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Secret Garden - Reflection
White Stones CD - a lovely relaxing melody to help you drift off into a peaceful dreamworld.
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Secret Garden- Reflection
This is the seventh song from Secret Garden's album White Stones from 1997. "An impression of the evening as it transcends into night. The simplicity of the lullaby, a resting Berceuse as you drift into the land of dreams." -Rolf Lovland
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SECRET GARDEN - Reflection
music: SECRET GARDEN - Reflection http://www.secretgarden.no video edited by Andreea Petcu http://www.andreeapetcu.com http://www.youtube.com/Newoceanflower2008 Please, watch in HD! Thank you for watching, comments, likes and sharings! Have a blessed day full of love!
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Secret Garden - Reflection (Music Video)
Secret Garden - Reflection (Music Video)
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Secret Garden - Reflection
Secret Garden - Reflection, White Stones (1997)
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Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
Music video by Secret Garden performing Song From A Secret Garden. © 2018 Dreamcatcher Production AS http://vevo.ly/rHic5Y
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Secret Garden - Reflection (HQ)
Secret Garden - Reflection (HQ) From the "White Stones" Album
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Reflection - Secret Garden
A song from Secret Garden
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Secret Garden - Reflection
Music Is What Feelings Sound Like ....
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Secret Garden - Reflection
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXI4_GydE6ui1-3YndGssQw Music: "Reflection" - Secret Garden Location: South West England, Great Britain ***For More Of Beautiful Great Britain Subscribe To This Channel*** **Beautiful Great Britain is a non profit channel** **All music rights belong to Secret Garden** **All photos copyrighted to the respective owner** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zSK5-sCYZs
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Secret Garden - Reflection (Piano Tutorial)
Tutorial for Secret Garden's song Reflection.
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Adagio appears on the album Songs From a Secret Garden. Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some as Neo-classical music. It features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Please, watch my new and better video editation of this brilliant piece:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHMKG1uzAEc
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Reflection by Secret Garden
❤ Reflection ❤
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Reflection  - Secret Garden (Solo Piano Cover)
I don't see this song covered a lot on YouTube, so I thought I would upload my own. Fair use law is used here for covering and posting.
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Secret Garden - Reflection
Reflection from Secret Garden Composed by Rolf Løvland
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Secret Garden - "Reflection" piano solo
Secret Garden - "Reflection" Music by Rolf Lovland Arranged by me Believe it or not, my series of Secret Garden piano solo arrangements has come to an end with "Reflection" (well, temporarily anyway!). Using the score from the Secret Garden Collection book (ISBN: 0757937063), I combined the violin line with the piano accompaniment to make a preliminary piano solo arrangement. I then made a few alterations after listening to the original recording (it appears on the White Stones album as well as several Secret Garden compilations). I invite you to check out my previous New Age piano solos if you enjoyed this video. My next video will be a piano solo arrangement of a song by one of my favorite musicians, Kina Grannis. Thank you for watching. Please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers... -Rick
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Secret Garden- Cantoluna
This is the twelfth song from Secret Gardens album Songs From a Secret Garden, from 1995. "Here the 'Italian emotions' are awakened. Sentimentality under the Italian moonlight. Feelings are sometimes suppressed and we are afraid to show them. I am very fascinated by the old black and white silent movies because the actors could only show emotions, no dialogue. I could envision a movie like that when Cantoluna was written. The title itself is a very free construction of words made of canto, which means song in Italian, and luna, which means moon. On the recording we used the mandolin and the clarinet to let the romantic, Italian feeling through. People often ask what kind of music Secret Garden is. Is it classical, Norwegian, or Irish traditional music, world music or new age? I dont know. I only know that the music comes straight from the heart, and contains elements of all of this. Some even say that it sounds like film music because its so visual. That opinion is the closest I come to a classification, because I often see a story when I write music. Maybe it could be called music to a film never shown?" -Rolf Lovland
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Secret Garden - Elegie
Secret Garden - Elegie
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Secret Garden - Illumination
White Stones CD - a beautiful, uplifting piece of music, so inspiring.
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Clematis Fantasie to Secret Garden's Reflection
An appropriate theme for a Secret Garden Song with scenes from secret gardens all over the world!
