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Big My Secret - Michael Nyman - in The Piano (2004)
* I do not own this music* * It belongs to their owners* TRACK 2
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Michael Nyman, Big my secret
Fecha: 30/04/2014 Piano: Kawai CA 63 Aprendiendo piano desde 01/03/2010
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret
🎶Download the track: 🎧iTunes - http://smarturl.it/hl0iu2 🎧Google Play - http://smarturl.it/az2feq 🎧Spotify - http://smarturl.it/0mt6oj Me playing this beautiful and you could say very romantic piano piece from the soundtrack to the movie 'The Piano'. Like 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First', this is another stand out track from the album and movie. Both pieces of music are piano masterpieces by French contemporary classical composer Michael Nyman. Both pieces I have played for many years and never get tired of them, I must have learnt this piece about 10 years ago or more, its not very difficult, but is not easy to remember all the notes for sure. The piece has a kind of improvisatory structure to it and it works really well, its a very original piano piece I think. Thanks for listening as always Mark :D Facebook: http://facebook.com/mfpiano Twitter: http://twitter.com/mfpiano ITunes: http://itunes.com/markfowler Google Play: http://goo.gl/20FO8G Spotify: http://smarturl.it/6tzfzk Sheet music store: http://bit.ly/Mark_F_ Booking/Business: [email protected]
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Michael Nyman: Big my Secret (8dio 1928 Steinway and Sheet music)
Piano sample 8dio 1928 Steinway, midi reproduced with Logic Pro X. This is not played by me. My cover of Big my Secret: https://youtu.be/XMikBSetTPY https://soundcloud.com/micheleguida/michael-nyman-big-my-secret
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Big My Secret from The Piano by Michael Nyman
You can buy the sheet music here! http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/the-piano-sheet-music/3610796?aff_id=534829 Follow me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/NatalyaPlaysPiano Twitter @NatalyaPiano Instagram Natalya.Plays.Piano I upload every Tuesday and Friday Every Tuesday I play YOUR request! What would you like to hear next? Comment below ^_^ My digital piano is Yamaha Arius YDP-160 I film with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone I edit audio with AVS Audio Editor I edit video with Adobe Premiere Elements 13 and Windows Movie Maker
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Big my secret - Michael Nyman
my first movie out of photos
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Big My Secret - The Piano Soundtrack
From the soundtrack of The Piano. Music compose by Michael Nyman.
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret (from "The Piano")
Me playing the beautiful piece from the soundtrack to the movie „The Piano“ (1993). If you like this video, you could be also interested in my performance of "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" from this movie: https://youtu.be/s7Lnov1ka_k Thanks for listening! :-)
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big my secret - Nyman
primo tentativo di registrazione..come si dice...buona la prima!!
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret
From "The Piano" soundtrack.
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Michael Nyman Big my secret
Je me lance dans une playlist des plus beaux morceaux de piano (de mon point de vue, bien sûr ;-) Si vous avez d'autres idées, je suis ouvert aux commentaires. Je pense ajouter régulièrement des vidéos. I start to create a playlist with my favorite piano pieces. I am open to your comments if you have another song idea.
