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How to Protect Your Brand Online
Subscribe for more updates. With counterfeit goods, cybersquatters and online fraud it's essential that every brand takes steps to protect itself online. In this video guide Sam Noble of Koozai looks at the means brands can use to protect their online identity. Methods include: Social profiles Domain registrations Cybersquatters Brand monitoring Page 1 listings Google images Videos Wikipedia Trademarks Verified Resellers Review sites Google places
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How to Protect Your Brand Online
Everything you ever wanted to know about trademarks and protecting your online brand
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Top Strategies for Protecting Your Brand and Content Online in 2017
In this webinar recording MarkMonitor brand protection experts Akino Chikada and Olesia Klevchuk discuss key strategies for protecting your brand and content online in 2017. 2017 brings new challenges to brand holders as potential abuse will continue to evolve and expand. Fraudsters are looking to exploit new channels and technologies, impersonating brands and stealing revenues. Brand holders must keep apprised of the numerous tactics used to harm their valuable brands. One key step is to continuously refine brand protection, anti-fraud and anti-piracy strategies in order to minimize the potential risk to reputation, revenue, and most importantly, customer trust. During this recording you'll learn 1. How fraudsters are evolving their tactics in the ever-changing internet landscape. 2. The top trends to prepare for and what to incorporate into your brand protection program. 3. Why your brand protection programs need to evolve to stay impactful in 2017
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How Can You Protect Your Brand Online?
Bracewell's Annie Allison shares the crucial steps that companies must take to protect their brand on cyberspace.
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The Importance of Protecting Your Brand | Justina Antonia | TEDxKanata
Your brand—and your name—can sometimes be interchangeable in the world of business. But what happens when your name—or your brand—becomes internationally recognized? And what happens when it becomes front and centre in a battle of intellectual property? Justina Antonia (formerly Justina McCaffrey) is one of the most respected fashion designers in the wedding and evening dress industry. She shows her collection at highly regarded International Bridal Market in New York twice each year and has designed privately and on contract for many fashion houses, retailers and individuals. She has also developed other collections such as an in-house moderately priced wedding series, a bridesmaid selection, an evening wear compilation, and a grouping of luxury lingerie exclusively for Marshall Fields. Her dresses have graced the covers and been featured in the world’s top magazines and newspapers. Her creations and have been worn by countless celebrities and socialites internationally. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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How to Use Domain Names to Build and Protect your Brand Online
Nonprofits in Canada frequently cater to a local community - so branding yourself as Canadian signals to your supporters that you are a legitimate and trustworthy organization. Get the inside scoop on how to choose the right domain name and brand your nonprofit online. We’ll tackle the tough questions about choosing a domain name, getting your website up running, hosting email on your domain, and more. Find out why the .CA domain name is right for your nonprofit and how every .CA domain name contributes to building a better online Canada. www.CIRA.ca
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How to Use Domain Names to Build and Protect your Brand Online
Nonprofits in Canada frequently cater to a local community - so branding yourself as Canadian signals to your supporters that you are a legitimate and trustworthy organization. Get the inside scoop on how to choose the right domain name and brand your nonprofit online. We’ll tackle the tough questions about choosing a domain name, getting your website up running, hosting email on your domain, and more. Find out why the .CA domain name is right for your nonprofit and how every .CA domain name contributes to building a better online Canada. --------- About the Speaker Jason Faber, Product Marketing Manager (.CA) at the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) Jason is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing plans and strategies to promote and strengthen the .CA brand. With deep experience in marketing, technology and digital strategy, Jason strives to engage and educate consumers to ensure that they get the most out of their .CA domain and overall web presence. Find out if your ideal .CA domain name is available and register it today. Connect with Jason at [email protected] and on Twitter at @Jason_Faber.
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The reality of protecting your brand online.
Legal expert CJ Rosenbaum will highlight the importance of copyright protection and how you can protect your brand online.
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Reputation Management 101 - A 3 Step Process To Protect Your Brand & Free Tools To Help
Reputation management is key whether you have you lost control of your brand's online reputation or you are just safeguarding your future. Your online reputation is everything today. Although you can't remove articles from google search results, don't dispair. There are some great reputation management tools and a 3 step process that will help you not only reduce the negative feedback, but it can increase the positive feedback too. First of all, I don't recommend any online reputation services as they are often preying on people in tough positions. With a few key tools, and an awareness of the world of brand reputation online, you will be able to create your own process for protecting your brand's image in search results and on reviews. This video takes a look at two types of businesses. 1- Local businesses who deal with review sites (like retail stores, service businesses and restaurants)... 2- digital media businesses focused around content creators, bloggers, youtubers, etc. You will start by learning how to monitor your brand's reputation online with a few different tools and software. Some are free and some are paid, but all of them will help you save hours of searching. That said, nothing beats searching for your brand on Google or the other search engines (Yelp, YouTube, TripAdvisor, etc) that your best customers search, so you can see what they see. You should also claim your online listing for each of these platforms if you have reviews on them so you can respond and take control of the conversation forming online. Once you realize it is impossible to remove negative information from the internet you start to understand what is possible through effective online reputation management strategy. This is the prevention process of taking control over what displays on the search engines when your brand name or business name is searched. This goes into the basics of SEO because you need to optimize your content, profile properties and web 2.0 properties for search to push any negative press or negative comments to page 2 and page 3 and below. For a better understanding of what SEO is and to learn seo, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8EI6JaFbv4 Then you will learn what to do when people are publishing negative content or negative reviews about your brand. You don't want to feed the trolls, but you do need to stand up for yourself... All in all it is best to implement systems and to dedicate at least a little time each week or month to manage your online reputation. You will also realize the importance of great customer support in the online world as well as in the offline world.
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Exclusive: How To Protect Your Brand Online As A Celebrity - Simple Rules To Follow By Expert
This exclusive interview was recorded by Arnold Mensah Elavanyo in the studio of Zylofon 102.1FM`s Showbiz Agenda.
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Social engineering attacks - How can you protect your brand online?
