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How to make an Otzi the Iceman Flint Dagger. Ancient Bushcraft Survival Skills.

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How to make an Iceman Dagger. Ancient Bushcraft Survival Skills.
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It’s a knife still because even if it was found in the fire kit he could use it to shave the tinder
Diane Teeter (2 days ago)
Nice work. I found out in 2009 I am related to Ötzi
Davidwaytwo Long (2 days ago)
thanks again awesome
Arizona Cheesecake (7 days ago)
This was AWESOME!! Thanks for the non boring history and easy diy. Im going to try this!
Nyctophora (8 days ago)
Lovely work. Also the attached handle proving it's not an arrow is interesting - I wonder how many large arrowheads are classed that way because of having no handle?
killi mimes (15 days ago)
Everyone knows Ootzi was a magic leprechaun that ran around with bigfoot and the tooth fairy....geeze people cut the man some slack, do you think making this stuff is easy?
Brendan Keesecker (16 days ago)
4:49 he is grinding his grinding tool
Maine Mountain Man (17 days ago)
Wicked cool!
William White (24 days ago)
could you use a deer leg bone instead of an antler
Max Schaefer (1 month ago)
What people don’t realize is that this knife is almost long for a primitive knife. Flint is fragile like glass and could break more easily the longer it was. Most were only 2-3 inches long
Exellplays (1 month ago)
BTW the excess ashwood that's peeled off can be eaten I'm not joking it's cambium fresh
Daigen Harrell (1 month ago)
We learned this in6th grde today
Paul Mallory (1 month ago)
Pretty awesome!!
tjenahoj (1 month ago)
My theory is it was probably illegal to carry and sell pointed edged knifes back in Ötzis days, much like in Britain today, hence the tip was removed.
Icinesis Wayons (1 month ago)
This small knife is like the derringer of blades. Easily concealable but can do serious damage!
John Smith (1 month ago)
Awesome vid man that's defently a great knife
Dee Toxinz (1 month ago)
His edge was pretty fine I honestly wonder if this was a personal care tool like a shaving razor?
Matthew Hengstenberg (1 month ago)
Ппнпмшпмр и. Остравы в один мая чвр он онпрр
Steven Harrison (1 month ago)
Good video
Thomas Smith (2 months ago)
DangerMouSe (2 months ago)
Excellent video. Loved seeing it made using the ancient ways our ancestors did
Laurie Symons (2 months ago)
Striker ,dagger, what does it matter it has multi of uses and was most likely used as such
Barefoot Bushcraft (2 months ago)
Awesome video my friend! I'm a new supporter :) Keep up the great work!
John Koeberlein (2 months ago)
Emmillyy (2 months ago)
uhhh what if u dont have an antler
Emmillyy (1 month ago)
WolfA (1 month ago)
Ya snap em off
Dave Allen (2 months ago)
The blade is 9 centimeters long??? bout as long as my Dong!😂😂
Tressa Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Pretty amazing
Haggard Outdoors (2 months ago)
Amazing amazing work I love these, please stop by my channel sometime I’m doing a Giveaway.
Hunter (2 months ago)
Congratulations my friend. you should be an historian and work on scientific excavations, because you have the way of dealing with, and understanding the primitive technologies. Not being restricted to theoretical knowledge. Congratulations, and best regards from Brazil.
Simsalabim (2 months ago)
don't copy, make your own style
jordan Blastname (3 months ago)
any substitute for a antler
Tom Hansen (3 months ago)
hi i love your videos thanks.
Kurt Weber (3 months ago)
Fascinating. you have great talent. I enjoy your videos
Game Overlord (3 months ago)
Kyslis (3 months ago)
Uzi The Iceman
john r (3 months ago)
Schyler Reis (3 months ago)
cool hat
Smoov Operata (3 months ago)
Sweet shank bro.. It's made for stickin other cavemen that get outta line
Moisty Copper (3 months ago)
Mike Mayfield (3 months ago)
Earlier you had said that YouTube was restricting knives and such. I am glad to see this one was not restricted but how do you suppose that came to be?
Dodge Outdoors (3 months ago)
Shawn can you please make one for me I don’t have these materials in my state and I’m crap at flint knapping
jeepin johnny (3 months ago)
excellent - thanks.
James Passmore (4 months ago)
It's not a dagger, it's a knife. I believe he would have used it mostly for skinning and butchering animals.
