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Magic Pie 5 EBike Project
So after doing the Electric Quad bike (see the other video) I wanted to experiment with an EBike, the bike itself is a rubbish old thing I've had knocking around for a long long time. I got hold of a Magic Pie 5 motor kit (think I might have said it was the magic pie 4 in the video...sorry!) which when run on 14S (58.8V charged) Lithium Polymer batteries it hurtles me to about 32MPH! A lot of fun and has inspired me to find a special frame from China which is properly designed for this kind of power... Stay tuned! Bike Stuff (Updated 2018!!!) Mudhugger rear mudguard - https://amzn.to/2EeSolt Mudhugger front mudguard - https://amzn.to/2IrrJEf Handlebar Mirror - https://amzn.to/2GvBnJT Pedals - https://amzn.to/2JfF8k0 My Full Face Helmet - https://amzn.to/2uLPTHT My Goggles - https://amzn.to/2Gv7ER5 My Gloves - https://amzn.to/2H5NlH4 E Marked Tail light system - https://amzn.to/2q2bUMR Also check out our ebike parts store - https://www.cloudsto.com/store/andy-kirby-e-bike.html
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Magic Pie 5 Test Ride Golden Motor Canada
An Introduction to The Golden Motor Canada app and a test ride of a Magic Pie 5 on a local pathway, Enjoy the Ride!
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This video is of a one year review of my Motobecane HT 400 bike from Bikesdirect.com with a 48 volt, 1500 watt ebike conversion kit, Magic Pie v5 by Golden Motor from Luna cycle, with a 48 volt 17.5 ah Jumbo Shark battery pack, also from Luna Cycle. Filmed on 03/19/2018 with Panasonic Lumix TS25 and Samsung Galaxy Prime.
Magic Pie 5 and Smart Pie 5 Release Video
www.goldenmotor.ca . The next version Of Magic Pie and Smart Pie are here. This video explains the new features of the MP5/SP5 with a brief explanation of the controllers released from The pie 4 to the Pie 5
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Magic pie electric bike motor
Recorded on November 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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How To Spoke a Magic Pie motor into a Golden Motor rim
www.goldenmotor.ca A little long winded but great detail in how to spoke a Magic Pie or any of our motors into a rim.
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Elektrinis dviratis su Magic Pie turbo from Golden Motor
Powerful electric bike with Golden Motor magic pie4 motor with sine wave controlelr UK phone:00442036953056 USA phone:0019177655888 [email protected] skype:carmengao86 Whatsapp:8615206118439
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Ebike commute  Magic Pie II motor
Magic Pie II motor with Lyen sensorless 12Fet controller, 26s2p A123. Added a cap bank to voltage input of the controller for stronger starts and keeping the ripple current in check.
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Magic Pie 5 - Torque test from MIROMAX
Max torque of Magic Pie 5 motor is 67 Nm. However for a lot of users it is only digits not more... Therefore we try to show you what it looks in reality - TORQUE 67 Nm. Максимальный крутящий момент мотор-колеса Magic Pie 5 составляет 67 Нм. Однако для многих пользователей это только цифры и не более... поэтому мы постараемся показать вам как это выглядит в реальности - крутящий момент 67 Нм. Maksymalny moment obrotowy silnika Magic Pie 5 wynosi 67 Nm. Jednak dla wielu użytkowników to tylko cyfry i nic więcej... dlatego postaramy się pokazać, jak to wygląda w rzeczywistości - moment obrotowy 67 Nm. Maks. sukimo momentas Magic Pie 5 variklio yra 67 Nm. Tačiau daugumai vartotojų, tai yra tik skaičiai ir nieko daugiau... Todėl mes stengiamės parodyti jums, kaip tai atrodo realybėje - SUKIMO momentas 67 Nm. www.miromax.lt
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Mounting an 8 Speed Freewheel with a Magic Pie
Here I show how to mount an 8 speed freewheel with a Magic Pie. http://www.goldenmotor.ca Please realize you do this at your own risk as it is not advisable to attempt to widen the dropouts on an Aluminum frame bike. The frame could fail and break at any time without notice.
