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Indivizo.com: Using Drupal to build your agile, SaaS products
Drupal is the perfect tool for building SaaS and product businesses. A late night hotel room conversation about Drupal's agility, power, and flexibility above and beyond powering great websites with Bálint Kléri during Drupal DevDays 2014 in Szeged, Hungary. Bálint is the technical lead of Indivizo, "The fastest way to the perfect candidate", an online HR tool built on Drupal for interviewing job applicants.
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DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Enterprise level content staging with Deploy
Through Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and now Drupal 8, the Deploy module has been the best way to stage content between different environments. The Drupal 8 version of Deploy is vastly different before with a bunch of many optional dependencies that make it a flexible solution for all content staging needs. In this session we will look at how you can use Deploy to manage and stage content between all your development, testing, staging, review, and live environments. What's even better is these environments can all be on the same site by making use of workspaces, or they can be different versions of the site, on different servers, in different data centres, from different hosting companies. Many of the underlying elements of Deploy are moving into core as part of the Workflow Initiative, this session will not delve into that but it will look from a site builders point of view on how to configure and use these tools.
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Creating Custom Entities in Drupal 8 [July 20, 2016]
Want to learn more about Acquia’s products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. Drupal 8 contains a highly flexible and sophisticated structured data engine built into core - the Entity API. With the core tools available inside the Admin UI, it is possible to create and manage very robust and complete sites. However, the Entity API can also be easily extended to create custom entities, and that is what we are going to in this webinar. As we discussed in “Entities 101”, an entity is a “loadable thingy thats optionally fieldable”. While the concept is simple, the implementation can be intimidating. We are going to use freely available tools to make this process more accessible (and fast). By the end of the webinar, you will be able to create a basic custom entity and custom module in under 5 minutes. Topics include: • Leveraging Drupal Console for code scaffolding • Creating a custom module to “house” the custom entity • Permissions and routing • Understanding folder naming and namespace The code scaffolding along with the great code comments makes this a very friendly process, but this is a technical discussion about code. Attendees will be able to immediately apply what we are learning as we progress if they have a local development environment (like DevDesktop2) and Drupal console installed.
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How to Build APIs with the Services Module [March 19, 2014]
Want to learn more about Acquia's products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. HTML is for humans. With the number of internet connected devices increasing rapidly it's important to make sure that your content, and your business, can be read and understood by machines. Creating an Application Programmer Interface, or API that exposes your content in machine readable formats like JSON or XML is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Drupal core itself, with its concepts of content types and fields, does an amazing job of allowing us to store our content in structured chunks but it needs a little extra help to expose that data. Thankfully the Services module lets us do just that through a nice user interface right inside our Drupal configuration that doesn't require us to get into the code. In this webinar Drupalize.Me's Joe Shindelar will take a look at building APIs on top of Drupal with the powerful Services module and the mini ecosphere of other modules that have been built up around it. We'll look at the various request and response formats that the Services module understands, and the various tools available to us for testing them. You will also learn about: • How to build APIs on top of Drupal with the Services module • The different types of web services the Services module can provide • Other modules that extend Services with support for Views and Flags • Hooks available that make it simple for developers to leverage the power of the Services module in their own code
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Building a working Drupal Application in 5min
I attempt to create something like Twitter in just 5 minutes using Drupal. It doesn't go quite according to plan. If you'd like to learn more Drupal here are two helpful resources... https://www.acquia.com/blog/drupal-how-find-great-beginner-tutorials-drupal-7 https://buildamodule.com/
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Accessibility 201: Tales from the Front End
cboyden Ready to take the next step on accessibility? Come hear cautionary tales of well-intentioned yet inaccessible products! Learn from the struggles of those who’ve gone before, change your mindset, and improve your code. Over the course of 12+ years of running web accessibility clinics at UC Berkeley, the Web Access team has seen a lot. On the good side: a lot of innovative interfaces. On the not-so-good side: a lot of inaccessible implementations of relatively standard functionality. And, a lot of the same coding issues, over and over again. In this session, we’ll dive in to those common problems and some other sticking points that get in the way of developing truly accessible interfaces. Some things you’ll take away from this session: A deeper understanding of accessibility, beyond “can a screenreader use it” The first rule of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) Specific pitfalls to avoid when working with markup Strategies for testing and remediating your front-end code Checklists, checklists, and more checklists Who should attend: Anyone who works with markup, accessibility, or UX. Themers Front-end developers Decoupled Drupal developers UX folk Testers Some prior knowledge of accessibility and/or HTML will be helpful for understanding the technical recommendations, but anyone will be able to benefit from the overall discussion. https://2018.badcamp.org/session/accessibility-201-tales-front-end
Develop your Drupal 8 site with Drush and Composer on Platform.sh
In this video, you will learn how to develop and deploy your Drupal 8 website on Platform.sh using the Platform.sh CLI, Drush and Composer. You will also learn how to setup your local environment, implement new features and deploy them to production easily.
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DrupalCon Baltimore 2017: Beyond Websites: Using Drupal For Digital Signs
Traditionally when people talk about Drupal as a tool they immediately think websites.  However as Dries demonstrated during DrupalCon New Orleans 2016, Drupal 8 can power experiences beyond the traditional web. As more data rich APIs become available, Drupal can be used to accumulate data, identify a variety of devices in an Internet of Things network, and then route data to the appropriate places. More, Drupal’s own rich content management capabilities can still be utilized to enhance this datastream, making it that much more relevant based on location, language, or a myriad of other metadata stored in the CMS. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to use Drupal 8 to power a real-time signage system and discuss the techniques you need to build your own!  What’s Covered Responsive Techniques to support different display sizes. ADA rules around public signage.  We’re not just talking WCAG/508 anymore! How to rebroadcast data from other sources. Data Delivery Methods: Push and Pull models. Sizing and Scaling your network of Signs. Fault tolerance on your Kiosk. Why even use Drupal to power a sign?  For Who Developers looking for some pointers on how to build signage and kiosk based solutions. Architects considering ways to design and implement signs. CIO’s and Marketing executives curious about how Drupal can be used to create new digital experiences.
