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The House of Magic - UK Trailer

232 ratings | 167432 views
- In UK cinemas July 25th - Thunder is a young cat who has been abandoned by his family. Alone and lost, he finds refuge in a mysterious house that belongs to Lawrence, a retired magician. Thunder feels at home in this haunted house, filled with strange characters who are a lot of fun. But when his host Lawrence is sent to hospital, his nephew does his utmost to sell the house behind his uncle's back. Then Thunder has an amazing idea - to transform the home into a haunted house! He forms a resistance movement with the help of his little companions. http://www.thehouseofmagicfilm.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/TheHouseofMagic
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Text Comments (12)
Mark Wright (8 months ago)
I hate those toys or props that come to life😡
Mark Wright (8 months ago)
Thunder should be crying by now because his owners kicked him🤨
eve guan (11 months ago)
I wish there was a part two of a female cat
Ross McKendrick (11 months ago)
Watching now and just noticed Daniels car registration lol. Real $ 8 (real shit)
ashley mcgarry (1 year ago)
i v  enjoyed  the  house  of  magic  it was brilliant  amazing  haven't  seen  the  house  of  magic   before   until i came across on my sky demand box channel  f i l i m  4  h d   and i v seen it now  brilliant  and i v googled  researched  it to find out what the house  of magic  was about  and  got up  information  now  and  i printed  it off  a copy  one for myself and my brother i v gotc v  experience  in distributing  what  information  on rude EGAR  editor  arts   sun beam times magazine company  i would see the house  of magic  f i l i m  movie again  definitely  ashley says and  i m recommending it out to everybody to find out more information go to  Wikipedia   section  i v  just been on it  and that media section  sector wants to win as well. so good luck to  Wikipedia  media section  i wish you  all the best. i hope you u win.
F dL (1 year ago)
The movie is enjoyable.
Little Canfield (2 years ago)
I wish I was Thunder
Roman B (3 years ago)
cool movie
waleed tarek (4 years ago)
Tozzywozzy01 (4 years ago)
looks like a cute flick. Just hope Vue cinemas decide to show it. :/
ShmartinJo (4 years ago)
something about this feels so nostalgic to the kind of animated movies I grew up with in the 90's. Would check this out if released here in North America.
ShmartinJo ฅฃ

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