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08 of  13 - Oracle APEX 5 - List of values (LOV) for a field in a form; display a hidden column
A new series using APEX 18.1 is now available. https://youtu.be/vgrkiIpJEiQ This is one in a series of videos about creating an application using Oracle APEX 5. In this video we create two lists of values (LOVs) in the Shared Components section of our application. We use each LOV in place of a field in a form. We see how APEX will help us write the SQL for a LOV. The difference between a "display value"and a "return value"is discussed. Finally, we display the primary key field in a form, which APEX hides by default. See the primary key field in a form can be helpful during application development. SQL scripts for this series are available to download at: http://db.kreie.net
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1-oracle apex multi select list
oracle apex multi select list Code DECLARE l_selected APEX_APPLICATION_GLOBAL.VC_ARR2; BEGIN -- -- Convert the colon separated string of values into -- a PL/SQL array l_selected := APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE(:P7_AUTHORS); -- -- Loop over array to insert department numbers and sysdate -- FOR i IN 1..l_selected.count LOOP INSERT INTO AUTHOR_BOOK (AUTHOR_ID_, BOOK_ID_) VALUES (l_selected(i),:P7_BOOK_ID); END LOOP; END;
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List of Values LOV | ORACLE APEX 5.1
Simple way of creating List of Values for beginners in APEX 5.1
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Oracle APEX - Make LOV,List,Radio button in Form
A list of values (LOV) is a static or dynamic set of values used to display a specific type of page item, such as popup lists of values, a select list, a check box, a radio group, or multiple select lists. Thanks so much for watching this video If you are the first one in my channel Please subscribe to the channel If you have any comments on this video, then definitely give it in the comment box Facebook page Link: https://www.facebook.com/orclapexbd/ Blog Link: http://orclapexbd.blogspot.com/
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List In Apex | Collections in Apex | Salesforce Development Tutorials
In this video, I have explained List which is a part of collections. List can be used to store primitives, user-defined objects, sobjects, Apex object or other collections. I have explained properties of the list along with a single and multidimensional list and also discussed some common methods of list : 1. add() 2. size() 3. get() 4. remove() 5. clone() 6. set() 7. sort() 8. clear() 9. isempty() The other types of collections i.e set() and map() will be discussed in the next video in the series. Hope you enjoy and get educated by these videos. My Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imshreysh... Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SalesforceHulk/ Tweet me at: https://twitter.com/iamshreysharma Reach me out at: https://shreysharma.com Salesforce Hulk Website: www.salesforcehulk.com
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oracle apex - list of values (list menu).mp4
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله تعالى و بركاته هنا نتعرف على القائمة المنسدلة فلي PAEX
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Oracle APEX -  APEX COLLECTION (Most Important part of APEX )
Every collection contains a named list of data elements (or members) which can have up to 50 character attributes (VARCHAR2(4000)), five number attributes, five date attributes, one XML Type attribute, one large binary attribute (BLOB), and one large character attribute (CLOB). You insert, update, and delete collection information using the PL/SQL API APEX_COLLECTION. The following are examples of when you might use collections: When you are creating a data-entry wizard in which multiple rows of information first need to be collected within a logical transaction. You can use collections to temporarily store the contents of the multiple rows of information, before performing the final step in the wizard when both the physical and logical transactions are completed. When your application includes an update page on which a user updates multiple detail rows on one page. The user can make many updates, apply these updates to a collection and then call a final process to apply the changes to the database. When you are building a wizard where you are collecting an arbitrary number of attributes. At the end of the wizard, the user then performs a task that takes the information temporarily stored in the collection and applies it to the database. Beginning in Oracle Database 12c, database columns of data type VARCHAR2 can be defined up to 32,767 bytes. This requires that the database initialization parameter MAX_STRING_SIZE has a value of EXTENDED. If Application Express was installed in Oracle Database 12c and with MAX_STRING_SIZE = EXTENDED, then the tables for the Application Express collections will be defined to support up 32,767 bytes for the character attributes of a collection. For the methods in the APEX_COLLECTION API, all references to character attributes (c001 through c050) can support up to 32,767 bytes.
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APEX20 of 30: Cascading LOVs.  Selection in one sets the list in another.  Radio group vs. checkbox.
