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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike

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Hey, guys! A well fitted suit is something every man should have in his wardrobe so today I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to suit up with style. If you’d like to see more men’s fashion tips, drop me a line in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of the video and what type of men’s fashion tips you’d like to see next. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6 Let’s connect: IG https://goo.gl/41ZS7w Twitter https://goo.gl/kzmGs5 Facebook https://goo.gl/QH4nJS Contact Email: [email protected] P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 A Full Fat Production http://fullfatentertainment.com/
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Text Comments (3214)
Jason Jones (5 hours ago)
What are some brands for suits and ties you'd suggest?
Manav Gajera (6 hours ago)
It was really helpful
The INTERNET (22 hours ago)
Hey Doc, what color shirts can i wear with charcoal gray pant!!
Dylan Souza (2 days ago)
What kind of watch is that? It looks really nice.
wazeer Akbar (2 days ago)
He knows how to dress... I need to retake pics for My Tinder, farmer, bumble and all those creepy dating SITES. GOAL IS TO HAVE ALOT OF WIVES, ONE WILL TREAT ME GOOD 🤣
Mellow Panda (2 days ago)
You remind me more of Dr. Hank from Royal pains than Dr. Mcdreamy
dynamic K (2 days ago)
I found this video randomly, I’m a girl but I keep watching the video cause Gosh he looks so fine! 😅
Mochi_ Min (3 days ago)
Oh god a perfect husband
IvsSixxTheOne (3 days ago)
I want to suck this mans dick
Andrewx3421 (3 days ago)
I'm not gay. I swear I'm not gay. But I'll go gay for him!
Paola Barrientos (3 days ago)
I love crazy color 🧦. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Dora Bella (3 days ago)
Reagan Burnett (4 days ago)
No clue when I’ll need to know anything about suits but thanks anyways
habiba bebo (5 days ago)
Am I a man? No Am I going to wear a suit anytime soon? No Am I watching this? Yes
Tatiana Parada (6 days ago)
Im a Fashion Designer and I loved this Video
Sahil Basera (6 days ago)
"I have big calves" weird flex but ok.
Super Saif Gaming (7 days ago)
What’s the print on the suit ur wearing right now called?
mre455 (7 days ago)
yeah okay no undershirt....follow your rules...in half of your videos your pits are dripping with sweat through your shirt...that is so nasty
Racheal Pike (8 days ago)
... Wondering if I should show my husband this.. Or keep Dr Mike all to myself 😂
Manan Parekh (9 days ago)
Why were you against pleated trousers?
Isaiah Lali (10 days ago)
John Wick is looking for a new doctor
Shivaay Aum (11 days ago)
good tips brother
water melon (11 days ago)
Two people id ask for tips about suits 1.JOHN WICK. 2.DR.MIKE.
Sergio Inzunza (2 days ago)
I'd ask where he gets bullet proof suits.
Rizqi ds (7 days ago)
Are you gonna ask Mr. Wick how to still look good while covered in blood?
Tyler Pursehouse (12 days ago)
How do I look gay in a plain suit .like people to know I'm gay
Cessna Cameron (12 days ago)
Two words. Alpha. Male. ugh 🔥
Lorna Valverdee (12 days ago)
hi DR.Mike.
NIhar Raja (12 days ago)
Where did you buy this suit..?
Alfred Montes (13 days ago)
I agree with all that was said with the exception of the pleats on pants
Remu Troblous (13 days ago)
Ok you have a small dick
Mart Hint (13 days ago)
really like this video
Tavaman3 (13 days ago)
Honestly the fit is so important and some people don't seem to realize or care. I have had $150 suits that fit just as well as suits that cost multiple thousands after a quick visit to a tailor
Sotirios Arvanitidis (14 days ago)
Just ask John Wick for tips
Tamir .H. (15 days ago)
Where do u get your suits from?
