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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Opening
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays found its roots in Cartoon Network's first original show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. First aired in 1995, this cartoon talkshow (itself a revolutionary idea) contained a weekly section entitled World Premiere Toon. This was used as a testing ground for the next generation of cartoons that the network had begun ambitiously producing. The first World Premiere Toon was Craig McCraken's The Powerpuff Girls' episode, Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins, and it was very well received. The Powerpuff Girls' success opened the door for other cartoons, each by a different artist, to be shown each following week. These included Johnny Bravo, Sledgehammer O'Possum, George and Junior, Hard Luck Duck, Dino, and Yuckie Duckie. Of these only Johnny Bravo and The PowerPuff Girls would survive.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, Edd Hosts. November 17, 2000
Credit to retroccn on MySpleen.
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Cartoon Cartoons Latino (Compilado)
Clips de varios videos en VHS de Cartoon Cartoons
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Cαятσση Cαятσση Fяidαys Halloween Party (Full 2000 Version)
Selling Random VHS Tapes From My Collection! $20 ea. E-Mail - [email protected] Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoolGamingDeals Thanks for liking, commenting, and subbing!
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - Anime Anime Fridays - (Anime Style and Nightcore Version)
All Shows Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Digimon Glitter Focre Glitter Force Doki Doki Kirby Right Back At Ya Little Witch Academia Magical Doremi One Piece 4kids Powerpuff Girls Z Sgt Frog Sonic Stitch!
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Promo- Ribbon
Montage of Cartoon Cartoons and rolling logos. Credit goes to 90sCartoonNetwork!
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cartoon cartoon Fridays Theme+other versions
i felt like making this because it was on my mind and i was obsessed with CN as a kid in the 90`s :D
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CNTwo - A Tribute to Cartoon Cartoons (aka Cartoon Network Originals)
This video is also dedicated to Cartoon Network greatest crossover of all time: Crossover Nexus (BEST CROSSOVER EVER!!) Also, I know I forget a few other Cartoon Network Originals both old and new. So please comment what CN show you like to put on the next Cartoon Cartoon video. TM & © 1993-2018 Cartoon Network A WarnerMedia Company Additional footage of The Moxy Show from (Colossal) Pictures' 1994 Reel All clips and audio are property of their respective owners. DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in this video. Everything is copyright to their respective owners. This video is for archival entertainment purposes, not for profit. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Cartoon Cartoons fridays on Kids WB Bumper
Disclamier: i do not own any of the content of the character's and musics for this video, it belongs to the rightful owners of the Turner company/ Time Warner Company. Also this is FanMade
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays promo: "You With Us?"
From 1999-2000, this spot promoted "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays" on the Cartoon Network. I.M. Weasel: "Before you can be considered for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, you must prove your worth." Red Guy: "Let's begin...SHALL WE?!?" Johnny Bravo: "Fill in the blank for me: 'Hey there, li'l...' What?" Old woman: "Sailor?" Red Guy: "WRONG!" Guy 1: "I don't know." Guy 2: "Mommy?" Red Guy: "Close...BUT INCORRECT!" Woman: "You must be nuts!" Dexter: "I have a question for you...who is my greatest rival?" Guy 3: "Dee Dee." Red Guy: "Wrong!" Girl: "Mandark!" I.M. Weasel: "What is the Cartoon Cartoons' theme song?" Young woman: "Bum BAHH bum bah BAH bum bah BAH!" Guy 4: "Leader...bah bah...Bubbles!...dee dee..." Guy 1: "That's the...theme to 'The Powderpuff Girls'!" Powerpuff Girls: "What did you just say?" Guy 1: "Umm..." Edd: "Which Ed am I? C'mon! C'mon! Huh? Huh? Huh?" Cop: "Come ON! You're Ed-single-D, you're Edd-double-D, you're Eddy! I love you guys!" Narrator: "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Tonight at 7:30 on Cartoon Network. You with us?" Bubbles: "Now say it right!" Guy 1: "The Powerpuff...POWERpuff Girls. I got it! OK?" Disclaimer: I own no rights to this video. Video is the property of Cartoon Network, a division of Time-Warner. I just couldn't find it anywhere on YouTube and thought I'd upload an old VHS copy.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Themes (1999-2003)