APEX 18.1 video 20 of 30: Change the dominant breed LOV (list of values) in the ANIMALS form to show only the breeds associated with a particular category of animal (the list of breeds is different for canine versus feline). Look at the difference between using radio group or checkbox for an LOV. Run a script that creates “before update” triggers for some of the tables in the database.
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Oracle Apex (V3) - List of Values and Master-Detail
List of Values and Master-Detail in Oracle Application Express
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Oracle Apex: Sample Application Creation
How to create an application in Oracle Application express
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APEX 19 Quick Tour
Quick Tour of creating apps, using SQL Workshop and installing some apps from the App Gallery.
Tutorial : AJAX in APEX 5.0 part-3 Creating Dependent Select List
Simple demonstration on how to create Dependent Select List with AJAX in Oracle APEX 5.0. You can get all the documents on demonstration described in all part 1,2 and 3 in the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9KYQAdHoJPuNDViQndOeV9KZDQ/view
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how to create list menu in oracle apex 4.2
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Oracle APEX - Oracle APEX 18 DASHBOARD
Developer:Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Contact:01827712531
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Oracle APEX 5.0 New Features, Part 1 of 9
Experience the new login with Oracle SSO and The List of Workspaces. See all lessons at http://skillbuilders.com/apex-5.0-new-features-tutorial.
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Oracle APEX - APEX  Messenger
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06 of  13 - Oracle APEX 5 - Define UI (user interface) defaults; modify a navigation menu item
A new series using APEX 18.1 is now available. https://youtu.be/9_2Hxi7rANw This is one in a series of videos about creating an application using Oracle APEX 5. In this video we look at the user interface (UI) defaults for columns in tables and how to change these. Changing UI defaults to user-friendly text will help make APEX-generated reports and forms easier to read and use. We also look at how to change a navigation menu item so that it opens a different report page. This edit is done in the Shared Components section of APEX. SQL scripts for this series are available to download at: http://db.kreie.net
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How to create list or manu in oracle apex
To get my others videos just go to the link which is given below.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcOAx6xy6aQgKzJFaJ_8zQ https://youtu.be/F6sXYOeqCis Stay connected with information... Stay Connected with my tutorial.. Stay connected with updated reports tutorial... Keep learning about Oracle Databese ....... Thanks for watching... Subscribe my Channel : Mahfujur Rahman Subscribe my channel : Mahfujur Rahman Thanks For Watching MdMahfujur Rahman Database Design and Development IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project. 01673472384
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Select List: Static List, Dynamic list in Oracle form
In this video, we will learn about select list. types of select list, and their creation process. how to make dynamic select list in very easiest way. I think it will be very useful for oracle students. Best of luck. I have added my voice in bangla in this video. the music as added from camtasia studio library. Suggest me about any query. My all links ============= My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/MukulAhmed420 My Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/mukul.ahmed.148 My Google+ Account : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MukulAhmed420 My Twitter Account : https://twitter.com/mukul_420 My Linkedin Account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mukul-ahmed-737844b1?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile My hi5 Account : http://www.hi5.com/profile.html?uid=6022709819 My okcupid Account : https://www.okcupid.com/profile/mukul_420
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Salesforce tutorial for beginners : Introduction to Apex, collection API, list, set, Map
introduction to Apex, collection API, list, set, Map
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Oracle APEX 4.2.4 Tutorial (11 of 22) - Create a list of values (LOV) and use it in a form
APEX 4.2.4 is out of date. Please try the APEX 18.1 video series. https://youtu.be/65LExgaQMHI See how to create a list of values (LOV) in the Shared Components section of an application and then use that LOV in one or more forms.
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Tutorial: AJAX in Tabular Form in Apex 5.0 (Dependent Select List)
Creating Dependent select list in tabular Form with AJAX in Apex 5.0. You can get all Ajax documents in the following link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9KYQAdHoJPuNDViQndOeV9KZDQ/view
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How to Navigate from one page to another using lov(list of value) on oracle Apex 5 or above for web application or mobile application developement.
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Oracle APEX - Complete Guide to Dynamic Actions
Dynamic Actions are extremely powerful and flexible for the APEX developer and by understanding their use and how to customise, repurpose and extend; you can quickly master them. Knowing more about Dynamic Actions enables the PL/SQL developer to build functionally rich APEX applications without being a semi-pro at JavaScript.