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Magic Pie Edge Test Ride of Power and Speed.
http://www.goldenmotor.ca http://www.goldenmotor.bike Test ride of the Magic Pie Edge Displaying Power and speed data. The Edge is a new from Golden Motor for 2016. It is rated at 500 watts and is perfect for those looking to build a street legal Ebike in countries that require a 500 watt limit. Please keep in mind this is a 500w rated motor and does not perform like a 1000w rated motor. But is still quite powerful and a pleasure to ride.
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Magic Pie Edge Release video - Golden Motor Canada
The Magic Pie Edge With Sine Wave Bluetooth Controller www.GoldenMotor.CA or www.GoldenMotor.Bike AT 48 Volts the Edge is a 500 Watt motor. A perfect solution for those looking to build their own Ebike and conform to the 500 watt rated motor standard. The Edge is smaller than the Magic Pie at 1000 watts and larger than the Smart Pie at 400 watts. It is like the Magic Pies Little Brother! When riding the Edge it delivers tons of smooth silent power. Less power of course then the Magic Pie and more than the Smart pie. The Edge pulls nicely and gets you quickly up to speed even with a heavy rider. The Edge comes with our latest Vector Sine Wave Technology and Bluetooth for Connecting with your phone. You can wirelessly program your Ebike with your phone and then use it for a speedometer with additional readouts for power and battery life No Smart Phone, No Problem. You can also program your Ebike with a Windows PC a Golden Motor USB Cable. . This is true State of the art futuristic leading edge technology.
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Magic Pie 4 - Conversation kit. Electric bicycle within 30 min !  Presentation from MIROMAX
http://www.miromax.lt/ http://www.e-kit.eu/ Conversion kit with a Magic Pie 4 motor. A short video presentation - how any classic bike convert to electric bicycle.
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Magic Pie 3 Controller Swap
http://www.goldenmotor.ca How to change the controller on the Magic Pie 3. In this video I take my front and rear wheels off take the controllers out and swap them to the other wheels - I deleted several comments from this thread as they have nothing to do with swapping the controller.
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Pie Trek - The Next Generation: Magic Pie 3 Eelectric Motor on a Trek Pure Bicycle
this is part of my ride to work on north shore drive on the beautiful island of St. Croix US Virgin Islands. The Bicycle is a Trek Pure outfitted with a golden motor magic pie 3. 48 volts and 1,000 watts of power. To see more great bicycles both gas and electric visit Motorbicycling.com. this is my first attempt at making a video
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MAGIC PIE 5 INSTALLATION - Golden Motor Canada
www.goldenmotor.ca An In depth explanation of every thing from installing the tire, adding torque arms, setting up the wiring and Connecting with Bluetooth! This is a long video. First timers should watch the entire video. At 45 seconds in there is a index of times to jump ahead. This video is for a front installation. If you have a rear the video is here https://youtu.be/KPk7SqgiuV8 You should still watch both videos as there are different tips in each video.
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Magic Pie 5 Bluetooth Connect and Settings - Golden Motor Canada
www.goldenmotor.ca Connecting and Programming the Magic Pie 5 with a smart phone using Bluetooth
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Golden Pie V5 Golden Motor Hub E-bike Conversion Kit---First Look
My next conversion test and review will be on this strong and silent V5 kit. It is from Luna Cycles in LA, CA. They offer much in the way of E-bike conversions and ready-to-ride E-bikes.
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Devi comfort magic pie 5
Issue with controller
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http://www.goldenmotor.ca http://www.goldenmotor.bike Complete install for Magic Pie Edge it can be used as a guide for Magic Pies and Smart Pies as well. All though the motors are all different the installation is the same. This guide is for rear wheel kits. If you have a front wheel kit this link for the front wheel video https://youtu.be/mvbfE_KEdD0 .There are different tips in both videos worth seeing so please watch both before you install your kit..