MarkMonitor brand protection expert Nicola Gordon reveals how to take proactive steps to safeguard your brand, customer data and online presence before an attack occurs. During this webinar you’ll learn: - Effects of social engineering attacks and the impact to mid-size banks. - How to monitor and protect your brand from emerging online abuse trends. - The importance of a multi-tiered approach for identifying and shutting down fraudulent sites.
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How To Build Your Brand, Think Bigger, And Market Better Part 1
Need to trademark your brand? Stay protected and never have to worry about it again: http://tm.danlok.link How to build your brand, think bigger, and market better part 1: In this video, Dan Lok and Andrei Mincov, The CEO of Trademark Factory reveal the secret power of branding, creating a global empire, and protecting your ideas. Watch part 2 of How To Build Your Brand, Think Bigger, And Market Better Part: https://youtu.be/KQZRoLzBIuk 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO DAN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👇 https://www.youtube.com/danlok?sub_confirmation=1 Check out these Top Trending Playlists - 1.) Boss In The Bentley: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46OWsrbWGPnPW8mvDtjge_6- 2.) Sales Tips That Get People To Buy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Csz_hvXzw&list=PLEmTTOfet46PvAsPpWByNgUWZ5dLJd_I4 3.) Dan Lok’s Best Secrets - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZNmFJUuTRs&list=PLEmTTOfet46N3NIYsBQ9wku8UBNhtT9QQ Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator. Mr. Lok is leading a global education movement spanning across 120+ countries where Mr. Lok has taught millions of men and women to develop high income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies. Beyond his success in business, Mr. Lok was also a two times TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of over a dozen books. And the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs. Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in hundreds of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world. ★☆★ CONNECT WITH DAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Podcast: http://thedanlokshow.danlok.link Instagram: http://instagram.danlok.link YouTube: http://youtube.danlok.link Linkedin: http://mylinkedin.danlok.link #DanLok #Trademark #Branding Please understand that by watching Dan’s videos or enrolling in his programs you’ll get results close to what he’s been able to do (or do anything for that matter). He’s been in business for over 20 years and his results are not typical. Most people who watch his videos or enroll in his programs get the “how to” but never take action with the information. Dan is only sharing what has worked for him and his students. Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes. Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH DAN’S VIDEOS OR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HIS PROGRAMS. This video is about How To Build Your Brand, Think Bigger, And Market Better Part 1 https://youtu.be/W2yH8p8WwaA https://youtu.be/W2yH8p8WwaA
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How to Defend and Protect Your Brand Reputation Online
Hear Chris Abraham of Abraham Harrison LLC and Jay Jaffe of Jaffe Associates about how to look after your online reputation and why it is important to do so. Be sure to register now! As the saying goes, your good name is everything. Every individual, and brand, needs to know what their online reputation is and how to protect it. When your online reputation is in disrepair, whether because of bad behavior on your, or your brand’s, part, or because of intentional attacks by competitors or someone with a grudge, you sometimes have legal recourse. But you always have tactics you can undertake online to protect your reputation. Find out how to determine what your online reputation already is, how to promote and maintain a good reputation, and how to protect and defend it in the future. We’ll cover issues like: * What are people saying about me online? And Why Should I Care? * Crisis Management * Proactive Steps to Defend Against Future Attacks * How to activate Google and other search engines in your favor and more. Speakers Jay Jaffe of Jaffe Associates Jay Jaffe is CEO of Jaffe Associates (www.jaffeassociates.com), the leading public relations firm serving law firms in North America and Europe. Working only in the legal industry, Jaffe offers a broad range of classic PR and PR 2.0 services, crisis communications, strategic marketing consulting, creative branding, and web/technology services. Our goal is to 'Make It Happen' for our clients with efficient implementation that goes far beyond goal-setting, strategy and planning. Chris Abraham of Abraham Harrison LLC Chris Abraham, President and COO of Abraham Harrison, is a leading expert in online public relations with a focus on blogger outreach, blogger engagement, and Internet reputation management. Chris is a pioneer in online social networks and an Internet analyst, web strategy consultant and advisor to the industries’ leading firms. This webinar took place live on Thursday May 7th at 1 PM EST and 10AM PST. It will include audience participat...
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Protecting your Brand Online from Invisible Thieves and Brand Hijackers
Protecting your Brand Online from Invisible Thieves and Brand Hijackers . Marketing managers put a lot of time and effort and a large part of their marketing budgets to make their campaigns spike, to make them interactively engaging and every marketer’s dream to make them viral. However, unbeknownst to many marketers, your marketing efforts aren’t only bringing your brand benefits, they are bringing benefits to online parasites, where 15% of revenues occurring online are stolen. If you thought E-commerce was exploding, exploding even faster are the likes of online counterfeiters and pirates. At the forefront of this fight to protect your brand are brand protection tools. This is no longer an afterthought, but is one that is imperative to maintaining a healthy brand presence online. The web is a vast open landscape where almost anything goes (At least till it’s caught) and may as be called the Wild Wild Web. Your brand is at risk in many places, probably more than you are prepared to count. But you must. Take a look at just the threats of violating PPC ads and mobile apps. Google alone serves up over 5.5 Billion paid search ad impressions on a daily basis and with the use of mobile apps rising ever northward, the opportunities to scam your brand and cut into your bottom line are always present. Just like internet marketers are becoming super savvy in their marketing efforts, brand parasites are never far behind, taking advantage of your hard work to cut into your bottom line, and especially with the case of counterfeit goods damaging your good name and reputation. Mobile apps have replaced websites in many cases for brands and have become another avenue for cyber criminals to infringe your trademark(s), leading your unsuspecting customers to their phony goods among a vast array of other criminal activities. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free demo . https://www.brandshield.com/
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Building and Protecting Your Brand Online: Hub and Spoke Framework
Building and Protecting Your Brand Online How to build and protect your brand online. To gain your "Long term, Sustainable, Competitive, Advantage" Learn from Maritime Vintage, and Maritime Adaptive Media as they show you how to leverage their: Hub and Spoke Retail Marketing Framework To protect you brand in the long term. www.MaritimeVintage.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncanbgillis/
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Protecting your Brand Online
What is Internet Intelligence in simple terms. https://dotegy.com
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Protect Your Brand Online Today
Online Brand Protection, closing auction sites offering counterfeit goods.
