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Kit Review  - Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle
A look at the Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle!
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Revell 1:144 scale Time lapse Build | part 1 (quick build #21)
The first part of this little series Building the space shuttle Atlantis Looks like a good kit Insta-quickbuilds_ Music-https://youtu.be/Bkg08NvtvBU
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Revell 1/144 Model Space Shuttle - time lapse build 2014/15
revell space shuttle build - only took 18 months! lots of issues with fit and so on but got there. Recommended build but set aside lots of time. :)
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NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis - Metal Earth
This was my third ICONX/Metal Earth 3D model build. It was very enjoyable to build and looks nice on my display shelf. The build took me about 35 minutes, but is rendered in 20x time lapse. This model - http://www.innovatoys.com/space-shuttle-atlantis-model Tool Set - http://www.innovatoys.com/tool-kit Other Metal Earth Models - http://www.innovatoys.com/metal-earth If you like my content, please subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up. You really help me out by letting me know how I'm doing. If you like my content, please subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up. You really help me out by letting me know how I'm doing. Contact me... Twitter - https://twitter.com/kurtschwob Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/schwoby Website - http://kurtschwob.com Email - [email protected]
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Shuttle Wars, Part  25
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Revell 1/144th Space Shuttle and Boosters + Warbird Tile Decals
A look at my newly acquired Revell space shuttle kit, with after market tile decals from Warbird. An old kit, with quite a bit of flash and simple detail, but should look good after a bit of work. Tile decals a must for realism, they don't come in the box however. http://www.revell.de/en/products/model-building/space-scifi/id/04736.html Warbird decals: http://warbirddecals-com.myshopify.com Video and model stills my own, others NASA NASA copyright: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/guidelines/index.html I'm not making money from this so I don't think it's commercial. Music from here: http://incompetech.com Filmed with a Nikon D610, 18-35mm AF-G and 55mm Ai-s Micro © T Hayes 2016, NASA images excepeted.
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DRAGON 1/144 Space Shuttle ( #11004 ) Part 2
King of the Tiny Lab, Ant is back with part 2 of his build of the Dragon 1/144 Space Shuttle Orbiter build. In this episode he makes a few changes, cleans up gaps and works out an awesome way to paint the thrusters with Mr. Metal Colour buffable metallics. Remember to visit eModels.co.uk, the UK's number one retailer for all your modelmaking needs! http://www.emodels.co.uk Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emodelsltd
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Space Shuttle  Ravell 1:144
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Space Shuttle Atlantis model review
I think it's a really cool toy!!
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US Space Shuttle & Launch Structure 1/144 Scale
This is a 1/144 scale model of the US Space Shuttle and its entire launch facility which includes the large launch gantry and the structure used to do final preparations to the Shuttle cargo which swings around to cover the shuttle before launch. The model is by Revel and its is a great model. Lots of parts and moderate in terms of difficulty. I had two granddaughters help me build it and a video of us doing so is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GgmzMO3hGM and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_b8qgN7OgA We built it with the shuttle Discovery on the pad. We built it to recognize and in tribute to the programs as a whole, and particularly in memory of the Challenger and the Columbia and their crews (7 each) who were lost. The Challenger in 1986 coming apart while rising through the atmosphere, and the Columbia in 2003 which disintegrated while re-entering the atmosphere. I actually was part of a remediation team that worked at Thiokol from Structural Dynamics Research (SDRC) in the late 1980s out at Thiokol regarding improvements to their program. The Challenger was lost due to the solid fuel rockets coming apart because the launch occurred when temperature and atmospheric conditions were borderline, and despite warnings, the feeling was that the launch could occur in any case. The Columbia was lost due to a known problem with foam structures coming off of the the shuttle attachment points to its fuel structures and striking the shuttle during launch. it was felt that they were not doing damage sufficient to endanger the shuttle. In the case with the Columbia, a piece hit the left wing and apparently damaged the integrity of the heat shield tiles there, allowing hot gasses to build up. On that morning in 2003, the left wing ultimately failed and the shuttle disintegrated. None the less, the shuttle program had 135 launches and provided immeasurable god to the space program, and to putting many invaluable satellites, telescopes, labs, experiments, and perhaps most importantly, its indispensable use in building the International Space station. Although the Soviets tried to build a similar shuttle, they failed, launching one of their two shuttles only once for a single orbit, and remotely controlled with no cosmonauts aboard. The US built six shuttles, one, the Enterprise purely for atmospheric testing, and the other five (Challenger, Columbia, Discovery, Endeavor, and Atlantis), having, as stated conducted 135 space launches. May we always remember and never forget the sacrifice of those fourteen crew members and their families, and the amazing contribution, despite the tragedies, that the shuttle program gave the Unites States and the world.