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Styleguide + Prototype: Move Fast and Embrace Drupal
Session speaker(s): RobLoach, thiago A static prototype, along with a styleguide, puts your ideas into the hands of your clients, users, and developers sooner, providing more time for iteration—ultimately resulting in a better product. This session will focus on Kalamuna’s approach to prototyping and in-browser component driven design practices, and the benefits and experience thereof. You will learn how Kalastatic connects the bridge between prototype and impementation through its orchestration across various components: Prototype A carefully honed static site generator powered by Node.js, featuring Metalsmith, SASS, TWIG, and any other templating engine you could think of. Styleguide Building a living styleguide out of KSS makes your components come to life. Atomic Design Principles Applying patterns and standards for creating design systems around your web components. BEM and Coding Standards Sanitize your code with conventions for state variations. Build Tools Grunt, Bower, npm, Live-Reloading, and other conveniences to keep development flowing. The Bridge to Drupal Bringing all of this to Drupal gives your site a lot of power. From prototype and styleguide, to an actual implementation, you're left with living web components that rapidly change and grow, and have the Drupal-side reflect those changes. Front-End web development doesn't stop with the theme - it's only the beginning. https://2016.badcamp.net/session/styleguide-prototype-move-fast-and-embrace-drupal
DrupalCon Nashville 2018: Webcomponents, Polymer and HAX: decoupling authoring for Drupal and beyond
Last year, the ELMS: Learning Network team wrote an Angular app using Drupal as a backend and then presented at Drupalcon about how we'd never do it that way ever again! We then laid out the case for Webcomponents and started to explain how we could leverage Polymer to produce them faster. We also proposed a theoretical content creation solution we called HAX which was short for Headless Authoring eXperience. We then spent much of 2017 working on Webcomponents, HAX, and integrating them into Drupal while positioning for anything as the end target CMS. This talk will highlight the state of webcomponents and polymer and demonstrate areas where we've had success in implementing them in Drupal. It will also showcase HAX and how you can teach HAX and Drupal about the structure of your front-end assets. I'll also cover the webcomponents modules and how it helps streamline the integration of webcomponents into Drupal 6 (yes, I went back in time and backported), Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Backdrop and GravCMS (because they work anywhere!). We'll also showcase how HAX works in Drupal, how it can be extended and why I feel it not only unlocks future upgrade paths between older versions of Drupal and Drupal 8.x.x but also frees up your organization to tackle non-Drupal projects more effectively (best tool for the job). Key take aways / what you'll learn Webcomponents are a fundamentally different way to produce front-ends and we should be exploring or embracing them actively How the webcomponents module can improve integration of webcomponents into CMS based workflows Demonstrating multiple Polymer only Apps we've built using webcomponents module and why you don't need anything other then "the platform" #usetheplatform in order to deliver high quality user experiences HAX, an advanced authoring solution that knows how to edit webcomponents and build its own UI with little effort; gaining complex functionality and authoring without complex types CKEditor and the 2000s class of WYSIWYG approachs are dead (yes, this one I just typed this into) and we must embrace that in order to transform authoring experience and improve drupal's market position. This isn't tied to Drupal; we've integrated it into Drupal which means it can integrate anywhere else easily If we don't start adopting these types of approaches, eventually Wordpress will get gutenberg right and corner the market on authoring for clients. Please join us in escaping the up-side-down (netflix reference) and embracing inside out development workflows. If we don't, someone else will and Drupal will risk obsolence as other more nimble projects that are authoring experience centric will catch us on capabilities. They'll never hit Drupal capabilities overall, but we're in a death by a thousand alternatives scenario right now and webcomponents may be the only way to survive the transition to PWAs and client driven solutions. Audience This talk is directed at Drupal module and front-end developers as well as something valuable for site-builders to grasp the concept of so they can take it back to project managers. While technical in nature, the UX that HAX and webcomponents provide is something we've had success demonstrating the utility of to C-levels so this is really accessible to multiple audience levels.
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Drupal Will Change Social Collaboration Tools - Karen Borchert
We ALL use social collaboration tools at work. From Dropbox to Yammer to Sharepoint to Alfresco -- we count on these tools to manage everything from our legal documents to our happy hours. The social collaboration space is booming; organizations have increasing need for intranets and sharing platforms that can scale at the speed of business. A lot of the current solutions require vendor lock-in and a limited set of features, which doesn't scale or change when our organizations do. That sounds like a job for Open Source, and Drupal in particular is putting forth some exciting solutions to this problem, promising to really throw the traditional players for a loop. Move over, Sharepoint. Open source is coming to town...and it's not taking no for an answer.
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42 Modules in 42 Minutes: The New Modules for Drupal 8 [March 30, 2016]
Want to learn more about Acquia’s products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. With the recent release of Drupal 8, a common question has been “which modules will be readily available from Drupal 6 or 7?” Luckily, our Drupal 8 Module Acceleration Program has accelerated the release of a ton (34, to be specific) of modules for Drupal 8. In this webinar, hear John Kennedy speak about these modules and what you can do with them in Drupal 8. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of: • How to use the new concepts and modules of Drupal 8 to build an advanced authoring experience • The pros and cons of competitive concepts and modules, ie. IEF vs. Paragraphs • An overview of the updated functionality of each of the accelerated modules
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Building Apps with DrupalGap
Check out another DrupalGap Training Video called: - Develop a Native App (iOS and Android) for a Drupal Website without Learning Objective-C or Java - https://youtu.be/YUEDB68IdP8 - Building Apps is Easy with Drupal, DrupalGap, HTML, JavaScript & CSS for Apple and Android Stores - https://youtu.be/MNINCbGJylY View Slides - http://www.joerobertsphotography.com/... Have you ever thought about building an application (mobile app, web app) for your Drupal website? In this session we'll build two example apps, one mobile application and one web application. After the session you'll walk away with the tools needed to build your own mobile app or web app for Drupal. Both apps will utilize a Drupal 7 website, and DrupalGap, which is an open source application development kit for Drupal. With these tools, developers can easily create mobile apps (iOS, Android, etc) and web apps (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc) for their Drupal websites. Example #1 - Mobile App - GeoTag a Photo (Drupal 7 + PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile = DrupalGap 1.x) http://tylerfrankenstein.com/code/bui... This mobile app will allow us to take a photograph and save it onto a Drupal website. It will also record our current location to "GeoTag" the photo. Example #2 - Web App - Get Nearby Locations (Drupal 7 + AngularJS + CSS3 Framework(s) = DrupalGap 2.x) http://tylerfrankenstein.com/code/hea... This web app will allow us to retrieve and display nearby locations stored within the Drupal website. For this example our current location will be (40.447295, -79.952619): University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences 135 North Bellefield Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Our nearby examples will include the following locations: Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PNC Park 115 Federal St Pittsburgh, PA 15212 CONSOL Energy Center 1001 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium 7340 Butler St Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Station Square 125 W Station Square Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Demo Site(s) Drupal site: http://test.easystreet3.com/drupal Mobile app: http://test.easystreet3.com/drupal/mo... Headless/decoupled web app: http://test.easystreet3.com Drupal 8 and Beyond We'll also briefly cover what Drupal 8 has in store for application development and DrupalGap's future.
