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Resident Evil 3.5 original trailer
The first trailer made for Resident Evil 4. It was made when the game was looking at a more survival horror theme instead of the survival action theme they went with. It was dubbed Resident Evil 3.5
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Kingdom Hearts II - Best of Me AMV
***SPOILERS*** this video contains images of the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 This is my first crack at making AMVs with a computer that really can't handle the software. I think it turned out really nice though, its Kingdom Hearts 2 set to "Best of Me" by The Starting Line.
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Kingdom Hearts II - Boston AMV
***SPOILERS*** The music seemed to fit for Roxas
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A Night At The Roxburry... At McDevitt!!!
Tony Piluso and Kyle Nelson become the ultimate swingers.
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Roxas X Namine - The Last Something That Meant Anything
::Spoiler Warning:: This shows scenes close to the end of KH2 Awesome song set to Roxas and Namine
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Corey Don't Need No Doctor
Corey performing at the fig
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Tony's Tralala
My friend Tony of Sheebademon productions shows off his tralala
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3, the Movie
A preview for what may or may not be the greatest movie of all time if we feel like making it
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Hillel Has Fun At The Fig!
We all had fun at the fig that night, it was awesome, these guys had some serious fun, lol
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Zac and the Pancake Explosion
So Much FUN! I apologize for the singing but one of us had to and it was so much fun. The guitars turned out nice too X3 Me and Corey performing Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer
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Coreys Ultimate Blues Session
Corey rocks the house's face off
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Ross and Corey Jam Session
Ross and Corey kicking ass and taking names on their instruments of choice.
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