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5 Gun Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks to Movies)

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Text Comments (6646)
Donivan Harding (9 days ago)
Im dead, that lil clip had over 120 rounds in it, I tried to count and each burst is an average of 10 or 15 shots, magic
JJ Wychgel (17 days ago)
When you put in a new magazine or first load a shotgun the have to be cocked or pumped
dsmyify (21 days ago)
Omg subscribed. Best friends forever. 😍
dirtracer 250f (22 days ago)
Suppressors do reduce noise a lot. Problem is there's this little hole for the bullet that some sound escapes through. So depending on where your standing and how it echoes, you'll here it differently.
Daenerys (24 days ago)
Even if Doc Brown was still alive after being shot with that many rounds, the impact would have broken his ribs, rupture his internal organs and die of internal bleeding.
Daniel Hestopher (1 month ago)
#1 - Full auto is useful
AnnoyingMoose (1 month ago)
Pumping a shotgun looks coolest when it's done by a sweaty Sarah Connor with one hand!
Ruthless Johnson (1 month ago)
Also soft body armor won't save you from rifle rounds, you need a hard plate, the little girl would most likely be fine though.
Tach Van Sickle (1 month ago)
This video was clearly made by California hipsters who don’t know anything about firearms...
I always hated how people thought that was how silencers worked
Jared Smith (1 month ago)
Movies use "Silencers". Trained professionals use "Suppressors".
BedTime (12 days ago)
Many trained professionals prefer the term silencer. Neither term make much sense, but at least silencer was the original and patent name for the device, and not some politically correct garbage.
Benette Bautista (1 month ago)
Here we have a few examples of the democrat’s sources for gun aspects...
The Elders (1 month ago)
Citizen 1 no it's not.
Citizen 1 (1 month ago)
Gun control is just a way to disarm the public.
The Elders (1 month ago)
Benette Bautista This isn't anti gun. Also, most democrats are pro gun and pro gun control.
joaquin Velazquez (1 month ago)
Thick steel plates on plate carriers can stop ar bullets
Brad Turner (2 months ago)
Dude I’m not a hate commentor but those are movies not myths
MARIUS CYRAS (2 months ago)
2:29 bulet did came out :)
Donnie Twump (2 months ago)
its called a suppressor not silencer
TheRussianLondoner (2 months ago)
Don't forget the myth about hiding behind a car when someone is shooting at you, especially behind a open door of the car (as we all have seen in hundreds of police shootout movies) Nothing but the engine bay area can stop a (small calibre) bullet, but considering all the Tesla cars and sport super cars with engines at the back - in panic one would fail drastically to find it given the circumstance of no time given...
making a video about what movie's get wrong with guns but your asses fail to know the name for a damn suppressor
The Elders (1 month ago)
Mr AppleGoth They don't have to say the exact fucking name!
Son der (2 months ago)
lets not forget the gangsta who shoot guns sideways.
doctor who0w (2 months ago)
ok i subscribed xD
JCP Irish (2 months ago)
You shot a G8!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!
LycanRace (3 months ago)
Myth #3: Nobody said coking a gun was cool, but it initially is neccessary nonetheless. If you insert the Magazine into -let's say- the handle of a modern pistol, you can't shoot right away. You Need to cock the slide of a semiautomatic handgun at least once to prime it (make it ready to fire). The mechanism that loads itself through firing a round can't work without pulling the slide back and by this inserting the first round into the cartridge chamber.
The Unnamed (3 months ago)
1:15 counting each shot, he fired 42 shots with a 30rd mag in 4 seconds with a gun that shoots 10 per second....
Big Smoke (3 months ago)
What the fuck do you mean there’s no use for cocking guns? You have to every time you use a pump action shotgun because well. It’s pump action. You need to eject spent shells. On the first round of almost every pistol or rifle, you need to slide the action to chamber the first round.
Tim Pauwels (3 months ago)
3:03 Ford Pinto...
aha yes (3 months ago)
wow it’s almost like guns in movies *never* run out of ammo.
Dylan Glass (3 months ago)
Man most of these people don't know what there talking about
Saucey Pickles (3 months ago)
Baibai Hui (3 months ago)
the 'bulletproof' vest is not a bulletproof. it a bullet ressistant
happy cheeseburger (3 months ago)
They do make suppresors for shotguns
Sakurai Akari (3 months ago)
what is the title of nicolas cage movie in the end?
Mitchell McLean (3 months ago)
the hammer of the firearm doesnt magically "cock" back. with most guns, even the little glock you used, requires a prep or a slide pull, a "cock" back. the slide needs to come back and allow a round to be chambered for like 99% of guns, AKs, ARs, pretty much any magazine fed firearm.
Gordy Husky Doggo (3 months ago)
A rpk only has 45 bullets not 200
plasticweapon (4 months ago)
it's really amazing how nobody in the video or on these boards seem to know what the fuck they're talking about.