These are all the standard theme songs from Cartoon Cartoon Fridays that were used from 1999 to 2003 until the block dropped the Cartoon Cartoon moniker. 0:00 Main Theme (1999) - http://www.4shared.com/mp3/7whrmIJ9ba/1999_CCF_intromp3.html 0:30 Ending Theme (1999) - http://www.4shared.com/mp3/UJsrQKdLce/1999_CCF_outro.html 0:45 Full Theme (1999-2003) - http://www.4shared.com/mp3/gYMEn42Dce/Cartoon_Cartoon_Fridays_Theme.html 1:48 Main Theme (2000) - http://www.4shared.com/mp3/OaXrRVtvba/Cartoon_Cartoon_Fridays_Theme_.html 2:51 Main Theme (2001) - http://www.4shared.com/mp3/VddCWtMwce/Cartoon_Cartoon_Fridays_Open.html
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - Bubbles Hosts, November 10, 2000
In my opinion, this actually the first week of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays in which Sheep in the Big City was part of the line-up, despite the fact that it was just the pilot being reran. Also, this was the very last CCF episode to have Ed, Edd n Eddy at 8:00, Dexter's Laboratory at 9:30, and Cow and Chicken at 10:30, Cow and Chicken would never be heard from again unless if necessary for a bonus cartoon, host pick, or dot com pick. For this episode, Bubbles shows the episode of the Powerpuff Girls, "Candy is Dandy/Catastrophe" as well as the encore performance of Sheep in the Big City. Here's Bubbles' schedule for the night Sheep in the Big City - In the Baa-ginning (NEW!) Johnny Bravo - The Johnny Bravo Affair/Biosphere Johnny/Spa Spax Ed, Edd n Eddy - Home Cooked Eds/Rambling Ed The Powerpuff Girls - Jewel of the Aisle/Super Zeroes (PIEGUYRULZ loves Jewel of the Aisle, by the way) The Powerpuff Girls - Candy is Dandy/Catastrophe (NEW!) Dexter's Laboratory - Dee-Dee's Room/Huntor/The Big Sister (why a season one episode?) Courage the Cowardly Dog - The Duck Brothers/Shirley the Medium Cow and Chicken - Confused and two other episodes I can't remember.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays host segmants Christmas
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays clips. Enjoy :)
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Segment Montage
Here is the Cartoon Network Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Segment Montage 1999-2003.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Acapalla Redrawn
i spent all day making this instead of eating
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: June 8, 2001 Ed and Eddy Host
Footage from Captain B. Zarre, just edited the Commercials out. This was the night Time Squad Premiered and when CCF revamped. Ed and Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy hosted for the first time, and would host every other week that summer. I didn't remember seeing this or Friday's when I was growing up, but this seemed like a real awesome block. They basically showed Time Travel episodes of the Cartoon Cartoons, the Time Squad Premiere, and one of many Pilots that would be entered in the Big Pick at the end of Summer 2001, Captain Sturdy. I don't own any of this, this was just for the enjoyment and nostalgia of others.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: June 22, 2001 Johnny Bravo Hosts
Another CCF video, still from Captain B. Zarre. This was when Johnny Bravo hosted and they showed another pilot for Big Pick, IMP inc. As well as another episode of the then-new show Time Squad. Not much else to say as it's the same as almost each Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Make sure to Subscribe to Captain B Zarre, that guy is an awesome dude. I don't own anything seen in the video, this was just for fun and nostalgia.