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret
Big My Secret
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret (from The Piano) - Piano Cover Tutorials
Learn how to play Michael Nyman - Big My Secret (from The Piano) - Piano Cover Tutorials
【Big My Secret】 from 'The Piano'  Michael Nyman
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Big my secret - Michael Nyman | Piano Cover
me playing 'Big my secret' by Michael Nyman, ost from the movie 'Piano'
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret - Piano Cover
Another one from "The Piano Original Soundtrack", hope you like it :)
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Michael Nyman the Piano My Big Secret Synthesia Tutorial
Sound is a little off SORRY :DDD. Now i think it's the first Synthesia tutorial of it yet soooooo have Fun learning it :D
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El Piano - Big My secret (Michael Nyman)
b.s.o. the piano
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret (Scent of Love) from the Piano
Michael Nyman's (awkwardly entitled) Big My Secret was written for the Jane Campion film The Piano. Despite the high praise the film received from both critics and the public, I disliked it. However, much of Nyman's film score caught my ear (e.g., the Heart Asks Pleasure First, Big My Secret, the Embrace, Lost & Found, All Imperfect Things, and a Wild & Distant Shore). I gave up piano lessons around 7th or 8th grade (a group of well-meaning people inadvertently removed the joy of music-making). It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college that I gradually started playing the piano on a regular basis again. Big My Secret is the first piece I learned when I returned to piano, so it is personally significant. If you enjoy this music, I recommend that you check out Nyman's music scores for Gattaca (one of my all-time favorite films), the End of the Affair, and Wonderland. Since this comes up quite a bit on Youtube, the sheet music is available in The Piano (ISBN 9780711933224) and the Revisiting the Piano (ISBN 0711968845) music books. I prefer the selections in the latter of the two books. The next piano solo I plan to post is Secret Garden's "Heartstrings." Thanks for watching! -Rick
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Big My Secret - Michael Nyman
Big My Secret - Piano Twitter - @PabloPenella
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Big My Secret (The Piano) by Michael Nyman
"Big My Secret" theme from "The Piano" movie. One of my favorite piano pieces. If you like it, buy the original soundtrack :) Music composed, arranged, conducted and produced by Michael Nyman. Virgin Records Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Michael Nyman Big my secret
Michael Nyman BSO El Piano
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Big my secret (piano) - The Piano - Michael Nyman
From the motion picture "The Piano" by Jane Campion
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret | The Piano
Michael Nyman - Big My Secret | from The Piano OST https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Piano_(soundtrack) "In 1991, after the release of the soundtrack to Prospero’s Books, the fifth full length movie collaboration with director Peter Greenaway, Michael Nyman needed a little break from film scoring. After more than a decade of establishing one of the best composer-director relationships in the history of cinema, Nyman broke off with Greenaway when the director added electronic music over the composer’s score without consulting with him. In interviews following the release of the film Nyman was disillusioned: “‘I’ve been talking about Greenaway for seemingly my whole bloody life, and basically, I don’t want to talk about Greenaway because he never talks about me.” Nyman went back to working with his ensemble releasing an album of songs with Ute Lemper and writing orchestral works. His career could have been a continuation of relatively small commissioned modern classical work and scores to obscure films had he not received a fateful phone call from New Zealander director Jane Campion, asking him to write the score for her next film. So started the seed to what became the soundtrack to the film The Piano, one of the most romantic soundtracks in modern cinema, a sharp turn from Nyman’s signature style that accompanied Peter Greenaway films. The score Nyman wrote for Greenaway’s films spiked Jane Campion’s ear when she was looking for the critical element of music for her film The Piano. The aggressiveness of the repetitive patterns played by the horns and strings were as far removed from the mood she was looking for, but there was something else that appealed to her. Nyman was surprised by her interest, and she told him: “I don’t want any of that Greenaway shit”, but his ability to express an emotion with the smallest amount of notes was what she was looking for. Campion: “The music Michael wrote for The Draughtsman’s Contract had such clarity, voice and vision that I knew he was the person I needed. However, because my film was dominated by a piano, I didn’t want the driving-strings sound he’d used for Greenaway. He was stunned and told me they were his signature. I thought “Oh dear!” and asked, in the politest way possible, if he could try something different.” The script required a different approach than the one Nyman was used to with Greenaway. Ada, the film’s heroine, a by-choice mute Scot who is sold into marriage to a New Zealander, expresses her emotional world with her piano playing. Nyman: “I had to work out how she, a mid-19th-century woman, would do this. For a male composer with a history of minimalist writing at the end of the 20th century, finding that voice didn’t come easily.” But Nyman found that voice, and The Piano became a milestone in his career: “I was brought up in the minimalist school, thinking you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s a very formulaic approach, with structural disciplines that I find comfortable. However, The Piano expanded my repertoire. I have become much more spontaneous. All my subsequent soundtracks have been informed by the lyricism the film opened up in me. I might never have found it otherwise.”