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Golden Motor Magic Pie 2 66v 65A
Magic Pie 3 Conquering Hills One At A Time.
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Fat-bike i Golden Motor Magic Pie-3
Фэт-байк или фатбайк (от Fat-bike) i Golden Motor Magic Pie-3 http://velomastera.ru Магазин и Веломастерская находятся по адресу г. Москва метро "Сокольники” (влево от метро 50 метров (Ориентир Мир кожи в Сокольниках) Находится торговый центр "Галерея спорта"- мы там - Павильон - Мастерская "15" Сокольническая площадь, д.4 тел. 8 903 786 22 12 звоните, дольше не стесняясь
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Magic Pie eng
HubMotor from goldenmotor.com, for electric bike gained high popularity around the world . It s reliable high performance high efficiency. MagiePie5 new series continuous power 1000watt for max. power @ 48-56V direct drive without gear, maintenance free with the ability to give massive torque at very low speed until max speed without sacrificing it’s high performance. This is due the very good design and the installed special rare earth magnet Good and easy to install on most be-mountain bike , cross eBike , traveling eBike ,siteseeing eBike . When install to eBike no one can see controller box along body frame , it’s controller built-in wheel with water proof IP65 level Work with pedelac can extend a range up to 100Km or more Built-in controller type sinewave controller cme with aluminium fin best air cooling and wiring harness water prooft with all connectors are water proof Sinewave controller regent max. power back to your lithium pack up to 55% energy . Very less friction when spin without electric power due to no gear With blue tooth link to your hand phone to set up any parameter as you want and display all useful data during driving SmartPie 5 same function and feature as above but lower power at 400watt for very high efficiency ,less energy usage very free spin like no hubmotor install when spin without electricpower MagicPie 5 or smart pie 5 Rear drive can be install gear cassette up to 7 gear it’s installation shaft is thread type , key slot type can be customized =call MagicPie Edge 5 new series can be install cassette gear up to 10 gear with multi slot shaft with very high strength magnet and thin design with large diameter will give youa highest power output . also IP65 protection By Servovision.com T. 66 27432441 T 66 27432442 emal:[email protected]
Magic Pie 4 Vector Road Test - Golden Motor Canada
!0 minute road test of the magic Pie 4 Vector with Sine wave controller.. True, robust, silent power. www.goldenmotor.ca
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IS THE EDGE ENOUGH FOR ME? Yes the Edge Rocks! http://www.goldenmotor.bike/categories/magic-pie-edge/ Power ride of the Magic Pie Edge with a heavy rider and bike. Watch the Surprising amount of power and torque from the 500 watt Edge motor. A perfect powerful street legal solution. Can't decide between The Edge Or a Magic Pie? Watch this video!
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Magic Pie with Cycle Analyst v3 and THUN sensor installation video
Install a Cycle Analyst 3 with a pedelec THUN Sensor on a Magic Pie 3 Ebike by Golden Motor Canada http://www.goldenmotor.ca For a Wiring Diagram click the following link. This video can be used for v4 and v5 Pies and the Magic Pie Edge http://www.goldenmotor.ca/FAQ/questions.php?questionid=120 For Setup Instructions click the following link http://www.goldenmotor.ca/FAQ/questions.php?questionid=119
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e-Bike (Conhismotor Fat eBike & Magic Pie Motor eBike)
These are my two electric bikes. They both use about 35WHrs/mile DC. I also explain how to program the LCD display on the conhismotor ebike.
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Electric bike magic pie motor
Custombike with electric hub motor from Golden Motor
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Magic Pie Vector Fatbike Conversion Kit - Golden Motor Canada
http://www.goldenmotor.ca/categories/E%252dFatbike/ The Magic Pie 5 Vector Fatbike kit. Silent powerful Sine wave controller. Program the motor with your phone then use your phone as a speedometer and read live data on voltage amps and battery level. All built into a 4 inch wide Fatbike rim. Click the link above for more information.
