows her to offer a unique and transformational healing experience in service to others. She has a private healing practice in Berkeley, CA and also works over distance with clients from all over the world. Episode Highlights Rhiannon shares how she works as an intuitive channel working with clients to support their healing intentions. Using depth hypnosis (a synthesis of shamanic practices, energy medicine, Buddhist psychology and transpersonal psychology) she helps her clients, particularly around experiences of sexual trauma. We discuss connecting to our own ancestral lineage and spirit guides to facilitate healing work. How she came to her path as a healer after going through her own healing journey and having spiritual experiences which opened her up. She shares how depth hypnosis specifically helped her heal her own sexual trauma, which helps her know how to support others. Using soul retrieval to reclaim and heal fragmented parts of ourselves. This fragmentation is a common occurrence during a traumatic experience. The practice of facilitating Womb Space Clearing to help people on a fertility journey. She also offers online group channeling sessions, “The Knowing.” Web links Find more at RhiannonMorsch.com Find Rhiannon on Instagram Join the Queer Spirit Community Facebook group to continue the conversation and stay up to date on new episodes. And follow us on Instagram! Join our mailing list to get news and podcast updates sent directly to you.
The Gift of Learning from Our Personal Histories with Veronica Kirin
Veronica Kirin is an Anthropologist turned Serial Entrepreneur. Her career has taken her from Disaster Relief through the Startup world. She is founder of the award winning GreenCup Website Services, author of Stories of Elders, and Entrepreneur Coach to LGBTQ Women certified by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. She is also the founder of the Fempreneur Forum, where women Entrepreneurs can build community and get Coached in workshops and Live Q&As.    Episode Highlights Veronica discusses Instagram videos of her morning practices for entrepreneurial productivity, using self-forgiveness and self-compassion. How her experiences of PTSD and chronic pain inspired her to create self care tools for her clients. Her new book interviewing elders about their experiences and perspectives with technology - how it’s effecting us and the future of our culture. Stories from queer elders about the importance of human connection, and how it's dwindling as a result of the proliferation of technology.   Web links VeronicaKirin.com Book - Stories of Elders Facebook Twitter Instagram The National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
Queer Journey Circles workshop: LIVE Q&A #3 - Power
Nick discusses the topic of Power, in part 3 of a LIVE Q&A for the workshop #QueerJourneyCircles : Reclaiming Power & Dignity http://www.holistictherapysf.com/queer-journey-circles/
Queers with Cancer – Part 2, with Lance Moore
Lance Moore is a Anderson Feri witch, a science fiction geek, and a colon cancer survivor, as well as a Silicon Valley high tech guy. He’s also an activist in the transgender community. Episode Highlights Lance shares how he first learned about his diagnosis of colon cancer that came out of the blue. His first few days of surgery recovery in the hospital and then immediately starting his course of chemotherapy. The challenges of dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and navigating life in this new way. Nick and Lance discuss the difficulty of mental focus and concentration as a result of the fogginess of “chemo brain.” They share different spiritual and meditation practices that were helpful, such as guided meditation; as well as the different kinds of music that felt supportive. Lance talks about the different kinds of herbal and alternative medicines which helped him, such as CBD products, acupuncture and physical therapy. They answer listener questions: – What were your first thoughts after your diagnosis? – Did this experience change your ideas about death or the afterlife? – What support was most helpful from others? Lance shares about the upcoming South Bay Day of Transgender Visibility in San Jose, CA.