Keeping Your Partners on Track: How to Protect Your Brand Online
Key Takeaways: - How to identify affiliate brand misuse and automate monitoring across the Internet - Current examples of partner non-compliance across industries such as automotive, travel and hospitality and insurance - Proven best practices for resolving compliance issues with your third-party partne
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Webinar: Top Strategies for Protecting Your Brand and Content Online in 2016
MarkMonitor® Brand Protection experts Akino Chikada and Olesia Klevchuk discuss the brand protection trends of 2015 and the top strategies for protecting your brand and content online for 2016.
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Building and protecting your brand through online learning
Our host Nick Strong will be joined by Frankie O'Brien the Director and Co-Founder of iflourish, to discuss how to utilise online learning to build and protect your brand.
Protect Your Brand Online! Wiser-Market, Brand Protection Partnership.
Wiser-Market is a pioneer in the front line of brand protection online. Does your brand suffer from infringement activities? brand dilution ? visit us in http://www.wiser-market.com/ Wiser-Market can help eliminate the problem for your brand. We provide major brands with full online brand protection service on the internet. From cyber-squatting, copyright infringements, SEO frauds, trademark infringements and more, Wiser-Market is your online ally. While online business is changing the world for the better in many ways, it’s also putting more and more companies in great danger. Did you know that 650-BILLION-dollars’ worth of counterfeit goods are sold online every year? In other words; one in four digital marketplace transactions classify as BRAND ABUSE! That’s a 25% loss of your online profits. Your brand is being damaged in 2 major ways: Not only are you losing vast amounts of money, your brand’s reputation is being tainted! You probably think that your IP attorney can deal with the problem, but nowadays combating brand infringements online has become a very complex mission. The infinite infringers around the world, are using multiple platforms and business models. Online infringements cross multiple jurisdictions and variations in national laws. This requires hiring numerous attorneys worldwide, resulting in a very time consuming, costly and fruitless struggle. While we can’t stop fraudsters from trying their luck, we CAN make sure they DON’T succeed! Introducing Wiser-Market, the comprehensive, smart solution for unrivalled brand protection online. Fraudsters can tarnish your reputation in a variety of ways; from creating fake sites to cybersquatting, selling counterfeit goods, infringing on your trademarks and copyrights on the e-commerce platforms and more… Wiser-Market makes these concerns a thing of the past through continuous monitoring across your selling platforms. We provide you with a geographical analysis of ongoing infringements using highly effective enforcement & elimination tools, while providing an in-depth monthly report. In today’s world, having superior protection for your brand shouldn’t go unsaid. Are you ready to join dozens of major brands who’re making the RIGHT choice for their business future? Get in touch with our team today, and find out more about realizing your brand’s full potential!
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How Do I Protect My Brand?
Once your start-up is up and going the next thing you need to focus on is protecting your brand. Your branding plays a vital role in helping you reach the right audience and how the customers recognise. Here is our legal expert Nakul, breaking down the importance of protecting your brand with Trademark.
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Protect Your Personal Brand Online
Protect your Personal Brand Online IMPORTANT LINKS: My Creative Circle Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jonathanscreativecircle/ My website: www.JonathanTilley.com
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Building and protecting your reputation and brand online
As small businesses we may not consider ourselves as a "brand". However if you think about this our businesses reputation can make or break our success so we must consider our company as a brand and make a conscious effort to promote, enhance and protect that brand. This video covers five areas that a business like yours can use to do just this, enjoy.
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Protecting your brand from risk
Learn more at PwC.com - http://pwc.to/WuvUle When risk issues become public, your company's brand is at risk. Hear PwC's Scott Greenfield discuss how you can use technology to manage risks, identify the controls you need, and optimize your risk environment.
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3 Ways To Easily Protect Your Brand Online Using Your Trademark Registration
For similar information check out http://www.lawyersrock.com This video covers 3 ways that you can use your trademark registration to protect your brand online. It covers sending takedown notices to ISPs and hosts; UDRP Proceedings (domain name disputes), and gTLD Trademark Clearinghouse registration. This video series is for informational purposes only and contains general information. NOTHING IN THE VIDEO SERIES SHALL CONSTITUTE LEGAL OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Contact us at [email protected]
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Online Reputation Management Solution | Protect Your Brand
Increase your reviews and improve your brand's online reputation with Rize Reviews, a done-for-you service that generates more reviews for your business. Learn more: https://rizereviews.com
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How to Start a Clothing Brand - Registering Your Brand Name
In this video I go over how to file for a DBA / FBN for your clothing brand. Registering your brands name as a legit business. These videos are made for beginners or up and comers who want to start a clothing brand but are on a tight budget. **I AM NOT A LAWYER AND I AM NOT GIVING LEGAL ADVICE** I am just giving you my opinion on how to start your brand. check out "The Business" on www.BigBrandoh.com I break down how to build a business around your heat press. I explain where to buy a good quality press that is budget friendly, where to buy a good cutter for the lowest price, where I buy vinyl and how to start building up your customer list and keep them coming back. All from the comfort of your own home. For those wondering, you can check out my List of Plastisol Heat Transfer Company's that I use, who I use for single colors, multi colors, who has the biggest gang sheets, who has the best quality for the lowest prices that i've found over the years. It's called "The List" on www.BigBrandoh.com The Patch e-book is finally here www.BigBrandoh.com Everything you need to know about heat pressed patches, how to order, where to order from and most importantly Patch Maker Terminology!! Follow Up with all things Big Brandoh and Youtube related on Instagram @hodnarbgib (BigBrandoh Backwards) http://www.instagram.com/hodnarbgib follow my personal social media @BigBrandoh if you want (nothing T shirt or Youtube related) To Buy A Heat Press That Fits Your Budget http://www.heatpressnation.com/view-all-heat-presses-2087.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd The Heat Press That I Use http://www.heatpressnation.com/hpn-15x15-signature-series-heat-press-auto-open.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd The Hat Press That I Use http://www.heatpressnation.com/hpn-signature-series-cap-heat-press.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd The Vinyl Cutter That I Use http://www.heatpressnation.com/graphtec-silhouette-cameo-12-cutter-plotter.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd To Buy A Vinyl Cutter That Fits Your Budget http://www.heatpressnation.com/vinyl-cutters-vinyl-cutters.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd To Buy Heat Transfer Vinyl http://www.heatpressnation.com/vinyl.html?acc=37693cfc748049e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd
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Use Social Monitoring Software to Protect Your Brand