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Magic Pie electric motor on a Downhill bike
Converted my old Ironhorse 6 point into an electric downhill bike with the Magic Pie 4 conversion kit. Rear hub spacing is 150mm, so I have plenty of room for gears and a torque arm. Rebuilt the stock wheel with a sturdier Sun Ringle rim and a stronger cross pattern.
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Golden Motor Electric FatBike Front Complete Front Wheel Build
Lets Build an Electric Fat Bike Full Detailed instructions on installing a Golden Motor Fatbike Kit. https://www.goldenmotor.ca/categories/E%252dFatbike/ http://www.goldenmotor.bike/categories/e-fatbike/
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Golden Motor Magic Pie 66v 65A
Friend taking a test ride on my electric bike.
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Magic Pie 4 Vector Released - Golden Motor Canada
The next generation of Magic Pie after the Magic Pie 3 with Sinewave Technology. www.goldenmotor.ca.
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20" Magic pie on 120v / 30S lipo - 42mph!
Good times, but a little slower than i expected. After 10 miles of stop and go, the motor case only got up to 105F / 40C after this abuse. P.S. The cast aluminum rim does act like a heatsink, at an ambient temp of ~65 deg, the aluminum rim was 80-90F at the end of the test.
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Golden Motor Canada Magic Pie 2 sound test
Test of External Controller Magic Pie for the sound of the wheel. Please note that our newer sinewave controllers make the motor much quieter. http://www.goldenmotor.ca http://www.goldenmotor.bike
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Magic Pie Edge Kit installed to Crius Master-D Folding Bike
Magic Pie EDGE Kit installed to Crius Master-D Folding bike 500W Motor hubs with built in controller 36V 12Ah LifePO4 Battery Max Speed: 38kph Max Range: 40km - 45km
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Electric Bike Build Magic Pie Edge
Magic Pie Edge V5 2016 This is the beginning process of converting my 5 year old Diamondback Edgemont Hybrid bicycle into a electric bike daily commuter. Diamondback Edgemont Hybrid 700C Magic Pie Edge 500watt motor 48 volt Luna Cycles 48volt - 14AH battery SKS Commuter II fenders Axiom Journey MK3 rack Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires
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Golden Motor Magic Pie 2
Early morning ride on Electric Bike
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Installing the Magic pie on a Side Kick
Completed installation of Magic Pie electric motor on American Speedster Side Kick
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Magic Pie Hydraulic Disk Brake Installation - Golden Motor Canada
Installing Hydraulic brakes quick and easy. http://www.goldenmotor.ca/categories/Parts-and-Accessories/Brake/Hydraulic/
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Installing an Electric Bike (eBike) Conversion Kit
I recently upgraded an older Giant Sedona bicycle with a Golden Motor Magic Pie v5 Electric Bike Conversion kit. For additional details, see: https://aroundhomediy.com/electric-bike-kit-install/
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Goldenmotor: Magic Pie 5 - 1000W Ebike [with 48V - 20aH LifePo4 battery] - WITH ONBOARD VIDEO
Special thanks for http://www.goldenmotor.at/ for Magic Pie, and the http://www.voiterscooter.com/ for the battery!
Motobecane 400 HT with Golden Motor Magic Pie V5 rear wheel conversion kit, 48v 17.5ah Jumbo Shark
2017 Motobecane 400HT MTB from Bikesdirect.com, Golden Motor Magic Pie V5 rear wheel conversion kit and 48v 17.5ah Jumbo Shark battery pack from Luna Cycle
E-Bike 40mph Magic Pie II, Ebiking to work
Commute to work with my homemade Ebike. Avg 40mph. Using MagicPie II motor and Lyen sensorless controller. 26s2p A123. Used Contour 720p 60fps.
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