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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Sell Anything to Anyone, Anywhere (Commerce Without Borders)
Speakers: rszramaGuGuss For the last five years Commerce Guys has pursued its vision to develop the leading open source eCommerce framework on Drupal. As our footprint grew internationally, our understanding of such a framework likewise grew to include the tools and systems required to sell anything to anyone anywhere. Recent developments in the Drupal Commerce 1.x contributed module ecosystem and in Drupal Commerce 2.x itself highlight just how far we’ve come in providing global support for currencies, price formatting, addressing, and more. As of this Summer, with the launch of Platform.sh to the general public, we now also provide development teams with the tools they need to launch their projects even faster. Additionally, the tools we developed to drive our recurring billing and voucher systems are now available to power your next digital commerce project! In this session, Ryan and Augustin will showcase these latest developments at Commerce Guys with a special focus on the business value they bring to our partners and customers.
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Day 15 - Drupal Gardens People, Users, and Roles
http://homeschool-webmaster.com Review of Drupal Gardens People, Users, and Roles There are hundreds of content management systems online today. New ones are showing up every month, so many that it's hard to keep up with them. The most prominent are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. I want to take a look at one of Drupal's features that sets it apart from the rest. Drupal's Users, and Roles. The power behind this Drupal feature is its ability to manage multiple users and assign any number of roles to that user. What drupal's users, and roles provides to its users is the ability to manage an online community that is contributing to the user/owners website. Drupal is providing some very unique features that give their community an incredible edge over other CMS. With Users and roles you can have an unlimited amount of users, give permissions based on roles to each user and set up your site to automatically assign those roles as your users progress through whatever criteria they need to accomplish to get that role. . Let me explain about each of those features in turn. Unlimited users really does mean unlimited. Drupal is designed to scale to as large as you need it. If http://www.bestbuymobile.com/ and http://www.ebayclassifiedsgroup.com are using drupal... well unlimited means unlimited Unlimited roles. Inside Drupal, roles can be setup such as a blogger role or an editor role or a "friend that can write" role. Whatever and with each new role you can assign what that role can and cannot do. Once all the permissions are set then you can begin setting up users for those roles. The great thing is that users can have multiple roles. Finally your site can be setup to automate the role assignments as your users work through your site. Whether its posting 3 times to become a second tier blogger or buying a product to get access to certain materials. A role can be used to protect your content until you give users permission to access it. The only bad thing that I have found for the drupals's users, and roles is the setting the permissions take time and can be confusing as you scroll down. Its not a huge problem but you have to really pay attention. . Full details can be found at http://homeschool-webmaster.com
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DrupalCon Baltimore 2017: Progressive Web Apps for Drupal - Reliable, Fast, Engaging.
Introduction In this 25 minute session you will learn more about push notifications and how we use this new progressive web app feature in our Drupal 8 distribution Open Social, to improve user engagement with our product. In an ever evolving techscape it’s important to keep up to date with innovations. Progressive Web Apps are a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web. I argue that PWA are: Reliable - Load instantly even in uncertain network conditions. Fast - Respond quickly to user interactions. Engaging - Feel like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience. This new level of quality earns Progressive Web Apps a place on the user's home screen just like a native app would. But how do we integrate this awesomeness in Open Social, our Drupal 8 distribution, and even more importantly; how can you do it too? Intended audience & takeaways This talk is interesting for developers with a beginner to intermediate experience level. Since it’s all fairly new, there is no prior knowledge required on Progressive web apps. In this session I include instructions and demonstrations of topics including: - Introduction to progressive web apps and the web app manifest - Web push and the W3C Push API - How Service workers work and an introduction to their basic architecture - Insights on push events - How we used the message module as a base - The future and contributing back to Drupal so everybody can get a taste of this At the end there will be some time for questions. After this session the audience should leave the room with an insight in Progressive Web Apps. I will focus especially on how push notifications work and how people can leverage its power in their own projects.
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Test driven development in Drupal 8- Teun Van Veggel #DrupalCampES @nuezweb
SESSION TYPE: Standard (45 min) SESSION LEVEL: Intermediate SESSION LANGUAGE: English "Developing a module in Drupal 8? Write the tests first! In this session I will try to explain how writing tests will not only validate your code, but will also help you write it: tests will help you organise and document your code in a better way and improve the overall developer experience. I will illustrate this by going through the different tools Drupal 8 has to offer (Unit, Kernel, Browser and Javascript), applying each of them to real and specific scenarios of an example module called 'Connect Four' Attendees can (but are not required to) clone the example module from https://github.com/nuez/connect_four."Todos los videos de Drupalcamp 2017 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKxa4AIfm4pVNaEYO5GKQaN5x_tveHpjO Descarga gratis la versión digital del libro de Roberto Canales “Conversaciones con CEOs y CIOs sobre Transformación Digital y Metodologías Ágiles ” https://goo.gl/i2zZtJ Facebook; https://goo.gl/o8HrWX Twitter; https://goo.gl/MU5pUQ LinkedIn https://goo.gl/2On7Fj/
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DrupalCon Dublin 2016: How our competitors are kicking Drupal's ass (and what we can do about it)
More and more people are choosing a CMS based on what their editors want, not just what the IT staff feels is technically sound. The experiences of authors and editors already eclipses the technical foundations of a system for small-to-medium sites, and it may soon for medium-to-large sites too. People are craving an experience that passes the "so easy your CEO can use it" test when it comes to creating and publishing content. We're seeing rich content experience talked about in conversations with our clients, in the features of other CMS systems, and the messages of companies with proprietary alternatives. Drupal is traditionally a strong technical product that tries to balance the basic needs of authors and editors. We need to do more. This includes innovating in Drupal core to have a better set of tools for content editors built-in, and enable the tools to be extended more broadly through contributed modules. This talk will present competitive analysis from other CMSes / frameworks and where they’re currently beating Drupal and how we can beat ‘em back. :) Specifically, focusing on the following: Authoring and editing for multiple (mobile) devices Media management and content repositories Content staging and publish / subscribe models Page layouts Authoring tools The talk will finish with a run-down of the progress of various Drupal 8 initiatives in this space and how to get involved.
