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Transformers Performance Track by 24studio
Defeat Devastator with this iconic battle track set from the Revenge of the Fallen film. Features lights and sounds and 2 mini vehicles. To view this and our massive range of Transformers products click on the link below: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-living/Fun-Games/By-Brand/Clone-Wars/1/transformers-performance-track-and-vehicle/5?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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FurReal Biscuit My Loving Pet by 24studio
Biscuit is a life size golden retriever puppy that responds just like the real thing! He will listen to and follow 6 commands - sit, speak, beg, pant, lie down and treat. Complete with brush, bone and birth certificate. Sitting height 62cm To view this in more detail follow this link: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/toys-games
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24studio - Puripod Silent Ionic Air Purifier
"Purchase your Puripod Silent Ionic Air Purifier at Studio here: http://www.studio.co.uk/shop/en/studio/searchterm/23722053?source=TY6S&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Puripod_Silent_Ionic_Air_Purifier"
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24Studio Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage
Beautiful fabric cottage opens up to provide a versatile play space. Features: working doors, curtains, mesh windows and cooker. Easy storage, the 2 halves of the cottage fit inside each other. Size H115 x W100 x D100cm (45¼ x 39½ x 39½). For children 3 years and over. For this product and many other great offers visit http://www.24Studio.co.uk
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24Studio Money Monsters
A fun way for your kids to save their money! The monsters make amusing comments and sounds as they digest you yummy coins and notes. From 24Studio. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24studio - Gymform Ab Celerate
Buy your Gymform Ab Celerate and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/homeware?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Gymform_Ab_Celerate
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JML Paint Mate Pro by 24studio
Paint in every direction possible and reach awkward areas without spills. Just fill and paint, indoor or outdoors, and with its flawless paint distribution you will achieve quicker, easier and neater painting. Complete 6-piece set contains: paint roller, rest tray, small pad, corner pad, extension pole and measuring jug. http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/search/23032316?source=TX57&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-JML_Paint_Mate_Pro
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Pack Away Garage Playset by 24studio
A fantastic toy set for any kid. Pack away garage playset featuring 3 level car park, car wash centre, service station and lift. Packs into tyre shaped storage case. To buy this or to view more of our fantastic toys and games please click on the link below: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/toys-games/Indoor-Toys/Construction/2/pack-away-garage-playset/2?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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24studio expressgifts ATM Money Bank from 24Studio
24Studio ATM. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24studio - Chef O Matic Multifunction Cooker - 5 Litre
Buy your Chef O Matic Multifunction Cooker - 5 Litre and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/homeware?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-ChefOMaticMultifunctionCooker-5Litre
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24studio - InstaLife Accupressure Support
Buy your InstaLife Accupressure Support and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/homeware?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-InstaLife_Accupressure_Support
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24Studo Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
See your blood pressure and pulse at a glance - even when you are out and about, walking, jogging or cycling. Features: 100 memory locations, date and time, automatic switch-off, batteries and storage case included, waterproof. Cuff size 13.5 - 22cm (5¼ - 8¾). And when you order the Blood Pressure Monitor, you will receive a Digital Thermometer absolutely FREE! For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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Morphy Richards Coolwall Fastbake Bread Maker by 24studio
Bakes a 2lb loaf in under an hour! Features: 2 settings to make a small (1.5lb) or large (2lb) loaf, choice of 12 pre-programmed settings, removable baking pan with handle, viewing window and recipe guide. Simple to operate and delay start timer lets you wake up to fresh bread! To view this or our other kitchen gadgets please follow the link below: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/electricals/Kitchen-Appliances/Blenders/3/morphy-richards-coolwall-fastbake-bread-maker/4?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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24Studio Kung Fu Panda - Kicking Po
Kung Fu Kicking Po with awesome 360º kick, nunchuck action and over 30 phrases. Uses 4xAA type batteries (supplied). For children 4 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/kung-fu-panda/1/kungfupandakickingpo/8
