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Unbelieveable Stuff ice sculpture men
Melting men: Thousand ice sculptures left to thaw in the sun to highlight climate change in Arctic http://believe-or-not.blogspot.com
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melting man
time lapse video if did for school
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Japanese Take Ice Bath
This next story is quite a sight. One group of Japanese are taking the idea of purifying themselves to new heights. This isn't for the faint of heart. Dozens of Japanese pour ice cold water over themselves in a traditional 'soul-purification' ceremony at a Tokyo shrine to wish for good luck in 2009. Braving winter temperatures, dozens of people showed up at a Japanese shrine on Saturday (January 10) wearing only shorts or loincloths before taking a 'purification' dip in ice cold water. At the annual New Year's ceremony at Kanda Myojin shrine in Tokyo, participants offered prayers and chants before they jogged around the shrine grounds and stepped into a pool of ice water. Then, they poured water over themselves - an action they believe would purify their souls and bring them good luck. Bathing in cold water, or standing under waterfalls is a traditional Shinto purification rite. [Mizutaka Kanazawa, 35-Year-Old]: "I felt numb in the water. Now it hurts." [Shiroh Motohashi, Participant]: "Going into the water wasn't much problem, but when you get out of it, you really start feeling cold." The day-time temperature in Tokyo on Saturday fell as low as 3 degrees Celsius, or 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Marshmallow Murder
ANNOYING ORANGE VIDEO GAME: http://bit.ly/KitchenCarnage A bag of marshmallows get fired up. OUTTAKES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gctM6ibvC_0 TWITTER: http://twitter.com/daneboe FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/daneboe1 2ND CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/user/gagfilms STORE: http://www.gagfilms.com/store.html ► SEND MAIL TO: 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd #428 Sierra Madre, CA 91024
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Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen and the Leidenfrost Effect
I stick my hand (momentarily) directly into liquid nitrogen but don't suffer any injuries due to the Leidenfrost effect. The Leidenfrost effect is the formation of a gas barrier between a hot surface and a boiling liquid if the temperature difference is great enough. This gas barrier greatly slows the heat transfer between the two and allows the liquid to last longer and consequently the hot surface to remain hot longer. This effect can be seen in a frying pan as it's being heated. At first the water quickly boils as it's dropped in but at a hot enough temperature the Leidenfrost effect takes over and makes the water skate around the surface lasting a very long time. Liquid nitrogen vs. a room temperature object will also exhibit the effect preventing it from instantly freezing the object... such as my hand.
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Archive: Melting Ice: Regional Dramas, Global Wake-Up Call. Footage from Tromsø.
Former Vice President Al Gore, foreign ministers and climate change scientists met on 28 April in the town of Tromsø in Northern Norway to discuss the impacts of melting ice in Antarctica, the Arctic and mountain areas worldwide. This video contains general footage from the town of Tromsø.
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Melting the ice away
From Kaja goo goo 2nd album[ISLANDS].
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Ice Man
funny toy we found in a stream
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Inside a glacier - Earth - The Power of the Planet - BBC
Incredible footage filmed from within a glacier reveals the discovery of water pockets which help glaciers flow easily. Timelapse photography illustrates the extraordinary power of ice as chamber chissled out by scientists closes up in just three days. Watch more high quality videos on the Explore YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcexplore
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melt men
stupid kids with lighters action figues and spray paint
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Official: 1 Dead, 134 Rescued From Lake Erie Ice
Cell phones rang and word was passed to fishermen out on a distant stretch of Lake Erie's iced-over waters: A crack had widened in the ice, trapping everyone on a miles-wide floe that was drifting away from the Ohio shoreline. (Feb. 8)
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the random melting man
sorry once more... this is just a test for using blue and white tack to see how it well it works lessons learned: need to use more subtle movements
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Madonna - Frozen
Frozen official music video. Directed by Chris Cunningham. Original song taken from the 'Ray Of Light' album. 1998 - Maverick / Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
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Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Expose of Climate Change Part Two
What is the truth about global warming? Are the ice caps melting? Will polar bears and penguins soon be found starving on small floating icebergs? Does the future survival of man hinge on an immediate reduction in carbon emissions? This bold new documentary is an exciting and important tool for all who face the rampant misinformation propagated by ecological alarmists.