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Dragon Wings Space Shuttle Orbiter  Atlantis (OV-104)
Dragon Wings 55619 Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis (OV-104) DRAGON WINGS 55619 1/400 Premiere Collection UPC:089195556196 BGM:Music Atelier Amacha/yuuzoranotandokuhikou
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Обзор собранной модели шаттла Атлантис
Видео про распаковку данной модели: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An1Wbx5pM9Q&t=5s Space Shuttle ATLANTIS 1:144 Revell Производитель Revell Масштаб 1:144 Уровень сложности 3 из 5 Артикул 04544
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Nasa Space Shuttle // Best Space Toys
Black Friday 2018 Toys Sale, Now Live! https://amzn.to/2DmFEwh Nasa Space Shuttle // Best Space Toys Get Your Shuttle Now, Click the link in the description: https://clipadvise.com/deal/view?id=Amazon-Toys-Games-nasa-space-shuttle Online shopping from a great selection at Toys & Games Store. nasa space shuttle, Toys & Games, 5" Space Shuttle Diecast Pullback Toy USA NASA Diecast Pullback Toy USA NASA Daron Worldwide Trading Inc. Space Shuttle with Stand 3 Astronauts, American Flag and Kennedy Space Center Sign Trading Inc. Space Shuttle with Stand 3 Astronauts, American... Space Exploration Set - Legends of Space - 10 Piece Complex 39 Launch Site with Astronauts, Rockets, Space Shuttle, and Ground Vehicle Set Legends of Space 10 Piece Complex 39 Launch Site with... Space Mission Shuttle full Stack Shuttle full Stack Space Shuttle Orbiter Mini Vehicle By Legends of Space Orbiter Mini Vehicle By Legends of Space Revell Space Shuttle Discovery Shuttle Discovery Space Shuttle Space Travel NASA 3D Puzzle Space Travel NASA 3D Puzzle Rhode Island Novelty Die Cast Space Shuttle - Large 8 inch Novelty Die Cast Space Shuttle Large 8 inch Mastercraft Collection NASA Space Shuttle F/S Full Stack Discovery (S) Model Scale:1/200 Collection NASA Space Shuttle F/S Full Stack Discovery (S) Model... Space Toy Set - America's Space Program Collector's Series - 5-Piece Replica Spaceship Rocket Toy America's Space Program Collector's Series 5 Piece Replica... Die-cast Metal Space Shuttle with Astronaut Figures (Set Includes 1 Metal Die-cast Pull and Go Space Shuttle 7'' Long with 12 Astronaut Toy Figurines 3'' Tall) Space Shuttle with Astronaut Figures (Set Includes 1 Metal Die... MyLifeUNIT NASA Space Shuttle Die-cast Model, 8"Shuttle Orbiter Ship Collection light Space Shuttle Die cast Model, 8"Shuttle Orbiter Ship... Space Exploration Toy Rocket Set: 10 Pc Rocket Replica Toy Collector's Set - Past Present and Future Toy Rocket Set: 10 Pc Rocket Replica Toy Collector's Set... Aeromax Junior Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle Space Explorer Space Shuttle Launch Center Playset with Educational Rocket Poster Space Shuttle Launch Center Playset with Educational Rocket... Dragon Models Space Shuttle "Endeavour" with Crawler Transporter (1/400 Scale) Space Shuttle "Endeavour" with Crawler Transporter (1/400 Scale) Academy Space Shuttle and NASA Transport Shuttle and NASA Transport Be a Bedroom Astraunaut! 14" Nasa Space Shuttle Model Plush Stuffed Toy, Great Outer Space Toy For Kids, Space Shuttle Themed Party Accessory, Plush Rocket Ship Astraunaut! 14" Nasa Space Shuttle Model Plush Stuffed Toy, Great... Aeromax Youth Astronaut Helmet with movable visor, White Astronaut Helmet with movable visor, White InAir Space Explorer Gold Space Shuttle in Collector's Case Gold Explorer Gold Space Shuttle in Collector's Case Gold Try also: #5"Space, #DaronWorldwide, #SpaceExploration, #SpaceMission, #SpaceShuttle, #RevellSpace, #RhodeIsland, #MastercraftCollection, #SpaceToy, #Die-castMetal, #MylifeunitNasa, #AeromaxJunior, #SpaceExplorer, #DragonModels, #AcademySpace, #BeA, #AeromaxYouth, #InairSpace
Space Shuttle Atlantis Revell 1:144 Scale Time Lapse Build | Part 4 ( quick build #28)
Thanks for watching Insta-quickbuilds_ Music-https://youtu.be/Bkg08NvtvBU
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Space shuttle Tamiya 1/100 with Arduino
Tamiya. Space shuttle 1/100 タミヤ スペースシャトル テスト
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Space Shuttle Revell 04544
Space Shuttle Revell 04544 Modellbau
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Mein Space Shuttle Modell Bilder & Beschreibung mit Musik
