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Exploring A Top Secret Tunnel For Impressive Relics | Combat Dealers

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Follow Bruce as he explores an incredible complex of secret Nazi tunnels for impressive relics. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: https://www.questod.co.uk/shows Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Quest On Demand: https://www.questod.co.uk/ Follow Quest on Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuestTV
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Text Comments (23)
ade 1772 (11 days ago)
Great video
DJJAW11 (1 month ago)
... what's astrology sign ,I's your wife sir,if not to personal to ask,I know you are a fellow fish ?.
Mauser (1 month ago)
Guernsey, my home. Festung Guernsey have their own Youtube and Facebook pages with some of the bunkers that have been opened up. They are working on the German Underground Hospital atm, opening to the public soon.
freakyflow (1 month ago)
My family tree dates back to these islands being run by my family as barons and King William Which was also connected to Normandy Which my grandfather landed on 800+ years later
jeroen boon (1 month ago)
why dont they empty those tunnels instead of leaving it to rot?? such a waste of parts and they could make a nice buck for it which they could use for preservation and restoration
Assasinsplaylp (1 month ago)
you cant watch full episodes because you cant find the show
City Kid Restorations (1 month ago)
Assasinsplaylp I wish they’d put it on some streaming service I’d love to watch it’s a shame
Sean Lee (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Bamford (1 month ago)
What happened to hoos. Or hous
ricky french (1 month ago)
Been there. Seen the underground hospital etc etc. Mockney Rebel comes to mind. 100000 tons of concrete and all you've got is a smell of piss. Bullocks.
supersoildier420 (1 month ago)
thegeneral123 (1 month ago)
Not sure why you upload these Quest TV. You've removed the episodes from your website. I really enjoyed watching full episodes on your site.
Albert Pergler (1 month ago)
You are the best!!!
tommy taylor (1 month ago)
Full proper episodes!!!please!!!!!!
Neil Aspinall (1 month ago)
Will go there soon.
Nathaniel Hamer (1 month ago)
Who've subbed only for combat dealers lol
Merv (1 month ago)
We have a soveit tank in my back yard
Jeffrey Bamford (1 month ago)
We're is your back yard mate .jokes
Jan Timmer (1 month ago)
You too?
Rico Ricardo (1 month ago)
Logan Chano yes
Merv (1 month ago)
+Rico Ricardo on what the tank
Rico Ricardo (1 month ago)
Logan Chano make a vid
Imran Kadrić (1 month ago)

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