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Introduction To CSS & CSS3
Introduction To CSS & CSS3. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL.
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VidiZonPRO DemoSL Fin1
VidiZon PRO the ultimate video affiliate Wordpress theme Amazon Wordpress theme affiliate WP theme best amazon WP theme amazon WP site builder video Wordpress theme WP video theme affiliate site builder
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Intensivo 2.0 Wordpress Review Theme Preview
Full details here: http://wpthemeplugin.com/products/intensivo-v2/ Build PROS and CONS affiliate review site easily with this brand new Wordpress theme.
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AliEngine Plugin - AliExpress Affiliate Store Builder Wordpress Plugin
AliEngine WordPress plugin lets you to build AliExpress affiliate stores in 2 minutes! Plugin review and bonuses: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/aliengine-store-builder/ New Affiliate Store Builder Plugin Lets You To Jump Into An Un-exploited Affiliate Opportunity From The BIGGEST E-commerce Company.. AliEngine Plugin Features: - You can create AliExpress stores in minutes - Your affiliate IDs reflects on all products links, even if you are importing in thousands - You get paid when your site visit returns to AliExpress - 30days cookies - Product filtering option, import only products with your choice keywords - Auto update product names, price etc and your store will be up to date. - Product translation - You can chose to translate your store site into 10+ languages - Easily find desired products on AliExpress.com to add to your website. Specify a category, keywords, price, commission rate, purchase volume and more to find best products. - Easily check how many products are loaded to your website, how many views and redirects to AliExpress each of your products gets. Plugin review and bonuses: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/aliengine-store-builder/
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Azon Investigator Review & Epic Bonuses
http://wpthemeplugin.info/azoninvestigator-exclusive-preview-epic-bonuses/ Azon Investigator is a robust research plugin that allows you to do all of your Amazon product research from inside WordPress. With the click of a button, you can calculate your potential revenue for an item based off Amazon's variable commission structure. The really unique feature of Azon Investigator is the calendar that shows specific holidays and times of year when certain Amazon products sell extremely well. :-) :-) http://wpthemeplugin.info/azoninvestigator-exclusive-preview-epic-bonuses/ Azon Investigator also includes all of Amazon's top categories (Best Sellers, Movers & Shakers), and Google trends -- all without leaving WordPress!
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EZ Article Poster WordPress Plugin
http://plrforest.com/ EZ Article Poster WordPress Plugin - Easy to use WordPress plugin to mass import and autopost articles, comes with scheduled post feature.
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Amazon Landing Page Magnet Tutorial
Amazon Landing Page Magnet Plugin Quick Tutorial
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Insta Legal Page WordPress Plugin Overview
http://instalegalpages.com Insta Legal Pages WordPress Plugin - Auto Create Legal Page For Your WordPress Site
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WP Automated Affiliate Travel Website - WSO Bonus
Full details here: http://wpthemeplugin.com/wso1/ Imagine Having A 100% Self Updating Travel Site, With No Daily Updates and Maintenance Time Required By You That Can Earn $0.50 to $4 per Visitor.. Yes, 100% Automated With Great Design, Monetized With Built-in Amazon Store PLUS Over 250,000 Hotels, 600+ Airlines and 1,000+ Cruises
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RetailBerry - Walmart Wordpress Plugin
RetailBerry - Walmart affiliate store builder plugin for WordPress Full details here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/retailberry-plugin/
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Using Class Selector In CSS
Definition and Usage: The .class selector styles all elements with the specified class.
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Using ID Selector in CSS
The #id selector styles the element with the specified id.