Use social monitoring software to protect your brand, your people, your profitability. It works 24/7/365, never calls in sick, doesn't fall asleep on the job, and doesn't require employee benefits. http://bit.ly/1VurxEJ One of the toughest parts of being a business owner is protecting the reputation of your company. Today, consumers have an unprecedented amount of power because they can review your brand online, share their experiences with their friends and family, and also have a platform to discuss their experiences with like-minded people. One disgruntled customer could reach thousands of other prospective customers. A bad review can spread from a rant among friends on Facebook to something that is seen in huge groups and shared on other platforms. When it comes to online reputation management solutions, with reputation monitoring software (aka social media tracking software), you are going to get complete coverage. You never know when a customer is going to leave negative feedback on one of your company's accounts at various review websites. It could happen early in the morning or late at night. By having social monitoring software monitoring mentions of your company and all of the review websites on the Internet, you will be able to effectively manage your reputation while you are sleeping without having someone working around the clock. Just as a bad review can get a life of its own and spread virally, good experiences can spread too. If you use social media in a positive way to diffuse angry customers then that will be noticed and it can be good for building your brand. The trick is finding those disgruntled posts and responding to them in the right way. Catch Reputation Problems Before They Grow Rather than having to wade through every Tweet or Facebook Post you can use social monitoring software to flag certain kinds of comments and contact you immediately so that you can respond to them right away. You can also use social monitoring software to get an at-a-glance view of the sentiment that people have towards your company. Are people talking positively about a new product launch? Are they retweeting your viral videos or infographics and talking about how funny or informative they are? Or, are they retweeting with comments about how something is discriminatory, or offensive, or even just too expensive? Getting rapid feedback about whether people see your content in a positive light is very useful if you want to steer the online conversation in a particular direction. Website Tracking Tools Will Find Your Best Advocates It's useful to know who your most engaged customers are. Do you have people who like, share and retweet your content a lot, or post about your products on Instagram? If you're lucky enough to have unpaid brand advocates, then consider turning them into actual brand ambassadors and rewarding them for their loyalty. With good social monitoring software, you can get true insights into what people are saying and doing online. Our online reputation management early warning system is designed to monitor the entire web continually, notifying you the instant​ a comment is made. Install the app to learn how your quick response can convert a negative review into one that lets your customers and their friends know you're paying attention to them. A bad review can turn out to be your best advertisement ever if you know about it immediately. Get the ideal social monitoring software to achieve business, professional, and personal peace of mind. Click here for the trial. http://bit.ly/1VurxEJ To help you understand how social monitoring software can help your business survive negative online comments - whether true or not, watch these additional educational videos. To learn more about how social monitoring software can help you - watch the videos below. Protect Your Business: How to Manage Your Online Reputation https://youtu.be/9Kw1TAeBhoc The Ideal Online Reputation Manager For Golf Vacation Rental Hosts https://youtu.be/kxCV26gWkk4 Use Social Monitoring Software to Protect Your Brand https://youtu.be/fraDB2toEeo Online Reputation Management Tools Heal Social Media Problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gD0Jz-Lu60 More Reputation Monitoring, Competition Evaluation, and Lead Generation Resources Monitor Your Competitors: http://waynemessick.com/small-business-marketing-2/how-to-grow-your-business Reputation Monitoring, Lead Generation, and Brand Management Webinar Replay: http://waynemessick.com/category/reputation-management Online Reputation Management Video Demo: http://waynemessick.com/reputation-management/protect-company-online-reputation-management Social Monitoring Software Review: http://waynemessick.com/biz-dev/social-monitoring-software Lead Generation: 3 Keys to Strategic Business Marketing: http://waynemessick.com/biz-dev/the-three-important-keys-to-strategic-business-marketing
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Preview: Keeping Your Partners on Track: How to Protect Your Brand Online
Watch the complete webinar recording at https://youtu.be/UNPkPm54V0Q MarkMonitor® brand protection expert Dan Morton previews his webinar that discusses: - How to identify affiliate brand misuse and automate monitoring across the Internet - Current examples of partner non-compliance across industries such as automotive, travel and hospitality and insurance - Proven best practices for resolving compliance issues with your third-party partners
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How To Protect, Manage and Improve Your Brands Reputation
Harry runs down the best ways to protect your brand's reputation online, including the profiles you need to register, alerts you have to set up and control mechanisms that could save you a huge embarrassment. He also looks at how you can ensure your brand's voice is represented in the right way and how you should interact with customers. For more advice visit http://www.koozai.com
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When Should I Trademark My Name or Logo? - All Up In Yo' Business
Contact Aiden and learn more at www.180lawco.com. Someone asked me recently when is the best time to trademark your business name or logo. The simple answer: As soon as possible! Really, in general, the sooner the better for filing a trademark for your business name or logo. I discussed in a previous video that you have some trademark rights under common law even if you never register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). But, having a registered trademark is infinitely better and it makes your trademark rights a lot stronger. So, even though you might have a common law trademark in something, its always better to actually register the trademark if you can. To register a trademark, you do have to be actively using whatever the trademark is in commerce. So, if your business is already established, i.e., you have a website or marketing materials using your business name or logo that you are trying to trademark, then you are actively using it in commerce and that will work in your favor when you try to get it registered. If you’re not quite there yet, for example, maybe all you have so far is a great logo, you can still file an application for the trademark. However it is an “intent to use” application… and it is exactly what it sounds like. It means that you are intending to use whatever the trademark is. So, that will buy you some time in being able to actively use that trademark in commerce, but still getting that protection if your trademark is ultimately registered. So, even if your business is not actively started yet, you can, in most cases, still file that intent to use application to get a head start on that trademark registration. So, simply put, the sooner you can file a trademark application, the better off you are. It basically gets you first in line in priority of using that trademark, assuming no one else has already used it. And if you are still getting your business started, you can file that intent to use application in order to get a little extra time for you to start using it actively in commerce. Contact Aiden and learn more at www.180lawco.com. [email protected] | 720-379-3425 Thumbs up & subscribe if you want more AUIYB! Follow Me! IG: @allupinyobusiness Twitter: @_AllUpInYoBiz www.facebook.com/180lawco www.google.com/+aidenkramerlawAUIYB www.pinterest.com/AUIYB The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by 180 Law Co. LLC, with its principal office located at 50 S. Steele Street, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80209. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship 180 Law Co. LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice. All Up In Yo’ Business® is a registered trademark of 180 Law Co. LLC. ©180 Law Co. LLC. All rights reserved.
