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I recently came across a video that the maker claims he has discovered a secret underground tunnel system. Even by flat earth and mud flood standards this is without doubt the most ridiculous stupid nonsensical rubbish I have ever seen. Normally I make mud flood debunking vids, but this is on a level of stupidity beyond comprehension. The "secret tunnels" are nothing other than common all garden drains the same as innumerable buildings all over the globe. Where else do you think the S**t goes Here is a link to original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp_lJUMYxas He also claims to be an "archeologist", these must be different to Archaeologists as they don't study modern S***ty drains.
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Baz10 (3 months ago)
anything to come on underground streets? They have been covered up. You can still walk down them though! - All this mud should be apprehended and brought to justice!
David Lee (3 months ago)
I've done one on a "secret" hidden street in Keighley, mainly because I know the building. The vid also claimed there was an "official narrative" claiming the street level had been raised, I have asked for the source of this "official" statement, needless to say it has never materialised, but there again the street level was never raised nor was the street even a "secret" and my comment to that effect very quickly "disappeared". I think it was all just spin from the developer to get some free publicity. I also left a comment on the original vid to the one I cover here, explaining it was nothing more than a very modern public sewer, that too has disappeared, although out of shear embarrassment I would have removed all trace of the original vid! There again what else would you expect from someone who claims to be carrying out "Archeology" but can't even spell Archaeology!
Flat Earth Lady Lacey (5 months ago)
Not too bad like the song
David Lee (5 months ago)
I usually try to have a link between the music, and the vid however tenuous. The only drain related song in my CD collection was this one, it is of course a good song as well.

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