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ARK PRIMAL - New Oasis - Building the Village into a Town! E11

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ARK Survival Evolved - ARK PRIMAL! Welcome to New Oasis the AMAZING Town we have built up from our little village! Click Here to Subscribe: https://goo.gl/p16QNQ Nerd Parade Discord: https://discord.gg/MNx9cnr Donate to the Cause! https://twitch.streamlabs.com/nerdparade Follow on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nerdparade Nerd Parade Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nerdparade Official Nerd Parade Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/nerd-parade-gaming Nerd Parade Social Media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerd_parade_ Instagram: https://instagram.com/nerd_parade_ Figure Collecting: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Reido Anime List: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Reido Music by: Argofox | Royalty Free Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puHJ4GT4qUM
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Text Comments (82)
will astle (1 month ago)
its not something i would build but nice to change
IGMidge (1 month ago)
Nerdparade what mod is this or is it the base primitive ?
Blitz dabs710 (2 months ago)
This is in fact my first episode of Ark Primal.
nico rickey (2 months ago)
Can you tame animals in this? Breed? PS, more 2 men 1 base.....
X plus (2 months ago)
Please tame some creatures
X plus (2 months ago)
I want the lake back Like if u agree
X plus (2 months ago)
I domt like how there isn’t the lake 😢
Chris Nicodemus (2 months ago)
Did anyone get reminded of Skyrim when he goes threw the houses and stuff??
ZONEXX YT (2 months ago)
Hello, I'm thinking about making a top 10 best youtubers of Ark and I would like to include you, it's from Spanish and English speaking creators, all very good at what they do, be informative, role-playing, construction, mods, etc. Do you authorize me to show some seconds of a video of yours in the top and put your channel in the description? PS: Sorry my bad English, it's not my native language Greetings from Chile
ZONEXX YT (1 month ago)
Hey!, The video is online now if you want to check it out :D PS: Thanks again.
ZONEXX YT (2 months ago)
+Nerd Parade thank you! I'll let you know when the video is ready
Nerd Parade (2 months ago)
Sure thing :)
King NightWolf5022 (2 months ago)
you need tames
King NightWolf5022 (2 months ago)
King NightWolf5022 (2 months ago)
btw plz try to make a series around mobile ark its the reg ark but they are adding tek to reg on mobile so plz join the schwalARK server pvp
Josh Felstead (2 months ago)
Watching you tear that first mason house down sent my reeeeee meter into overdrive haha
Aaron Lawlor (2 months ago)
Ark primal is awesome
the meta2u (2 months ago)
I think new oacis looks good and I am enjoying this series please continue it
Teka Blade (2 months ago)
Nick, you could use admin to go to some out of the way area and show us the different buildings and make a video of them all so people know what they can look like once fully made.
Joshua Chartrand (2 months ago)
Looks like skyrim shops
Christopher Robbins (2 months ago)
That's awesome that the town is coming together and I love the way you guys placed the flooring in the ground. But it looks great buddy
Jeremy Di Paolo (2 months ago)
Nick, it looks like you're wearing a vault-suit from Fallout in this video.
Fusion Doo (2 months ago)
What’s ark primal?
Christian Adams (2 months ago)
Amazing content nick! However I would enjoy more actions, I know nick does what nick likes, but I feel like its getting boring with all these build shows... Still though nick you're amazing!!!!!!
William Wasberg (2 months ago)
Ark has been my favorite game since pre-release, as I play on xbox I'd really like to be able to do something like thus!
deadwarriors63 (2 months ago)
More primal please
Mulli Mulli (2 months ago)
Is there other tribes on the server? As soon as I saw the outpost all I could think of is how amazing the prim pvp would be. Especially as the grind is so intense. Losing a pike would be like losing an arm
Steve jenkins (2 months ago)
Nick looked so happy lol
Jacob Smith (2 months ago)
after this series is over, would you do a series where the entire server is a single clan building up an entire nerdtopia? :o
James Jodon (2 months ago)
It makes me so happy to see the spark reignite your passion for this game! Makes your videos a highlight of my day. Keep up the amazing work, stay awesome.
Suave (2 months ago)
I'm really enjoying primal and watching how much you are enjoying it Nick. It really seems like what Ark may have been missing. I loved Ark so it is great to see something like this, keep it up!
brandon ragsdale (2 months ago)
I like the village but can you please design a building that houses everyone's materials
Alex Thibeault (2 months ago)
I love your vids there really funny
Mason Matthews (2 months ago)
awesome i love ark primal ive played it so i think youve made a great choice
Alams Alams (2 months ago)
Where 2 Man raiding a base?
Cody Miller (2 months ago)
Beautifully done build, props to you and your tribe.
Sabrina Kaulfers (2 months ago)
The oasis looks great! Excited to see how Nerdtopia evolves from here!