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APEX 5.1 -  Users access control throw Navigation( Menu , Bar , List )
APEX Users access control throw Navigation( Menu , Bar , List ) .. 5.1 شرح التحكم في صلاحيات المستخدمين على اوراكل ابكس Oracle Application express 5.1
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Create  static list item in Oracle APEX {class-5}
You know how to create static list item in Oracle Apex in this video
How To Create Wizard Progress List in Oracle APEX.mp4
How To Create Wizard Progress List in Oracle Application Express
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41.  Changing your navigation menu list position Side or Top in Oracle Apex
BEST PRACTICES TO CREATING COMPLETE APEX WEB APPS EASILY Online Download 1. Introduction 2.Creating the workspace 03:28 3. Getting started with Oracle APEX 02:03 4. Understanding your application needs 03:02 –CREATING THE CORE TABLES FOR THE APPLICATION 53:09 5. Bringing in the first table, Orders table Preview 03:31 6. Bringing in the second table, Order Items table 02:37 7. Creating List of Values (Static) 02:11 8. Creating sequence for the next table to be brought in, Foods table Sequence 02:17 9. Using created sequence on foods table to be brought in 02:51 10. Linking Foods table to order items table 03:10 11. Creating a lookup table, customers 03:40 12. Creating Foods lookup table 02:26 13. Creating the application user interface 04:22 14. Adding new column and creating customers report and form 05:50 15. Creating Orders page 06:56 16. Creating the Orders and Order Items page (Master Detail) 05:22 17. Creating Foods pages (report and form) 03:55 18. Creating Foods Types pages (report and form) 02:48 19. Summary and reminder 01:13 Changing navigation (Orders and Master Detail) 08:49 21. Creating dynamic List of Value 16:14 22. Making appropriate data format field on report and form 03:39 23. Creating Default Values 03:16 24. Adding new column and creating a static List of Value 08:42 25. Setting Radio Group, Popup LOV and Select List for a list 03:52 –CREATING DIFFERENT APPLICATION STANDARD REPORT PAGES 01:14:46 26. Creating a view from multiple tables 03:26 27. Creating Classic report from a view 06:25 28. Creating an interactive report from a view 01:55 29. Creating an interactive grid from a view 02:13 30. Adding calculations to our reports to make it make more sense 13:57 31. Column 03:48 32. Filter 07:55 33. Data; Sort, Aggregate, Compute and Flash Back 06:07 34. Format; Control Break, Highlight and rows per page 06:14 35. Charts and Downloads 09:51 36. Creating standard charts 08:10 37. Including calendar page 04:45 –CUSTOMIZING APPLICATION USER INTERFACE 01:27:02 38. Creating maintenance page 09:42 39. Adding your navigation menu list appropriately 09:10 40. Perfecting navigation 02:42 41. Changing your navigation menu list position (side or top) 03:11 42. Creating page regions and editing the region layout 04:21 43. Adding contents to your regions 08:00 44. Creating and adding list to a region (Home Page) 06:05 45. Adding text area on a page (HTML) 03:54 46. Using page zero or global page 04:08 47. Adding or changing your application logo (Text or Image) 06:08 48. Adding background image to a page 03:25 49. Using theme roller 17:05 50. Giving final touches to your app user interface 09:11 –CREATING AND MANAGING YOUR APPLICATION USERS 39:03 51. Creating your app users 07:23 Defining your users Preview 05:47 52. Limiting access to a navigation menu & list 09:01 53. Limiting access to a region 07:05 54. Limiting access to page buttons and reports 07:33 55. Conclusion 02:14
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How to Install Oracle Apex plugin. Select2- Select List with search box
How to Install Oracle Apex plugin. Select2- Select List with search box A drop down list with search box. We badly need to search while selecting something from select list. Oracle Application Express provide us some default select list / combo box but some plugin here for search data while selecting in select list.