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How Drupal Can (and Is) Powering Government Open Data Efforts
Drupal has emerged as a powerful platform to help governments successfully manage open data initiatives. The Drupal distribution DKAN is a community-driven open source open data platform with a full suite of data cataloging, publishing, and visualization features. Used by countries worldwide - plus U.S. states and federal agencies, including HealthData.gov, the USDA's National Agricultural Library, and the State of California - DKAN is a powerful tool for governments of all sizes to directly open up their data for use by researchers, entrepreneurs, regulatory bodies and citizens. DKAN includes robust web service APIs, built-in compliance with federal and international open data standards, customizable metadata schema mapping, workflow management, data harvesting, and more. In this talk - a follow-up of last year’s session, “Data to the People,” - we'll explore how organizations are leveraging DKAN to power global government open data efforts and see how it's being used to track school performance, report water quality levels, measure and reduce veteran suicide rates, preview complex geospatial data, empower scientists to perform and share groundbreaking research, and much more. You’ll learn how government agencies are sharing their ideas and data with one another to build a better world through the DKAN open data community, and how you can get involved as well. About the speakers: Stefanie Gray is a longtime DKAN support specialist who has followed the product from its scrappy startup days to its current home at CivicActions, and Dharizza Espinach Barahona is a talented full-stack DKAN developer and support engineer based in Costa Rica. We’ll be finally meeting in person at DrupalCamp Florida after years of working together to share our experiences from our far-flung remote team! Best of all, we’ve got some great news on DKAN for Drupal 8 to follow up on some of the questions asked at last year’s session. Stefanie Gray Open Data Specialist at CivicActions Dharizza Espinach Barahona Drupal Backend Developer at Manatí https://www.fldrupal.camp/sessions/site-building/how-drupal-can-and-powering-government-open-data-efforts
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DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Automated Testing 101
One of the most relevant tasks on a software project is the quality assurance - we are building a product, and we want to deliver it with the highest level of quality, while keeping the budget on its limits. The bad part here is, doing quality checks is a repetitive task, and all the application features should be checked each time a new piece of code is added - unfortunately, this is not generally done: only the new code is checked, so the chances to have a regression bug is there, and, yes, it happens often. Additionally, when thinking on QA, what comes to mind is testing the functionality, but, after all, software quality involves some other aspects of the product that should be taken care of (like security, accessibility, performance, scaling, etc.). Of course, all this sounds great, but on the Real World™, there is not enough time to check everything that should be checked before deploying code to production. How easy would be to have all the checks ready to be executed each time they are needed, and what about having all the aspects of the software covered on these checks? Enter the automated testing. This session will review the current state of the art about test automation, talking about the most useful tools to provide these capabilities to your project, giving some advice about best strategies to implement automated testing for your application, and how to cover relevant aspects of your software (not only functionality!). Intended Audience & Skill Level Everyone interested on learning the basics of automated testing is welcome to attend, and they will learn a bit about which tools you can use to create your tests, how to integrate them on your project's life cycle, how to execute them automatically on each build, and some other questions that a novice on this topic may need to answer. As this is a barely introduction session, there is no minimum skill level you need to attend - just some interest on automated testing is required! About the speaker My name is Ezequiel "Zequi" Vázquez, and I am a developer at Lullabot. I am a web engineer specialized in PHP & Drupal development, with strong background on DevOps, virtualization & cloud computing. I am highly interested on high performance & availability, and IT security is one of my passions. I have been speaker on four DrupalCamp Spain editions, Drupal Dev Days 2017 and DrupalCon Europe 2015, and I usually collaborate with local meeting groups and local universities to talk mainly about web security and Drupal.
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Acquia Lightning Hands-On Demonstration
This short, 6-minute video will walk you through Acquia Lightning, a curated content management system based on Drupal, built for developers to give content creators and site designers the tools to help them author, review, layout, and publish digital content faster than using Drupal alone.
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DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Growing a Drupal Based Product Business
Speakers: rszrama Building a complex Drupal website is hard, but growing a Drupal based product business is even harder. It's not because we don't have good tools to prototype, build, and even sell Software-as-a-Service. Drupal allows us to do all that and more! However, the bigger challenge can be actually deciding what to build and then keeping it simple enough to succeed. Commerce Guys is now over five years old, and we've learned some good and some hard lessons along the way. In this session, I'll share those lessons along with some of the product development principles behind the lean startup movement and the sales principles described in Predictable Revenue that will help your next business succeed. We'd all love to "make money in our sleep," but the first step is actually building something people will want to use while we do.
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Alfresco Tech Talk Live 52: Alfresco and Drupal Integrations
*This archival broadcast of Tech Talk Live was originally broadcast in March 2012. It likely does not apply to modern versions of Alfresco. Watch this episode of Tech Talk Live to find out more about the interoperability between Alfresco and Drupal, which allows developers to build systems that take advantage of the complementary strengths of both systems. As you can imagine, there are a number of different ways to integrate the two platforms. Some of the decision points that need to be considered are: push vs pull, CMIS vs custom webscripts and when to align the users between Alfresco and Drupal instances.
