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Landmark DecisionSpace® Geoscience Well Tie Workflow Basic Overview
Join Landmark's senior geophysical product manager, Nguyen Nam, as he walks through a quick overview of the DecisionSpace Well Tie Workflow catalog. This presentation introduces the fundamental workflow for tying seismic and well data. For more information go to https://www.landmarksoftware.com/. © 2014 Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.
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Landmark DecisionSpace® Production: Getting Started With Asset Monitoring
This video provides a guide tour of Asset Monitoring workflow available within the DecisionSpace® Production application. It shows you how to monitor wells, facilities, as well as set up key performance indicators in realtime. It was created by Landmark's production documentation expert Deborah Crocket. For more information: https://www.landmarksoftware.com/ © 2014 Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.
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Landmark Earth - E&P Blueprint
As wells become more complex & E&P software workflows more interdependent, high computing performance is a must-have. Landmark Earth—the appliance to power operators’ private clouds—uses The E&P Blueprint™ for that reason. Designed for the needs of 3D applications and large data sets, The E&P Blueprint allows for improved performance & automated software updates. Learn more: https://www.landmark.solutions/LandmarkEarth © 2016 Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.
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Voice of the Oilfield™
Halliburton introduces the Voice of the Oilfield: Sensoring wells, acquiring and transmitting operational and production data to drive Reservoir and Production Life-cycle Management. Contact [email protected] for more information.
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Landmark Innovation Forum & Expo  - 2014 Recap
Join Halliburton Landmark for its annual technology forum, a unique event where globally diverse industry thought leaders, partners, and peers come together to discuss key insights and innovative technologies that are transforming the industry. As a LIFE attendee, you’ll get ahead by learning and understanding the prerequisites which are driving end-to-end business efficiency and integrated planning and execution across organizational teams and functions. You’ll experience our vast network of the most progressive, forward-thinking leaders and professionals in the industry. As in years past, LIFE attendees will receive exclusive access to the next-generation software, technologies, and data insights that are shaping the way our industry evolves and operates. Don’t miss this important opportunity to discover, absorb, and learn how your peers, partners, and communities are responding to the inevitable—change. Learn more: www.landmarksoftware.com/life2015. © 2015 Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.
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Vectorworks 2017 - Site Design - Navigate the Landmark Workspace
Navigate the Landmark Workspace Take a walk around the Vectorworks workspace. Learn the names of all the palettes and controls. If you have never used Vectorworks before, or are self-taught, start here! This video is part of a series. For more information, exercise files and further exploration videos, please visit: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/guides/site-design
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Petrel -- Recon -- OpenWorks: Data Transfer Solutions Webinar
Please visit our website, http://www.austingeo.com for more information on Recon and geological interpretation. In this webinar, you will learn how to: Move your data and interpretations into an OpenWorks database to create a multi-user environment, boosting collaboration between team-members. Integrate multiple Petrel projects into a single, integrated RECON project. Manage multiple scenarios and write your best interpretations to OpenWorks using ReConnect. Create a single RECON project from multiple OpenWorks projects, quality control your data, and send the improved data and interpretations to Petrel.
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I am iEnergy - Chris
Meet Chris. Global Formation Evaluation Manager at Halliburton. With a career that has sent him all over the globe including China, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and Louisiana, he understands the need for clear communication. On a typical web-site, customer’s hope they start in the right spot and find the right tool. iEnergy connects customers directly with knowledgeable domain and solutions experts to answer questions quickly. This enables users to locate information fast based on where they’re at in the oil field life cycle, learn how to analyze and evaluate data more effectively and suggest ideas. This is Chris, and he is iEnergy. Join iEnergy today for more information! ienergy.community © 2017 Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.
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An Overview of Petrosys Mapping and Surface Modeling Software
Petrosys delivers tools & services to integrate subsurface knowledge through maps, surface computations, & data management with direct links to key subsurface petroleum Exploration & Production applications & GIS data stores. Our desktop mapping application allows subsurface team members to use a presentation and decision quality map canvas to explore, improve, and present the well, seismic, topographic, land and other data they are working on along with the related subsurface models and exploitation plans and outcomes. Petrosys surface modeling converts the diverse range of data types used in petroleum EP into regularly spaced grids. In conjunction with our smart grid cell interpolation and sensitive handling of geological faults these are readily manipulated to allow analysis of structures, reservoir attributes and velocities. Gross rock volumes and net pay maps can be computed directly or via scriptable workflows, with a 3D visualization tool allowing rapid visual confirmation. Direct connectivity to the most popular EP applications from Halliburton, Schlumberger, Paradigm, IHS and others, along with links into ArcGIS and many popular GIS stores, makes the power of the Petrosys applications suite accessible to your exploration or production team without the delays or learning curves associated with file based transfers.
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Hal Academy2013
Halliburton, Rishi, Shale field, unconventional, well planning, earth model, stimulation, drilling
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Engineering Notes Plug-in for DecisionSpace
The Engineering Notes™ Plug-in for DecisionSpace® enables geoscientists and engineers to capture and visually reference downhole incident data with Knowledge Attachment graphic symbols displayed in the 3D subsurface model. Knowledge Attachments are shown as symbols in a 3D wellbore view and are used to mark any noteworthy downhole incident. The most common use is to note unplanned activities, nonproductive time, or other drilling-operations data. The software enables a diagnostic review of data stored in the OpenWorks® and Engineer's Data Model™ databases. Studying the relationship between each incident and its location on the 3D subsurface model (for example, the incident location relative to known faults and stratigraphy) improves understanding of possible causes for the incident and allows asset teams to effectively plan preventative and mitigation processes to avoid future lost time. Engineering Notes Plug-in for DecisionSpace was created from the Knowledge Attachment functionality previously offered in the 3D Drill View KM™ application.
