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Our Ongoing Climate System Destabilization
The Arctic region average temperature is from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius (11 to 15 F) warmer than normal. Arctic sea ice extent maximum occurred a month early. Our climate system is breaking apart in front of our eyes. Ridiculously, the term "faster than normal" is still used to describe sea ice collapse, accelerating sea level rise and every other climate system parameter. Nothing is normal with our ongoing exponentially abrupt climate change...
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Fending Off Scientist's Attacks on "The Uninhabitable Earth". Part A
The controversy over the accuracy of the New York Magazine article "The Uninhabited Earth" expands and deepens. Sixteen scientists examined and commented on the article, and gave it a low rating for "scientific accuracy" on the website climatefeedback.org; normally I agree with ratings from this great website, but NOT in this case. Mainstream science does NOT have a good understanding of abrupt climate change, & "jumped-the-shark" in this case. I rely solely on donations for my work, so please support me at http://paulbeckwith.net
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A little chat about methane
For about 3 years AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group), to which I belong, has been doing the sandwich board, sky-is-falling routine about the enormous risk of large methane releases from the greatly warming Arctic. Support has come from prominent Russian scientists who have been leading teams of international researchers in observing the methane emissions for years, most noticeably on the ESAS (Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf) and in Siberian permafrost. And now, it turns out that AMEG views on the risk are supported also by a 2012 paper looking at methane mitigation and risks in the Arctic from (drumroll please)...the LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). Yes, the US government lab that developed the A-bomb. Meanwhile, "methane-deniers" were out in full force at the recent UK Royal Society meeting, which made fun of Peter Wadham's talk, and criticized the Russian work (they were not even invited to speak, and -30 sent a scathing rebuttal to the organizers). The plot thickens...
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Abrupt Cryospheric Tipping Elements in Climate System
Computer modelling simulations of climate change have a very difficult time accounting for abrupt, nonlinear state changes, also known as tipping points. Since IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports, including the recent IPCC1.5 report rely too much on computer models, they tend to understate the urgency and emergency state of ongoing abrupt climate change. In this video I discuss the main broad-brush tipping points in the climate system, with a focus on the cryosphere (frozen regions). Please consider supporting my analysis, work, and videos joining the dots on Abrupt Climate System Change with a donation at my website http://paulbeckwith.net
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Abrupt Climate Change Will Rapidly Blow Past 1.5C and 2C
As I filmed today, yet another massive hurricane has just come ashore in Florida’s panhandle. Hurricane Michael, at 155 mph (1 mph shy of Cat. 5) appeared almost out of nowhere and strengthened rapidly in the way too-warm Gulf of Mexico. This video is not just on this storm, but primarily on the human/media/global storm that has arisen with the release of the IPCC 1.5C report on our present state of the climate system, and whether or not we can keep global temperature rise to 1.5C or even to 2C. My preliminary thoughts are within; detailed video analysis will follow; please support my efforts by donating to http://paulbeckwith.net
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Big Bangs & Pillars of Fire Create New Siberian Methane Craters
No place on Earth is warming faster than the high Arctic, and Siberia is rapidly changing before our very eyes. Along with reports on Siberian locals having swimsuit skiing day, papers are headlining new crater formation from methane explosions. I tell the story of these blowholes, and what they mean in terms of methane release in the Arctic and rapid global climate change. Please support my videos with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net and make a suggestion for a topic of a new video:)
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Case for Declaration of Global Climate Emergency (Part 2 of 2)
Part 2 of 2 videos: Our planet and its life support systems have been very resilient for eons. Not any more. We are now suffering "death by one thousand cuts", as our biosphere is taking continuos hits. Our planets stability is spiralling out of control as we transition through highly nonlinear abrupt climate change. Wake up and smell the roses, while they still exist. Please support my videos and website http://paulbeckwith.net with a donation.
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Do Jet Streams Vanish with Arctic Sea-Ice?