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White Label Academy Review + Exclusive Bonus
White Label Academy In-Depth Review + Exclusive Bonus: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/wlacademy/ WhiteLabel Academy is an "all in one" product that will 100% HELP you to make real, life-changing money from your online business It's a training + software bundle that lets you to learn and copy the secret business model that has responsible for 40,000+ customers and $2.5 million in sales in the last 12 months. Learn more & claim your bonus here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/wlacademy/
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Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Page Builder Software (For PC and Mac Users)
Our amazing Fill-In-The-Blanks sales page builder software helps marketers and product creators get more sales with the easy to edit, fast loading HTML sales pages. FULL details here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/salespagebuilder/ One can easily create High Converting, Fully Responsive, Fast Loading Sales pages in minutes! No more putting all your time and money in getting a premium sales page built, With this amazing software you no longer need worry about coding, layout, design..converion anything at ALL! And focus on your product & business. With proven to convert layout, You simply need to put in your product details and that's it ;-) http://exclusivebonusrights.com/salespagebuilder/
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Using CSS To Change Font Size
This video demonstrates using CSS to change the text font size..
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BacklinkRhino Review (Wikipedia Backlink Software)
Backlink Rhino is an advanced backlinks cloud-based tool that finds you high quality, high authority powerful backlink opportunities: Wikipedia backlinks. Google loves WikiPedia, getting backlinks from Wikipedia makes Google trust (and rank) your sites/pages/videos. Get BacklinkRhino software + our bonus here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/backlinkrhino-software/ Backlink Rhino software review Backlink Rhino bonus Wikipedia backlink software Wikipedia software
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Mock Up Generator Tools - Mock Up Design Template (No Photoshop)
How to create mock up design without using Photoshop: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/dropmock/ DropMock is a cloud based mock up design software that lets you to design and showcase your own mock up image, comes with 30+ ready to use template. Including: - Desktop and laptops mockup - Macs, iMacs mockup - Smart Phones mockup (iPhone) - Tablets mockup (iPad) - Sketches mockup - Cups and Mugs mockup - Apparels & shirts mockup Try this Mock Up generator here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/dropmock/
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Amazon Landing Page Magnet - Plugin Overview
Overview of Amazon Landing Page Magnet WordPress Plugin
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DropMock Software Review + Bonus
Full DropMock review and bonus here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/dropmock/ DropMock is a web-based mock up design suite with 30 ready to use templates design and unlimited preview
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WP ReviewBuddy Plugin Quick Demo
http://plrforest.com/product/wp-reviewbuddy-rr WP ReviewBuddy Plugin - Easily create & display beautiful Rating Box with this awesome plugin. Spark up your review site!
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Digital Affiliate Box  - Envato Affiliate Store Builder (WSO 3)
Full details here: http://wpthemeplugin.com/wso3-digiaffbox/ Tap Into Collection Of 550,000 Ready-To-Use Digital Products.. Add Them To Your Store In Minutes and Start Earning Huge Commission From Your Affiliate Store
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WSO #8: WP Automated Travel Website New Design
100% fully automated WP travel website script. https://wpthemeplugin.com/wso8/
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Affiliate Review Builder Wordpress Plugin
Full details + bonus here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/affreviewbuilder/ The WP Affiliate Review Builder plugin lets users easily create great looking, high converting affiliate product review pages. The plugin allows users to create Product Review boxes, Product Rating boxes and Price Comparison boxes. Each element can be inserting into any page or post on their site by adding the shortcode to the post. All formatting is done automatically by the plugin. Users will be able to take plain, thin affiliate pages and instantly transform them into great looking review pages that add value (which of course Google wants to see these days).
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Azon FlyBox WP Plugin (Get Awesome Bonus)
AzonFlyBox WordPress Plugin. Bonus Clean & Smooth WP Theme For Free Here: http://azonflybox.com/ With Azon Flybox you will be able to help your visitors find the products they're looking for in a very unobtrusive way and increase your Amazon earnings at the same time..