Hallo ihr Lieben! Hier mal etwas anderes zum Ansehen. Habe in diesem Video mein neues Spaceshuttle Modell der Atlantis in Form von Bildern mit Beschreibungen abgelichtet. Es ist nur ein Standmodell ohne Funktionen von Revell. Das Licht was man hier sieht habe ich selbst nachträglich eingebaut für einen optischen WOW Effekt. Hoffe es gefällt euch, auch wenn es diesmal keine Eisenbahn ist ;-). HINWEIS: IN DIESEM VIDEO BEFINDET SICH EIN MUSIKSTÜCK. DEN NAMEN GEBE ICH NICHT PREIS DAVON, DA ICH NICHT BEREIT BIN COPIERGESCHÜTZTE MUSIK NAMENTLICH WEITERZUGEN. SOLLTE DER TITEL NICHT ZU HÖREN SEIN, HAT YOUTUBE DIES SOWIESO GESPERRT. DAS LIED IST NUR DRIN, DASS DEN ZUSEHERN BEIM SCHAUEN DER BILDER NICHT ALLZU LANGWEILIG IST/WIRD. DANKE!
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Shuttle Wars, Part  13
Revell orbiter stern assembly and wing attachment.
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Out of Box review:  Tamiya space shuttle orbiter 1/100
In this segment I review Tamiya's 1/100 space shuttle orbiter. This was a prize won in a contest offered by Bzzymatt: Here is his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/bzzymatt
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Revell 1:144 Scale Time Lapse Build | Part 3 ( quick build #23 )
Thanks for watching Music- https://youtu.be/Bkg08NvtvBU Insta-quickbuilds_
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1/200 Space Shuttle Orbiter
Hasegawa 1/200 Space Shuttle Orbiterを作製しました。
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Распаковка Unboxing Space Shuttle ATLANTIS 1:144 Revell
Распаковка Unboxing Space Shuttle ATLANTIS Производитель Revell Масштаб 1:144 Уровень сложности 3 из 5 Артикул 04544
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Building a GIANT Space Shuttle... timelapse!
... there actually a really good reason why I was building this.... not just for fun, but an up and coming Patreon supported video... however the build looked so cool, I thought I would put this up anyways!. The model is beautiful. Its a 4d vision model. Quite expensive (~150bux) but it is... it must be said beautiful!! I wont be adding this video to the Patreon supported feed, but many thanks to all those who help this channel out that way! https://www.patreon.com/Thunderf00t?ty=h
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Revell Space Shuttle Endeavour & Rocket Boosters In 1:144 Scale
A build review of a different model kit Revell's space shuttle discovery and rocket boosters. This kit is not the greatest the fit from on the cargo doors to the canopy fit really took alot of work considering the kit was expensive ! But anyway not a bad result.
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Revell 1:144 scale Time lapse Build | part 2 ( quick build #22)
Thanks for watching Second part to the project Insta-quickbuilds_ Music-https://youtu.be/Bkg08NvtvBU
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Dragon 1/44 Space shuttle review
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1:144 Scale Revell Space Shuttle Atlantis Unboxing
Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed Insta-quickbuilds_
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Space Shuttle Orbiter 3D Print & Scratch Build - Part 1 (Structure)
Building the structure (fuselage, wings, etc) of a Space Shuttle orbiter in approx. 1:60 scale. Some parts are 3D printed, the rest is scratch built. Also, don't mind my messy workshop. I'd link to the 3D files I used, but I have no idea which ones they were. Sorry. I'll keep track of that stuff in future. Music by me, you can find most of it on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/datazoid Also check out http://youtube.com/idunderstand for dinosaurs, fossils, opal, space, trains and other stuff. Thank you for your valuable time!
A walk around the Space Shuttle Discovery
Visited at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington D.C. Just enjoy the walk!
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Build
Time lapse of a build of Space Shuttle Atlantis. I do not own the rights to the song played in this video. The song is called Contact ft. DJ Falcon - Daft Punk. Join their label's youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/DaftPunkVEVO and support the artists you enjoy by purchasing their tracks.