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24studio - Gymform Abstorm Workout Machine
Buy your GYMFORM ABSTORM WORKOUT MACHINE and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/sport-leisure?source=TX5H&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-GYMFORM_ABSTORM_WORKOUT_MACHINE
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24studio - VCloud Handheld Steamer
Buy your VCloud Handheld Steamer and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/homeware?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-VCloud_Handheld_Steamer
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24studio - Giani 3-In-1 Snack Maker
Purchase your Giani 3-In-1 Snack Maker at 24 Studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/homeware?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Giani_3_In_1_Snack_Maker
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24studio - Walltastic Official Instruction Wall Mural Video
Buy your Walltastic Official Instruction Wall Mural Video and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/search/23549432?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Walltastic_Official_Instruction_Wall_Mural_Video We have the following selection of wall murals available: Disney Frozen Peppa Pig Barbie Disney Princess Disney Fairies Football Car Racers Sea Adventure Avengers Spider-Man Horse and Pony 12 Panel Dinosaur Land 12 Panel Jungle Adventure 12 Panel Fairy Princess 12 Panel Magical Fairies 12 Panel Farmyard Fun 12 Panel Mermaids 12 Panel The Button Bears 12 Panel Map of the World 12 Panel Space Adventure 12 Panel Baby Jungle Safari 12 Panel Baby Fun on the Farm 12 Panle Baby Dino World 12 Panel Mural Baby Under the Sea 12 Panel Bob the Builder 12 Panel Fireman Sam 12 Panel My 1st JCB 12 Panel Hello Kitty 12 Panel Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 12 Panel Disney Cars 12 Panel Disney Winnie the Pooh 12 Panel Transformers Age of Extinction 12 Panel The Circus 12 Panel My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 8 Panel Ben 10 Omniverse 8 Panel Iron Man 8 Panel Disney Monsters University 8 Panel Pirate & Treasure Adventure 8 Panel Studio Pets 8 Panel Thomas the Tank Engine 8 Panel Graffiti 8 Panel Tatty Teddy 8 Panel
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24Stidio Redbox 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner
2 in 1 vacuum cleaner with realistic sound, detachable hand held vac and pick up function. Height 71cm (28). Uses 3 x C type batteries (not supplied). For children aged 3 years and over. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Disney Princess Cool Baking Oven
Give you child the chance to cook tasty treats, with no heat - with this great Disney Princess oven from 24Studio. You can purchase this item at the 24Studio website, here: http://www.christmasliving.24studio.co.uk/page.asp?b=XmasLiving07&p=52&o=1&s=7
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Hetty and Henry Desktop Vacuums by 24studio
The cute way to clean your desk or computer. Available in 2 designs. Working USB desk vacuum. To buy this or view more fantastic gadgets follow the link below: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/gifts-crafts/Gifts/By-Recipient/For-Him/5/desktop-vacuum/8?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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24Studio Fast Talking Lightning McQueen
The star of Disney's Cars comes to life with this clever RC car. Eye & mouth movements as he talks, aswell as programmable movements. From 24Studio. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Mega Bloks Dragons Metal Egg Collection
HALF PRICE. 4 metal eggs which, when hatched, feature gold, silver, copper and iron metal dragons. 40-piece construction set. For children 6 years and over. 4 collectable dragons to build. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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Cadburys Chocolate Machine by 24studio
A fun way to save your money and earn a reward at the same time. Refillable. Plus 20 miniature chocolates. http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas/Sweets-Treats/4/cadbury-chocolate-machine/11?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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JML Toastabags by 24studio
Quick, clean and so convenient. Toastabags are reusable up to 100 times and dishwasher safe. Size of each L18 x W16cm (7 x 6½). http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/search/23032219?source=TX57&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-JML_Toastabags
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24Studio Mega Bloks Dragons Metal Ages Play Set
Complete with 6 action figures, accessories, traps and play areas inside and out. Kids can build and rebuild into many configurations. For children 6 years and over. To view this product and many other great deals visit http://www.24Studio.co.uk
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24Studio High School Musical Locker Gift Set
Locker jewellery box with bath and shower gel, shampoo and soap. Height 27cm (103/4). For children 3 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/high-school-musical/1/highschoolmusicallockergiftset/10
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24Studio Elvis Telephone
A novelty phone from 24Studio. Elvis sings and dances when someone calls your house-phone. If you prefer to just see Elvis, but not hear him when the phone rings; you can easily select a normal ringtone. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Disney Princess Intercom Telephones
