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Trojan Poetry 81: "Ice Men" by James Longenbach

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Trojan Poetry is created by John Waite and Mike Melie. Follow us on Twitter @trojanpoetrydgn and check out our website trojanpoetrydgn.blogspot.com Ice Men By James Longenbach From the abundant river, Hauls them house to house. One falls, unseen, The heart Inoculated cold Against a sky still moving. Moving even now Above the river, The canal. Willows shimmering Across the water, Muskrats diving out of reach. The river whispers Till it freezes— A body Twirling sluggishly Beneath the surface as again One stack, then Spreads the straw. Another falters, Slips, or Puts a sliver on your tongue To feel it melting there— The ice-lit Underworld Of someone else. James Longenbach, "Ice Men" from Draft of a Letter. Copyright © 2007 by James Longenbach.
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NobeGaming (1 year ago)
Excellent choice!

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