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Time lapse of my first attempt on building a canoe. The desgin is a Fors 490 by http://www.thomassondesign.com/en/. The canoe was made here http://hopenmeteo.no/.
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Five months growing and decay of Arctic sea ice
Time-lapse from the island Hopen on the southeast corner of Svalbard. 48 pictures every day in the period 27 Desember 2009 to 5 June 2010. The view is from my bedroom, the ocean is the Barents Sea and the direction is to the east.
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Ice in motion
Time lapse of drift ice around the Arctic island Hopen. Photos were taken during spring 2014. The builidings are Hopen Meteorological station, http://hopenmeteo.no/. Hopen is a small island on the southeast corner of Svalbard. Here lives 4 people, 4 dogs and plenty of polar bears. Music from YouTube Audio Library Eureka by Huma-Huma
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Polar bears play fighting on the ice
Polar bears testing each others strength on the sea ice outside the weather station at the arctic island Hopen. Music: Hydra by Huma-Huma, YouTube Audio Library.
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On and off
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Blårev på Hopen
Blårev observert på Hopen 31.3.2013
Waiting for the sun
Time lapse from the island Hopen, 76°33′N 25°7′E, in the southeastern part of the Svalbard archipelago. Made on 12 February, to days after the sun raised over the horizon for the first time in 4 months. Unfortunately the clouds have been covering for the sun since, so we have not seen the sun yet this year.
Igloo time
Time lapse of igloo built on the ice outside Hopen. The next igloo I build will hopefully be shaped more like a dome.