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"Cartoon Cartoons" - Opening HD
English: My childhood in just one video. Subscribe and comment. Spanish: Mi infancia en solo un video. Suscribete y comenta.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Bumper Collection
A collection of bumpers from Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
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Original Cartoon Fridays Intro (With Scheduling Error)
This is about as classic as it gets to vintage cartoon cartoon fridays nostalgia. Watch for the scheduling mix up with samurai jack near the end! Good Stuff, enjoy =]
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - Eustace Hosts, December 1, 2000
This is the final instance so far that Eustace has hosted Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Around this time, it was the start of the Christmas season, and Eustace shows us brand new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls (Hot Air Buffoon/Ploys R Us) and Sheep in the Big City (Belle of the Baah). As well as promote the GameBoy color system. Here's Eustace's very last schedule Host Pick - Monkey See, Doggie Two (Bad choice) The Dot Com Pick - Unfortunate Cookie Johnny Bravo - Jurassic Dork/Mascot Academy/Full Metal Johnny Dexter's Laboratory - Labels/Game Show/Fantastic Boyage The Powerpuff Girls - Mo Job/Pet Feud The Powerpuff Girls - Hot Air Buffoon/Ploys R Us (NEW!) Sheep in the Big City - Belle of the Baah (NEW!) Courage the Cowardly Dog - Queen of the Black Puddle/Everyone Wants to Direct Ed, Edd n Eddy - Honor Thy Ed/Scrambled Ed
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 1999 Six NEW Cartoon Cartoons Promos
Here is the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 6 NEW Cartoon Cartoons Promos from Cartoon Network 1999.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays July 28, 2000 full broadcast Part 1
I'm back to post some former or old CCFs that may or may not have been on youtube. This is Bubbles second time hosting. Credits go to GoodOleDays95
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Puzzle & Roller Coaster Segment Bumpers
Here are the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Puzzle & Roller Coaster Segment Bumpers from Cartoon Network 2001-2003. Credit goes to ccffreak.
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Cartoon Network Segment Cartoon Cartoon Fridays May 9th, 2003
Here is the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays May 9th, 2003 Segment from Cartoon Network 2003. Credit goes to ccffreak.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Promo- Nickelodeon
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Cartoon Network's Fridays Opening Theme
Cartoon Network. Opening Titles for Packaged Franchise. Lyricist/Producer/Vocals.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (Latin America) - Premiere & New Year Marathon (2000)
Premiere of the latinamerican version of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and start of their marathon with motive of the New Year 2000. Stuff not mine, so do not credit me.
Cartoon Network's Fridays Mega Collection
A mega collection of promos and segments from Cartoon Network's Fridays. Thanks again for 10K! Subscribe for more nostalgia: www.youtube.com/c/anostalgicexperience Follow A Nostalgic Experience on Twitter: @nostalgic_exp Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0-YuyFY0gc
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Bumper- Powerpuff Girls
Bubbles says... Credit goes to WhatIAmWikia! Affordable Dental: Save up to 80%, $19.95 a month! Visit http://www.realdealdiscounts.com for more information!
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Darude - Sandstorm [Cartoon Cartoons Fridays Tribute]
These were the classic cartoons we used to watch when we were kidz, Cow and Chicken, Dexter's Laboratory, Jhonny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Coward Dog, Ed Edd and Eddy and so many others. Sadly Cartoon Network stop presenting these classic and began to show new cartoons which today no-one likes it at all.
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All Cartoon Network Fridays Intros(1999-2007)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (Latin America) - Promos and Bumpers (2000 - 2003)
Promos and Bumpers from the Latinamerican version of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays from Cartoon Network between 2000 and 2003. Stuff not mine, so do not credit me. All intellectual rights to Turner International.
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: January 5, 2001 No Host
Footage from Captain B Zarre So for some unknown reason, none of the Cartoon Cartoons hosted the first Friday of 2001. Thankfully, Tom Clark aka The Announcer from 2000-2002 filled the position for the night. Man, that guy had a lot of energy while he was doing the voice overs for Cartoon Network promos and such, not that it was a bad thing. So that CCF, they showed a brand new episode of The Powerpuff Girls. Sheep in the Big City took the night off and wouldn't air another new episode until that next week when Double D hosted again. This was one of the many occasions where the Announcer would fill the Host Role for CCF in the event of no host, to my knowledge at least. Aside from short bumpers and such, it was nothing too different. I don't own any of the footage seen in the video, this was just for the enjoyment and nostalgia from others.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Theme Songs
The music for CCF, music down below. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Opening Theme https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzfK2ONf7mzyUUtEZ2Uwb1RlbHc/view?usp=sharing Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Theme https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzfK2ONf7mzyT29lQjBydFRCSFE/view?usp=sharing Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 2003 Summer and Onward https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzfK2ONf7mzyVHRGbG4xR3NqLTg/view?usp=sharing
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays commercials from December 15, 2000 (300 subscriber special)
First off, I would like to thank all 300 of you for taking the time to subscribe to my channel. These are commercials that aired during a full Cartoon Cartoon Fridays block on December 15, 2000, which Johnny Bravo was the host, which is coincidental since a new episode of his own show premiered at the time. Credit goes to RetroCCN for the original encode. Enjoy! No copyright infringement intended!
