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Good Girls Go Bad-Rosario+Vampire

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Anime: Rosario+Vampire Song: Good Girls Go Bad Artist: Cobra Starship Program: Sony Vegas Platinum Pro I'm really excited about this one, I LOVE this song, I hope you enjoy! I own nothing! EDIT: 2nd Place in InuLoverAlltheWay's AMV contest with 144 entries!!! EDIT 2: Over 10,000 views??? Thanks everyone!!! EDIT 3: Over 30,000 views?! O.O EDIT 4: Over 50,000 views?!?!?!? Seriously, thank you everyone!!!! EDIT 5: BAD MOOD RANT INCOMING. People. Seriously. Before you ask me what episode a damn clip is from, go watch the opening and ending of the damn show first. You know, the things at the beginning and end of EVERY. DAMN. EPISODE. What you're asking about might just be in those openings and endings. Because the best looking animation and stuff is usually from OPs and EDs. This isn't a huge show, it only has a couple of 1 minute openings. It's really not that hard. Initiative people, initiative. And as an aside, everything in this video is from the first season, except 2:28 - 2:46, which is SEASON TWO'S OPENING. Edit 6: Comments are now disabled. Was getting a little too stupid in here.
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