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Big My Secret By Michael Nyman
Bethany Age 12 playing Big My Secret By Michael Nyman
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Big My Secret (Michael Nyman/The Piano) on Harp
Big My Secret from "The Piano", composed by Michael Nyman, played on Irish harp by Junshi Murakami in Dublin. ダブリン発「愛蘭土竪琴通信」ブログ更新中 http://ameblo.jp/harphedgehog/
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Big My Secret   (The Piano)    by Michael Nyman
Played by 10yrs Dic
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Michael Nyman - Patrícia Costa - Big My Secret O Piano
Piano Patrícia Costa;Realização Miguel Costa;Equipa técnica de som Louie Russo e Luís Pinto; Sala Grande Auditório do CCC;
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret (The Piano)
Big My Secret by Michael Nyman. From the movie The Piano.
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Michael Nyman  "BIG MY SECRET" from THE PIANO
Michael Nyman "BIG MY SECRET" from THE PIANO
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Big my secret O.S.T. of "The Piano" (Michael Nyman) - Giuliano Marco Mattioli
One of the to famous themes in the movie "The Piano". No changes have been made on the score in order to perform it on the harp.
Michael Nyman-The Scent of Love
Beautiful soundtrack from ''The Piano'' movie by British composer Michel Nyman.The photography and following piece are not mine they are the property of the rightful owners.This video has been made only for commercial purposes!
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The Heart Asks Pleasure First Michael Nyman Valentina Lisitsa
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Big my secret - Michael Nyman
BO du film "la leçon de piano " jouée par Sandrine Delamare .
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Big My Secret, Michael Nyman, "The Piano" HQ by Sun
I've learnt a new piece this week--a piece written by a contemporary British composer, Michael Nyman, for the award-winning film "The Piano". With many hidden voices throughout the entire piece, this work has a suitable title--"BIG MY SECRET". It was these hidden melodies that make this simple-looking piece hugely difficult to play (properly). I've not mastered it but do allow me to share its beauty with you. The recurring themes of few simple notes, decorated by improvisational passages, give the piece its rather hypnotic quality and rich emotional character. Every time I play it, something changes inside me and I can't really describe the feeling. I wish I could write something as beautiful as this... Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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"Big my secret" (Michael Nyman) - Piano variation
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The Piano - Big my secret (Michael Nyman)
Movie : The Piano Song : Big my secret by Michael Nyman
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Big My Secret / Michael Nyman
Hi! I'm Hiro. I've been learning piano since summer of 2009. It's the video of KAWAI's piano concert on 23rd Sep.in 2010. I want you to watch this coz the player is me^^ Hope you enjoy it's not so good performance though^^; 大人のピアノ教室に通って1年。 カワイ主催のピアノ発表会で弾きました。 子供から大人まで、100名前後の参加。 第一部〜第五部までわかれて、自分は第五部17番目で演奏しました。
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Michael Nyman - Big My Secret
Here is one of my favourite piano pieces to play. It is from the movie 'The Piano' and written by Michael Nyman. Let me know what you think.
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Big my secret Michael Nyman
Big My secret from the composer Michael Nyman. OST from the piano.
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The Piano (1993) "Big my secret"
The Piano is a 1993 New Zealand drama film about a mute piano player and her daughter. Set during the mid-19th century in a rainy, muddy frontier backwater town on the west coast of New Zealand, it revolves around the piano player's passion for playing the piano and her efforts to regain her piano after it is sold. Directed by Jane Campion Produced by Jan Chapman Written by Jane Campion Starring: Holly Hunter Harvey Keitel Sam Neill Anna Paquin Music by Michael Nyman
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Big my secret. Michael Nyman
Played by Alex Ramiro
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