Jared white (4 months ago)
The trigger does not cock anything. Racking the slide does. Know your facts when making a facts video!
Danky Boi (4 months ago)
Why is borderlands here
Spacegoat (4 months ago)
The cocking thing... The 1'st bullet needs to be chambered tho, and i think that's what most movies goes for, so in that sence it makes perfect sence =)
Director: I want a scene where he mows down enemy's with a Russian assault rifle Writer: well an assault rifle only has the captivity of 25 bullets without an extended magazine Director: the fuck out of my office
These are the people who ruined action movies
David Benda (4 months ago)
they make bullet proof vests that can stop a .308 from like 5 feet away or something... cracked is just as full of shit as the movies they make fun of
Joel Cariaga (4 months ago)
Unlimited Ammo.
Yeah, a Kickass reference!!! 😗😆😗😆😗😆
Paul Martin (4 months ago)
and videogames
sulsty (4 months ago)
I want to clear a few things up like the bullet proof vest. If I have a 9mm vest and get shot with a 9mm I’m fine unless they sink a 100 or more rounds into the vest but the vest will not stop anything above what is was built for. The cocking one, yes you were right but you do have to cock your gun when it is empty and you put in a new clip/mag, so if I have a handgun 9 bullets, I shoot 8 there is still 1 in the chamber and I can still fire but if I shoot 9 out of 9 the chamber is empty so I a new mag in, pull back the slide or release the slide then I can fire until it’s empty hand I have to cock it again This video seems really poorly done
Lynx Below (4 months ago)
Okay, to be fair to Kick-Ass -- that easily could have been AR500 (Classified as Level 3A) body armor, which is rated to stop anything up to and including .308 (7.62x51 NATO.) If you're wondering what that means, she could have taken an AK47 round and still at least walked it off, albeit with a broken rib or two. At that range, .308 would more than more than likely hospitalize her, if it didn't kill her. She is still a small child and the punch that .308 packs is considered appropriate for killing Grizzly bears and shit. That body armor versus douchey little 9MM? Nahhhhhh.
Green Cobalt (4 months ago)
In Kickass (Nicholas Cage and that girl), he shot a rubber bullet. C o n t e x t
Warwick The Kingmaker (4 months ago)
I love the commando scene. Every henchman is worse than easy ai in BO2 or normal in OG battlefront 2. They are wrse than stormtroopers. The concept of ammo doesn´t exist and grenades take as long as the plot demands to explode. When commando throws them, they take 2 seconds, when a henchman throws one, it takes 5-6 seconds. And then the final boss cames and all sense goes out the window, if it hadn´t already.
Garatena Dialga (4 months ago)
maybe they have technology we dont in our universe
blitzz (5 months ago)
what is the film in 0:28?
MrKalashnik0va (5 months ago)
They put as much effort into researching for this video as Bono spent donating to charity. Which is fuck all.
Fa Kenews (5 months ago)
It takes a lot of shots to make your gun burst into flames, most people cant even shoot that fast without completely loosing the target
Samuel Coronel (5 months ago)
*Clicks Subscribe a million times
George McClellan (5 months ago)
Fucking awful video, especially the number 2 item.
Von Degurechaff (5 months ago)
Oh cracked, this video is full of shit on itself... The irony is strong within this one. Also that commando part, you've showing how do you know that he is not reloading his gun while camera cuts to show the enemy? I have been on army and i can say you can easily change a clip within that time frame if needed. Bigger issue there is that he is wide open and the enemy would in reality shot him to death within seconds. Also another big issue is that he is using full-automatic mode on his gun which is literally never used on reality because of how inefficient it is. Also firing your gun with that pase would NOT cause it to overheat or burst in fire... It solely depends how long period of time with out any pause you keep shooting continuously, it is likely though that his barrel might curve quite a lot and inflicting with his aim, then again the man is shooting from the hip which is travesty on its own. My biggest issue with this video is that you are focusing on a completely unnecessary and even fabricated things instead of actually pointing out the true huge mistakes on these scenes.
chance okeson (5 months ago)
Myth #3 pissed me off so much. It's just annoying
Zain Al Abdulla (5 months ago)
I just love the subtitle version videos, they're much funnier
Toby Ward (5 months ago)
You need to cock if you reload properly
BeastlyTalks (6 months ago)
About silencers: https://youtu.be/haiqFcIXTqs I'm just going to leave this here
Cord Cantrell (6 months ago)
Myth: Guns kill people Fact: terrible people with guns kill people.
Nade Shift (6 months ago)
The selicer one. The movie was right you cant compare a pistol to shotgun
Protomorph (6 months ago)
You have to cock every firearm at some point, to the barrel isn't going to burst into flames from shooting full auto that long, bulletproof vests do stop multiple bullets when they're hit with what they're designed to stop.
Calle Johansson (6 months ago)
There's no such thing as a "silencer". But there are suppressors.