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Modern English - I Melt With You (Official Video)
Subscribe to 4AD here: http://bit.ly/4ADYouTube The official video for 'I Melt With You'. Get the whole album 'After The Snow' on 4AD: http://4ad.com/releases/14 4AD on the web: http://4ad.com/ https://www.facebook.com/fourad/ https://twitter.com/4ad_official
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Csaba's Descent into the the ice cave
Csaba Fikker Descending into an ice cave on Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska
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Disney On Ice Competition
WIN tickets to see Disney On Ice at the MEN Arena.
Copenhagen Ice Sculpture in Central London
With negotiators trying to hammer out a deal on climate change in Copenhagen, a sculptor in London is creating a piece of art to mirror the melting ice in the Arctic. His ice sculpture of a polar bear is designed to melt by the end of the Copenhagen Conference, leaving behind a brass skeleton, and a big puddle of water. Jennifer Glasse reports for VOA from Trafalgar Square in London
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Melting Army Man
I kept getting nagged to start an army man toy on fire. Here it is.
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Bisbee 1000 Ice Man Competition 2009 - Clip 4
The Bisbee 1000 Ice Man Competition was held on October 17, 2009. The Ice Man Competition requires that you climb a set of 155 stairs while carrying a ten pound block of ice in a set of antique metal tongs. This event is NOT for the faint of heart or those with less than above average agility!
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B29 kee bird disaster
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Blood Gothic Vampire Ice Sculpture *CHB*
Cherry Hills Ice Sculpture, with melting ice particles, a lovely addition to any wedding reception decor. Cherry Hills Bridal Offers A Wide Range Of Wedding Supplies In Second Life. To See All We Have To Offer Search For *CHB*
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Disney On Ice presents Princess Wishes - MEN Arena, Manchester - 30th Sept to 4th Oct 2009
This years production of Disney On Ice is the beautifully presented Princess Wishes, where Disney Princesses and their loveable friends promise to entertain adults and children alike in a collection of enchanting and beloved Disney stories. The show skates into Manchester on 30th September where it begins its UK Tour at the MEN Arena. Tickets are priced between £11.50 - £33.50 For further ticket information telephone 0844 847 8000 or visit www.men-arena.com or www.disneyonice.com
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"The Ice Scream Man" chapter 1  (story in the description)
The Ice Scream Man One of my favorite things about summer was the arrival of the ice cream man. You could count on him like clockwork. As soon as the days got longer, and the temperatures rose in early June, youd hear that familiar jingle that seemed to come from a dream, and end up right in front of your door. So as I sat on my porch that first day on summer waiting to hear the familiar chime of the ice cream bells, I was a bit startled by the sight that arrived almost stealthily in front of my house. It was a black van with the letters I and C painted on the side, and it didnt make a sound. It just sat there with the motor running. Through the window I could see the shadow of a driver, his eyes glowing a pale white, hair crazy and wild, sticking up this way and that. Suddenly, a hand popped out of the door holding a single ice cream cone dripping and melting chocolate goo all over his strange looking arm.suddenly something made me move forward. The man's eyes lit up a yellowish like color. I tried to scearm for help but nothing came out. He open the side door of his van. I kept moving. Moving closer. Closer. Closer. The man reached his hand out, grabed my arm, and pulled me in the van. Jake read out of a book called "The True Stories Of Georgia." "Hey Jake! Put down the book and hang with your friends." I will never finish reading this story, Jake thought. "Hey come on guys, if he wants to read the book let him." Renee said. Just what I need. A girl standing up for me. "Shut up, Renee! You only said that 'cause you like him." Hannah souted. Renee's face turned blood red. Oh boy. Here we go again. Renee jumpped to her feet, face still red, and said "I do not!" I saw Hannah giggle and gave her the eye. She shut up quickly. Renee has been my friend since we were in per-k, now we're in the tenth grade, sixteen years old. "Hi guys." Hannah rolled her eyes. I can't believe everyone thinks me and Hannah would be good together. Jake Brooks and Hannah Moore? No. I don't think so. Kody smiled and said, "Hi Jake." She pointed to the book I was holdin then said "It must be really goog, huh?" I nodded. I never am able to talk around Kody. She's not my type but she's so beautiful. I wonder if she'd go on a date with me, I mean without all her friends, like Hannah Moore. clips: twilight song: animal i have become comment if u want more :)