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays - Dexter Hosts, December 8, 2000
After Eustace retired from hosting for a while after the first week of December, Dexter took over his hosting duties. Here, he completely got almost everything right, with a few bumps along the way. Including mispronouncing Sheep in the Big City due to his strange accent. That night featured new episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog (The Curse of Shirley) and Sheep in the Big City. This was WAY before the Season Two episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes started to take hold of CCF. Amazingly, this CCF has one Season One Courage episode and one Season Two episode. How about that, huh? Here's Dexter's Schedule Host Pick: The Old Switcharooms (Bad choice) Bonus Cartoon: Cow and Chicken - The Legend of Sailcat The Dot Com Pick - Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo - Candidate Johnny/Air Bravo'Johnny B. Badd Dexter's Laboratory - Filet of Soul/Golden Diskette The Powerpuff Girls - Imaginary Fiend/Cootie Gras Courage the Cowardly Dog - The Curse of Shirley/Courage in the Big Stinkin' City (NEW!) Sheep in the Big City - Going Off the Sheep End (NEW!) Courage the Cowardly Dog - The Snowman Cometh Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rent-a-Ed/Shoo Ed
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 2000 intro
I haven't seen a decent ccf 2000 intro on youtube so I figured I'd post it, this belongs to Cartoon Network.
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SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubMonstersReview All copyrighted material used in this video belongs to its respective owners and is used under Fair Use (criticism and commentary).
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Cartoon Cartoons | Fridays | Cartoon Network | Promo | 2000
Cartoon Cartoons | Fridays | Cartoon Network | Promo | 2000 Cartoon Cartoons is a collective name used by Cartoon Network for their original series from 1996 to 2003. The majority of them were produced by Hanna-Barbera and/or Cartoon Network Studios. The concept of Cartoon Cartoons was spearheaded by Fred Seibert, and originated from his animation anthology series, What a Cartoon! (later re-titled to The Cartoon Cartoon Show). Once their popularity had grown, the Cartoon Cartoons were featured on the network's Friday night programming block, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. The name was retired by the network in 2003. Since their heyday, re-runs of the Cartoon Cartoons have continued to air on The Cartoon Cartoon Show (2005–2008) and Cartoon Planet (2012–2014).
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Cartoons Cartoons Friday's (Nickelodeon Version) •OLD•
EDIT 1: For just a wondering that please don't dislike my video guys... I work hard on this video just for you. But don't worry! I might make part 2 soon hopefully when I am out of school! EDIT 2: The Likes and Dislikes are Disabled because of the dislikers! So sorry about that everyone... EDIT 3: The Likes Is Back on track with 22 Likes! Thank you so much for liking my old video everyone! ^u^ Original Audio: Cartoon Cartoon Friday's Theme Acapella ~ https://youtu.be/pxWM2GwZVvU It is Nickelodeon's 25th Anniversary for their old tv shows to new tv shows back into the days when the good old shows spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim, Rugrats, and many more tv shows we knew as a kid! So I made up my version of the cartoon Friday's theme because I was bored so I got myself and idea for his video. TV Shows Are: Rugrats SpongeBob SquarePants Hey Arnold! The Angry Beavers Rocko's Modern Life Invader Zim CatDog The Wild Thornberrys As told by ginger Danny Phantom Jimmy Neutron Catscratch And Ren and stimpy (don't watch the show please...) But anyways, Happy 25th Anniversary Nickelodeon❣ •EDIT: I Don't own the shows by Nickelodeon! ~Cake The Pop Star Pikachu
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Bumper- Sheep In the Big City
Sheep says... Credit goes to WhatIAmWikia! Affordable Dental: Save up to 80%, $19.95 a month! Visit http://www.realdealdiscounts.com for more information!
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 2014 Intro
An updated intro to CCF. Featuring the 2004 - Present CN Shows.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays 1999-2000 NEW Episode Promos
Her are the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays NEW Episode promos from Cartoon Network 1999-2000.
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays
Celebrate your Fridays the right way, on Master Toons! http://mastertoons.com/
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