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Secret tunnel in Utah

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~~PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION~~ Secret tunnel I came across when I was hiking. This is somewhere along the border of Kaysville and Layton. Please don't ask me to take you to this. I'm not meeting up with random people who might use this tunnel as my place of burial. Also, I'm currently living in Alaska and have no way of checking this out at the current time ~~~~~THIS IS HOW I FOUND IT~~~~ From the comment section - I made about a year ago.... I was hiking along a forest trail near my home when I noticed a giant pile of freshly dug dirt (that you can see at 0:30 in the video) on a south facing hill side. I went to check it out and I noticed some footprints, so naturally I checked out the surrounding area to see why there was this random pile of dirt when I stepped on what I thought to be piece of board. When I removed the dirt on top of the board I whipped out my camera and started filming... The camera I used was on my phone (old Nokia) so that explains the poor quality
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Text Comments (967)
Vrystaat (26 days ago)
SO!!!! ?????
saddam Hussein (1 year ago)
oxi que porra é essa ??
Morrison 1912 (1 year ago)
temporarily not here (2 years ago)
why didnt you go in? if that were me, i wouldve called up my buddies, leave a text for my mom incase i go missing, and explore! Unfortunately I have no buddies
Lucifer (3 years ago)
answer to the 411 missing persons book writer
nanook5875 (3 years ago)
Boy That El Chapo guy gets around
Lucy mcginn (3 years ago)
I don't know where she is moving but I know it is in Utah!!
Lucy mcginn (3 years ago)
My friend took a plane there today!!!!!!!!!😁
James L (3 years ago)
Looks like a water meter hole. They have those on every block in the city.
andyluc77 (3 years ago)
Inachu Ikimasho (3 years ago)
its for Mormons who want to abduct young girls after they find out a family has young girls when paid to mow lawns.
Scott Prendergast (3 years ago)
send a robot camera even a radio toy car with attached camera will do
Scott Prendergast (3 years ago)
not supported not.SAFE STAY OUT
Nitephall (3 years ago)
That's creepy.
Jesus Hexlu (3 years ago)
please which part of utah
nogibrawler (3 years ago)
someone keep an eye on this guy and his secret tunnel..
wallytron101 (3 years ago)
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wallytron101 (3 years ago)
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Jester BumbleBee (3 years ago)
Since when did the Vietcong move to Utah?
Krazy ¢id (3 years ago)
Oh crap he uncovered my weed hole.,.,., I mean nothing
Smirks101 (3 years ago)
it's a SECRET tunnel. umm. ok... 😯
Kevin Loughin (3 years ago)
You found someones bug out stash. Somebody feels society is about to go to shit and stashed supplies.
Raquel Bauman (3 years ago)
looks as though they were digging a bunker , or kids digging a fort,
Maria Reyes (3 years ago)
Lol+Jason luna
Mark Grimaldi (3 years ago)
serious black (3 years ago)
That's just a hole not a tunnel
Jayson Luna (3 years ago)
And this is how el chapo escaped from prison...
\°^°/ (3 years ago)
This doesn't look like a very old tunnel. In Nevada where use to live , supposedly many Chinese tunnels from railroad workers way back then with wagon peeps and all. Always great to go out there and just start digging or some exploring and find these treasures or hidden spots.
Richard ryan (3 years ago)
I think he used a photato
Derp Wøøfy (3 years ago)
I..but..how..hmm burnt freddy Faz bear..hmm.
Kyle Flener (3 years ago)
Eppy (3 years ago)
Entrance to the secret Mormon HQ.
NPC-Bear (3 years ago)
Mormon tunnel.
Harry Andruschak (3 years ago)
I'd be very very cautious about exploring such tunnels. Jackalopes, you know.
God Bless HipHop (3 years ago)
right to the meth house...  
Annaëlle D. (3 years ago)
For poaching?
cyn (3 years ago)
qadaffi's former hideout
Christopher Raborn (3 years ago)
It look's like the top of a  Japanese Hat and someone shoulders at 0:06.   Just waiting to spring up and shoot somebody.
