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The Sing-Off - Pitch Slapped - Good Girls Go Bad

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uniquebfly (10 days ago)
Wow! They’ve come far from this.
Rebecca Lynn (5 years ago)
Isn't that the vibe the entire song gives off? XD
snzv96 (5 years ago)
lalayaya661 (6 years ago)
Originally its Cobra Starship.
Nikkie Scovish (6 years ago)
Who sings this?!
Kaylen Lee (6 years ago)
how did you get that?
Kendrick Wallace (6 years ago)
i just can't comprehend this ignorance.
TheBlocter (6 years ago)
I think that was the point, they were acting out a role.
heyyitsjordyn (6 years ago)
The lead guy reminds me of Justin Timberlake..anyone else agree?
mahtab h (6 years ago)
the lead guys face from 0:35-0:38 . hes like "yeah, i get bitches"
Andy Tolsky (6 years ago)
HEY! These guys are great.
coolpunkchick115 (6 years ago)
LOL! Now how did you come up with that theory?? hahaha
Isabella Montez (6 years ago)
im in love with the lead guy
jaycinda celis (6 years ago)
1:38 again
jaycinda celis (6 years ago)
i:38 i meant
jaycinda celis (6 years ago)
the lead singer should date each other 1:37 look at them
Vesna Kelsey (7 years ago)
This group probably isn't so bad (I mean INGRID is in it! like seriously) but they made the WORST song choice
julianatoli15 (7 years ago)
They are coming to my school to song with my chorus! So excited
Regan Waite (7 years ago)
@Shevaldinho123 i think just the girl with brown hair, who had glasses on
Regan Waite (7 years ago)
@betonyrose123 no i think the girl who had the glasses on, slept with the lead guy
Shevaldinho123 (7 years ago)
@pictureperfect971 just from the way they performed
Michael He (7 years ago)
wrong, the lead guy is totally gay!
Shevaldinho123 (7 years ago)
the lead guy totally slept with every girl in this group.
Ryleigh123456 (7 years ago)
i like the parts from 1:05-1:22
UB Funkaneer (7 years ago)
Two of the females from this group are now in a great group called Delilah. They are currently in the Top 12.
UB Funkaneer (7 years ago)
@JipvS95 They were in a 9th/10th tie with the Men of Note. There were 10 total that season.
Ryleigh123456 (7 years ago)
the dude looks like justin T. and the girl looks like taylor swift/victoria justice
yankeesrock913 (7 years ago)
the guy lead looks like justin timberlake and the girl lead looks like victoria justice lol
Wafflepanda (7 years ago)
in my opinion, i thought they did GREAT for the first round.. but i dont understand why they were the first to be kicked off :(
Jip van Stijn (7 years ago)
That was AWESOME. How far did they come in the competition? :)
Matthew Laney (7 years ago)
i love this they rock
Matthew Laney (7 years ago)
i love this
Kaitlyn Stocker (8 years ago)
i actually got to meet the lead guy this past saturday when i was in new york and he was a total sweetheart and he let me get a picture with him :))
Kate C (8 years ago)
LOVE IT!!!!!!
febreeze (8 years ago)
Y'all were spectacular!!
THENYCBALLER (8 years ago)
@jmac14w nah they went home 1st night, I liked them too
rx55 (8 years ago)
The lead singer guy in this number would totally make a great Broadway lead. Another note, alongside other comments, several of the women in this group are other-worldly beautiful.