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Landmark Payroll | Payroll On-the-Go
Make your life and business easier by using our Payroll On-the-Go service. It allows you to process your business's payroll at your own convenience.
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Decision Space Desktop Pinnacle
Halliburton FracTrac® Service Microseismic Fracture Mapping (c) http://www.halliburton.com/ps/Default.aspx?navid=2455&pageid=5099&prodid=MSE%3a%3a1062617155125637
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The Daytripper  Chet Garner Explores a Dell Unconference
Learn more at http://dell.to/2z2pFCN Known best for exploring Texas' landmarks, Chet Garner is the creator, executive producer, writer, editor and host of the five-time Emmy-award winning “The Daytripper.” He recently attended a social media unconference at Dell and brought his "Texplorer" view to the event.
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23, Surbiton Rd, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, SS2 4NR, http://www.yell.com/b/ARIES+SOFTWARE-Computer+Systems-Southend_On_Sea-SS24NR-1276752/photos-video.html
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DecisionSpace Geoscience: Editing a Velocity model
How to Edit Velocity model in DecisionSpace Geoscience. DecisionSpace is an industry standard tool for integrated geoscience interpretation, both for small and big corporates. With Geoframe dead, OpenWorks is the only realtime multiuser database in the Oil and gas industry. Disclaimer: These videos are available on the landmark website. I did not create them.
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How to import Zmap Faults to ArcGIS Pro
This video shows how easy it is to import ZMap faults into Esri ArcGIS Pro using Data Assistant, by Exprodat. For more information visit http://www.exprodat.com/Software/TGDA/
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Compass Video Training
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Petrosys v17.5: Exchange Petrel Wells
Fast, Direct and Versatile Transfer of Well Data to Petrel*. Data can now be written to Petrel using the Wells Import Wizard, opening up a broad range of new data transfer opportunities, and further improving the versatility of Petrosys as a robust data management tool. Data can be read from any of the numerous well data sources supported by Petrosys, including, but not limited to, PPDM databases, Paradigm Epos, IHS Kingdom, OpenWorks, GeoFrame and WDF. Petrel well data can be transferred selectively, using a Petrel project or selection file to specify a sub-set of data. Alternatively a selection can be made directly, using the wildcard and query functionality available in Petrosys. The addition of Petrel support coupled with the integration of the wizard into the workflow framework provided by Surface Modeling also means that updating Petrel data stores can now be automated and re-run by simply running a task. * Petrel and GeoFrame are registered trade marks of Schlumberger. OpenWorks is a registered trademark of Halliburton. IHS and Kingdom are trademarks of IHS Inc. Paradigm and EPOS are registered marks of Paradigm Geophysical.
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Unconventional Pt 5 Stimulation
An unconventional shale gas workflow, that incorporates various aspects of the geological and well design disciplines, to generate the best field development scenario. This multiple part series is a demonstration of some of the powerful tools offered by the Well Planning application within Landmark's DecisionSpace software suite.
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What EU US trade deal needs
The EU is set for talks over a free trade deal with the US. From the FT Business of Luxury summit in Vienna, Karel De Gucht, EU trade commissioner, talks to the FT's editor Lionel Barber about whether an agreement can be reached by the end of 2014. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit http://www.FT.com/video
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Offshore Pt 2 Overview
This multiple part series is a demonstration of some of the powerful tools that can be used for offshore and conventional well planning workflows to generate well design trajectories. The Well Planning application within DecisionSpace, Landmark's unified collaborative workspace, incorporates aspects of both the geological and drilling engineering disciplines.
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Relief Well Planning Options
The Well Planning capabilities within Landmark's DecisionSpace software suite features two of the industries only relief well trajectory design applications. The Relief Well Options uses all the power of DecisionSpace Well Planning to generate multiple possible relief well trajectories available, considering both design criteria and surface & subsurface hazard locations.less
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Celebrating 20 years of The Tavern in Abingdon
Morgan King & Amy Lynn hosts of Daytime Tricities take you on a tour of 'The Tavern' in Abingdon, VA. The one and only Max is celebrating 20 years of owning one of the area's favorite restaurants and bar. It's located in the oldest building in town just down the street from the famous Barter Theatre and Martha Washington Inn. Video & Editing by Jonathan Webb.
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Unconventional Pt 2 GIS and Play
An unconventional shale gas workflow, that incorporates various aspects of the geological and well design disciplines, to generate the best field development scenario. This multiple part series is a demonstration of some of the powerful tools offered by the Well Planning application within Landmark's DecisionSpace software suite.
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Dr. Priyadarshy speaks at Embassy of India at NRI Divas - Redefines DESH PREM
Dr. Priyadarshy who is President of DC Chapter of TiE and 1st Chief Data Scientist of Oil and Gas Industry, leading E&P transformation at Halliburton, speaks at NRI Divas at Embassy of India, Washington DC on Prime Minister's flagship projects.
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Unconventional Pt 6 Summary
An unconventional shale gas workflow, that incorporates various aspects of the geological and well design disciplines, to generate the best field development scenario. This multiple part series is a demonstration of some of the powerful tools offered by the Well Planning application within Landmark's DecisionSpace software suite.
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5/20/10: White House Press Briefing
White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.
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Dell Precision M5510 WorkStation Laptop, 15.6inch FHD IPS Display, Intel Core 6th Generati...
Dell Precision M5510 WorkStation Laptop, 15.6inch FHD IPS Display, Intel Core 6th Generati... Click here: https://goo.gl/yNpQ4q Amazon.com: Dell Precision M5510 WorkStation Laptop, 15.6inch FHD IPS Display, Intel Core 6th Generation i5-6300HQ, 8GB DDR4, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA Quadro M1000M, Windows 10 Pro (Certified Refurbished): Computers & Accessories
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