Kieser Sozay (3 years ago)
Oh my God! Incredible. You found a water main, hidden under a water main cover. How in the heck did you do it and what are the odds !!!! ??????
Ol'Jimbo (3 years ago)
looks like a bugout shelter built by a preper. looks like it wasn't dug to long ago.
strwberrytae (3 years ago)
My question is, why is this person out in the middle of the woods probably miles away because back then they probably went aways out to hide...
Aled ballinger (3 years ago)
Im in idaho
lukeslc (4 years ago)
Drug cartels, perhaps.
L0rd_VeX (4 years ago)
Wilfredo P (4 years ago)
Thats where i hide my porn
Wilson Revelle (4 years ago)
Its someones Spider hole.
Awesomesauce (4 years ago)
This is a hole that criminals use for drugs/money is my guess or its some doomsday preppers back up
Caged (4 years ago)
amazing that illegals were able to get all the way up there that far.
DarkSim77 (4 years ago)
Draven Rios (4 years ago)
John Porter (3 years ago)
+Sam Herman WHAT MIND FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stain n finish (4 years ago)
no : (
kitten187 (4 years ago)
+HIGH GAIN would bigfoot fit in there though  
stain n finish (4 years ago)
FixinThatUp (4 years ago)
Jonny Thunder (4 years ago)
Thats where Chuck Norris gets away from all the attention.
A Kress (4 years ago)
That's a mighty fine hobbit hole you got there
Chloe Smith (4 years ago)
Cool. I wonder where it leads to?!!?
tommyfree4736 (4 years ago)
The other end
MrGermanSheppard (4 years ago)
well its not a secret anymore 
Cooper Humphreys (4 years ago)
And that's why the police never found her body
jj G00Ns (2 years ago)
It wasnt anywhere near there it was in the middle of the desert because thats where they found little reminence of the body
catlover 101 (3 years ago)
+Cooper Humphreys lollllllllzzzzzzzzz
catlover 101 (3 years ago)
+Cooper Humphreys lollllllllzzzzzzzzz
GwPoKo (3 years ago)
+Cooper Humphreys bodies*
R1awr (4 years ago)
Lol I know
Itsmeeman1 (4 years ago)
Dwarf tunnel to Isengard?
Afonso Serro (4 years ago)
0:31 Bigfoot appears, secret tunnel in Utah Bigfoot confirmed.
manskull100 (4 years ago)
Akinator Eigin (4 years ago)
Esos son tuneles de hace unos 200 o 300 años, los hacian para escapar de los bandidos cuando su casa era asaltada. Se metian en el sotano o sin sotano y se metian por ese agujero mientras los bandidos intentaban entrar y salian por otro lado sin que lo vieran, hay millones de estos tuneles sobre todo el el Medio Oeste y en el Oeste.
oldnotweak (4 years ago)
Secret Tunnel, Seeccret tuunneel, through the mountain!
mygtxful (4 years ago)
Utah has some big ass gofers 
Miranda Thomson (3 years ago)
+zachnuketown That is really funny!!!
Self Made Mechanic (3 years ago)
+TheSwordFilledMinecart want a cookie?
Human Fluttershy (4 years ago)
Freddy fazbears pizza is in Utah right?
Lauren Lightningstorm (4 years ago)
eMCEE86 (4 years ago)
thats a geocache i believe, atleast the buckets looked like it 
Bonet Wholio (4 years ago)
You're not supposed to bury geocaches. I'm pretty sure its against the rules...
Arch Stanton (4 years ago)
I don't see anything interesting here.  No real secret tunnel would be constructed like this one.
oldi184 (4 years ago)
Not so secret anymore. 
devon rodgers (4 years ago)
Dont go in the woods :)
Patrick Scranton (4 years ago)
WTF someone dug a hole. You shake the camera like you have Parkinson Disease. Maybe you can video the paint dry after you paint your house. It would be more interesting.
neil phillips (4 years ago)
Its sum ones moonshine stash dont get caught.
anthony bmwsoldat (4 years ago)
that could be the whole they put wholes into so they have a place to store them...
