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Sounds of Steel in Trafalgar Square MJ tribute
Sounds of Steel playing Michael Jackson's 'I want you back'
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UK PANORAMA 1998 - Ebony Steelband : High Mass
Director/Manager : Pepe Francis Arranger - Hadeed This was my first panorama with Ebony Steelband delspanblog.tumblr.com
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Sounds of Steel in Trafalgar Square 2009
Sounds of Steel playing All Night Long by Lionel Richie. Very good arrangement... enjoy!
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UK PANORAMA 1998 - Southside Harmonics : Pan Messiah
Leader : John Forster Arranger : Eustace Benjamin delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 2001 - Glissando : Pan on the Moon
Captain : Christine DeGallerie Manager : Chris Cox Arranger : Rudy "2 Left" Smith delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 1997 - Pantonic Steel Orchestra : Big Truck
Leader : Winston Campbell Arranger : Ian Beckles delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 2010 - Ebony Steelband
Results are included
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Ebony Steel Band Ah Feeling Ah Feeling ICP 2015 last practice
We take to the big stage at the Queens Park Savannah to show the rest of the World what the UK can do. After a week of working hard, this is our last practice run...at our host panyard: Valley Harps. A great memory to be cherished forever.
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UK PANORAMA 1995 - Pantonic
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UK PANORAMA 1998 - Glissando : High Mass
Leader : Christine De Gallerie Arranger : Rudy '2 Lef' Smith delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK Panorama 1998 - Eclipse Steelband : Pan For Carnival
Leader/Arranger : Kurt Jagdeo delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA1997 - Eclipse Steel band : Misbehave
Leader/Arranger : Kurt Jagdeo delspanblog.tumblr.com
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Who Will Win - Ebony Steelband
To be included on my blog www.delspanblog.com
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UK PANORAMA 1998 - London All Stars : Symphony on the Streets
Captain : Duchess Rollock Arrangers ; F and P Rollock delspanblog.tumblr.com .........
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UK PANORAMA 1997 - Mangrove Steel Band : One For de Savannah
Leader : Matthew Phillips Arranger : Robert Clarke delspanblog.tumblr.com
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What is a Steel Pan Crack-Shot
My definition : www.delspanblog.tumblr.com Some bad language! Because I don't like hearing my own voice there's a lot of editing - Also for the length of the video. I arrived in Trinidad after Semi-finals and found myself in a band to play for Panorama. The first night I had verse and chorus....fine. But the rest of the night I was just standing there. When the arranger came through, I was just standing there. I said to myself, 'that's not happening again!'. After practice, I made the necessary arrangements. Next practice I had the tune (not at speed but all the notes) - Players came up to me calling me a CRACK-SHOT...little did they know that I was at the panyard from 10:00 am till I got told to go and bath at about 6:30 pm - To me THAT'S NOT A CRACK-SHOT! and it got me thinking - What is a Crack-shot? Do you know? The "label" is used so loosely, which is fine but what is one? Here are some Pan Player's views and opinions on this topic. To read my view on WHAT IS A CRACK-SHOT? Please go to my blog site www.delspanblog.tumblr.com Just ENJOY! Peace - Love - Pan
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UK PANORAMA 1988 - Mangrove
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UK PANORAMA 2001 - Metronomes Steel Orchestra : Raindrops on my Pan
Leader : Eversley 'Breeze' Mills Arranger : Yohan Popwell delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 2001 - Ebony Steel Orchestra : Stranger
Leader : Pepe Francis MBE Arranger : Anise 'Halfers' Hadeed
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UK PANORAMA 2010 - Mangrove
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UK PANORAMA 1997 - Glissando : One For de Savannah
Leader : B Parris Arranger : Rudy '2 left' Smith delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 1998 - Mangrove Steelband : Behave Yuhself
Leader : Matthew Phillips Arranger : Robert Clarke delspanblog.tumblr.com
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UK PANORAMA 1997 - Lambeth Youth : Misbehave
Arranger : Eustace Benjamin delspanblog.tumblr.com
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