DLN (6 months ago)
The fact you said bullets instead of shells made me cringe 😂😂😂😂, still a good video though
This video is like a kid telling another: *"Stop putting the crayons up your ass dumbass, you're supposed to eat them!"*
Man I love how they only used old time movies because new movies don’t do this
Smeado (6 months ago)
Silencers need subsonic ammo or they will sound like a firecracker.
E. P (6 months ago)
Where are the myths?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (7 months ago)
was that RPK was loaded with a triple-stack .22 120 rdns magazine
Maxim C. (7 months ago)
Make it audible, man... Make someone read the texts. A video is not a blog to *read* it, most part of a video must be voiced.
Jason Bustos (7 months ago)
I watch Demolition Ranch test body armor against all kinds of gun's. Ak's and other assult rifels don't go through some body armor without a armor pericing or other types of special bullets. But some don't need a special kind of bullet if the bullet travel fast enough.
luke towner (7 months ago)
Funny that cracked me this video while they have another video promoting gun control where they express gross misunderstandings about guns.. Silly
Jimmie Hogge (7 months ago)
But they do make suppressors for shotguns
Feder Ignel (7 months ago)
It depends on what bullet proof vest
Jay Profits (7 months ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger part had me rolling
Roxanne Taylor (7 months ago)
Doc Brown invented a time machine, you don't think that with that much time to plan he wouldn't invent a more effective bullet proof vest?
Uros Andric (7 months ago)
Slutty sub...
TheRastaOwl (7 months ago)
2:28 ew did they really just say bullets and not shells? I’m disgusted.
Sun Tzu (8 months ago)
Most modern military kevlar vests with titanium or ceramic balistic inserts will stop all handgun bullets and almost every intermediate round there is. Unless they are armour piercing or +p+.
MIKE FORCE (8 months ago)
Overall, great video. You've only scratched the surface of Gun Myths perpetuated by Hollywood, but it's a good start.
DeafBlindMan (8 months ago)
Ever noticed how ventilation ducts are used for stealth infiltration when they are the noisiest thing ever?
Austin Yoder (8 months ago)
Soooo many things wrong with the way you correct the things wrong with movies. lol
Joel Stevenson (8 months ago)
Vests also cause back-force deformation when u get shot which can break your ribs due to the immense pressure being applied to a small surface
Just Android (8 months ago)
I only have one not pick. Thought could be wrong Pre sure that shower curtain was to shield him from blood
Sam Hadders (8 months ago)
2:05 is what they mean by "cocked and locked" hahaha lol !
Doomguy (8 months ago)
What happens when you let a liberal news channel try to make a video about guns.
Illuminati Just (8 months ago)
One more myth: AR-15s generally aren't full auto, and full auto is damn near useless anyways. Tired of seeing full auto in movies.
Alden Towner (8 months ago)
What’s the girls name at the end of the vid
Vlado Atanasow (8 months ago)
The chick at the outro made me unsub and then sub again
Chase Sanders (8 months ago)
Katy i’m still waiting on my bff bracelet
Jake Berger (8 months ago)
On the first one, that isn't a shotgun, that's a gun that's used to in a sense blow pig's brains so they don't feel pain, it's meant to be super silent, and it is
Owen Gadd (8 months ago)
The cocking a gun one is stupid. Apparently cracked doesn’t get the concept of a chamber. And one of the clips they showed was a guy taking off the safety.
Coda Mission (8 months ago)
A bullet can ignite a tank of combustible liquid like gasoline. As for a gas tank, yeah, nah, the pipe from the gas tank door snakes around.
Coda Mission (8 months ago)
2:16 Proceeds to show a hammerless weapon. 2:18 You need to pump a shotgun to load the first round.
Coda Mission (8 months ago)
The curtain was for containing the blood
Un Funny (8 months ago)
KommissarBanx (9 months ago)
The shotguns make sense. When you load the tube, the first pump chambers the first shell unless you’ve already, you know, pumped it to chamber the first shell. In movies with pistols you can pretend they always carry them unloaded and they’re chambering the first round. It’s not as cool as the shotguns but eh, fluff.
Infuriated Canadian (9 months ago)
I mean the shotgun pull is usually when they just finished reloading, the time WHEN YOU FUCKING PUMP A SHOTGUN YOU FUCKING CRACKHEADS
Ian Hale (9 months ago)
Okay dumb ass, a standard ak is not a machine gun, it is an automatic rifle. And if said ak where to have a belt fed action, and fired nonstop, as many have before, the barrel has a fairly good chance of not catching fire. It's fucking steel. It will melt before setting on fire, but the wood stock would be charred by then.
Hubert Cumberdale (9 months ago)
No I'm not a retard, I know movies are fake.
Miel van Velzen (9 months ago)
He doesnt use the curtain as a silencer he uses it to avoid getting covered in blood.

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