What happens to the jet streams when we lose all Arctic sea ice and snow cover? Do they vanish? Do they still exist as a weak remnant farther north? Does the 3 cell atmospheric circulation reduce to 2 cells or even 1 cell? It would be nice knowing these things, before they actually happen in a few short years. I walk you through some basics of jet stream formation, properties and changes and tell you what I think. Please support my videos and work at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Angry Earth Causing Record CO2 Level Rise?
Feb, 2016 the atmospheric CO2 level was 404.16 ppm, or 4 ppm larger than just a year ago. Mar 25, 2016 hit 405.81 ppm, almost 5 ppm larger than only one year ago. Average levels rose a record 3.09 ppm in 2015, slightly less in 2014 and a record (then) 2.90 in 2013. Yet global emissions from humans have been reported to have levelled off the last few years. What gives? Could be BAD. Could mean Earth sinks are maxed out and/or sources are rising.
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Alpine Glacier Melt-Out at the Third Pole
Since 1970 about 15% of the glacial ice has melted out at the “Third Pole”; the extensive region with high elevations in Asia that encompasses the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau. Warming is being amplified by a little-known feedback called Elevation Dependent Warming (EDW). A conservative estimate is that we will lose one-third, one-half or two-thirds of the ice with average global temperature change of 1.5 C, 2.0 C, and 4.0 C, respectively, threatening the water supply (and food supply) for up to 2 billion people. Please donate at http://paulbeckwith.net to support my independent climate system work.
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Understanding Atmospheric Circulation Patterns
I teach you how (the layperson, or not) to draw the atmospheric circulation patterns of the Earth. All you need to know is that "hot air rises", there are 3 main cells, and moving objects north of the equator turn to the right (opposite in the south). With this knowledge in your "toolkit", you can better understand how the jet streams form, and how they change as the Arctic rapidly warms. Please support my videos/teaching with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Accelerating Effects of Arctic Feedbacks: 2 of 2
There are numerous powerful amplifying feedbacks in the Arctic, causing the temperatures there to skyrocket. This has profound implications to humanity, including enormous threats to our global food and fresh water supplies. I continue my discussions here in this second part video. Please support my work and videos with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Methane Warming At Least 34x Higher than CO2
My Methane Pet Peeve. Almost all reports (blogs, articles, newspapers, mainstream or not) incorrectly state that methane is 25x, or 24x or 22x stronger for warming than carbon dioxide. WRONG. Did I say WRONG. Over 100 years, the correct number from IPCC AR5 (2013) is 34x. It is 86x over 20 years, and up to 200x over a year or two. Methane lifetime is about 11 years in the atmosphere, but varies with latitude. The risk of large methane burps, especially in the Arctic is HUGE and growing.
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Arctic Methane: A Catastrophe in the Making
Up to 2005, the oceans over the shallow continental shelves in the Russian Arctic (ESAS, Laptev) were ice covered, keeping the -100 meter deep oceans near freezing temperatures. Since 2005, the ice cap cover has gone. The water has warmed as high as 17 degrees C there in summer, heating the sea-floor, perforating the permafrost cap, & thawing methane hydrates. Ebulition (bubbling methane) is rising up the water into the atmosphere in ever increasing amounts. Please support my videos and website with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Profound Consequences of Arctic Warming: Part 1
Recently released by NOAA, the Arctic Report Card 2018 details profound changes underway in the Arctic from rapid temperature increases. “What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.” Quote: Beckwith, 2009 The report gets many things right about vitally important changes underway, but is way too conservative in a number of topics, and fails to make predictions/projections about what will happen next, and how soon. As I chat with you, I endeavour to fill in these gaping oversights. Please support my videos with a donation (birthday present) at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home
Where I live, it has been too hot and too humid this summer. Quality of life has degraded. Ongoing climate system change is hitting my home, and is likely in-your-face as well this year; please comment on your own situation. I chat about heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and monsoonal like torrential rains that are worsening as Arctic sea-ice degrades. What about human responses. Scientists are very worried but lack power. Politics is divisive. As climate change causes more and more migration, governments become more and more populist and nationalistic and also deny climate change. What can we do?? Please support my work at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Status Report on our Abruptly Changing Climate: 1 of 2
Here is an overdue chat on our abruptly changing climate. After a hiatus for chess study and competition and to recharge my internal batteries, I am refreshed and chomping at the bit, like the proverbial Energizer Bunny:) I join-the-dots on extreme events like Australia’s heat waves (50 C; 122 F), eastern North America and European deep freezes, torrential rains in Europe and California, accelerating ice melt from Greenland and Antarctica releasing methane, and huge insect kills in near-equator rainforests. Thanks for watching; please support my videos with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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After First Arctic Blue-Ocean Event; then WHAT?