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The Non Melting Ice Cream Band
The Non Melting Ice Cream Band Ibla busker festival Sicily 2008 Soulpower by James Brown
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NOW on PBS | On Thin Ice | Preview | PBS
http://www.pbs.org/now/on-thin-ice.html Buy the DVD: http://www.shoppbs.org/entry.point?entry=3529030&source=PBSCS_YOUTUBE_NOWD6516_ONTHINICE:N:DGR:N:N:409:QPBS This video previews the one-hour NOW special, "On Thin Ice" airing April 17 (check local listings) In it, two men go on a remarkable journey high in the Himalayas to investigate threats to global water and food supply. David Brancaccio and environmentalist Conrad Anker -- one of the world's leading high altitude climbers - adventure to the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayan Mountains, the source of the Ganges River, to witness the great melt and its dire consequences first-hand. The two also visit Montana's Glacier National Park to see the striking effects of global warming closer to home and learn how melting glaciers across the world can have a direct impact on food prices in the U.S. Visit http://www.pbs.org/now/on-thin-ice.html right now for a special preview video, David's 12-day travel journal, and amazing photographs from their adventure.
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Cold is not something to be feared, but embraced.
Wade Davis talks about the receding ice line. and how our thinking and perspective needs to shift. Hopefully faster than the melting polar ice caps. For more, visit http://journey-to-zero.posterous.com
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Obscene Ice Sculpture
The high-output furnace has a water output pipe that caused a rather obscene looking ice sculpture to grow out of the snow over the winter. It's melted into an even more obscene shape, and then we spotted water dripping off it . . .
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Zero Grau
Vídeo livremente inspirado no trabalho artista Néle Azevedo de intervenções urbanas nas cidades de São Paulo-Brasil, Paris-França, Brunschwieg-Germany e Porto- Portugal
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[PsOne] Tales of Phantasia Playthrough #49 Ymir forest of mirror-water
Dungon:Ymir forest of mirror-water Ymir is the primordial giant and the progenitor of the race of frost giants. He was created from the melting ice of Niflheim, when it came in contact with the hot air from Muspell. From Ymir's sleeping body the first giants sprang forth: one of his legs fathered a son on his other leg while from under his armpit a man and women grew out. Odin and his brothers had no liking for Ymir, nor for the growing number of giants, and killed him. From the slain body the brothers created heaven and earth.his blood to create the lakes and the seas; from his unbroken bones they made the mountains; the giant's teeth and the fragments of his shattered bones became rocks and boulders and stones; trees were made from his hair, and the clouds from his brains. Odin and his brothers raised Ymir's skull and made the sky from it and beneath its four corners they placed a dwarf. Finally, from Ymir's eyebrow they shaped Midgard, the realm of man.
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Cherry Hills Ice Sculpture Masquarade Gold Second Life *CHB*
Cherry Hills Ice Sculpture, with melting ice particles, a lovely addition to any wedding reception
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Ice Surfboard SOS
A surfboard made entirely of ice becomes a powerful visual metaphor for the devastating effects of global warming. It survived for 20 hours and assisted in generating donations of $23000 for ocean conservation projects. Thanks to the Save Our Seas Foundation for supporting this important project.
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Gathering Water in the wild - melting snow
Wolfbushcraft Pack Group Task 1 collecting natural water
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Candyman - Melt In Your Mouth
Music video by Candyman performing Melt In Your Mouth. (C) 1990 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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Rocketman Survives!
We find the man alive. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! We wanted some explosions or some melting plastic
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National Geographic - Beginning Of An Ice Age
Ice Age Volcano Eruption
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Arena Changeover from Ice to Basketball - True HD
Workers change the floor of Arco Arena from an ice rink to a basketball court for the Sacramento Kings - 15 hours in 3 minutes. Music is by Brokenkites with permission Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Why does a bottle of wine explode in the freezer?