Soulful Power & Healing Breathwork with Christian de la Huerta
Christian de la Huerta has been a writer, speaker, retreat and group facilitator for over 25 years. Author of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Coming out Spiritually,” he is currently working on a new book, “Calling All Heroes.” Christian is creator and teacher of several self-development programs focusing on personal growth and awareness, advanced transformational practices, understanding sex and relationships, mechanisms of ego and projection, life purpose, and reclaiming personal power. He is an acclaimed speaker at universities, conferences and spiritual communities nationwide, where audiences find Christian's message particularly relevant in these times. Christian also practices as spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporate engagements and non-profit groups. Retreats, workshops and other events led by Christian are known for their life-changing experience and for their inspiring and transformative exploration of our inner human potential. More about his work may be found at SoulfulPower.com Episode Highlights Christian tells us how he was on a path of becoming a psychologist, but then he discovered breath work and found the practice of it to be powerful and transformative. He explains the different kinds of breath work practices and how they work, as well as the ways they offer healing and insight on all levels. Christian shares what Soulful power is and how he helps others tap into their own aspect of it. He discusses his is passion for empowering women through spiritual healing and changing their relationship to power. We discuss the way he brings this wisdom to the LGBTQ communities to heal their relationship to spirituality. Spirituality vs. organized religion, and the important of questioning both. We talk Queer people a catalysts for the planets evolution as outsiders, gatekeepers and other archetypes. What it means to be a hero and to live heroically in the modern day. Cultivating soulful relationships and looking at the ways relationships can shine a light on unhealed parts of ourselves. Web links Find Christian at SoulfulPower.com Find Christian on Instagram, Facebook Upcoming Events Soulful Relationships, Miami, FL - May 16th A Call for LGBT Heroes, Big Sur, CA - July 19th
Relationship Coaching for Single Gay Parents with Ray Hippolyte
Ray Hippolyte is known around the world as ‘The Inner AWESOME Relationship and life Architect’. He shows single parents how to ‘Out Their Inner AWESOME’ and Get the Life and relationship of their dreams by becoming ‘the ONE’ to find ‘the ONE’. Passionate, free spirited and full of life, Ray believes that finding unconditional love and acceptance is a journey that begins within. He teaches that great relationships begin with self-love. He believes that every single parent have a special purpose on the planet - to teach the world the art of unconditional love, by example. In 2002 Ray was diagnosed with HIV. He thought that his life was over. He fell into a dark, suicidal depression. And then something happened that changed the direction of his life forever. His sister – his absolute best girl friend in the world – was shot and killed. All at once he realized that life is short and it’s about taking action and fulfilling your dreams. He made a commitment to love himself unconditionally. He learned to let go of wounds associated with the traumatic experiences of his past. He learned to say no to the toxic people, activities, and things that had been keeping him stuck. And because he found the courage from within to do all of that hard work, he found his life’s purpose AND started his own family.   Episode Highlights We discuss how divorce helped Ray grow on his spiritual path. The ways Self love and forgiveness allows you to forgive others and recover from difficult situations. Incorporating daily rituals to strive towards greatness and using meditation to create emotion resilience. Letting go of fear in order to open up to a new relationship. The first of three steps to attract your perfect partner, and how to “be the one to find the one.”   Ray's web links Out Your Inner Awesome - relationship coaching  Facebook  Twitter
Queer Journey Circles workshop: LIVE Q&A #1 - Trauma
Nick discusses the topic of trauma and the queer experience, in part 1 of a LIVE Q&A for the workshop #QueerJourneyCircles : Reclaiming Power & Dignity http://www.holistictherapysf.com/queer-journey-circles/
Acupuncture for Mind, Body & Spirit with Lis Goldschmidt
Lis Goldschmidt is an acupuncturist and herbalist who has been practicing in San Francisco for ten years. She works with people with a wide variety of conditions and has advanced training in the treatment of Lyme Disease, hormone balancing, pre + post natal care and mental/spiritual issues. Lis approaches Chinese Medicine with the sensibility of an artist and activist. Episode Highlights Lis tells us how she first got interested in acupuncture by being gifted a few treatments from a friend, and she noticed all the ways it benefited her. She gives us a brief overview of what acupuncture is and how it works - it comes from an ancient practice of Chinese medicine working with energies in the body. Lis shares how she approaches Chinese medicine from the perspective as an artist and activist, as well as the connection with the subtle energy bodies. How she used to work with more members of the queer community, and still sees her practice as queer despite the demographic change in San Francisco. The ways that she uses acupuncture to treat queer people, particularly folks in gender transition. Lis shares what she notices about the differences in energy patterns of queers and outsiders. How Chinese medicine works on an emotional and psychological level. We discuss the importance of self care in a world that asks us to work more and more. Lis comes out about honing her abilities for energy work in combination with acupuncture by touching clients feet. Web links Find Lis at FivePinsProject.com Find Lis on Instagram Join the Queer Spirit Community Facebook group to continue the conversation and stay up to date on new episodes. And follow us on Instagram!Join our mailing list to get news and podcast updates sent directly to you.
