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Buying Matched Tubes For Your Vintage Amplifier
Phoenix demonstrates properly testing & Matching Tubes For Your Amplifier.
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Phoenix Michaels Killer Valco Supro Big Star Demo Surf Guitar Fender Strat Stratocaster
Phoenix demos a fabulous Valco-made Supro "Big Star" amplifier, demonstrating it's sonic capabilities and beautiful retro design!
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Phoenix Michaels Vintage Gretsch Amplifier and Scalloped Stratocaster
Another great vintage amp demo by guitarist Phoenix Michaels, broadcasting direct from the Altar Of Amps itself (www.altarofamps.com) Eugene Oregon
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Phoenix Michaels Altar Of Amps Supro Big Star Amp Cleanup
Another vintage amp demo by bravura guitarist Phoenix Michaels of The Altar Of Amps (www.altarofamps.com). A newly purchased rare vintage 1966 Supro Big Star amp is carefully cleaned up in this demo.
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Vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb Amp Phoenix Michaels Part 1
Phoenix demos another rare and collectable amp... the 1964 Fender blackface Vibroverb!
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Phoenix Michaels Funk Guitar Lesson Whammy Bar Stratocaster Strat Epiphone Amp
Another great vintage amp demo by guitarist Phoenix Michaels of The Altar Of Amps, Eugene Oregon, complete with a free Funk rhythm guitar lesson! Phoenix demonstrates various rhythm guitar techniques while utilizing one of the hundreds of rare vintage amplifiers at The Altar... an early 1960's Epiphone Futura 4x10 amp. Various genres are explored rhythmically, as well as a great trademark solo in the intro. Eugene Oregon
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Phoenix Michaels Electric Guitar String Bending Lesson Princeton Reverb Fender Stratocaster Strat
Another great video from The Altar Of Amps, Eugene Oregon, featuring a quick string bending lesson from Phoenix Michaels. Improve your solo technique by utilizing some of these... Eugene Oregon
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Part 2 Vintage Fender 1964 Vibroverb Phoenix Michaels
Phoenix discusses the market values of Vibroverbs, and the parameters of the collectable price ranges.
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