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DrupalCon Baltimore 2017: Better Agile Drupal Sprints: leverage Jira for good
You've got a great team of agile architects and developers who are making great progress through the backlog; and you're working with a group of enthusiastic product owners who are writing good, clear user stories and acceptance criteria. As a project manager or scrummaster managing a large, distributed team, are the ways you can further improve, and get your deliverables out the door more quickly and efficiently? We'll cover the tools and techniques for success at each stage of your Agile project as well as review real-life challenges and how to overcome them. You'll walk away with an-depth review of 12 tips and tricks to apply to your next project and help you become a Jira expert! additional ceremonies you should consider adding to your agile lineup how to prepare for these ceremonies with JIRA streamline your Sprint End Demo using JQL and filters in JIRA leverage Components in JIRA how to use Sub-Tasks in your sprints organization out of chaos: manage your grooming sessions methods for pointing tickets with large teams using custom fields in JIRA using JIRA REST API for custom reporting
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Rich storytelling with Paragraphs and Islandora DAMS - Alex Bridge, Tassos Koutlas
Drupal's Paragraphs module, combined with a DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) can deliver powerful, rich stories on the web. This session will show how, showing the inner workings of the Baseball Hall of Fame (baseballhall.org) website as a case study. This site uses Drupal with the Islandora DAMS to leverage the Baseball Hall of Fame's huge archive of images (a collection of literally millions of items). Topics that will be covered: * Building flexible content types using the Paragraphs module * Multifaceted display of content using view modes * DAMS & integrating Islandora assets with Drupal content
DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Setting up a Reusable and Durable Drupal Lean Process Factory
Speakers: victorkane Título en español: Poner en pie una fábrica de Drupal Durable en base de un proceso Lean reutilizable Short description in English We need to set up our own factory for producing web apps that will truly meet people's needs. In doing so we acquire and install reusable industry-wide best practices that are simple and straightforward to use. And that acquire our experience as we grow. By attending this presentation you will learn how an agile, lean Drupal friendly process can be actually tooled up and customized to create the best context for your team to work in parallel, acquire experience, deliver, and then repeat the experience with confidence and increased productivity. Scroll down for complete description in English Breve descripción en español Necesitamos poner en pie nuestra propia fábrica para producir aplicaciones web que realmente satisfacen las necesidades de la gente. Al hacer esto nosotros adquirimos las mejoras prácticas de nuestra industria que son, a la vez, sencillas y prácticas para utilizar. Y que crecen a medida que vamos adquiriendo experiencia. Al asistir a la presentanción se aprenderá como un proceso ágil y lean, orientado a Drupal, puede ser puesto en pie a nivel práctico, y customizado para crear el mejor entorno para que todo el equipo trabaje en paralelo, crezca en experiencia, acostumbrarse a las distintas formas de entrega y para que también pueda repetir la experiencia con confianza y mayor productividad. We will learn how to: Set up a LAMP stack with development, staging and production instances, in a virtual machine on a laptop, on a VPS (from scratch) and even see how to install drush and all the tools we need on a shared hosting account. Create and maintain our own in house Drupal distro with all the modules and themes we can use over and over again, and evolve it as we gain experience and make decisions about what we prefer to use in our architecture Use the "everything in code" paradigm, and develop a workflow using version control and other tools to develop on the development instance, deploy to staging and test there, and how to push to live Create value hypotheses (lean process templates, tools and processes) together with our clients and agree on a Minimum Viable Product for testing those hypotheses, and what this means in a Drupal context Create and implement a structured content strategy and content creation workflow together with the client based on Drupal's power as a flexible CMS framework Use the migrate module in different ways in order to grab legacy content (very few of the web apps we are called upon to build will be new or from scratch) Arrive at our candidate architecture in a Drupal friendly fashion. How to persist this as an installation profile as part of our on-going in house distro maintenance Iterate agilely over a series of functional prototypes built to test project value hypotheses together with the client and how to build the workflow necessary for this with maximum client participation. See the final product as a Minimum Viable Product iteration itself and into the future. Go team go; test team test; deploy team deploy A word on experience level Strictly speaking this is a session aimed at intermediate web app builders with some experience in sysadmin, agile and lean process, and Drupal site building and theming. However, if you are an eager beginner and understand that you will be building web apps and not websites and need to learn all of this anyway, you will be able to follow along and finish up with a clear and straightforward work plan needed to acquire all these skills. Resources This is not a workshop; however all materials necessary for actually working through these challenging items will be made available in the slides, my blog and publicly available repos, so that attendees will be able to make practical use of everything covered in the session. Distro repo: https://github.com/victorkane/durable-drupal-distro
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Better Agile Drupal Sprints: leverage Jira for good
Presenter(s) Chris Urban You've got a great team of agile architects and developers who are making great progress through the backlog; and you're working with a group of enthusiastic product owners who are writing good, clear user stories and acceptance criteria. As a project manager or scrummaster managing a large, distributed team, are the ways you can further improve, and get your deliverables out the door more quickly and efficiently? We'll cover the tools and techniques for success with your Agile Drupal projects as well as review real-life challenges and how to overcome them. You'll walk away with an in-depth review of 10 tips and tricks to apply to your next project and help you become a Jira expert! We'll walk through: additional ceremonies you should consider adding to your agile lineup how to prepare for these ceremonies with JIRA streamlining your Sprint End Demo and Grooming sessions using JQL and filters to be a JIRA Jedi leveraging Components in JIRA how to use Sub-Tasks in your sprints suggestions for using custom fields in JIRA (advanced) custom reporting with JIRA REST API (advanced) importing epics and components for consistent projects Who Should Attend Back-end Developers Everyone Project Managers Site Builders Prerequisites Some JIRA or project management tool experience. https://www.drupalcampnj.org/sessions/better-agile-drupal-sprints-leverage-jira-good-0
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Drupal 8 What you Need to Know - Matthew Tift
This session will provide a high-level overview of the most important things to know about Drupal 8, including information about the key initiatives: Configuration Management, HTML5, Layouts, Mobile, Multilingual, Views in Core, and Web Services. As of July 1, we have now entered Drupal 8's polish phase -- the home stretch of Drupal 8 development where we will focus on fixing bugs and moving Drupal 8 toward the first release candidate later this year. At this session you will find out what problems have been solved for end users and clients, site builders, designers and front-enders, and developers. You will also learn where you can go if you would like to get involved and help make Drupal 8 even better!