Queer Journey Circles workshop: LIVE Q&A #2 - Queer Identity
Nick discusses the topic of Queer Identity and coming out, in part 2 of a LIVE Q&A for the workshop #QueerJourneyCircles : Reclaiming Power & Dignity http://www.holistictherapysf.com/queer-journey-circles/
How can Awareness of my Body help me feel better in my Mind
Nick discusses the mind-body connection and it's role in healing
Revolutionary Healing & Alchemy of Spirit with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield
Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, LAc. is the author of Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer, a guide to liberate the healing super powers within each of us. Her fiction and essays have been published in The Rumpus, Manifest Station, and others. She is the executive director of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a nonprofit organization providing trauma relief in the wake of natural disaster and human conflict. She designs trainings for emerging leaders and healers in the US, Canada, Europe, Nepal, Israel/Palestine, and Australia.  Ravyn uses her background in trauma recovery, neurobiology, psychology, writing and performance to coax more of the extraordinary into the world through the cracks in Western civilization. She has a private acupuncture practice in Portland, Oregon. Episode Highlights Ravyn talks about how her experiences of illness lead her on the path of becoming a healer. She discusses her inspiration for her book, "Revolution of the Spirit," as a way to record and remember alternative forms of healing. The connection of spirituality to medicine and other forms of healing. Exploring the ways that ancient healing practices, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, have maintained their spiritual aspects. What it means to be a healer, and who can be a healer = “to make whole” by simply doing your thing. Exploring the concept of being a “global revolutionary healer” with your own soul fire. We discuss what is ailing our culture at large now - the interlocking systems of oppression and the greedy residue of colonization; and healing this by turning back towards the sacred. Alchemy as the art of change and transformation, and using it personally and globally. Bringing the power of alchemy to heal the queer communities. Taking a holy risk and moving toward what scares you.
Re-Imagining the Queer Future with Leo Herrera
Leo Herrera is a Mexican self-taught visual artist, activist and writer based in San Francisco. His work focuses on the American queer experience, politics and history. His short, viral films have been seen by millions, featured in global media outlets and museum exhibits. He travels extensively to discover facets of queer culture/history and expose them to a new generation while paying homage to the past. Leo’s current passion project is Fathers, a sci-fi documentary web series and multimedia project that imagines the world if AIDS never existed and a generation had lived. Weaving real-life events, survivor histories and fictionalized events, Fathers creates a surreal vision of an alternative universe.   Episode Highlights Leo discusses how he started making films for nightlife events. The Fathers Project started as he made art about HIV/AIDS, then morphed into the idea of the absence of AIDS. His interest in sci-fi and technology, and how that is woven into the Fathers project. Talking to the ghosts of other artists who died of AIDS as a guiding influence in his work. What it means to imagine a Queer Utopia as a vision of hope for our community. How being an immigrant is an influence on his work, looking from the outside at the fictitious future of America. The blend of queer and immigration politics in his art to reflect the current political climate. The Fathers Project as an antidote to fear in the queer community.   Dara's web links The Fathers Project LeoHerrera.com Facebook Twitter Instagram Vimeo
Deepening Your Queer Body Love with Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper grew up in Japan and Brazil, and moved to the Bay Area for its queer, experimental performance art. She studied Anthropology, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Dance at Princeton University and has completed immersive, residential programs at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts and Antioch Buddhist Studies Program in India. She blends her academic background in cultural politics of the body, feminism and queer theory with her passion for the power of movement and meditation in her Queer Body Love coaching business. She explores the question “How do we love ourselves, our bodies and each other in the face of oppression?” through her work.    Episode Highlights Elizabeth discusses working with people who ask, “How do I love myself when I struggle to accept my body?” Being a third culture kid, growing up in multiple foreign cultures in a white American household. Using movement, dance and art to heal from oppression and become more embodied. Healing her connection to her body through yoga and movement deep practice. “If I really listen to my body, there is both an impulse towards rest and an impulse towards movement.” “If you can create enough space to really begin to rebuild trust and listening and intuition with your body, it will tell you what it needs.” How consciousness and connection with our bodies can set us free to relate to ourselves and others more fully. Using the Buddhist principle of fierce compassion to set clear boundaries as we can heal ourselves.   Elizabeth’s web links Queer Body Love Coaching The Queer Body Love Speaker Series
Global Stories of Gay Men with Kevin Truong
Kevin Truong is a documentary photographer and journalist. He first received recognition for his work with The Gay Men Project, a photo project in which he has documented the lives of gay and queer men across 37 countries. His subjects include the first openly gay member of Congress in Peru, HIV outreach workers in South Africa, a retired Justice of the Australian High Court, and a gay prince in India. He also regularly writes stories for NBC OUT at NBC News, where he has covered a range of topics, including the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the LGBTQ movement in Vietnam, and the rise of social media activists in Brazil.    Episode Highlights Kevin discusses how he became a portrait photographer after leaving the Peace Corps and going to art school. Kevin tells how he started his Gay Men Project using photography to show the diversity of queer men around the globe. His experiences of meeting gay men in countries where being out is taboo, unsafe or illegal. The power of story telling to help others who might be sharing similar experiences, and to expand understanding of those who are different. What gay men have in common around the wordl, and what is different.  