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Protect Your Online Brand - 7 Rules For Posting Online
http://CreateYourOwnLegendNow.com/success/protect-your-online-brand-7-rules-for-posting-online All right! You've decided to be proactive and set up a positive buzz for your brand before someone comes along and messes up all your hard work. You've decided to get on the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube bandwagons and add your personal flair to the internet. Great! Can't wait to see what you've got to offer. But first, we offer some helpful tips. When setting up a profile -- doesn't matter on what site -- or just posting in general, there are a few rules to keep in mind that will help you build a good online reputation. 1. Do use your real name. Don't be cute and call yourself cakebaker65 or mustangsallyDD or shiregrrrl89. Be real. 2. Don't share your product or services with people who haven't requested the information. People call that SPAM. That sort of bad behavior can get you a DII. 3. Do use a real photo. Some folks like to post a picture of their cat, or their favorite guitar player, their favorite cartoon character, or a movie star. Don't. Put up a CURRENT picture of yourself so we can see what you look like today. And for goodness sake smile, be inviting, let people feel they want to get to know you. To Read The Rest of These 7 Rules follow this link: http://CreateYourOwnLegendNow.com/success/protect-your-online-brand-7-rules-for-posting-online Learn how to build a legendary online identity. Learn how to Create Your Own Legend Now! Say: leave us a comment AND subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Dr. Marc and Charlie are known for their creative, attention-grabbing, search-result-hogging videos. They combine animation, on-screen appearances, and teaching methods to DOMINATE your Google search results and then AUTOMATE all the follow up you receive. To learn more about them and their video marketing tips, please go to http://TheVideoMarketingGuys.com and http://DrMarcAndCharlie.com - 2 of their 57 websites. And when you want to learn how to USE your videos in your marketing, go sign up at http://TheVideoMarketingGuys.com. Sign in now to get their special report: "Power Your Profits Through Online Video Marketing - Discover How To Generate More Business, Make More Money, and Drive New Referrals When You Dominate Google Search Results." AND get their webinar that goes into more depth AND get their free 10-part video series: Why Video Is Vital For A Professional. Enjoy THIS video... then click the link to learn more: http://TheVideoMarketingGuys.com and http://DrMarcAndCharlie.com - 2 of the 57 websites created by Dr. Marc and Charlie Dr. Marc and Charlie can help you with your online video marketing, LinkedIn video, YouTube video marketing, web video, internet video, website video, and more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a3ATgO9G8s https://plus.google.com/109792828777762026131?rel=author
Webinar: Protecting Your Brand In Social Media and Ecommerce
This webinar reviews the resources and solutions brand owners can use to protect their brands within social media and e-commerce sites. To learn more about protecting your brand online, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA) [email protected] www.lexsynergy.com
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Entertainment Law Asked & Answered - How to Protect Your Brand with Trademark Registration?
http://firemark.com http://firemark.com/questions You've spent a lot of time, energy, and maybe money to build a brand for your business. You've landed on a name or logo that captures the true essence of your products and services. It immediately conveys important information that will draw your audience in, and help persuade them to purchase product or service from you. You've got a strong brand, and it's worth protecting. How would it affect your business if a competitor opened up shop with a similar, or a nearly identical name? How would it affect you if, as you are poised to expand into a new geographic area, you learned that your brand is already being used by a similar business? How would it affect you if an existing company already using a similar brand expanded into your market? All of these things can be avoided if you take steps early-on to protect your brand. The most important steps to take? Select your brand carefully Use the brand consistently, as a trademark Register the brand as a trademark. So, What is a Trademark? A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Brand Selection Because a trademark must be distinctive, it is important to select your brand wisely. Generic and primarily descriptive identifiers can't be protected by trademark law. It is better, for trademark protection purposes, at least, to select a brand that is inherently distinctive. Coined, Fanciful and Suggestive brands all fall on the distinctive side of the spectrum and are entitled to protection What does a Trademark protect? The owner of a trademark, is entitled to the exclusive use of that brand in the particular category or categories of goods or services the trademark owner sells. Competitors will be barred from using any confusingly similar branding to identify their goods in the same categories. So, for example, a maker of tape and adhesive products would not be able to use "Scotch", or anything confusingly similar. But, if Mr. MacDougal wants to begin manufacturing power drills, under the name "Scotch" (in honor of his heritage as a Scotsman), he will probably be permitted to do so. How do I get a trademark? Trademark rights are earned by using the mark. Generally speaking, the first person or business to affix a mark to goods or services, and advertise and market them, gains the exclusive rights of a common-law trademark. If the use is purely local, then the scope of trademark rights is similarly local. Many states have adopted trademark registration laws, permitting protection to be extended statewide. But if a business markets its goods or services across state lines, it is engaged in interstate commerce and is thus subject to federal law. Under the so-called "Lanham Act", marks used in interstate commerce are entitled to federal protection, and can be registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This registration system provides for constructive notice of trademark ownership, and remedies against infringers. Trademark registration Registering a trademark is not a difficult process, but it can be rather technical. Unlike registering a copyright, which we often advise our clients to handle in-house, Trademark registration has hidden complexities, mostly to do with properly classifying the goods and services to afford the owner the greatest flexibility and protection. For this reason, we recommend against the do-it-yourself approach. The government's fees for registration start around $300, and can increase depending on the number of marks, logos, etc., and the number of classes of goods involved. All of this money can go to waste, being forfeited if the application isn't prepared and prosecuted properly. It is not at all unusual for trademark applications to be initially rejected by the examining attorneys in the Trademark Office, and in such cases, it becomes necessary to prepare a responsive legal argument in favor of registration. My experience is that "do-it-yourselfers" wind up hiring lawyers at this stage, paying much more than they'd have invested initially to have a lawyer prepare the application. Conclusion Your brand name is likely one of your most valuable assets. It makes sense to take measures to protect it, and your business, against unfair competition from competitors. Trade- or Service mark registration is among the best ways to secure this protection. But before you log into the Trademark Office Web site, it's wise to consult with an experienced intellectual property or entertainment attorney to make sure you've got all your ducks in a row. If you like these videos... please subscribe to the YouTube channel. And, if you have a question you'd like to see answered here... head on over to http://firemark.com/questions.