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Secret Garden- Pastorale
This is the second song from Secret Gardens album Songs From a Secret Garden, from 1995. "Norwegian and Irish culture and traditions are unified in this piece as a kind of Secret Garden synthesis. Pastorale refers in a way to a spiritual landscape. Music is a link on communication between people. It makes us understand and discover, when words are not enough. Music can also be a guide to find our own sources, and to put names to our own emotional landscape." -Rolf Lovland
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Secret Garden - ✿ First day of spring ✿
I wish you a blessed spring, love♡ and peace in your soul! ♡ Secret Garden (First day of spring) from the album ''White Stones'' (1997) Select the optimal resolution 720p Thank you all for viewing and comments! All the best! http://www.youtube.com/user/bluesensation75?feature=mhee http://www.youtube.com/user/TBluedream?feature=watch
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Reflection 121: The Secret Inner Garden of Your Heart
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/my-catholic-life/reflection-121-the-secret-inner-garden-o Imagine that your home had an inner, hidden courtyard in which you had a garden. No one knew about this secret garden. It was a place where you planted, tilled, labored, weeded and harvested. The produce from this garden was then secretly distributed to many to nourish and delight them. This is an image of the depths of your soul. The home symbolizes your whole self. The inner and hidden garden symbolizes the inner and secret depths of your soul. The gardener is our Lord and He is the one who secretly enters, tilling, planting, weeding, growing and harvesting the many good fruits that come forth from your life. He desires to enter in secrecy, doing much labor in your life that no one knows about. The result, if you let Him in, will be experienced by the abundance of virtue that overflows, affecting the lives of many (See Diary #581). Do you allow our Lord to enter into the inner and secret garden of your own soul? Do you allow Him to labor within you, bringing forth an abundant harvest? This work He desires to do in you is a work seen only by you. It’s a holy secret of grace working in your life. The Lord offers it out of His perfect love for you. Tell Him, this day, that you will let Him in and then allow yourself to watch as He does amazing things in this inner courtyard, transforming it into a garden bursting forth in abundance. Lord, I see this courtyard and I am aware of it being overgrown with weeds of all types. There is much work to do. But, this day, I say “Yes” to You. I accept the labor of perfect love that You offer me and I return to You my gratitude for the miraculous work You desire to do. Help me to be patient with You and to adore You as you prepare the soil, plant Your virtues and bring forth a harvest. I thank You, my dear Lord. Jesus, I trust in You.
Lotus Secret Garden
The lotus rises above the water untouched by the mud. In the same way a person through meditation, can live in this world of suffering, is not affected by anxiety. ..................................The spiritual master. ......................................................................................... Lotus - the image of the source of the world productive forces, the deployment of existence, it stands as a symbol of rebirth, beauty, life, happiness, purity and spirituality. In the East, in the form of this flower emphasizes its dynamic aspect related to the disclosure of the potential of being (symbolized blossoming of a flower on the surface of water), in contrast to the European roses - impersonating a static center. The structure of the lotus represents the interaction of male and female, so it is associated with fertility and the birth of new life.
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Secret garden the promise
Buetifal music by secret garden to buetifal pictures
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Secret Garden - Appassionata
White Stones CD - a dramatic and sentimental melody.
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Secret Garden - Reflection
Secret Garden - Reflection (Music Video) White Stones CD - a lovely relaxing melody to help you drift off into a peaceful dreamworld. music: SECRET GARDEN - Reflection video edited by Andreea Petcu Please, watch in HD! Thank you. This is the seventh song from Secret Garden's album White Stones from 1997. An impression of the evening as it transcends into night. The simplicity of the lullaby, a resting Berceuse as.