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Space Dragon Wings NASA  Space Shuttle Endeavour w/Crawler Transporter
Space Dragon Wings 56393 NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour w/Crawler Transporter ITEM NUMBER:56393 SCALE:1:400 BARCODE:089195563934 RELEASE DATE:2013 SERIES:1/400 Space Craft & Launch Vehicles UPC:089195563934 BGM:Last Confession by ISAo. (DOVA-SYNDROME) Endeavour was the final of six Space Shuttles by Rockwell International in 1987. It was a replacement of Challenger, which was lost in a tragic launch accident. Endeavour utilized structural spare parts and it was deemed cheaper to build the final Space Shuttle. The name "Endeavour" is from British Captain James Cook's first voyage of discovery. Endeavour was scheduled to conduct the final Space Shuttle mission, but this task later fell to Atlantis. The enormous vehicle, Crawler-Transporter, is used to transfer space rockets and Space Shuttles from NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the launch complex at the Kennedy Space Center. Crawler-Transporter runs on eight sets of tracks, two on each corner. Space vehicles are carried aboard the Mobile Launcher Platform (MLP). What does matter is getting the Space Shuttle safely to Launch Complex 39, a procedure assisted by the presence of laser guidance and leveling systems.
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Revell 1:72 Space Shuttle Challenger Kit Review
Unboxing and model kit review. All model kits have been purchased unless otherwise noted.
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Model Space Shuttle, Inspiration
Very windy day!
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2017 New Project build - 1/100 Enterprise Space Shuttle
This is my entry into the 2017 Box Stock Community Build!
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Space Shuttle Discovery With SRB Dragon 47403-03 - 1:144
Within its innovative Project Cutaway range, Dragon has previously produced some scintillating 1/144 scale models. Now one of the most exciting ever is announced -- a Space Shuttle attached to two giant Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)! From 1981 to 2011, the Space Shuttle was a permanent fixture in the annals of space exploration. The public got used to NASA's fleet of five manned space vehicles -- Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour -- regularly blasting into space, and they also suffered collective shock when two Shuttles were lost in horrific accidents. In its 30-year operational lifespan, the Space Shuttle fleet performed 135 missions. These included launching the Hubble Space Telescope, numerous satellites, constructing and servicing the International Space Station, and conducting experiments. The SRBs were required to thrust the Orbiter Vehicle (OV) into space, and they were jettisoned before reaching orbit. The Shuttle's retirement officially took place from March-July 2011, with Atlantis the last craft to fly a mission. This 1/144 scale item is searing hot! It features a Space Shuttle with its transparent cross-sectional nature revealing much of the interior. The cockpit, wings and engines have all received Dragon's fascinating cut-a-way treatment! The rest is carefully pre-painted and accurately detailed, collectors can quickly snap together the major subcomponents in no time at all. This model allows collectors to celebrate the end of an era and the remarkable 30-year lifespan of the Space Shuttle fleet. The model comes with its own circular stand that allows the assembly to be safely displayed as though it is about to launch vertically on one last mission. This Project Cutaway model makes a poignant desktop decoration for Space Shuttle fans!
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Making a paper space shuttle Atlantis for show
Space Shuttle Size Comparison
This video show the different sizes of 4 different scales!
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1/72 space Shuttle diorama
1/72 revell space Shuttle diorama with LEDs and sound
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Space Shuttle Model Kit History Part 4
Here we cover shuttle model kits issued in the late 1990s, starting with two Airfix kit reissues. Next comes Revell USA's reissue of the 1/72 Revell orbiter (NOT the Monogram orbiter). And then we have Revell USA's reissue of the 1/144 space shuttle orbiter kit with a book. Minor correction, when I make mention of John Glenn's shuttle mission, I should have said STS-95, NOT STS-98.
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Shuttle Wars, Part 1
Monogram vs. Revell 1/72
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Revell Shuttle Kit Update 1
Just getting started on this.
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Shuttle Wars, Part  20
The Orbiter Thermal Protection System
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Space Shuttle with 747: Final video!!
Link to the 1/72 build: http://www.eagletransporter.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8923 This is the last segment is this series. If you seriously want to purchase this kit you should first: 1) Ask a freind to check your sanity 2) Go check out the offerings by Hasegawa, much better. 3) After purchasing this kit, get a good bottle of scotch, so you don't lose your sanity, and 4) Go find your significant other and beg for forgivness before you open the box.......
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KSC Home to Shuttle Atlantis
Kennedy visitors will see shuttle Atlantis as it worked in space, with cargo bay doors open and arm extended.
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Early Space Shuttle Mockups and Models
Early NASA mockups and models illustrating the planned Space Shuttle system. No audio. Very simple visual special effects and animation.
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