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protect your brand online by Tracy Repchuk #Reachmillions
protect your brand online http://www.FastActionResults.com Want to know how to protect your brand online? Then watch this video from Tracy Repchuk about how to protect your brand online.
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How to Protect your Startups and ideas via Trademark in Hindi
How to Protect your Startup through Trademark 9990694230 [email protected] Trademark Registration™ Online - Protect Your Brand Trademark Your Brand Trademark - India Startup Trademark Registration, online trademark search in India Trade Marks Rules Startups for Trademarks Online Trademark Registration in India Legal services to Startups in India Trademark Services Online Legal Services for Startups & SMEs Subscribe the channel click on below link and click red Subscribe button https://goo.gl/UhM73U Connect on Google Plus Click below link and follow https://goo.gl/Lx3YTW Connect on Facebook Page click link and Do like the page https://goo.gl/hCPFAi Connect on Instagram https://goo.gl/TCZG43
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Digital Ready Webinar - How to protect your brand online and offline
Tips from guest presenter Jamie White of Pod Legal on trademarking and protecting your brand on- and off-line.
Protecting and Policing Your Brand  How to Combat Online Counterfeiters
This was an ERA 2016 Learning Lounge Session. This session titled "Protecting and Policing Your Brand: How to Combat Online Counterfeiters" was moderated by Paula Brillson Phillips, Digital Law Group. The panel featured Arline Kramer, Remarkable Products International Inc.; Diego Rivero, B2C Response; and Vicky Sroloff, Innovative Brands Corporation. Theft of intellectual property (IP) rights enabled by the Internet is growing to alarming rates. It is calculated that trade in counterfeit and pirated goods account for $250 Billion annually in losses to U.S. companies alone. Businesses face a number of risks unless the appropriate steps are taken to tackle IP crime. During this session, marketers will share actual case studies of infringement and industry experts will discuss the various ways to police and protect your brand both online and on the ground on a worldwide basis. Keywords:ERA, D2C, DRTV, Direct Response, Counterfeiting, Policy.
Repwarn - Online Reputation Management Software - Protect Your Brand
Download here: http://topaffiliatemarketingproduct.com/repwarn-online-management-reputation-software/ Join Our Facebook Group To Promote Your Business & To Get Update On Top Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021558797911654/ Online reputation management software. Repwarn Reputation Management and Keyword Monitoring Software Whats is Repwarn: Repwarn is a 24 hours Web monitor. It helps you monitor your BRANDS, Your Products, Your People and even your competitors. It Keep track of unlimited keywords and phrases of your products and brand name. Anytime someone talks about your products or brand name online using your product/brand name keyword or phrase, REPWARN will let you know what they saying about you. If you know what people say about your product/brand, that will make you deliver the best customer services possible.
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How Mobile Apps Protect Your Brand
Learn how getting a mobile app for your online retail store will help you create stability for your brand and grow your business.
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How To Trademark a Name and Logo | Trademark In Canada And USA
If you have a name or a logo you want to protect, BOOK A FREE CALL with our strategy advisors at https://trademarkfactory.com/call If you want to learn more about branding and trademarks, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to this channel: https://trademarkfactory.com/youtube How To Trademark a Name and Logo Secure Your Brand with Trademark Factory® Risk-Free, Guaranteed. https://www.trademarkfactory.com Number 1: Decide WHAT you want to trademark. Would it be your name, your logo, both as a single trademark or both as two separate trademarks. Number 2: Find out if you CAN trademark your brand. You need to know if the brand you picked is even trademarkable. And it means a lot more than simply checking if someone had trademarked the same brand before. Number 3: Decide WHO will own the trademark. Is it you personally? Your company? It can be either, but you need to make sure your decision makes sense from business perspective. Number 4: Decide WHERE you want to trademark your brand. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter where your company is incorporated. What matters is, where do most of your customers come from now or will in the near future. You need to look at your most important markets and trademark your brand there. Number 5: Decide WHEN you want to trademark your brand. You should trademark your brand in your home country as soon as humanly possible. It is often too late but never too early to protect your brand. A great deal of very successful brands were trademarked BEFORE launch. That’s when it’s the easiest to protect your brand—as long as it’s trademarkable. Number 6: Decide WHICH products and services your trademark application would cover. Trademarks don’t give you a monopoly over your name, logo, or tagline themselves. Trademarks give you a monopoly over the mental link between your brand AND the products and services you have listed in your trademark application. For example, Apple doesn’t own the word “Apple.” They own the word “Apple” in connection with computers, phones, software and stuff like that. But it doesn’t mean they can stop someone from calling their excavators “Apple”. Number 7: Decide HOW you will be filing your trademark application. Basically, there are 4 ways to do it. You can do it yourself. The danger is that most business owners, however smart and experienced they are as business owners, don’t know enough specifics about trademark laws to go through the whole process successfully. In case you don’t know, it takes on average 14 months to register a trademark in the United States and 18 months on average to register a trademark in Canada. During these long months, you would be communicating with the Trademarks Office. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will probably end up with nothing. The second option is to use online filing websites, which basically have developed software that makes it easier for you to understand what should go where into your trademark application. The problem with this option is that they are not representing you. The third option is to use a traditional law firm. The problem with this option is unpredictability. And finally, the forth option, you’re welcome to file your trademarks through Trademark Factory. Not only will we conduct a comprehensive trademark search to tell you exactly whether your brand is trademarkable FOR FREE, we will also offer you our most popular package All-Inclusive. It’s basically one flat fee for our services that covers everything from start to finish. You will never see another invoice from us. And for most trademarks we file, we will actually also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Which means that if after spending as much time as necessary trying to come up with a winning argument, if we then lose, you will get all your money back. We’re the only firm in the world that does this. And if you have a brand you want to protect, fill out the form at trademarkfactory.com—and we’ll get the process started. Trust me, your brand is worth it! ----------------------------------- Trademark Factory® resources: ★ Website: https://trademarkfactory.com ★ ☆ YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/trademarkfactory.com ☆ ★ Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/thetrademarkfactory ★ ☆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/realTMfactory ☆ ★ Kick-Ass Brands Show: http://kickassbrandsshow.com ★ ☆ Kick-Ass Brands Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickassbrands ☆ #trademark #intellectualproperty #brands #logo