Let's say the Arctic Ocean Sea Ice completely vanishes by 2020 (or sooner) for the month of September. What happens afterwards to the ice. Does it vanish for longer and longer durations until it is gone year round? Do we reach a state with 6 months of ice in winter and open water all summer? Does something else happen? Please support my videos/work with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Bubble, Bubble. GigaTons of Methane Trouble.
Vast amounts of methane exists within ocean floor sediments on the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, in the form of methane hydrates & free methane gas. Up to recently, gas release to the shallow water column (50 meters deep) & atmosphere has been slow, with the subsea permafrost acting as a million corks on a million champagne bottles to contain the methane. Now, rapid thawing of the permafrost has released 10% of the corks, allowing rapid ongoing increases in methane release. Our situation is dire, and we must declare a global climate emergency. Please support my work at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Abrupt Climate Mayhem Now, in Spite of Main-Stream-Climatologist Posturing
Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of people, especially main-stream-talking-head-scientists, downplaying the huge unprecedented threats that are accumulating daily and will soon take down our civilizations. Our world is one that is full of specialists, with no ability to join-the-dots and recognize that humanities existence, and that of our entire ecosystems of plants and animals is degrading rapidly. Even exponentially. From my chair, I categorically state that anybody who downplays the significance and importance of our planets peril is part of the problem, and needs to get with the program or step aside so that the rest of us can do what is needed. The public needs the truth, no matter how bad it is to have any hope of changing course. And the truth is truly awful, at present. Please support my voice with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net which is my only source of income at present.
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Climate Change: A Matter of Life or Death; Part 2 of 2
Sometimes, a field is dominated by a single man or women, who stands head-and-shoulders above everybody else. In chess, that person in recent decades was Gary Kasparov; prior to him in the 1970s it was Bobby Fischer. In climate change study that person is James Hansen. From the 1980s to present day. In this video I tell you all about his latest landmark paper from Fall/2016. Have a fantastic 2017!! Please support my videos at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Good Morning Earthlings. Wake Up and Smell the METHANE
Vast amounts of methane exists within ocean floor sediments on the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, in the form of methane hydrates & free methane gas. Up to recently, gas release to the shallow water column (50 meters deep) & atmosphere has been slow, with the subsea permafrost acting as a million corks on a million champagne bottles to contain the methane. Now, rapid thawing of the permafrost has released 10% of the corks, allowing rapid ongoing increases in methane release. Our situation is dire, and we must declare a global climate emergency. Please support my work at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Arctic Blue-Ocean-Event Consequences for Greenland: 1 of 2
Between 60,000 and 22,000 years ago there were numerous abrupt temperature fluctuations recorded by oxygen and nitrogen isotopes (paleo-thermometer proxies) in Greenland ice cores. Temperatures over parts of Greenland rose by up to 16.5 C within a decade or two, in the largest of these so-called Dansgaard-Oescher (D-O) Oscillations. I chat on the latest science, about how a lack of Arctic sea-ice was the primary factor. This is crucial info to help us figure out what will happen to Greenland when we have no surrounding sea ice left. Please donate at http://paulbeckwith.net to support me joining-the-climate-system-dots.