The Professor explains how what happens to water when it turns into ice. All in under 90 seconds. If you put a bottle of wine in the freezer it explodes. Why!? Take a couple of minutes (literally!) and find out. The Professor is an expert in the field of Knowledge, which includes subjects involved in answering this question: Chemistry, Physics, Atomic Theory and Thermodynamics. The Professor is a Senior Member of The Faculty at The University and Head of the Department of Knowledge. He has published many articles in The Journal and has been awarded numerous and specific Distinctions, Honors and Awards.
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China Greenpeace
http://www.euronews.net/ Environmentalists marked the 100 day countdown to the UN meeting on Climate Change in Copenhagen with the unveiling of 100 ice sculptures at a park in Beijing on Friday.
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Hutchison effect: Objects Levitate, Metals Mutate, Time Travel
Hutchison effect: Objects Levitate, Metals Mutate, Time Travel. Free energy technology.
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Terminator 2 Liquid T-1000 Scene
Mitica escena en la que el t-1000 se reconstruye despues de ser destruido por un disparo del t-800 justo despues del "sayonara, baby"
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Departure of Robert Peary and the Roosevelt from New York 1905
Photographed July 16, 1905. American Mutoscope and Biograph Company Location: Dock on Hudson River, New York, N.Y. Camera: G.W. ''Billy'' Bitzer The camera pans to show the schooner ''Roosevelt'' docked at a covered pier on the Hudson River on Manhattan's west side. Then, from a camera position on board, men in straw hats and fashionably dressed ladies are seen boarding the ship [1:20]. Next, the famous polar explorer Rear Admiral Robert Peary appears on the gangway in a dark jacket, mustache and straw hat [2:29]. He tips his hat, consults his watch, then, just before the film ends, motions to order the departure. On this expedition he achieved the ''farthest north'' record, but failed to reach the North Pole. Completed only four months prior to this film, the ''Roosevelt'' was specially designed to withstand Arctic ice. She was 184 feet long, 35 and a half feet wide, with a hull over two and a half feet thick. Fully loaded the ship weighed 1,500 tons while drawing only 16.2 feet. In addition to sail power, the ship was driven by a 1000 horsepower steam engine, which could produce short bursts of even greater power to get the ship through thick ice. The ''Roosevelt'' served Peary on this expedition as well as the following one in 1908-1909. Sold numerous times to a variety of commercial concerns, the ''Roosevelt'' was abandoned to the elements on a mud flat in Cristobal, Panama in 1937, where she eventually rotted away. Robert Edwin Peary (May 6, 1856 February 20, 1920) was an American explorer who claimed to have been the first person, on April 6, 1909, to reach the geographic North Pole. Peary's claim was widely credited for most of the 20th century, though it was criticized even in its own day and is today widely doubted. THE 1905-06 EXPEDITION Peary's next expedition was supported by a $50,000 gift by George Crocker. Peary then used the money for a new ship. Peary's new ship Roosevelt battled its way through the ice between Greenland and Ellesmere Island to an American hemisphere farthest north by ship. The 1906 ''Peary System'' dogsled drive for the pole across the rough sea ice of the Arctic Ocean started from the north tip of Ellesmere at 83° north latitude. The parties made well under 10 miles (16 km) a day until they became separated by a storm, so Peary was inadvertently without a companion sufficiently trained in navigation to verify his account from that point northward. With insufficient food and with the negotiability of the ice between himself and land an uncertain factor, he made the best dash he could and barely escaped with his life off the melting ice. On April 20th, he was no further north than 86°30' latitude yet he claimed to have the next day achieved a Farthest North world record at 87°06' and returned to 86°30' without camping, an implied trip of at least 72 nautical miles (83 statute miles) between sleeps, even assuming undetoured travel. After returning to the Roosevelt in May, Peary in June began weeks of further agonizing travel by heading west along the shore of Ellesmere, discovering Cape Colgate, from the summit of which he claimed in his 1907 publications he had seen a previously undiscovered far-north ''Crocker Land'' to the northwest on June 24th of 1906. Yet his diary for this time and place says ''No land visible'' and Crocker Land was in 1914 found to be non-existent by Donald MacMillan and Fitzhugh