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#23 Building & Protecting Your Online Reputation With Nicole Matejic
http://Newsmodo.com The growth of social media has brands wondering how to protect and build their reputations online. Nicole Matejic shares strategies to keep your brand safe as well as how to build a content library in your area of expertise. "The storytelling aspect has completely changed with the revolution of social media. So, you need to be across so many different aspects of storytelling now and the brands that do that storytelling well, really engage and have that audience that just loves them. They have those “raving fans” as Pat Flynn likes to call them.” –Nicole Matejic CEO of global military think tank ‘Info Ops HQ’ Nicole delivers training to global military forces in strategic and tactical information operations in the social media battlespace. Also known as The #SocialFirefighter® – Nicole founded and heads up Australian Social Media Crisis Communications Consultancy ‘Social Media Monster.’ Working with all levels of Government and in the corporate sector, Nicole provides specialist crisis communications services, training, strategy and preparedness simulations to organisations across Australia. As an early adopter of using social media as a law enforcement and intelligence information source; Nicole’ s experience, qualifications and unique insight into the social media battlespace has seen her turn her highly successful blog into a global consultancy that delivers training to military forces around the world. What You’ll Learn How to protect your brand. How to help prevent your brand from being impersonated. Why you must have a content library. How to discover what your audience likes: using platforms such as Facebook insights. The three social media rules of engagement. How to start conversations to encourage online social media engagement. Listen to the full episode at http://Newsmodo.com
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Protect Your Brand - A Guide for House Cleaners and Maids
Protect your brand. It's more than integrity, character, principle, and leadership. It's about longevity and reputation management. Protect your brand. That's the advice Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gave. The question was how does a house cleaner stand out in a competitive marketplace? Sure, we've heard "you can do better", and tips for reliability, authority, and honor. But protect your brand? Today on #AskaHouseCleaner the cleaning advice turns to branding with influence. And "set an example your employees can share in stature." Led by the theory that "Anything you can do, you can do better." Our sponsor today is https://HouseCleaning360.com #HouseCleaning360 is a referral database of the best and the brightest in house cleaning. *** MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS *** Education - Do I Need a Degree to Run a Cleaning Business? - https://youtu.be/0GS-FvJC1Vg Best Books for House Cleaners - https://youtu.be/Jr3Ne3UdkQc Social Media Presence - Do I Need It If I'm Just a Maid? - https://youtu.be/0JV7VNqqIWk Cleaning Lady? I'm a Cleaning Specialist! - https://youtu.be/OqbmaY_p8Nk Reviews - Should I Turn Them Off? - https://youtu.be/ZG_J-SM9114 What Should I Wear to Bid Cleaning Jobs? - https://youtu.be/H9oB8v8LM7E What Your Cleaning Car Says About Your Company Image - https://youtu.be/LFd8zBqkqFg What is a Mulligan for House Cleaner, Maids, and Housekeepers? - https://youtu.be/oNFyLUx3XqI I or We? When Promoting My House Cleaning Biz or Maid Service? - https://youtu.be/pjlPoJVuNJs *** COMPLETE SHOW NOTES FOR THIS EPISODE *** http://askahousecleaner.com/protect-your-brand/ *** RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE *** 5 Strategies Oprah Uses to Protect Her Brand - http://bit.ly/2zuV1BO Protect Your Brand with Trademarks - http://bit.ly/2A2ZdoB 12 Ways to Legally Protect Your Brand - https://yhoo.it/2A3hF0i Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communications - http://amzn.to/2vMpCEY Mechanics of Online Reputation Management: Repair & Control Your Name or Brand Reputation Online - http://amzn.to/2tQOudn The Reputation Economy: How to Optimize Your Digital Footprint in a World Where Your Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset - http://amzn.to/2vx68Vw The Reputation Playbook - http://amzn.to/2eEOPO9 The Science of Intelligent Decision Making: How to Think More Clearly, Save Your Time, and Maximize Your Happiness. Destroy Indecision - http://amzn.to/2um2VcF *** OTHER WAYS TO ENJOY THIS SHOW *** ITUNES - http://apple.co/2xhxnoj STITCHER - http://bit.ly/2fcm5JM SOUNDCLOUD - http://bit.ly/2xpRgLH GOOGLE PLAY - http://bit.ly/2fdkQd7 YOUTUBE - https://goo.gl/UCs92v *** GOT A QUESTION FOR A SHOW? *** Email it to Angela[at]AskaHouseCleaner.com Voice Mail: Click on the blue button at https://askahousecleaner.com *** HOUSE CLEANING TIPS VAULT *** (DELIVERED VIA EMAIL) - https://savvycleaner.com/tips *** FREE EBOOK – HOW TO START YOUR OWN HOUSE CLEANING COMPANY *** http://amzn.to/2xUAF3Z *** PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANERS PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP *** https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProfessionalHouseCleaners/ *** FOLLOW ANGELA BROWN ON SOCIAL MEDIA *** https://Facebook.com/SavvyCleaner https://Twitter.com/SavvyCleaner https://Instagram.com/SavvyCleaner https://Pinterest.com/SavvyCleaner https://Linkedin.com/in/SavvyCleaner *** WHAT IS ASK A HOUSE CLEANER? *** Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show where you get to ask your house cleaning questions and we provide answers. Learn how to clean. How to start a cleaning business. Marketing and Advertising tips for your cleaning service. How to find top quality house cleaners, housekeepers, and maids. Employee motivation tactics. Strategies to boost your cleaning clientele. Cleaning company expansion help. Time-saving Hacks for DIY cleaners and more. Hosted by Angela Brown, 25-year house cleaning expert and founder of Savvy Cleaner Training for House Cleaners and Maids. *** DISCLAIMER *** During the shows we recommend services, sites, and products to help you improve your cleaning and grow your cleaning business. We have partnerships or sponsorships with these companies to provide you with discounts, and savings. By clicking on and buying from these links we may receive a commission which helps pay for the production costs of the show. Support the show so we can continue to bring you free tips and strategies to improve your cleaning and help you grow your cleaning business. THANK YOU! *** SPONSORSHIPS & BRANDS *** We do work with sponsors and brands. If you are interested in working with us and you have a product or service that is cohesive to the cleaning industry reach out to our promotional department info[at]AskaHouseCleaner.com *** THIS SHOW WAS SPONSORED BY *** SAVVY CLEANER - House Cleaner Training and Certification – https://savvycleaner.com HOUSECLEANING360 – Referral Database of the world’s most prominent home service providers https://housecleaning360.com
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David Adler: Protect your brand online
David Adler discusses the importance of monitoring your brand online so that you can protect your intellectual property
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Protecting Your Brand With Trademarks!