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Human Decimation of Earth’s Creatures
Earth’s 7.6 billion people represent an eeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy proportion of all living things; in fact only 0.01% or 100 ppm of total biomass. Yet, since the dawn of civilization, humanity has reduced global biomass (weight of all life) by half, and have destroyed a stunning, pants dropping 83% of all wild mammals. And we are just warming up (pun intended). I discuss findings from a new peer-reviewed study on the biomass distribution on Earth, and how we have changed it over time. Not good. I have 100s of educational videos; please chip in so I can produce 100s more, at my PayPal on my website http://paulbeckwith.net
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Industrial Agriculture Crushing Bugs: Part C
Continuing our discussion on the collapse of the flying insect population by 76% in only 27 years, I talk about industrial agriculture that is literally sucking the life out of soils and ecosystems. A UN study concluded that based on soil degradation, we only have 60 years of crops left, while a UK study concluded only 100 harvests are left. Clearly, agribusiness practices of monoculture, pesticides & herbicides, livestock grazing, etc. in conjunction with abrupt climate change are destroying our ecosystems. Business as usual is destroying our life support systems on the planet.
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Comparing Methane Levels from Copernicus, MetOps, and Ground Data: 1 of 2
Methane levels are rapidly increasing globally. Methane release in the Arctic from thawing terrestrial and marine permafrost, and from methane clathrates on shallow continental shelves are a huge and ever increasing risk. I compare and contrast methane observations from satellites (Copernicus and MetOp1) and from ground flask measurements to see what is happening now. I chat about the colour legend change for the Copernicus data, which was offset by 100 ppb, and what that means, and why. Please support my independent, unvarnished, no holds-barred work on scientifically connecting the dots on rapid climate system change, with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Global Methane Rise Literally Off-the-Charts: 2 of 2
The unrelenting increase in global levels of atmospheric methane went literally off-the-charts used to display methane for the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS). Methane levels were so high that they swamped out the colour scheme used in the map legend, causing saturation in large red blobs with little detail. The colour legend was shifted by 100 ppb to more clearly show the detailed structure of where methane was being emitted. I strive to maintain scientific independence so that I can always present you with the total unvarnished truth about our rapidly changing climate system and the dangers that we face. I rely on your generous donations to do this, so please consider donating for my efforts, at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Abrupt climate change Part B
What is next for climate and extreme weather? Where are we heading and how long will it take to get there?
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Climate System Tipping Points from Cascading Feedbacks: 1 of 2
One global truth: the only constant is change. In the case of the climate system, this change is massive far-reaching abrupt change, highly nonlinear, much faster than expected, highly exponential in many cases, full of unexpected surprises, leaving no part of Earth untouched. In this video (and next) I chat on a new study that makes a stab at a) identifying elements in the Earth system that are changing, b) identifying drivers that cause these changes, and c) identifying feedbacks and interconnections between changing elements and processes. Please support my research and communication by donating at http://paulbeckwith.net
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In defense of AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)
What is AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)? Why did we form and when? Who are we, and what do we want? I joined 2.5 years ago (1 month after group started) and this is my rebuttal of all the misconceptions floating around in social media).
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New climate change feedback increasing extreme weather.
From December, 2013 until early April, 2014 there have been persistent and very large temperature anomalies in the northern hemisphere (+20 C = +36 F in the Arctic, -20 C = -36 F in vast parts of the US and Canada). I claim that this represents a previously unrecognized large positive feedback acting to homogenize the temperature in the northern hemisphere.
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Our Climate Change Emergency & Three-Legged Barstool Survival: Part 1 of 3
I build a very strong scientific case showing that our climate system is spiralling out of control, threatening our very survival on Earth. I then discuss how government leaders around the planet must declare a climate change emergency. This would open up money and resources to deploy the three-legged-barstool survival strategies: Leg 1: slash fossil fuel emissions; Leg 2: deploy carbon dioxide removal tech; Leg 3: cool the Arctic. Please support my work with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Can Greenland Ice Caps Collapse? Part 2 of 2
Is it possible that vast portions of Greenland's ice cap could calve/slide off the continent, causing spikes in global sea level rise? As we lose Arctic sea-ice and snow cover and get much warmer northern temperatures, how much would this destabilize Greenland ice? I look at ice melt evidence/behaviour from 21,000 years ago to the onset of the Holocene to try and assess present day risks from Greenland, using slides from my friend Veli Albert Kallio. Please visit http://paulbeckwith.net and consider a donation to support my videos.