Kaleb McLeod (2 months ago)
You and Rex need to do more PVP on ark
solar Searle (2 months ago)
Ale_x (2 months ago)
Rename the Poo hut to Poozza Hut
CrimsonKingPiasa (2 months ago)
*nick places building* Me: "Ohhh my god it's crooked" *starts writing outraged comment in my head* Nick: "going to pick this up and line it up with pavers, ocd struggles" Me: "God I love you nick" *can only get so erect* Ocd friendly building half the reason I love nerd parade <3 Also town looks great can't wait to see it progress.
Jason Jones (2 months ago)
Its newasis lol
josh Willman (2 months ago)
Man nick rocking the quater zip underarmour like a boss lol
Cory Anderson (2 months ago)
I love watching you videos, and I wish I could play with you guys. Sadly my computer is not up to par lol. But one day(hopefully) I'll be run around and goofing off with you guys, but But until then I'll be watching every video you put out in supporting you in whatever way I can
J .E (2 months ago)
is this a new mod or ?? please explain
Bas De Wank (2 months ago)
Ghost FacedNinja (2 months ago)
The town looks cool, except that giant ramp thing just looks weird tbh
PierReVesper (2 months ago)
Exactly... and blacksmith house under it looks weird...
istaajaae (2 months ago)
I got a question? so on my non-dedicated server my friend transfers his dinos from his server and its 310 and the average dino spawn lvl is 50 plus his wyvern got 230k hp, 12k weight, 21k stamina and 15k attack. I tried buffing all the dinos on the server so that his wyvern isn't unkillable but instead his wyvern got its stats multiplied by 2 so i was wondering is his dino to broken for the game cause it pretty much make all other dinos useless and that ruins the game but i don't want to be wrong 4 kicking his dino 4 no reason if its not 2 broken. BTW the difficulty is now 3.5 and i buffed wild dinos health by 1.0
Craig Moran (2 months ago)
His stats will transfer over anything you do to it his original stats count as its base stats
tarpickx (2 months ago)
love your zipper :)
Lake Killian (2 months ago)
YESS more of the Ark Primal
Christy Bertram (2 months ago)
Love the channel! I love watching you play Ark: Primal! Keep it up :)
Inigo Stratton (2 months ago)
You should make the other under pass area like a black market or bad backstreet(the opposite to the market).
Double Trouble (2 months ago)
Love the series and the videos keep it up Nick.
Oemar Behardien (2 months ago)
It's beautiful Nick, it gives ark a completely different look which is amazing
Daisy Kowalczykowski (2 months ago)
I can't lie, I wish the pond had stayed. I'd have built the town around it with a bridge or 2 connecting sides. But it's always cool to see what other people would do ^^
Swamp Savage (5 days ago)
Yeah i feel the same. Also different types of flooring, the bricks are overwhelming,its all 1 type. I would of made different types as a path or something. And that raised section looks to basic for all the builds,it sticks out. Maybe put pillars so it flows better. The ramps up i think need thinned some and maybe a stair like floor.
Blumtron BLUM (2 months ago)
Looks awesome!!
RagingRainbow (2 months ago)
This is the feel I always wanted from ark.. but last time I played this my friends got bored cause they couldn't ride dragons and 1 shot everything.. also the mod wasn't as polished..
Jesse Merrill 3 (2 months ago)
Please for the dear love of God, tell me people aren't bathing in the well......
Ript (2 months ago)
Anti is usually naked... not sure if he even bathes, though xD
Spiral Feather (2 months ago)
invisible zipper
Mercenary #556 (2 months ago)
Me and my friend are almost 15...we play minecraft sometimes but mainly bo4...he has OCD...he has to have symmetrical balls when he builds a d**k on my world
Zeesun Baidya (2 months ago)
We want more videos
Putera Mahdini (2 months ago)
omg your character looks like a viking in knight armor
Putera Mahdini (2 months ago)
nick are you doing this blacksmith thing all because you played blacksmith simulator
logan monnseratt (2 months ago)
So true
Diablo990 (2 months ago)
how to even get this mod?
Daisy Kowalczykowski (2 months ago)
Ah, it's not overhaul it's "total conversions"
Daisy Kowalczykowski (2 months ago)
In your ark menu, low right corner it says overhaul or something, with primitive as an option. After getting it in the workshop that is ;)
Jarett Edwards (2 months ago)
Make a sewer!
Kyle Forrest (2 months ago)
Bring back 2 men 1 base
Nerd Parade (2 months ago)
Too much of one thing is no fun for anyone
D4 Gaming (2 months ago)
right??? views have been trash for over a month now.. getting 10k veiws in a few days... use to get 50k in a few.. just shows what happens when you dont listen to your community
de bro gamers (2 months ago)
charba14 awsomeness (2 months ago)
Ha 1 like, first
Ript (2 months ago)
*Internal Happy Screeching*
Ript (2 months ago)
After finishing the video and watching the destruction of the cottage... my happy screeching has turned sad. *External Ugly Crying*
Night_blade 254 (2 months ago)
Gameing 1.0.1 (2 months ago)
First comment let’s go
NLFT Meathead (2 months ago)
First like yayaya for the boys

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