Ashley Kirkwood, Founding Attorney of Mobile General Counsel, goes live every Tuesday about the importance of a trademark and how to protect your brand! Click below to learn more about the class, a consult, and Ashley! ******************************************************************************************** Be sure to take her class: Get The Tea On Trademarks, by clicking here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/get-the-tea-on-trademarks-tickets-56355189890 Book your consult here: https://www.mobilegeneralcounsel.com/schedule-appointment/ Follow Ashley Kirkwood on Instagram: @TheAshleyNicoleShow Follow Mobile GC on Instagram: @MobileGeneralCounsel Text "ASHLEY" to 66866 to join her mailing list or click HERE: https://mailchi.mp/e6d23c7a35cc/alist.
How To Protect Your Brand
Check out the full course at http://www.tbsmarketingacademy.com/courses/branding-how-to-brand-yourself-and-your-business What's in a name? In business, a lot! It's how your clients find you. What your business stands for. How you set yourself apart from everyone else who does what you do. So when you come up with that unique brand name that perfectly sums up what you and your business are all about, you want to make sure you protect it so someone else can't come along and start using it. After all, one of the reasons a brand name is so powerful is the fact that it's unique. And if others are using it, it's no longer unique. It can also cause confusion in the marketplace. And you could be spending your marketing time and money sending potential clients to someone else's business. In this video I share some steps you can take to protect your brand name so you and you alone can own it. This video is an excerpt from my online course, How to Brand Yourself and Your Business at http://www.tbsmarketingacademy.com/courses/branding-how-to-brand-yourself-and-your-business In the course you'll learn my 9-step proprietary process for uncovering your very own unique and compelling brand name, along with how to implement that brand name throughout your business, and how to protect it. Learn more about the online courses available at The Business Stylist Marketing Academy at https://tbsmarketingacademy.com/ Learn more about Debbie LaChusa, The Business Stylist at http://www.debbielachusa.com/
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Protect Your Brand Webinar (2018)
You are constantly under attack by competitors that bid on your branded keywords, interrupting the customer journey and diverting search traffic – impacting revenue. These hijack attempts muddy your reputation and adversely impact the experience your consumers have with your brand online. Listen to Ashley Fletcher (Adthena – VP of Marketing) and Frederick Vallaeys (Optymyzr – CEO) to learn how playing ‘brand offense’ can help you gain more control of your brand and increase conversions.
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Protect Your Brand Fame In Social Media - Guarding Your Brand In A Social Media Setting
"FIND OUT Protect Your Brand Fame In Social Media - Guarding Your Brand In A Social Media Setting LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF Protect Your Brand Fame In Social Media - Guarding Your Brand In A Social Media Setting Quality Videos - What Video Quality Says About Your Product, Service and Brand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxjtoGGJMiE Reason For Popularity Of Video Marketing - Why Video Marketing Is So Effective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mWKunVxoAg Reasons To Have A video Marketing For Your Business - Video Marketing Services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKPu3qzjBYU Reasons To Incorporate Video Into Your Next Marketing - Video Marketing Strategies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4PdH9cBiEk Reasons why Small Business prefer Online Video - Online Video 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Use It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOVhblTyBeM Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing - Video Marketing For Local Business And Content Marketing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kovbZnWKFE Reate Your Online Video For Business - How To Create A Promotion Video For Your Online Business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSXWEqmrR44 Rebuild Your Reputation With Online Videos - Video Can Improve And Repair Your Online Reputation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9WTUdXVvnI Record Your Computer Screen - Make Your First Video Tutorial How to Record Your Computer Screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC1t3CGnXbw Relation Between Youtube And Video Marketing Is Inevitable - Video Marketing Owes A Lot To Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNIxyQqq-Wc"
Can Hashtags Be Trademarked | Protecting Your Brand | Online Marketing and Awareness
http://www.AnspachMedia.com #ThatGuyRob #AnspachMedia In this video Rob Anspach sheds light on hashtags and if they can be trademarked. Rob uses his Mickey Mouse hat as an example of a trademarked image and how Disney protects their intellectual property. Hashtags can be used as a marketing tool which enhances and helps protect that intellectual property. Typically, a hashtag is just the number (#) sign followed by a word or phrase that describes something about what you do, produce or market. Most of the times the hashtags are common words or phrases that would not be able to be trademarked. Can a trademarked hashtag be enforced? Unless you can prove that the negative use of such hashtag caused harm to your brand or product in most likelihood the trademarked hashtag can't be enforced. You'll discover how Rob uses hashtags to market and build brand awareness for his social media book #Share27ways -"Share: 27 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust And Attract Followers". To learn more about Rob and how he can help your business build trust with your fans, friends and followers using social media, search engine optimization and content creation visit him at www.AnspachMedia.com To get a copy of Rob's social media book #Share27ways go to www.Share27ways.com
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