Xx10000BCxX (8 years ago)
SHIT .... These guys should have gotten further..... stupid judges
lalalaGIR (8 years ago)
Why do all of the comments that talk about sex have so many thumbs up? You know, if they kicked out that one guy lead and picked someone else, they would have been my second... right under On the Rocks. Because they're creative with the way they do their background music.
formidableopponent (8 years ago)
aside from the beautiful female lead, did anyone notice Kevin Pereira's terrible vocals? : )
jmac14w (8 years ago)
did they make it past this episode.... cause i thught they were the second best behind jerry lawson and the talk of the town
Tim Her (8 years ago)
the lead is possibly the prettiest ive ever seen
FlyersKJM (8 years ago)
LOL the vibes the lead guy is giving off through the whole song scream 'major douchebag'
rachel h (8 years ago)
@musical122 because the way the groups attitude was they were a little cocky when they were introducing themselves. I even fell for it, I was excited but they just didn't walk the talk.
rachel h (8 years ago)
They weren't as good to me as they made it seem like they were. In there intro they seemed really cocky, like they were the best but they didn't match up to it. I do think they should of stay longer than on the rocks though.
hayn_chowda (8 years ago)
THat DUde looks like Justin timberlake...1:38...hahaha
Zach Perigo (8 years ago)
@theduffmanben hook me up haha
buffygirl29 (8 years ago)
these guys should have won they were really good
NrdsWthGns (8 years ago)
this group was the worst.
brianevanweitz (8 years ago)
This group is amazing. Disgusts me that they got voted off first. Clearly the judges are just looking for the same old boring traditional acapella style, and hate creativity, otherwise this group should have either won or lost to only Backbeats.
rasberryjonas (8 years ago)
I don't know why nicole was saying that there were some hot girls in that group cause the blonde to me is ugly with her eyes and face and so the only one that's pretty to me is the main girl singing
rasberryjonas (8 years ago)
the lead singer looks so much like justin timberlake
Cortney Fisher (8 years ago)
tell me the female lead dont look like fiona from degrassi
Trey Williams (8 years ago)
Pretty hot performance, love them.
RadioactiveJoke (8 years ago)
The lead male was just NOT right for this song. To sing this song, and not sound awful, you need a scratchier tone. His voice is more suited for a smoother song.
ForgottenNetwork (8 years ago)
i loved their singing and song style but i hated their attitudes...they seem like douchebags off-stage...and even on-stage
ForgottenNetwork (8 years ago)
i loved their singing and their song style but i hated their attitudes...they seem like douchebags off-stage
itryify (8 years ago)
jiminip now now...
grapperhol (8 years ago)
if the lead guy wasn't so gay they would have lasted a couple more rounds.. not anti-gay here but he was horrible
Madison C (8 years ago)
they definitely shouldn't have gone home first... they were so creative and had great song choices!
TGIFridayy (8 years ago)
Justin Timberlake?!
Maleek Medina (8 years ago)
they should've won....
chunkybutt94 (8 years ago)
I know the lead singer guy :)
yankeesrock913 (8 years ago)
i cant believe they were voted off!! :9 they were amazing
celisolmidna (8 years ago)
@Uindy222 I wish I went to hs with him. ha
l0os3nup (8 years ago)
@mooremoney92 lmaooo, haha
Gonk (8 years ago)
they got robbed, sucks to be the first to go, and when they were singing away it made everyone miss them more they showed they had what it takes to go far but that shitty highschool group ><
jill hodson (8 years ago)
The girl at 0:17 kinda looks like Blake Lively. Ya?
fitzydawg (8 years ago)
These guys went waaayyy too fast with this song. Kinda ruined it for me...
Ben Kutner-Duff (8 years ago)
@babygirl1247 30% girls. 60% dudes. you will be dissapointed.
Ben Kutner-Duff (8 years ago)
@iamPeligroso6 and she's a sweety
Zach Perigo (8 years ago)
the lead girl is so beautiful. omg she gave me a musical climax
Madison C (8 years ago)
They were so good! I do not understand why they were sent home first at all! They didn't deserve to be ):
McKenna .Tirado (8 years ago)
His eyebrow arch is love<3
jho852 (8 years ago)
@jho852 Ben Folds' blog gave me an answer. Perhaps there is a bit of "hairography" goin' on, or "Vegas" as Ben put it, but I still love this! Granted, I'm far from a music expert. Ben voted these guys as least likely to improve and the high school kids as most likely to improve. he did say how hard it is to decide that and send someone home on night 1. they gave eleventh hour a pass on night 1 and eliminated them on night 2. you never know what someone will do when given a second chance.