BelieveC Chapagain (15 days ago)
Brief but brilliant... Far better and useful information than alpha m. Or teaching mens fashion...😎
Abdifatah hassan (15 days ago)
The one you wearing is perfect i really like it
Abdulaziz Kalbi (12 days ago)
Bro, you commented twice, you realized that? ( just wondering )
thegreatWIIMO (16 days ago)
I’m watching this because you’re hot and in a suit. Love your videos by the way 🖤🖤🖤
Youngblood (17 days ago)
where to buy online?
JD F (19 days ago)
Mike you’re on point!
Doctor ???
Beca Beeman (20 days ago)
I saw Doctor Mike in a suit, so naturally I had to watch~
Sintia Chibás (20 days ago)
Suit's expert.😍
davenjon734 (21 days ago)
This guy has came a long way since our medschool days, I remember when he thought slim fit was too tight haha I had to tell him slim fit is a poor mans euro fit. We chuckle every now and then thinking back. Im such a good friend
CLASH WITH sachin (21 days ago)
Great video I get my choice my watching this video
Jid Ofole (22 days ago)
Cuffs? Undershirt? Vents? Double breasted?
Imran Lajeunesse (22 days ago)
can you wear air force 1 lows white with a suit?
Goos (21 days ago)
Rias Gremory (22 days ago)
soooo.. i don't need undershirt when im wearing a polo?
Yikes, a little too tight, but that's just me.
Anna Bananas (23 days ago)
Damn that back
Liv Love (23 days ago)
Dr. Mike is gorgeous 😁
doge pasta 69 (24 days ago)
Mike! Go back to the surgery room, they are dying!
Tullius Agrippa (25 days ago)
I grow old, I grow old, I wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Li Angela atgosto (25 days ago)
Sorry to disturb. May I ask if I want to buy a tie for my godfather on Fathers’ Day, what patterns or color do I need to choose for him?
Connor (26 days ago)
I’m in love. Simply as that.
jmc28J17 (27 days ago)
Good advice but disagree with the no under shirt tip. I’ve worn dress shirts with and without under shirts and I feel more hot WITHOUT an under shirt especially in the summer. Reason being because the under shirts absorb my sweat and minimize sweat getting directly on my dress shirts and prevents sweat stains. In other words I literally feel my sweat dripping down my back without an under shirt and I feel more hot. One time I had to change my dress shirt at work (had an extra in my desk was lucky that day and went to Macy’s to buy a pack of undershirts) because there was a huge sweat stain on my lower back from running around that day. So yeah undershirts work well for me. I always wear them. Most style tips are subjective and preference. The shoulder fit is on point though. That is one thing tailors can’t fix or it will require major surgery that won’t be worth it.
Francis (27 days ago)
Hi Great Video, You should do a video on How to dress as a Doctor( suggest many combination) at the Hospital. Thanks man.
Michael Aaron (28 days ago)
Better than Gentlemen Gazette
Karina V. Almazan (29 days ago)
Hot, intelligent and fashionable... omg, why is he so perfect?
dhrubashis kalita (29 days ago)
go see patients, man.they are dying
Belle M (29 days ago)
looking good
Kuheli Banerjee (29 days ago)
Emily Le (29 days ago)
very nice
Zaid Zarook (1 month ago)
Worth watching
Mckenzie Mahal (1 month ago)
That v neck he put on was trash .. Smh . Great video though Mike
Lindsey E (1 month ago)
I totally agree. I do not like v neck t-shirts. I say crewneck all the way. Though, I generally like dress shirts with suits and not T-shirts.
APPLEbot69 Green (1 month ago)
What do you think of Vests?
kasafkhan pathan (1 month ago)
U r doing great work bro...love from india...😎
Syd Adnan (1 month ago)
I hate this video it’s too conservative
Maddy Wheeler (1 month ago)
My pediatrician always wears wacky bowties and socks and they never match each other! He's also really funny and kind.
Mary Smith (1 month ago)
Yes, by all means, don't button the bottom button because we all know that damned suit is way too tight!
Mary Smith (1 month ago)
No. I hate to disagree with Dr. Mike, but the current style to lean towards the "skinny" leg is not attractive on men. It takes a "superb" body to make it work, and 99% of men don't have that type of body. Fitted jackets are OK, but if I see the shirt bunched up under the jacket (which you can see in this video), then it's too fitted (tight)! And, crop and no break pant legs aren't a length for a suit. They should only be worn if you are working a dirty job where your pant legs shouldn't be getting into things.