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More Evidence On Equatorial Crossing Jet Streams
In a recent video I showed the northern hemisphere (NH) jet stream crossing the equator and merging with the Southern Hemisphere (SH) jet stream. Here I show many recent examples of NH troughs merging with SH crests, and vice versa. I argue that the root cause is very rapid Arctic temperature amplification, due to exponentially declining sea ice and spring snow cover. As jet stream behaviour becomes more erratic, extreme weather events will continue to worsen, with escalating societal costs. The sad thing is that this is so unnecessary. Please support my independent work with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Non-Intuitive Consequences of Rapid Melt in Greenland and Antarctica: 1 of 2
Glaciers on Greenland and Antarctica are rapidly melting due to Abrupt Climate Change, and melt rates are doubling with a period of roughly 7 years. This is exponential, after 7 years melt rates are double (2x), after 14 years rates are 4x, after 21 years rates are 8x, etc...In this video and the next I discuss consequences that are rarely considered, like reduced gravitational pull near the glaciers, isostatic rebound, and reduction of vertical ocean mixing from surface freshwater lensing effects, leading to increased basal ice sheet melting. Please donate at http://paulbeckwith.net to support my videos joining Climate-System-Dots.
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Revisited: Can global sea level rise 7 meters by 2070?
About a year ago I suggested the answer was YES. I revisit the question in light of the latest science.
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Arctic Summer Temperatures to Skyrocket like a “Bat out of Hell”: Part 3
Recently released by NOAA, the Arctic Report Card 2018 details profound changes underway in the Arctic from rapid temperature increases. “What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.” Quote: Beckwith, 2009 Incredibly fast Arctic warming dwarfs the global average and is accelerating. Winter temperature anomalies are highest, followed by Autumn and Spring. Arctic Sea-Ice melt keeps Summer anomalies low; when Sea-Ice vanishes Summer warming will skyrocket like a “bat out of hell”. Please support my videos with a donation (birthday present) at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Jet Stream Crosses Equator Essentially Around Entire Planet
July 20th, 2017 was a very unusual day, yet none of us realized it at the time. On this day powerful Southern Hemisphere Jet Streams pulled high-altitude air ACROSS the Equator, essentially around the ENTIRE planet! In my viral video: "Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator" posted about a year ago I showed many locations with crossings. Not only is this still happening, but in this video I show NEW behaviour. Air is pulled strongly across the Equator, essentially ALL-THE-WAY around the Earth. Very strange indeed!!! Please support me at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Abrupt Climate Mayhem Mash: 3 of 3
Ongoing 2019 climate disruption is fast and furious. Abrupt climate system change cares not about human affairs, structures, politics, our livelihoods, and our precious but precarious civilizations. Disruption accelerates at ever faster rates wreaking havoc on our lives, with huge consequences. Media coverage on climate disruption, weather extremes, etc. in the main-stream is better, but often inaccurate; while risks and consequences are significantly downplayed. Use me as your filter to teach you what you need to know; please consider donating at my blog http://paulbeckwith.net to support my independent, unvarnished scientific analysis.
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Can climate change cause human extinction?
No sane person can expect indefinite exponential growth on a finite planet. Are we close to a breaking point? Can we slam on the brakes? Is NTHE (near-term human extinction) possible? How long is near-term anyway? Decades, centuries, or millennia? That depends on who you ask...
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Variation of Greenhouse Gases With Altitude: 2 of 2
Greenhouse gases from fossil fuel emissions continue to rise rapidly in our atmosphere, causing our rapid climate change crisis. In this video (and last), I show how the amounts of these gases varies with altitude. Sensors onboard satellites measure gases like CH4, CO2, water vapour, and ozone at 100 different altitudes ranging from the Earth surface to the upper stratosphere and beyond. Variations of concentrations with altitude, latitude, and time helps us better understand global atmospheric circulation, and how it is changing. Please support my educational videos by donating at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Can global sea-level rise 7 meters by 2070?
Global sea levels rose about 2 mm per year over the last century, but this rate increased to 3.4 mm/yr over the last decade. As Greenland and Antarctic ice cap melt rates accelerate, they open up the likely scenario of a global sea level rise of 7 meters (21 feet) by 2070.