Nicole Crouse (8 years ago)
it disturbs me to know that jerry lawson & talk of the town are still on......and this musical orgasm-fest isn't.
armanii3 (8 years ago)
@FirestarRoxMySox yea me too I had to do a rewind and pause lol
Vocal Splendor Studios (8 years ago)
It's obvious that they are good singers but unfortunately, they picked a bad song. This is a SINGING COMPETITION and the song they chose was all about posing and butt shaking. I'm sorry, but that's for people who can't sing! It's the "let's distract them cuz we're hot" strategy. The other groups performed better material that showcased their voices and arranging talent which is why they are still in the competition.
martinaaaaa (8 years ago)
Is it just me or does the lead male look like Justin Timberlake?
jho852 (8 years ago)
I'm obsessed with this! don't understand why they got eliminated after this performance! and haha yes the male lead looks like j.t. !
WiiPlayer113 (8 years ago)
It appears they have Ke$ha and Justin Timberlake in their group. No wonder they got eliminated.
Gabriel Hess (8 years ago)
Hahahaha the token fat guy lmao!
katknows (8 years ago)
he looks more like jim carey in The Mask
ImmortalBroken (8 years ago)
I disagree that they should have beaten Jerry Lawson or the Whiffenpoofs (they rocked first week), but I was upset when Pitch Slapped was eliminated because they were definitely stronger than Eleventh Hour. I think it was close with the judges between PS and EH and they held PS to a higher standard because they're from Berklee and decided to give the high schoolers a pass.
nyrmetsfan15 (8 years ago)
they were way better then the jerry lawson group. and if they ran the shoe normally instead of splitting the competition into two groups, they wouldve beaten those stupid whiffenpoofs or whatever there name is
twelve98 (8 years ago)
its a pity they were eliminated.. even tho performance wasnt their best they were definitely one of the most interesting groups out there. so many of the rest of the groups all sound the same....
musical122 (8 years ago)
i think that they were amazing but the judges obviously had extremely high hopes for them and didnt get what they expected...which idk why because this was amazing (:
funwithstark (8 years ago)
it sucks they got off. i thought they were the best :[
Pitch Slapped (8 years ago)
@delilah110103 no offense taken! just don't want people to think that any of us lip synched when each group rehearsed for hours and hours bc we had one shot and no safety net.. ya maybe the tv was off, thats a bummer. anyway, thanks again for watching the show! much appreciated :)
delilah110103 (8 years ago)
@SlapThatPitch I didn't mean offense, it appeared that the first few groups were lip synching. Perhaps the tv was off?
Kay Prin (8 years ago)
I didn't care for the song. I agree it had no class. I hope Pitch Slapped understands this. But, their singing in itself was great.
Spaceheater2187 (8 years ago)
this performance had almost no class; i'm not surprised they were eliminated first.
Katiebby44 (8 years ago)
I'm basically in love with this.
Doobee Doo (8 years ago)
I don't think they deserved to win, but they definitely didn't deserve to get knocked off first night.
Pitch Slapped (8 years ago)
@delilah110103 hi, thanks for the compliment! :) we actually didn't lip synch, nothing on the show is lip synched AT ALL it is all sung live
delilah110103 (8 years ago)
I think they are talented, however, the leads were a little off. BUT Why did they lip sync?
Bobby Namdar (8 years ago)
hwo didf this group leave? great arrangement,, great soloists, and amazing energy/choreography. I dont like wht this show considers 'a capella' my school has 7 groups and they all resemble this group, all the other groups are modern barbershop groups, not a capella the voices should mimic the instruments, not harmonize (yes im looking at you Jerry Lawson)
Fan Wang (8 years ago)
Not gonna lie, I might be in love with the female lead in this group...bad call on sending this group home judges. The eye-candy would have increased views!
Steve Anderson (8 years ago)
They were eliminated because they couldn't sing. It is a sing off, not a dance off.
TsubasaDreams (8 years ago)
How were they eliminated first? They were so good and the lead was cute!

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