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Viral Loop Wordpress Theme - ViralLoop Review & Bonus
ViralLoop Review & Exclusive Bonus: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/viralloop-wptheme/ ViralLoop is the all-in-one Wordpress Theme that allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators. This theme lets you to build viral niche sites that is easy to monetize (with Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, CPA, or any other affiliate program) and this wordpress theme can also build your list in autopilot, because it has a super viral features so your site will be super viral also. Get more in-depth insight about Viral Loop WP theme here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/viralloop-wptheme/
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Insta eCom Express Review & Bonus
InstaEcomExpress is coming out today, this is a brand new WordPress plugin that lets you to instantly build eCom affiliate site and make profits from 5 marketplace all at once: https://wpthemeplugin.com/quickreview-instaecom/
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PriceWatcher WP Plugin (Amazon, BestBuy, AliExpress + WallMart)
PriceWatcher is a unique WordPress affiliate site builder plugin that enables visitors to create price alerts for your affiliate products from Amazon, BestBuy, AliExpress and WallMart altogether in your WP site. See PriceWatcher WP plugin here: https://wpthemeplugin.com/tpb-pricewatcher/
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How To Adjust Text Alignment With CSS
This video demonstrate how you can adjust text alignment with CSS :-) :-)
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AzonDealNotify WP Plugin Demo Video
Demo video of AzonDealNotify WP Plugin: http://azondealnotify.com AzonDealNotify display a Facebook-style notification pop up containing Amazon Deals Of The Day Products. Very clever and easy to use WordPress plugin for Amazon Associates.
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WP AmaSlidePro Plugin Overview
Overview and demo of how AmaSlidePro WordPress Plugin works. A very useful plugin for Amazon associates to monetize their websites/blogs.
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AMZ Slide Panel - Amazon WordPress Plugin
http://wpthemeplugin.com/landing/amzslidepanel/index.html Display Targeted Amazon Products On Your Amazon Niche Sites! === Support 7 Amazon Programs ===== This cool plugin supports Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon DE, Amazon IT & Amazon ES. Make it easier for you to earn money and commission as Amazon affiliates on any of that supported programs. === Reduce Your Bounce Rate === Packed with beautiful sliding animation and Next/Previous button make it easier for your visitor to browse the products. This plugin will make visitors stays longer on your site & help you to reduce your site Bounce Rate! Leo (BCBiz) http://wpthemeplugin.com
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WP ReviewBuddy Plugin
http://plrforest.com/product/wp-reviewbuddy-rr WP ReviewBuddy Plugin Quick Demo - Easily create & display beautiful Rating Box with this awesome plugin. Spark up your review site!
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Azon Mega Menu WordPress Plugin - Quick Video Demo
This is a quick video I made to demonstrate the use and benefits of AzonMegaMenu WordPress Plugin..
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AzonDealNotify WordPress Plugin
Demo video of AzonDealNotify WP Plugin: http://azondealnotify.com AzonDealNotify display a Facebook-style notification pop up containing Amazon Deals Of The Day Products. Very clever and easy to use WordPress plugin for Amazon Associates.
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AzonVideo.com Sample Video
Sample video that available on AzonVideo.com starting on May 2013..
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AutoTube Builder v2 Review and Bonus
See complete review of AutoTube Builder v2 here: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/autotubezon-v2/ This brand new WordPress plugin will create a complete viral video site that is monetized with Amazon in under 60 seconds.. This plugin will automatically: - Find videos related to your niche - Create a post for each video - Insert AND SPIN the video description - Add related Amazon Products - Insert your Amazon affiliate link - Submit each new post to social media sites - and a whole lot more! See complete review of AutoTube Builder v2 here: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/autotubezon-v2/
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Versatile Amazon Store WordPress Theme - AMZ ShopperMagnet
AMZ ShopperMagnet Overview - Versatile WordPress Theme To Build Profitable Amazon Store Affiliate Sites Learn More at http://amzshoppermagnet.com/earlybird.html
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EZ Spokesperson Demo
Full EZ Spokesperson demo and bonus: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/ez-spokesperson/ "EZ Spokesperson Creator" is a first of it's kind "done for you" cloud-based video editor that allows you to create professional-quality commercials with live-action spokesperson models in just a few minutes. Featuring dozens of templates, you can create videos for your own projects or for your clients and charge $300 or more for your incredible service.
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WP ScrollCash Plugin Overview
An overview of WP ScrollCash plugin.