Erotic Embodied Activism with Dr. Liam "Captain" Snowdon
Dr. Liam “Captain" Snowdon lives uninvited on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples on Vancouver Island. Their background is in social justice, harm reduction, street outreach, sexological bodywork, performance art and poetry. Captain runs the Sex Positive Art and Recreation Centre in Victoria and co-teaches the Somatic Sex Educator Professional Training. They delight in teaching with the Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment, doing outreach for the Anti-Violence-Project at the University of Victoria. Currently, Captain uses the pronoun they/them, identifies as a genderqueer - queer radical faery- faggot witch, is in love with the ocean and facilitation for liberation -- still loving it 30 years and counting.   Episode Highlights We discuss how Captain blends healing practices of sexuality and spirituality. Releasing shame from spiritual institutions and decolonizing the body. What it means to be an embodiment activist practicing in groups to heal and empower each other. ”How do we learn how to show up for difficult conversations and actually hear people?” The #metoo movement. Connecting to your desire and seeing it as beautiful and not dangerous. The importance of knowing our bodies ourselves before we ask others to connect with us. Sexological bodywork, communal erotic practice and other kinds of somatic sex education.   Tony's web links  CaptainSnowdon.ca  SomaticSexEducator.com Facebook Twitter Instagram
Yoga for the Mind, Body & Community with Tony Eason
Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason has been teaching yoga for over 15 years & a student of yoga for well over twenty years. As an triathlete, Tony gets how the physical, physiological, and mental benefits of hatha yoga affect all aspects of one’s being. Through Hatha yoga classes, he teaches students to pay attention to the alignment of their bodies; to become aware of the breath; and to control the mind.   Episode Highlights We discuss the value of recognizing self defeating thoughts and working to quiet that part of the mind. Yoga is something you practice in your life, not just on the mat in the studio. The challenges and benefits of practicing yoga in public. “If you remove the sensations of the mind, you begin to see roses where there are roses, and thorns where there are thorns.” “Recapturing the past is only setting you up for failure.” Tony's journey from struggling with addiction to becoming a yoga teacher free of addiction. The importance of challenging your mind and your body as you move through life as a source of excitement. The practice of cultivating community in his yoga classes and the way it motivates students to connect. How music supported him in his youth as he confronted racism and homophobia.   Tony's web links  ynotTony.com Facebook Twitter  Instagram  
Healing the Story of Your Body with Dr. Kirk Prine
Dr. Kirk Prine, CMT is a Body Story Life Coach, integrative bodyworker, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, former psychotherapist, primary facilitator of Flesh & Spirit Community and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrpreneurs. He is also the author of "Erotic Body Prayer".   Episode Highlights We discuss how life experiences get stored in the cells and the energies of our bodies, and how they effect the agreements we have with ourselves. Kirk helps people unpack and clear those stories through the body to heal the mind and the body. How queer people struggle with intimacy and how that shows up in our bodies. Kirk’s own experience of abuse and trauma lead him on his path from survivor to thriver, and honing his ability to tune into more subtle energies. How to begin to listen to the stories of your own body through sensations and feelings. The ways in which body work and massage can help to release and transform our relationship with our bodies and ourselves. The connection between the spiritual and the physical, and how it can bring healing to queer people. The erotic and the spiritual are not separate, but one in the same. Queer people came to be part of healing ourselves and the planet. The path of the wounded healer as a helpful teacher to help us grow.   Kirk's web links Flesh & Spirit Community The Missing Thread Mystery School Event: September 15th in San Francisco - "Matters of the Heart: More Intimacy - The Lover's Journey"