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Hugh Hardie - Reflection
Colourspace is out now! https://HospitalRecords.lnk.to/Colourspaceyb Hugh Hardie’s smooth moving, funk and soul-spirited drum & bass has been making waves since he signed exclusively to leading D+B imprint Hospital Records in 2014. The Cambridge-born turned Bristol-living producer has been a busy man since his popular ‘City Soul’ EP. Now his growing repertoire is only getting bigger with his highly anticipated debut long player ‘Colourspace’ that’s filled with liquid rollers, jazzy riffs, and feel-good flavours. Staying true to that funk and soul delivery are tracks ‘Love Troubles’ and ‘She Moves’ – featuring up and comers GLXY – with rising drums and full-bodied basslines. Another collaborative effort comes from Shogun Audio signees Pola & Bryson in ‘Emerald City’ with sweetening doubled-up melodies and lush liquid roll-outs. Diving into deeper D+B spaces, ‘Talk The Talk’ and ‘Closeness’ bring a cosmic energy to the mix. ‘Camera Obscura’ ft Maverick Soul highlights Hugh’s passion for percussions in parallel with ‘Shades Of Blue’ that touches on micro funk movements with clicky drums bringing a more minimalistic nature than Hugh’s regular rhythms. For several years, Hugh has been making regular appearances across Europe and the UK for the world-renowned events brand Hospitality and is no stranger to lighting up packed dance-floors no matter the venue size. This summer you can catch him drawing from his collection at Glastonbury festival, Secret Garden Party and Sun & Bass, to name a few. Follow Hugh Hardie: https://www.facebook.com/hughhardiemusic https://soundcloud.com/hugh-hardie https://twitter.com/HughHardieMusic https://www.instagram.com/hughhardie Follow Hospital Records: http://hospitalrecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Hospitalrecords http://twitter.com/hospitalrecords http://instagram.com/hospitalrecords http://play.spotify.com/user/hospital... http://www.google.com/+HospitalRecords https://soundcloud.com/hospitalrecords http://www.mixcloud.com/hospitalrecords/
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Secret Garden - Nocturne
Various landscape/sunset etc pics put to Secret garden - Nocturne
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Secret Garden -Sanctuary
This is the eleventh song on the album White Stones from 1997. "A sanctuary can be a sacred place for meditation and quiet contemplation. In this song it relates to the secret garden inside us." -Rolf Lovland
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Reflection(Piano Solo):Secret Garden
Secret Gardenの「Reflection」のピアノソロアレンジです。 DL sheet music : http://bit.ly/1FNV7Ot https://bit.ly/2nIjz25
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Secret garden - Reflection
밤하늘이 은하수일 때 너의 손을 잡고 그 풍경을 함께 하고 싶다.
Views: 21 Mellow Muzik
Secret Garden: Lament For A Frozen Flower
From their beautiful new CD 'Winter Poem' 'Lament for a Frozen Flower' by Secret Garden www.secretgarden.no The album can be purchased here: http://secretgarden.no/lowband/fs_shop.html Images and video by Tone Aanderaa www.Tone-Aanderaa.com
Views: 683870 Tone Aanderaa
Secret Garden - Hymn to Hope
White Stones CD - a beautiful, haunting melody, the tracks on White Stones feature the Irish whistle, Spanish guitar,Uilleann pipes and Violin.
Views: 1978152 syrahrose01
Secret Garden - Heart String
Secret Garden "Heart String"
Views: 1956661 serosker
Secret Garden - Silent Wings
Pictures for your eyes, and music for your soul.
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Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden
Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden. Experience a breathtaking journey through some of the most exquisite gardens in the world. Renowned for their beauty, Japanese gardens have been retreats for people to rediscover the natural world for more than 1,000 years. Dream Window reveals the secrets of both classical and contemporary Japanese gardens, including the legendary Moss Temple of Saiho-ji, Shugaku-in and Katsura Imperial Villas, and Sogetsu Hall. Prominent Japanese personalities add commentary, shedding light on the role of gardens in Japanese society today. (I first saw this beautiful documentary over 20 years ago on my local PBS station and was very happy to be able to find it again. Please enjoy the film!)
Views: 235816 Andrea Johnson
Secret Garden - Silence speaks
Secret Garden (Silence speaks) - from the album ''Earthsongs''(2005) Select the optimal resolution 720p Thank you all for viewing and comments! All the best! http://www.youtube.com/user/bluesensation75?feature=mhee http://www.youtube.com/user/TBluedream?feature=watch
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Secret Garden Sessions - SargeTheMedic (HD)
SargeTheMedic performing Reflection Hero live for Secret Garden Sessions. Like and Subscribe. Download at http://soundcloud.com/secretgardensessions Contact us - [email protected] Twitter- @SGSessions Facebook.com/SGSessions Filmed and recorded by SGS Toby Curson and Rob Pick @copyright

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