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EZ ReviewBox WordPress Plugin
http://wpthemeplugin.com/ez-reviewbox-wordpress-plugin Add a beautiful review box on your review sites. Comes with Rich Snippet feature & you can customize the review box style :-) :-)
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Video Spin Blaster Review & Bonus
In-depth review of Video Spin Blaster PRO Plus: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/vidspinblaster-proplus/ VideoSpinBlaster 2.0 (VSB) is a video creator and video spinner software, that you can use for: [+] Create stunning video slideshows [+] Create product promotion videos [+] Create affiliate review videos [+] Create Amazon product review videos [+] Spin 1 video into 1000 unique videos Check out our launch review & exclusive bonus: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/vidspinblaster-proplus/
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WeaponZon WP Plugin Overview
Visit http://weaponzon.com for more details. We truly believe that this plugin is the solution to increase your CTR and to increase your Amazon commissions!
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Elegant Tube Press Theme - Detailed Review and Bonus
ElegantTubePress is the most powerful, stunning and professional designed Wordpress theme for building video empire website ever created Full details here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/eleganttubepress-wptheme/
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The CSS Syntax
CSS has a simple syntax and uses a number of English keywords to specify the names of various style properties. A style sheet consists of a list of rules. Each rule or rule-set consists of one or more selectors, and a declaration block.
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Video Wave - Review & Exclusive Bonus
VideoWave Exclusive Review & Bonus: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/videowave/ Video Wave is a web-based software that lets you to find hundreds of easy to rank keywords, build out breath-taking 2D & 3D animated videos around them... and then rank them page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks. See VideoWave demo & review here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/videowave/
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InstaStore Review & Demo
InstaStore Review & InstaStore Demo https://exclusivebonusblog.com/2016/11/instastore-review/ InstaStore is a web-based app, affiliate store builder. It combines the power of Video + eCommerce to insta-create Amazon + AliExpress affiliate sites. Even with NO products, just ‘insta-import’ over 200 million products with ready-to-go content + curate video reviews. See more in-depth review of InstaStore & get my exclusive bonuses from this page: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/2016/11/instastore-review/
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Fresh Store Builder v7 - Review and Bonus
Fresh Store Builder v7 Review - Fresh Store Builder v7 Bonus Full details here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/fsb-v7/ Fresh Store Builder is one of the best Amazon store builders available, and it's a solid business that's been around for years. Right now, they're up to version 6 and are used by over 14,000 people. Why is it the best? Because it fixes all those problems. It keeps all your products updated automatically - it'll even auto-populate if you like. The remote shopping cart with 90-day cookie keeps people on the site until they're ready to buy. It attracts more traffic than any other store builder - you get a better rank in Google because Fresh lets you edit ALL the content, so you don't have any duplicate content penalties. And on top of that, you can wire up a Facebook page to automatically update every time you add a new product. Full details here: http://exclusivebonusrights.com/fsb-v7/
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WP Social Traffic Review (demo + bonus)
Our WP Social Traffic review: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/2016/10/wp-social-traffic-plugin/ What if you could just log into your wordpress site, press just ONE BUTTON and 100s & 1000s of visitors would start visiting your site AUTOMATICALLY. Yes - 100% REAL People - that's what WP Social Traffic does. It connects with niche communities and fanpages on facebook and shares your content with them automatically & engages with them to DRIVE them back to your site. This is a software that everyone with a website needs. You'll never have to pay for traffic ever again. Works in ANY Niche you want. 100% NEWBIE Friendly - Push Button software. Getting more traffic is now just ONE Click away! Check out WP Social Traffic demo right here: https://exclusivebonusblog.com/2016/10/wp-social-traffic-plugin/
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Sample AMZ Video July 2013
Sample Amazon video for July 2013 Free 15 Amazon videos special only for our customers.
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Azon Profit Engine Plugin (Review and Bonus)
AzonProfitEngine review + bonus: https://wpthemeplugin.com/quickreview-azonprofitengine/ AzonProfitEngine is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build Amazon affiliate store sites with just a few clicks - in under 60 seconds! It automatically finds you products to promote, creates the posts for you, inserts content for you, adds your affiliate link and even generates traffic for you.
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