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Select List e Popup LOV Oracle APEX 18.1 - #34
Nessa aula será abordada a criação, configuração e uso dos componentes de tela Select List (Caixa de Seleção) e PopUp LOV, que é uma variação do Select List. #Oracle #APEX #OracleApex #ProgramarSemMedo #SelectList #ListaDeSelecao #PopupLov
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How to create Wizard List on Apex5?
in this tutorial i was showing how to create a wizard list on apex5. wizard list is mostly used for form, which have two or more steps and you have to fill up all of this steps and to fill up the form you've to go through this steps. if you've any problem please comments me i'll try mine best to help you. thanks
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Page Restriction on Oracle APEX using Authorization with ACL (Access Control List)
Step by step instruction can be found here: http://www.developapex.com/2018/04/oracle-apex-authorization-and-custom.html Oracle APEX mamiliki mekanisme untuk melakukan pembatasan hak akses akan paga/halaman yang ada. Sebuah page dapat ditentukan user siapa saja yang berhak mengaksesnya. Pembatasan hak akses terhadap suatu halaman dilakukan dengan Authorization Schemes. Salah satu mekanisme pengaturah authorization adalah dengan membuat Access Control Page (ACL). Silahkan Subscribe
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Llenar un select list a partir de otro select list Oracle Apex en Español
Bienvenido, en este espacio encontrarás tutoriales e información sobre Oracle Apex en Español Blog: http://goo.gl/0pncQO Facebook: https://goo.gl/0zvBTS Twitter: https://goo.gl/mo2xpN Página empresarial: http://goo.gl/VGPCb1
Tutorial : APEX validation
Simple demonstration to discuss why and how to create validations
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Oracle APEX 4.2.4 Tutorial (15 of 22) - Using LOVs (list of values) in a form or report
APEX 4.2.4 is out of date. Please try the APEX 18.1 video series. https://youtu.be/65LExgaQMHI A list of values (LOV) is a user-friendly way to display information in a report or to provide a drop-down list of choices in a form. This video shows how to create an LOV in the Shared Components section of APEX and then use it in forms and reports. Examples of how to combine more than one column in the display list are shown.
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Dynamic Actions in Application Express
Held on October 17 2018 In this beginner session, APEX Development team member Anthony Rayner, demonstrates the power of Dynamic Actions to declaratively implement client-side interactions. Rather than writing a huge amount of JavaScript, simply select when the Dynamic Action will fire, what actions it will take, and what it will act upon. He also highlights some of the common pitfalls APEX developers should avoid when building Dynamic Actions. Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/AnthonyRayner1/oracle-application-express-dynamic-actions Session Chat Transcript: http://bit.ly/apex_office_hours_chat_20181018 Key Video Timestamps: 2:36 Overview 7:50 Demo 42:50 Bad Practices 47:15 Future 50:10 Question and Answer Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables you to build stunning, scalable, secure apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere. Join APEX developers and product managers for training and how-to's, so you can make the most of this amazing tool! AskTOM Office Hours offers free, monthly training and tips on how to make the most of Oracle Database, from Oracle product managers, developers and evangelists. Music by bensound.com https://asktom.oracle.com/ Oracle Developers portal: https://developer.oracle.com/ Sign up for an Oracle Cloud trial: https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/tryit Music by bensound.com
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Tutorial : Creating Oracle APEX DML form Step by Step manually
Creating Oracle APEX DML form manually. In this video we have tested the concepts of DMLand ARF Processes. The Video shows what really happens when we create a DML Form with wizard.
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APEX08.SQL01: SQL coding for a dynamic list of values (LOV) in Shared Components.
This video reviews the syntax for SQL code used by in a list of values (LOV) in APEX’s Shared Components. It also uses existing data in the tables to illustrate what we see in a drop-down list in a form versus the data that is actually stored in a table. The scripts are at: http://db.kreie.net
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Create Dynamic Link on Oracle APEX based on User Input
This video gives illustration of creating a dynamic link based on user input on a input form. Every time input added, the link will added also. Step by Step tutorial can be found here: http://www.developapex.com/2018/04/how-to-store-application-link-on-oracle.html
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Tutorial : Creating Parameterized Report in Oracle APEX 5.
This simple video shows how to create a parameterized report in Oracle APEX 5.
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Tutorial: AJAX in APEX 5.0 part-2 Set multiple items
Demonstration video on how to set multiple page items with AJAX in Oracle APEX 5.0.
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