Green. On December 15, 1906 the National Geographic Society, which was primarily known for publishing a popular magazine, certified Peary's 1905-6 expedition and Farthest with its highest honor, the Hubbard Gold Medal; no major professional geographical society followed suit. - excerpt from wikipedia ''The Roosevelt embodies all that a most careful study of previous polar ships and my own years of personal experience could suggest. With the sturdiness of a battleship and the shapely lines of a Maine-built schooner, I regard her the fittest icefighter afloat. As I write these lines, I see her slowly but surely forcing a way through the crowding ice. I see the black hull hove out bodily onto the surface of the ice by a cataclysm of the great floes. I see her squeezed as by a giant's hand against a rocky shore till every rib and timber is vocal with the strain. And I see her out in the North Atlantic lying to for days through a wild autumn northeaster, rudderless, with damaged propeller, and shattered stern post, a scrap of double reefed foresail keeping her up to the wind, riding the huge waves like a seagull till they are tired out.'' - Robert Peary, Secrets of Polar Travel (New York: The Century Co. 1917) p.28-31. Recommended reading: The Rise of New York Port 1815-1860 - Robert Greenhalgh Albion (This book is unsurpassed for a study of New York's history as a port city in the first half of the nineteenth century) Film from the Library of Congress 01/04/12 - 3,622
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Melt Down
Hip Hop dance choreographed by Jacob Patrick and music by me which you can download from www.teksoulproductions.com. This was also in the Broke Show, which was a Mosaic production (www.mosaic.org).
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Time Lapse: Melting the Face Off a Power Ranger
A time lapse I made of a Power Ranger losing his face...
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Sewer Diving | National Geographic
Meet the man who swims through human excrement, toxic waste, and rotting cadavers to keep Mexico's wastewater where it belongs. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Sewer Diving | National Geographic https://youtu.be/TlRjbV-rT-E National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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CLAY the melting snowman
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Auto Tune the News #2 pirates drugs gay marriage
auTo TunE!! i DiD nOt mAdE thIs (tNx To Schmoyoho) buT eNjoY tHe ViDeo...ComMmEnt And plEaSe sUbsCribE Ruth Marcus on gay marriage Kiran Chetry on marijuana Sean Hannity and Hillary Clinton on pirates Katie Couric on melting ice Lyrics: RM: This was a pretty remarkable week on the gay marriage front First of all, to have a state like Iowa MG: Whatchoo tryna say about Iowa RM: Not the east coast state MG: East coast RM: Not the left coast state MG: Left coast RM: In a decision written by a republican appointee MG: shawty, now you sounding so fine Give me your number, we can bump and grind Talkin about politics all night Leavin the club in the mornin light If we get carred away We might get gay-married today KC: We just heard from some of our viewers who strongly support legalizing marijuana MG: Shawty, 5 of those calls was from me KC: Do you think we should legalize pot alone or all drugs, including heroine, cocaine, and meth? MG: My brain says no, but my body says yes! AG: I'm an angry gorilla. I heard you needed me (ooh ooh ah ah) SH: Now that Captain Phillips has been successfully rescued The president has decided to step in front of the spotlight AG: Ooh, I'm angry! You can't see it, but my forehead's veiny SH: And even take some credit for the rescue AG: Well, don't you worry, baby boo You'll always have an angry gorilla to be angry with you That's what I do. Just ask Donkey Kong. He's in my crew KC: At the North Pole, new satellite photos show arctic ice is melting so fast AG: Oh snap, how fast? KC: Many scientists now believe it will be gone within 30 years AG: Surely you jest! I'm under cardiac arrest, shawty KC: Some researchers think it could disappear in just six AG: Shit! KC: Without it there could be a snowball effect AG: Oh KC: With temperatures rising even faster If we all don't take bold action and take it fast AG: Yeah, Both: We will find ourselves on very thin ice MG: Tell em, Hillary, pirates on very thin ice HC: These pirates are criminals They are armed gangs on the sea MG: That means the ocean HC: The United States does not make concessions Or ransom payments to pirates ... MG: Hello, shawty, we can meet up at the mall Browse around at the bookstore
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crossing on ice
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