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Problem: Search in Drupal 8 The problem is well-known: core search has lagged behind for quite some time, being now mostly only used by smaller sites, and being largely worked around or completely replaced by modules providing advanced search solutions. It's essentially just part of "Drupal the product", not "Drupal the framework". Search toolkit for Drupal 8 The current core Search module presents an API that tries to be generic, but ends up being insufficient for many advanced uses or for non-SQL back-ends. the parts of the current Search module that are most useful are UI elements like the search page, form, and theme functions so that themes can look good for any module re-using those. Proposed solution: Search in Drupal 8 It has been largely agreed that core search in D8 should therefore be split into a generic framework providing backend- and data-independent tools for providing indexing and search capabilities, and a default implementation of that framework that small users can instantly use to add search capabilities to their sites. Advanced search solutions like other backends (Solr, Xapian, Sphinx, ...), facetted searches, searching of external content, etc., should easily be able to build on the core search framework to provide a unified API to all kinds of searches, and to avoid re-inventing the wheel over and over for all backends and purposes. There are already several discussions and other resources detailing all aspects of that new search framework: Core Drupal Search Architecture for D8 Search in Drupal 8 Drupal 8 Search Feature Ideas As a base solution I'd suggest the Search API module, which already supports most of the required features and could be adapted well enough to provide the others as well for D8 core. I'd be willing to take a shot at that and would present a rough plan for it in this core conversation. Then, the discussion could work with a concrete proposal for which possible flaws, short-comings and open points could be debated. Also it could be discussed how this will fit in with large other changes in D8, like i18n, configuration management, plugin system, entities, etc. It will especially be important if there will be something like the Entity API (or at least its property information system) in D8 core. Search toolkit for Drupal 8 The current Search module suffers from a lack of maintainer-ship. We need to simplify the functionality provided by the core back-end so it becomes easier to maintain (and test) going forward. In addition, new effort should focus on providing in Core a Search Toolkit that provides a framework and basic implementation for the UI, but moves away from any attempt to interface generically with the indexing process or other pieces that are back-end specific. A key portion of such a toolkit would be adapted from the Facet API module In addition, we should remove the advanced search form from core, remove most of the complex query parsing from core, and provide implementations of a couple facets for core via the SQL back-end. The net advantage is that new search UI elements could be used across back-ends, and theming would be more consistent regards of how the search results are generated.
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Creating a Solid Solr Search Experience with Drupal [February 20, 2013]
Want to learn more about Acquia's products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. For Drupalists, understanding how to navigate the landscape of search modules and what fits your site best can be daunting. Once you've selected a module, choosing specific functionality to implement -- and figuring out how -- adds further complexity. This webinar will focus on strategies and best practices on building a superior search experience and will include a walk through of the modules and configurations that are required to achieve it. Although the tools and techniques can be leveraged by any Drupal site that is integrated with the Apache Solr search engine, the demonstrations in this webinar will be conducted on Acquia Search. Acquia Search allows you to leverage the full power of Solr without any expertise required. Some highlights for best practice implementation include: • Faceted navigation • Implementing rich search result snippets • Relevancy tuning
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Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Work With Content Types and Fields" chapter (a Drupal
This is one of over 212 videos in a 10-hour series on http://BuildAModule.com called "Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site". In this collection, we take you through the process of building a fully function Drupal 7 web site, step by step. No prior Drupal experience is required, and when you're done you will have learned the most import components of Drupal site building and will have developed the skills to tackle unanticipated problems as they arise. You can watch over 7 hours of FREE focused Drupal video tutorials on http://BuildAModule.com. To view the entire list of over 632 videos (totaling over 57 hours), simply go to http://BuildAModule.com and scroll down. There are currently 8 collections available, including: * Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site (11 hours, 212 videos) * PHP Programming Basics (1 hours, 12 videos) * Drupal 7 Development Core Concepts (13 hours, 140 videos) * Change Management and Version Control (10 hours, 126 videos) * Drupal Theming Essentials (9 hours, 80 videos) * Drupal 6 Development and Tools (9 hours, 34 videos) * Working with Files and the File API (3 hours, 24 videos) * Appendix (1 hours, 4 videos) Here's a short excerpt from the video transcript: "Let's do a quick review before we move on to the next chapter. To begin, we wrapped up building our Contact form using the Webform module, and we did something a little tricky, which was creating a single checkbox input for our sign up for newsletter option. And then we took a look at how content types work and the process of removing the published by information that displays under the title of our Contact form. Once we learned about content types, we went ahead and created a new content type f..." ----------------------------- Here are a few nice things that viewers have had to say about http://BuildAModule.com: "Many thanks for the terrific video series on Drupal 7 - your excellent videos are simply the best source of training and information on Drupal in existence!" "Chris has put together some of the best Drupal training material I've seen to date. I run a Drupal shop, and several of my developers have used Build a Module.com to get up to speed with working in Drupal 7. From what I've heard, they found the experience extremely valuable, and what's great for us as a team is that they can always go back and review material when they're tackling a particular problem." "Firstly, let me say that I am finding your videos extremely helpful. It's always difficult at first to get into something new but your videos are really helping me find my way in." "I recently bought the download of your twelve Drupal 7 Core Concepts videos. I am new to Drupal and they are excellent. In fact they are the best tutorial videos I have ever used in the past ten years of teaching myself HTML and PHP and then Joomla (I know, I was just experimenting.) and now Drupal." To start learning how to build web sites, develop code or theme in Drupal, check out the full video library at http://BuildAModule.com.