This pair of intercom telephones will delight all young girls. You can keep in touch with your friends, talk and listen at the same time. Flexible aerials. Uses 2x9v batteries (not supplied). Size H18 x W15 x L39cm (7 x 6 x 15½). For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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24studio - Daewoo 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine With LED Display
Buy your Daewoo 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine With LED Display and more at 24studio here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/search/77276728?source=TX5J&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Daewoo_7kg_1200_Spin_Washing_Machine_With_LED_Display
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24studio - Aquagrazz Hydro Seeding System
"Purchase your Aquagrazz Hydro Seeding System at Studio here: http://www.studio.co.uk/shop/en/studio/searchterm/23806109?source=TY6Q&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Aquagrazz_Hydro_Seeding_System_"
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24Studio stretching Money TV advert
24Studio 'Stretching Money' TV advert, first aired in May 2011. Spread the cost of Christmas with 24Studio. Online shopping with flexible payments. Visit 24Studio for great gifts, great choice and great value. http://www.24studio.co.uk?source=TX5X&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-Stretching_Money_TV_advert Find out more about secure online shopping with 24studio. http://www.24studio.co.uk/online-shopping
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24Studio Dr Who Tardis & Figures/Screwdriver & Laser/Daleks
Doctor Who Tardis Carry Case and 7 Figures - Micro universe Tardis collectors case with 7 mini figures! Height 32cm (12½). For children 5 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/star-wars-dr-who/2/doctorwhotardiscarrycaseand7figures/11 Doctor Who Laser Action Game - Laser action game with the Doctors' sonic and the Master's laser screwdrivers, with 5 lives each and a metre range use the Toclafane sphere for target practice. Uses 4xAAA & 2xAA type batteries (not supplied). For children 5 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/star-wars-dr-who/2/doctorwholaseractiongame/8 Doctor Who Set Of 4 Classic Micro Talking Movie Daleks - Set of 4 classic micro talking movie Daleks with menacing motion and actual dialogue from the movie 'Doctor Who Dalek Invasion Earth 2150AD'. Each Dalek uses 3xLR44 type batteries (supplied). Height of each Dalek 7.5cm (3). View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/star-wars-dr-who/2/doctorwhosetof4classicmicrotalkingmoviedaleks/4
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24Studio Thomas And Friends Sodor Adventure Land Deluxe
New engines Spencer and Diesel join Thomas, Percy and James for even bigger adventures as they chase each other and Boulder down around Sodor. For children 12 months and over. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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JML Handy Seal by 24studio
Easy way to seal bags in an instant. Just hold the side of the bag and place the sealer in the middle and press down for 3 seconds to achieve that airtight and watertight seal within seconds. Handy magnetic base so sticks to metal surfaces. Requires 2x AA bateries (not included). http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/search/23032294?source=TX57&cm_mmc=Studio_NP-_-Social_Media-_-YouTube-_-JML_Handy_Seal
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24Studio Breville White Retro Mixer
Twin motor compact mixer. Features: unique rotating bowl, removable hand mixer, 10 speeds and boost, 380w motor, 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters (for making cakes, biscuits etc.), 2 whisk beaters (for eggs, cream etc.) and a spatula for cleaning. Manufacturers 12 month guarantee. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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Hand Puppet Books from 24studio
A treat to read together, with hilarious hand puppet and interactive suggestions throughout. Available in 2 options. Calm Down Boris - the first title in the series was picked as Richard and Judy Childrens Choice for Christmas 2008. http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-book/Fun-Games/Childrens-Books/4/hand-puppet-books/13?cm_re=studio-_-youtube-_-videolink
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24studio Remote Control Bumper Cars
What a great product. A set of two remote control bumper cars so you can have all the fun of the fair without being short changed or getting mudded up to the eyeballs. From 24Studio. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Peppa Pig Easel
Have fun with Peppa and her family with this two-sided easel. It contains all little ones need to create fun pictures of their favourite characters. Draw on the chalk board, or use the special pens provided on the wipe clean board, then erase and start again! Or clip on a colouring sheet and make a drawing to keep. For children 4 years and over. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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Treadmills | Exercise Equipment | 24Studio
Available from: http://www.springcatalogue.24studio.co.uk/page.asp?b=JanuaryMainBook2008&p=328&o=1&link=minipage Get a great workout with these fantastic treadmills from 24Studio. Available in two options: Manual & Magnetic Resistance.
