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How to Draw Cartoon Animals From The Farm

This basic animal is also interesting to work with. The body is made from a portion of an oval shape and the head is drawn using a weird curved line. Patches on the shell are pretty much all the same except for this cool distortion effect. Legs are short and the tip is made from curved lines too. You can have a lot of fun with a character like this one. Indeed, dont hesitate to try new patterns on the shell, try different postures or change the view of the illustration. A fun dog mostly made from rectangles. Look at the final illustration from the dog tutorial. See how the dog looks calm and adorable since it is mostly drawn using long and perfect curved lines? Well, the funny thing is that this cartoon animal was built mostly with rectangles and squares. If you look at the fourth step, you dont see too many circles and oval shapes!

Also note are both pupils are very close to each other in the colored version. Centering both pupils inside each eye wont give a good result. Instead, you must move both pupils towards the middle of the eyes to end up with an adorable character. how to create cool mosquito eyes! I also like this great cartoon mosquito for the large eyes that we can see on top of the head of the character. Rarely can you see cartoon animals that are made from eyes that are larger than the head! For this drawing lesson, be prepared to sketch a lot of circles and oval shapes! Some features that you dont want to miss are the proboscis that is made from a long rectangle and all six arms that are attached to the upper part of the body. Its not a good day for you? Draw a bulldog! This lesson is slightly more complex than all previous ones. Indeed, the area near the head and the face can be pretty busy in some of these steps. The nose, the eyes, the cheeks, the pupils and the collar are all elements that must be drawn properly if you want to end up with a terrifying bulldog like the one found below. Drawing angry cartoon animals also mean that you will have to work with a lot of squares and rectangles. For this bulldog, a few sharp triangles are also required on the collar!