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How to develop a native mobile app with DrupalGap - Pavel Shevchuk. Drupal Cafe Lviv May 2015
Відео запис презентації “Run Forrest, run! Or How to Develop a native mobile application with DrupalGap” Павла Шевчука Drupal Cafe Lviv, 28 травня 2015 року. Sign up - http://eepurl.com/M-Nrn. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DrupalCafeLviv Twitter - https://twitter.com/DrupalCafeLviv Drupal Cafe Lviv is a monthly free-to-attend informal meeting for exchanging experience on Drupal development & support organized by Lemberg team (http://lemberg.co.uk/). Video by Nazar Konashevych. Music used "Where is my car ?" by John Option Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Drush tutorial: What is Drush and why should I use it? | lynda.com
This Drush tutorial explains what Drupal is, and how Drush, a shell scripting interface for Drupal, interacts with and supports Drupal. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Drupal-tutorials/Simplified-Drupal-Sites-Drush/110711-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-design-dev-mMrNDCRIglo. This tutorial is a single movie from the Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush course presented by lynda.com author Jon Peck. The complete course is 1 hour and 22 minutes long and shows how to manage your Drupal sites even more efficiently with Drush, the shell interface for managing and scripting Drupal site development "Introduction 1. Getting Started with Drush 2. Core Functionality for Everyday Operations 3. Site Management Techniques Conclusion"
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iQuick Tools Very Simple Ads
iQuick Tools Ad by www.VerySimpleAds.com complied Low priced Ads for your business
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Become a Better Developer with Debugging Techniques for Drupal (and more!) [April 13, 2016]
Want to learn more about Acquia’s products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. What is debugging? How is it different from simply writing a program, and how can you get better at it? A structured debugging approach narrows down problems, rather than using random changes and guesses, and can help you identify and solve problems faster and more effectively. In this webinar about debugging techniques for Drupal, we’ll cover: • A general approach to debugging Drupal problems • Common sources of bugs • A tour of useful debugging tools and techniques that can help you start to see into the inner workings of any version of Drupal • The use of tools such as XDebug, the devel suite, and client-side debugging, such as Firebug, LiveHTTPHeaders, and JavaScript debugging
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Supercharging Drupal UX with React [July 26, 2016]
Want to learn more about Acquia’s products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. The JavaScript renaissance of the last few years has yielded an extraordinary number of innovative frameworks, libraries, and other tools. By combining these technologies with the power of Drupal, developers can create highly interactive and engaging experiences for users of the modern web. React is particularly well suited to utilize with a decoupled Drupal approach and kick your project’s UX into high gear. This webinar will provide a brief introduction to React, case studies of successful integrations with Drupal, and practical information on how best to leverage its potential for any site. Attendees will gain both an in-depth understanding of how to get started with React as well as insights based on real-world implementations. Key topics covered in this webinar include: • Benefits of a decoupled Drupal approach with React • Integrating React with the theming layer • Best practices for data management • Discussion of the future of decoupled Drupal While all are welcome to attend, this webinar is primarily targeted for site architects and developers. Throughout the presentation, code examples, lessons learned, and technical challenges will be discussed in detail.
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Creating Solid Search Experiences with Drupal [November 13, 2012]
Want to learn more about Acquia's products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. While eCommerce sites have become search conversion centers of excellence, non-transactional sites have struggled to create superior search experiences. For Drupalists, understanding how to navigate the landscape of search modules and what fits your site best can be daunting. Once you've selected a module, choosing which functionality to implement and how adds further complexity. This webinar will focus on strategies and best practices on building a superior search experience and walk though the modules and configurations that are required to achieve it. Although the tools and techniques can be leveraged by any Drupal site that is integrated with the Apache Solr search engine, the demonstrations in this webinar will be conducted on Acquia Search. Acquia Search allows you to leverage the full power of Solr without any expertise required. A few highlights for best practice implementation include: • Faceted navigation • Implementing rich search result snippets • Relevancy tuning
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The Microservices Revolution in Commerce Technology (Microservices Meetup Berlin)
Microservices are powering the next generation of commerce. Amazon, JET, eBay, Tesco, REWE, Zalando, and other pioneers are now using microservices to quickly deliver new innovations to production. Microservices is now the standard for commerce. In this short intro by Kelly Goetsch (CPO of commercetools), he'll cover why microservices are such a perfect fit for commerce, along with seven real-world examples of how microservices have been adopted by major retailers. (recorded at the Microservices Meetup Berlin, 2017-04-26)
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DevOps for Drupal - DrupalCorn Camp 2013
We continue to see DevOps, as a growing movement to bring together the practices and people in software development and IT operations, take shape within the world of Drupal. It touches on a wide range of areas and activities: from building a Drupal site, to testing it, to deploying it, to monitoring it, to maintaining it, and to supporting it. We'll provide a brief intro to DevOps (what it is and what it isn't), discuss the needs and goals for infrastructure as code, and how it applies to Drupal. We'll also talk about Chef -- our configuration management tool of choice for automation in working with Drupal and how we use it to make our lives (and the lives of our clients) better. We'll show examples of how to build, deploy, and manage Drupal stacks and sites leveraging the power and flexibility of Chef. In this session, we'll cover and share: Zero-to-Drupal application building with Chef in the cloud The what and why of being able to rebuild your entire environment and application from code Guidance and advice for how this fits when working with joint development and IT operations teams Why automation is good, right, and oh so necessary We'll talk cookbooks, recipes, and more of how we do things with Chef... and lots of Vagrant goodness Following best practices whether you are provisioning local Dev environments or multiple instances in distributed high availability configurations for Production Some insights and advice learned from running DevOps and Chef meetups in the Bay Area and in Chicago with our partner Opscode This is a new and improved extension of our session at DrupalCon Portland 2013 About the presenters: This DevOps-focused session will be presented in a lively and interactive format with the folks from Promet. Will Milton, a Solutions Architect at Promet, will take you through a ride-along with the Development process. Jay Uhlinger, the Director of Products, will share DevOps points of view from customers and Operations along with some of Promet's lessons learned. Promet is an open source software firm based out of Chicago with core practices in Development, DevOps, and 24x7 Support for Drupal-based sites, applications, and products.
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Price.com Product Matching using Machine Learning and AI
Saving consumers money and time by search thousands of stores and marketplaces instantly.
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There is a growing Drupal movement in Higher Education: Drupal has moved from experimental technology of evangelists to a core technology adopted by whole universities. NEWS FLASH: OUR USE CASES ARE NOT UNIQUE! For the last year and a half, a small band of Higher Ed professionals from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Penn State, and Stanford have joined forces to build a Community of Practice around Features-based development, specifically for Higher Ed. It is time for us to share what we have been up to! Using Drupal to build applications and websites that support courses, academic profiles, event calendars, CRM integration, research groups is now common practice. Right now there are hundreds of technologists working in isolation across academia rebuilding the same functionality. Our initiative is about building on the community that already exists and leveraging our collective domain expertise in research, teaching and administration in Higher Ed. FEATURES-BASED DEVELOPMENT! FTW! The Features module is about encoding use-cases, but we are all building the same Features again and again. This new initiative is about: sharing Features with each other building a professional network of Drupalists in higher education. By bringing together the best of everyone's work we will create a pool of resources that benefit the entire academy, and demonstrate the power of open source collaboration. This talk is for everybody, not just developers. Sure, we will talk about modules, overriding them, Feature Servers, etc. but more important than all that is the fact that this Community of Practice will empower site builders, not just developers, and link together Drupalists across academia.
