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Cheeky Girls - Take Your Shoes Off
Take you shoes off by the cheeky girls
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Cheeky Girls - Cheeky Song (Live @ NBC Giga)
The Cheeky Girls by NBC Europe in Germany
Bush Iraq Shoe Attack: Take Your Shoes Off and Feel The Freedom
UNSOUNDTRACKS #1 Music: Take Your Shoes Off - Cheeky Girls Footage: BBC, ITN, MSNBC, TIMES NOW
America's Got Talent: Little Girl, Big Voice- LEARN TO SING
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Cheeky Girls - Holiday
Cheeky Girls - Holiday Audio and pictures Compared to Chavcada this is a class cover!!
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Gina "Xman"
Music Promo for Gina "Xman". Director: Peter Van Eyndt (Tommytowers). DP: Gerd Schelfhout. Producer: Johnny De Jaegher (poodlesonspeed.com) ©2003 All rights reserved.
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cheeky girls - tad wrong :')
i dunno us fuckin around again!
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The Cheeky Girls - The Cheeky Song
Music video for "The Cheeky Song" by The Cheeky Girls. :)
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Chardoneise my sexy cheeky bum
my baby girl yet again. 08/11/08 xxxxx
Views: 913 CorrineReillyXo
we are the cheeky girls
The fokker brothers fokk the cheeky girls.
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Duane Johns - Breakfast With The Cheeky Girls
Duane Johns: Breakfast With The Cheeky Girls
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Alvin And The Chipmunks - Christmas Song
Chipmunks singing Christmas Song. Enjoy and please subscribe :|
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cheeky girls
greg and james doing the cheeky girls
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Shane Mchugh Take off your shoes
funny as fuk listen to the baby type voice it is so cute i love him to bits for tha
Views: 244 kalil676
cheeky girls  zoe smalley and lisa from newark college
two girls singing cheeky girls
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The Cheeky Girls meet the Sex Pistols
Unusual morphing of the 'Cheeky Song' with 'Anarchy in the UK' from spoof Glam Punk band 'Glunk' Do try our book 'Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll' on AMAZON
Views: 944 Peter Cook
Cheeky Girls (X Factor Social)
Cheeky Girls at Uni of Brighton Football X Factor Social
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houghton cheeky girls
dance to cheeky girls
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me nd rach
cheeky girls
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Cheeky Girls
Nicks 40th @ Polercise, just cus she loves that ass!
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Charity Night 4/10/08 The Cheeky Girls.
The Cheeky Girls performing their famous hit The Cheeky Song.
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The Cheeky Girls - Touch My Bum - Shermaniacs 1st Take
shermaniacs doing things romanian style part 1
Views: 777 mcladyollivah
Beckyy && Joo Tryin To Remeber the cheeky girls dance ..
LOL. Me n Jo wer tryin to remember how the cheeky girls dance went n then her dad walked in..
Views: 1724 sunshinekidd93
Cheeky Girls
Watch live video and more clips from Big Brother 9 - Live 24/7 on http://www.justin.tv/livebbstream
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race 4 lyf - cheeky girls
da cheeky girlz doin a cheer 4 da race 4 lyf
Views: 5640 lilmizzme000
Cheeky Girls
Don't really know about this one.. I found it on my computer. Cheeky Girls. lol
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dr angels cheeky girls
sugar leon n jimmy
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The Tri Cheeky Girls on Tour
The Tri Cheeky Girls on Tour at the European Triathlon Championships 2008 in Lisbon
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Cheeky Girls - Touch My Bum
Cheeky Girls Audio and pictures Once they were thought to be cheesy? Not now that Chavcada are around
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Cheeky Girls lol
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Marriage (aka Take Your Shoes Off By The Door)
Original song by Andrew Myers. A comedic look on relationships gone bad. Lyrics: Take your shoes off by the door She said I've asked you so many times before You know I'm sick of all the wars Why can't you just leave your shoes by the door? Why d'ya never brush your hair? God it seems like you just don't care If I'm even sitting there in your chair How would I fare? And its just these little things that blow up in your face It's the mountains and molehills that never change Sometimes it the girls you love are strange If I'm ever happy then you'll make sure I'm in pain Take your shoes off my brand new couch Tell me why do you always slouch And I ask why you look like a trout She'll burn my clothes and knock my teeth out Hell her cookings awfully lame And we've gone past the cute pet names I'd like throw her in front of a train My sides will split as I scoop up her brain And its just these little things that blow up in your face It's the mountains and molehills that never change Sometimes it the girls you love are strange If I'm ever happy then you'll make sure I'm in pain
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The Cast
These dogs are the cast of my videos
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Mark T Vegas Karaoke.. You have to take your shoes off..
Danzig and Incubus never sounded so mediocre..
Views: 304 marky666
Tomo Likes Shoes
By request from a fair few people, I bring you Tomo's rendition of shoes! :D (Yerp, more swearing, protect your ears if anyone is strict?) The timing is a bit off, a times, sorry about that. Song: Shoes - Kelly DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY
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ima take ma shoes off
hali,ondreka,rosa,january and j40 beat boxing
Views: 1516 BOOSTER8814
Take Off Your Shoes!!!!
my friend does not like when people wear shoes to bed...this is what a night of partying does to something so small to be so damn big and funny
Views: 5687 TrentusMaximus87
Tamisha - take ur shoes off.3GP
MzPrince n MzIsha - take your shoes off by teezy... looool
Views: 431 princetamishkrish
The Saturdays - The girls go shoes shopping
Check out our Myspace Fan Page about The beautiful Saturdays! www.myspace.com/thesaturdaysfan *** Also check out the offial website and myspace music! www.thesaturdays.co.uk www.myspace.com/thesaturdays *** All the videos are from Polydor or TheSaturdaysOfficial!
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Take off your shoes!!!
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Mickey Factz-I Like Your Supras
Mickey Factz I Like Your Supras
Views: 57979 lafiestaaaa
the cheeky boys
singin spirit in the sky
Views: 258 debz028
a bunch of us singing karoke. Badly.
Views: 13 katkillzzkittens
Me n My Shoes on autopilot
Live @ Sage Gateshead Sound 08 16th Feb 08
Views: 121 backseatangel
Eluthera, Please take your shoes off when entering the beach
Nick and Alex's trip to the Bahamas, shortened version,
Views: 1094 nicksgonesurfing
Parker party shoes off
Taking shoes off for party
Views: 6543 dgjuniorfamily
checka girl
berlina aggro checka girl disst am phone voll ihre freundin :-p
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take a chance, take you shoes off, DANCE in the rain
Christina & Stephanie doing a bunch of dances they know together! their lame!
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Chikky Girls
my three young sisters video clips
Views: 348 lourdesricarte
Checky Checky
umm this is some MESSSED SHITTT!
Views: 25658 Liam Billard