Arrogant Jerk (1 month ago)
1:30 I absolutely LOVE that look! Super sharp casual look. I've got the pants and T-shirt, I just need that blazer.
rich Ginfer (1 month ago)
This video was from 2017, but whats the purpose of the embroidery at the collar?
Adam Archer (1 month ago)
I tried going sockless with a suit once. I hated it. I hated everything about it. I thought it ruined the rest of my look. Some guys can pull it off. I'm not one of them.
David I (1 month ago)
Would love a video like this for overweight men. :D
Ruth (1 month ago)
I am the last person to want to dress up, but I would definitely wear everything you wore for the majority of the video
Xai Vang (1 month ago)
Great video. I have a question concerning me. I am about 5'6". My current jacket is a 40S. Everything is great expect the arm holes are too small and I can't hug myself comfortably. Should I got for a classic fit or a slim fit?
Abdulaziz Kalbi (12 days ago)
Classic fit, definitely ...classic.(ignore my avatar, thats just that)
Xai Vang (1 month ago)
Great video. I have a question concerning me. I am about 5'6". My current jacket is a 40S. Everything is great expect the arm holes are too small and I can't hug myself comfortably. Should I got for a classic fit or a slim fit?
Tariqul Islam (1 month ago)
Stop being a Doctor Mike. Be a fashion vloger. You killed it Bro. I Knew most of them but your attention to detail was great. Want More.
Hiccups Hudson (1 month ago)
That is the best suit up explanation video I ever saw! Well done, Mike. *thumbs up*
Crystal Sutherland (1 month ago)
Doctor Mike have great taste.
Daniel (1 month ago)
From a medical channel to a gentlemens channel [the two things i love]
amorfati khb (1 month ago)
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
Hat Vlogs & Games (1 month ago)
Well everybody knoes where you get the best suits Savile Row, London I personally think Huntsman & Sons are the best
Tasnim Ben Othman (1 month ago)
Hey can you make a video about suits that go with slim men ? Like men who dont have muscular gym bodies
AniChoo (1 month ago)
Now how to dress up for women please!!!
Cali K. (1 month ago)
Are you married? Because FM!!! You give me heart eyes 😍.
דפנה מלניק (1 month ago)
Lots of health benefits from men in suits i guess?
Emryl ksusv (1 month ago)
Barney Stinson number 2
Nayem H (1 month ago)
Which color it is??
David Saintloth (1 month ago)
Trust me , when it's 92 F in New York City and you're commuting ...not having an under shirt for those of us that perspire heavily could quickly emerge a wet spot nightmare while wearing a dress shirt! I tend to wear v neck white t's that allow me to open up the top two buttons if it gets really hot and still looks as if I am not wearing an under shirt.
golden blue (1 month ago)
In my opinion, all guys look the best in suits
Rose Cat (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this video, it’s so informative and not too confusing. My partner is about to graduate college and is getting an internship in politics and he needs a good suit. I don’t come from money at all so I have no clue about suits and he only has a hand me down from his dad that I know doesn’t fit him very well. I hope he can eventually learn to style suits as well as you, I’m making him watch this ASAP before we go shopping.
Ramsey Nettlefield (1 month ago)
So nice! I may be a girl but I just love wearing suits, I feel great in them, this video was very interesting:
Abid Shaik (2 months ago)
dabsters dabsters (2 months ago)
Sudipto Das (2 months ago)
thank you for sharing so much on how to look good with a suit. along with it can you suggest colours and the types of fabric which will look good on dark skinned people.....
Erfaan Fadiani (2 months ago)
Who else watches this all the time
RKM (2 months ago)
My problem....reality vs expectation meme😂😂😂😂
carl reynolds (2 months ago)
Thanks cheers .
abdok abood (2 months ago)
Is he a doctor or fashion designer
Kim Hye29 (2 months ago)
Me: *die of amazement even before the video started*

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