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Keynote: Everything is DevOps
Pantheon System's Michelle Krejci will discuss the past, present, and future of DevOps in her talk, "Everything is DevOps". Video also available on NIH VideoCast https://videocast.nih.gov/Summary.asp?Live=24916&bhcp=1
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22 open source tools for creatives
Read the article summary: https://opensource.com/life/16/7/22-open-source-tools-creatives In his lightning talk at Great Wide Open 2016, Opensource.com community moderator Jason van Gumster shared 22 open source tools for creatives.
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Going from Zero to Sixty in Drupal with Acquia [August 16, 2012]
Want to learn more about Acquia's products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. Deploying and maintaining a Drupal website doesn't have to be difficult. Acquia offers a suite of Drupal site management tools that enable organizations to take advantage of the power of Drupal in a manageable, yet scalable way. Join VP of Product Marketing, Bryan House for this one-hour overview of Acquia's offerings for Drupal. Bryan will discuss how Acquia will help you operate Drupal sites more efficiently and exceed your business goals. Attendees will learn: • How Acquia Cloud provides a Drupal-tuned platform with powerful developer workflow tools • How Insight helps developers improve performance, security and configuration of Drupal site • How Acquia Network's add-ons make tuning and managing your Drupal sites easier than ever before • The role our global team of experienced Drupalists can play in your site's success
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DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: 0 to MVP in 40 minutes
Coder and Themer are at it again! This time they have set aside their differences for a noble cause: VC money. Watch them brainstorm a brilliant idea for a web-mobile-2.0-interactive-app-thingie, and then build a fully functional Drupal 8 MVP in time for their meeting with the bank. Startups and big organizations alike use rapid prototyping tools like AngularJS to show how an idea will look in practice. The decoupled power of Drupal 8, makes it the perfect place for information to be ingested, created, and re-mixed to become great content. Imagine a rapid prototype with real, enterprise-ready data consumption and modelling power! In this session Coder and Themer will work together to create a web application that ingests content from an external API, performs content management tasks (data modelling, relationships, etc.) through the Drupal 8 interface, and delivers it all to an AngularJS frontend. We will build a data model, configure Drupal’s REST components to consume and export data, and integrate it all with a decoupled interface that you can access and use by the end of the session. We’ll talk about Drupal’s successes and challenges spanning the gap between complex technology and empowering its end-users, between providing fertile ground for coders and getting business done. You’ll leave this session with a new toolset for making that rapid prototype into a real, working MVP. That means fertile development ground for your coders, and faster time-to-market for your product.
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Optimizely Testing Demo
You're already devoting time and resources into bringing customers to your website or mobile app, so why not do everything in your power to make sure those visitors convert? If you aren't actively optimizing, you're leaving a huge opportunity on the table. Optimizely is the #1 most adopted optimization platform in the world, helping businesses across diverse industries (media, retail, travel, technology, and more) serve up better experiences to their customers every day. During the demo you’ll learn: -Why optimization will help you reach (and exceed) your business goals and KPIs -How to get started, by creating a test and segmenting your audience with Optimizely -Tips for to reading Optimizely results and making iterative changes to maximize impact
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Creating Solid Search Experiences with Drupal [November 13, 2012]
Want to learn more about Acquia's products, services, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Visit our site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. While eCommerce sites have become search conversion centers of excellence, non-transactional sites have struggled to create superior search experiences. For Drupalists, understanding how to navigate the landscape of search modules and what fits your site best can be daunting. Once you've selected a module, choosing which functionality to implement and how adds further complexity. This webinar will focus on strategies and best practices on building a superior search experience and walk though the modules and configurations that are required to achieve it. Although the tools and techniques can be leveraged by any Drupal site that is integrated with the Apache Solr search engine, the demonstrations in this webinar will be conducted on Acquia Search. Acquia Search allows you to leverage the full power of Solr without any expertise required. A few highlights for best practice implementation include: • Faceted navigation • Implementing rich search result snippets • Relevancy tuning
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CONNECTING THE DOTS FOR PORTFOLIO, SNOWMAN & BUTLER We all acknowledge the still growing complexity. A one-shot, generic and unassuming install will not provide a useful onramp experience for anyone. We have to think in multiples here and define explicit, narrow use cases to help people wrap their heads around the awesome. And a couple of them are out there already. Let me show you them. Lets have a quick update on where we are in making Drupal 8 the most powerful and easiest to use version of Drupal, ever. We'll establish the playing field by a quick rundown of two main D8UX topics and see how we can apply these to help tackle a third: BUILDER UX We're working to improve the site builder tools like modules page, field ui and the everything-is-a-block page builder tool that is part of WSCCI. EDITOR UX As clunky as the site builder tools may be, we provide even sparser options for people that work in Drupal sites to get the word out. Yet, making it easy for folk to actually create some content is about as core a feature can get. Let's see how we're doing there. The total of how we pre-configure these two sets of tools is what to a large extent will define the core Product. If community driven product development is not your thing, I still hope to show you how vital it is to dedicate time and effort on having this playground in core, right now. And ship the funnest parts of it with Drupal 8. No cat pictures but I will sneak in some art history.
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DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Continuously Test Your Drupal Distribution
Everyone dreams about own Drupal Distribution within team or company. And a lot of us were working on own distribution because there are a lot of benefits in this. However at some point it’s really important to keep the distribution stable and usable, even though you have limited resources and it’s being used on various projects. Continuous Testing may help you to do so! We are doing this for the OpenY Distribution and we want to share our experience and show you our setup of CI that automates a lot of things. I’m going to tell you a story how to get from the first commit to the sustainable distribution that will be covered by various tests. Sessions based on own experience are definitely more interesting and fun, so I guarantee that you won't have any regrets about joining us that day. In this session I'm going to cover: How many environments do you really need to cover major parts of the distribution Why do we need vanilla build, Upgrade Path build and build for installation steps How we trigger behat tests How we check code for standards and sniffers How we apply accessibility sniffers How lazy builders helps us to speed up the development process Yeah! We developed tests to check every single module in the distribution for decoupling How to integrate Test Drived Development using Unit Tests on live database From this session you’ll have everything in order to not only build the distribution, but also keep it stable, decoupled and well tested. Technical people - welcome to attend!
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