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24Studio Lilliput Lane Perfect Mum
Many inhabitants of Weston Turville made their living by breeding Aylesbury ducks for market. Height 5.5cm (2¼).For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Winnie The Pooh Ride On
Winnie The Pooh Ride On - Battery operated ride-on Winnie the Pooh. Includes 6v battery, charger and automatic security brake. Size H40.5 x W56.5 x L71.5cm (16 x 22 1/3 x 28). For children 2 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/gifts-crafts/Gifts/Hot-Buys/1/WinnieThePoohRideOn/1
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24Studio Lumi Drum
8 highly sensitive drum pads, 4 different drum styles (pop, disco, hiphop, rock). 16 follow me drum patterns for easy learning, light effect drumsticks, with 16 rhythms and Aux/CD input. Uses 6xAA type batteries (supplied). Width 53.5cm (21). Available in two colours. For children 3+ years.For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Washing and Ironing Set
Set comprises: washing machine, iron and ironing board. Uses 3xC type batteries (not supplied). Height of washing machine 26cm (10¼). For children 3 years and over. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Noddy Draw and Drive
Amazing! Noddys car follows the magic line. Rub out the line and start again. Features movement and sound. Uses 2xAAA type batteries (supplied). For childen 3 years and over. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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24Studio Disney Princess Jewellery Factory / Easel
Disney Princess Jewellery Factory - Make your own earrings, pendants and necklaces in Modellino, the revolutionary new modelling compound. Includes factory, cutting tool, paints, brushes, 4 tubs of dough, connectors, threads and FREE refill pack. For children 3 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/disney/3/disneyprincessjewelleryfactory/8 Disney Princess Easel - Double sided easel with chalkboard and blackboard. Variable height and tilt positions. Includes chalks, crayons, sponge and storage cups. Approx. assembled size H107 x W52 x D54cm (42 x 20½ x 21¼). For children 3 years and over. View here: http://homeshopping.24studio.co.uk/christmas-2008/christmas-box/disney/3/disneyprincesseasel/10
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24Studio Roboquad
This scientific toy from 24Studio can dance and interact with it's surroundings. You can purchase this item on the 24Studio website, here: http://www.christmasliving.24studio.co.uk/page.asp?b=XmasLiving07&p=64&o=1&s=1
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24Studio High School Musical Mix Stick
The coolest MP3 player around! This 256MB MP3 player has a classy 'High School Musical' design and allows you to play your favourite music when you want, where you want, in fantastic style. From 24Studio. http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio George Foreman Grill and Melt
Black with sloped grill design. Cooks up to 4 portions. The melt feature enables the top plate to be locked at a certain height, perfect for cheese on toast, garlic bread, tuna melts, pizzas etc. Stylish curved lid with an easy access handle. Can be stored vertically. Manufacturers 12 month guarantee. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk
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24Studio Carl Lewis Horse Riding Simulator
Simulates the action of horse riding, so you can regularly enjoy the physical benefits from your own home. Forward, backward and side to side movement with 5 exercise levels. Includes stirrups and bridal bar. Max. user weight 120kg (19 stone). DIRECT DESPATCH: These items will be sent direct from manufacturer to your specified address. Please allow 14 days for delivery. Delivery cost £30. For this fantastic product and many other great deals visit http://www.24studio.co.uk.
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