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Does Arctic Amplification Fuel Extreme Weather in Mid-Latitudes?
Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University, 25 January 2012. The "Arctic Paradox" was coined during recent winters when speculations arose that the dramatic changes in the Arctic may be linked to severe snowstorms and cold temperatures in mid-latitudes, particularly along the U.S. east coast and in Europe. Recent studies have illuminated these linkages. Evidence is presented for a physical mechanism connecting Arctic Amplification -- the enhanced warming in high northern latitudes relative to the northern hemisphere -- with the frequency and intensity of several types of extreme weather events in mid-latitudes, such as droughts, floods, heat waves, and cold spells. Also check out Dr. Francis' full presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtRvcXUIyZg an the related paper: http://marine.rutgers.edu/~francis/pres/Francis_Vavrus_2012GL051000_pub.pdf
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Arctic Melting 2009 // 123 Days
Cloud free animation of 123 days of the melting polar ice cap. http://ice-map-appspot.com
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Arctic Sea Ice Melting 2009 [720p]
High Resolution Satellite View of Arctic Melting 2009. More: http://ice-map.appspot.com
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Arctic Sea Ice Melting 2012-3-30 to 2012-07-08 [720p]
High resolution satellite view animation of the European part of the Arctic 2012. More: http://www.arctic.io
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Arctic Sea Ice Melting 2011 [720p]
Animation of the Melting Season 2011, covering 120 days. Credit goes to http://lance.nasa.gov/imagery/rapid-response/, more info at http://www.arctic.io/
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Ice Thickness SMOS 2011/12
From the press conference held in Hamburg September 2012. More info http://www.klimacampus.de/793.html
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Multi Year Sea Ice Animation Winter 2010-2011
See thick ice north of Greenland escaping through Fram Strait Check out the details: http://www.aari.ru/odata/_d0015.php?lang=1&mod=0&yy=2011 http://manati.orbit.nesdis.noaa.gov/datasets/ASCATData.php Daily Arctic satellite picture: http://www.arctic.io/satellite
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Sea Ice Types in the Arctic (1987-2011)
Credit: http://www.climatewatch.noaa.gov/video/2011/old-ice-becoming-rare-in-arctic
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Arctic Sea Ice Melting 2010 / Day:229 [720p]
High Resolution Satellite View of Arctic Melting 2010. More: http://www.arctic.io/satellite
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Arctic Melting 2009 184
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last 50 days of Jacobshavn Glacier in Greenland
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Arctic Sea Ice development modeled using different CO2 emission scenarios.
RCP 2.6/8.5 simulate additional 2.6/8.5 Watt/m² until 2100. Both are MPI models. More info here: http://www.klimacampus.de/793.htmla Some regional models are closer to reality, check out e.g. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1xsbFlqmAA_Wi1zeEZkS3RRbWs
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Melting Arctic - 214 Days of 2009
Cloud free satellite animation of 214 days of the melting polar ice cap 2009. http://ice-map-appspot.com This covers 7 month of the Arctic summer 2009 with no sun light at the beginning (white circle) and at the end. Satellite photos are retrieved from the MODIS Rapid Response Arctic System Project (http://bit.ly/8cd4dA) and processed using Avisynth and VirtualDub. The recursive algorithm detects cloud free areas and successively updates the very first image day by day. Only visual updates are correctly linked with the given day. This is an animation not a satellite movie! Check out same approach for Antarctica using 1080P resolution, available soon.
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Screencast ice-map.appspot.com
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Sea Ice Webcam, Beaufort Sea, 2011
Credit goes to http://obuoy.datatransport.org/monitor. See daily satellite updates of melting Arctic at http://www.arctic.io/satellite
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Icefilm Arctic 31days SSMIS
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Cryosat vs. Piomas
Time-series of monthly Arctic sea ice volume from CryoSat and from PIOMAS for two winter growth periods (October -- April). Credit: CPOM, UCL, ESA, UW-APL, NSIDC, Planetary Visions Info: http://goo.gl/QLGS4
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Attempt to make a cloud free animation of the first 100 days of the melting polar ice cap. (ice-map-appspot.com)
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A video
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