Ban Usury Worldwide (4 years ago)
Wait, you found a hidden tunnel and you didn't even go past the entrance? Or was there nowhere to go? I don't think my curiosity could keep me from going deeper.
PurpleExodus (4 years ago)
Not a secret anymore
tripods66 (4 years ago)
that there was mah new outhouse diggins
Nezbien (4 years ago)
Not secret anymore dipshit
jr patolot (4 years ago)
thats where they made and hid their moonshine lol
Paul Williams (4 years ago)
 I love utah. DId it look like somebody dug it themselves or was the tunnel more like a natural cave?  Thanks random guy who I have never met before. (;
Allen Peck (2 years ago)
+Kriswixx More like the buckets were their toilet....
GwPoKo (3 years ago)
+Kriswixx I think so too
Kriswixx (3 years ago)
+GwPoKo i believe the buckets themselves were used to carve out this nook.
GwPoKo (4 years ago)
It looked like it was dug.  I don't think it was natural at all considering there was a large pile of dirt next to the entrance
Death Tap (4 years ago)
Now he will have to move the bodies...
Edward Rose (4 years ago)
that looks like a moonshine stash spot and tunnel excape to me
Pixi Productions (1 year ago)
Smiddy Wesson this is utah coffee and showing shoulders are "of the devil" there probably not. however they are probably preparing most people there have large food storages for apocalypse my house even had one built in
b0ilerboy (4 years ago)
I think somebody was planning to abduct some person and enslave them in the hole. Scary!
Johnny Brash Glass (4 years ago)
RiAh4606 (4 years ago)
looks like some sort of smuggling cache
howzerman1 (4 years ago)
Low budget doomsday prepper retreat?
RFKFANTS67 (4 years ago)
Terrorist hide out:}
josh wiles (4 years ago)
easy bake meth lab
Toozman (4 years ago)
I would bet if you tried real hard you could  bury yourself alive. Probably wouldn't have to try very hard come to think of it. 
꧁Cyanide Alien꧂ (4 years ago)
lacrymal1 (4 years ago)
That's an awesome find. Except, you couldn't really use it as a stash for anything, cause obviously someone else in the world knows where it is.
Paul Williams (4 years ago)
DO u know where it is exactly? probabaly not. You just know the city and state.
dmonat (4 years ago)
Ummm... It's on youtube. There are now over one million people who know where it is. Hardly a secret anymore!  Hehehe
lacrymal1 (4 years ago)
Lacy? Who's Lacy?
Paul Williams (4 years ago)
+lacrymal1 lacy, hi how are u?
lacrymal1 (4 years ago)
+Larry Walters Some people do, but not everyone. 
David Reneau (4 years ago)
dirt, 2 buckets, and roots..whatta find, Nimrod
Johnny White (4 years ago)
looks like something that he made so the world can see the nice tunnel.Nice job.
Riley Downs (5 years ago)
Depending on where that is exactly you might've stumbled across the exit from my fallout shelter because I think hill Air Force based will get nuked
yvonneost12 (5 years ago)
There looks to be 3 buckets , when you go in at night time there is only 1 ??? spookyyyyyyyyyyyy
George Scott (5 years ago)
Nice video of a hole with buckets anyways. Fuckin' weirdo.
Gratten Jenkins (5 years ago)
Is this near Kay's cross?
Tanner Williams (5 years ago)
its an ear killer if you are using headphones!
TheClique86 (5 years ago)
That is EXACTLY what it is, I'd be worried about pissing off a couple rednecks more than anything else
austin monroe (5 years ago)
I wouldn't go back again it looks like a moonshiners stash
monoblos4 (5 years ago)
So you just found this or what?
Johannes Abele (5 years ago)
Noahs Ark (5 years ago)
old outhouse hole that's completely composted?
J0CKTheR1PPER (5 years ago)
Obviously Vietcong infiltrating the US

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