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Ocean Currents Disruption: Slower and Wavier
Cutting edge science finds ocean currents slowing down. We all know the equator is warm and poles are cold. This temperature difference causes heat flow from the equator to poles. As the Arctic warms like crazy, heat flow there slows, thus jet streams slow and are wavier; the same slowing and waviness increase happens with ocean currents. If sluggish ocean currents (slowing of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) halt or redistribute, we are in for a heap of chaotic climate change mayhem. How close are we to shutdown. Stay tuned to my videos and donate to http://paulbeckwith
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Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Mayhem: AGU mashup
Early snow retreat on the West Siberian Plains warms air temperatures, amplifying Rossby waves, causing a ridge and warming over Laptev Sea (thus rapid Arctic ice loss). Large cyclones, now stronger and lasting longer cause sea ice spreading with more melt. Strong Antarctic Circumpolar Ocean Currents, driven by stronger winds cause increased upwelling in places (depending on bathymetry) reducing overturning circulation (downwelling). Sea ice rheology, surface melt ponds, filaments and mesoscale eddies are all messed up. Please donate to support my AGU trip, analysis and videos at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Wonky weather wacking infrastructure.
A rant on how traintracks and pipelines and roads and buildings are being crushed under the onslaught of abrupt climate change.
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Climate Tipping Points from Cascading Feedbacks
From my chair, it looks like we can kiss our stable nurturing climate goodby. Humans have poked and prodded and perturbed our Earth systems to the breaking point, and these systems are now breaking. Business as usual guarantees an unstable climate and gut-wrenching consequences for all life on this planet. We must try to restore a stable climate. Recognizing and declaring a global climate emergency is the first step. Please support my work with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Global Average Temperature Rising About 3x Faster Over Land Than Water
Last year (2018) was the 4th warmest year, following behind El Niño influenced years 2015 (3rd), 2016 (1st), and 2017 (2nd). An El Niño may develop this year (65% chance) but is not likely to be super-strong, like that in 2015 and 1998. Since 1970, average global temperatures are rising an average 0.17 degrees C per decade, but that slope is increasing. Rise over the land (0.27 C per decade) is almost 3X faster than that over the ocean (0.10 C per decade). Land at high latitudes gets a double whammy, due to polar temperature amplification. Please donate at http://paulbeckwith.net for my no-nonsense climate system work and videos.
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Methane Emissions From Arctic Ocean Seafloor
I discuss a recently published paper (May, 2016) titled "Effects of climate change on methane emissions from seafloor sediments: A review". Rapidly declining sea ice and snow cover is darkening the Arctic, leading to large temperature amplification. I talk about some of the paper highlights, and how a warmer, wavier and more open Arctic is leading to many physical and geochemical processed that are causing increased methane concentrations in both the water column and the atmosphere.
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Part 2: Profound Climate Mayhem With NO Arctic Sea-Ice
In a few years we face a world with NO Arctic sea-ice. Profound climate and weather changes will profoundly disrupt human societies, eg. severe global food shortages. In previous videos I discussed timeframes and trajectories for a zero sea-ice state, and a shift of the center-of-cold by 17 degrees latitude. Now, and last video I delve into heat capacity changes with spiking Arctic warming, magnified ocean waves bringing heat from depth, destabilizing Greenlands glaciers; also wind reversals, monsoon effects, and bubbling methane. Please support my work and videos with a donation at http://paulbeckwith.net
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Jet Streams WIDEN and FILL Most of Southern Hemisphere
Strange things are happening, as abrupt climate change speeds up, & the Arctic refrigerator transitions into an Arctic sauna. For example, it is now raining over the ice in both the Arctic & Antarctic, simultaneously. Jet Streams are not only slowing down, becoming wavier & broken, but they are also becoming much wider. In fact, I show how they almost entirely fill the space in the Southern Hemisphere, & drag air across the Equator. Folks, buckle your seatbelts. We are in uncharted territory, and the ride is treacherous. Please support my video updates & posts at http://paulbeckwith.net
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