Nim Boo (4 months ago)
White men are so hard-working, industrious, creative and practical. Ötzi is the ancestor.
Jan Strydom (4 months ago)
Otzi not Utzi!!
jae ski (4 months ago)
Utzi has a curse attached to him.... idk if id reproduce his weapons. But im superstitious
MetalTriple Threat (4 months ago)
Where do u get the materials to make it ??
michael todd (4 months ago)
I agree with you that in fact, that is a knife. Great video. Thank you.
John Stanton (4 months ago)
Interesting What knots did you use?
tom kuenzle (4 months ago)
Great.Ilove that stuff Abo and thx
Erickle Samson (4 months ago)
Nice knife. 👍👍
kolomona pahukoa (4 months ago)
In Hawaii our way of make g cordage is just a little bit different
Pinche Pendejo (4 months ago)
Dr Inchinati (4 months ago)
Nice video, I went to see Otzi with my class back in elementary school.
Magnífico tutorial ya tengo uno y me encanta
Bilbo_Gamers (4 months ago)
"The Man Whomst the Ice"
Cindy Comedy (5 months ago)
Make another like this. I like it very much because I want to be inventor that's my dream 💭
سفيان العيد (5 months ago)
سفيان العيد (5 months ago)
زق في زق
سفيان العيد (5 months ago)
زق في زق
Axerxes (5 months ago)
Shawn.... Outstanding!! What a terrific job, not only the craftsmanship of knapping but he explanation you gabe. Excellent job!! I hope you are teaching somewhere!! Best wishes..... Ax
Tom Burns (5 months ago)
GREAT video. The older I get the more I appreciate learning - and this type of learning would be something more young kids should be doing.
Janus Bifrons (5 months ago)
Good work, good vid.
kodi android (5 months ago)
It looks like a wee knife,dagger to me
Mark Hepworth (5 months ago)
Very interesting! Thanks.
Brennan Gauthier (5 months ago)
You sound just like the Redline Restoration guy!
WayPoint Survival (5 months ago)
Excellent demonstration and technique. Thanks!
Sam I Am (5 months ago)
So it’s a pocket dagger!
Bad Company-50 biker (5 months ago)
Well I for one wasn’t around otzi that long ago and neither was anybody else. I think you did a outstanding job on making that flint knife.
ubaldo garcia (5 months ago)
can i have it please :)
Lawney Malbrough (5 months ago)
Looks like a dagger to me. I have pocket knives with smaller blades than that.
Mannyonnyboy9 (5 months ago)
How do you find flint in upstate New York???
Daddy #53 (5 months ago)
Very interesting, thank you. Looks like a perfect size for a skinner.
Bob Moon (5 months ago)
An incredibly thoughtful and reflective presentation. Well done.
Helmut Kohl (5 months ago)
tha toool... it's his woman's toy for when he was out in the wild chasing after goats or poking a polar bear
Nat the Wolfchild (6 months ago)
Ötzi the iceman was actually cursed. The scientists who discovered him actually passed in strange ways after they found him.
timi天美 (6 months ago)
you didn't mention people need to use sorcery to keep the knot tie enough to hold the sharp stone and break the stone with woods
timi天美 (6 months ago)
and the stone is so easy to break by magic not your bear hand is strength
dadgad68 (6 months ago)
You have a gift. This was more informative than anything i've seen in docs on the iceman. thanks.
phri (6 months ago)
That sinuit has to taste awful lol
Uzi the iceman? Oetzi or Ötzi!
Shanta Hsieh (6 months ago)
I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.
Steve Kohler (6 months ago)
You are that mouse trap guy
Belia Krouse (6 months ago)
On the Stodoys site you can find many interesting plans
Meymeygwis (6 months ago)
YouDontKnowMe (7 months ago)
You can't blame the people using the icepicks. They didn't know what was going on.
Andi Jones (7 months ago)
Amazing job :)
sniper dogs (7 months ago)
Tina S (7 months ago)
So interesting!
Ginseng Road (7 months ago)
one hellava lot of good it did Otzi
Amos Chase (7 months ago)
Just found your videos and channel. Great stuff. I also noticed your hat. Is that an Oklahoma State hat? Where are you from? Are you familiar with O-Jam?
Joker (7 months ago)
It's a lie Otzi was black and he wuz a kang 'n shiieet!
Cyprian Guerra (7 months ago)
Why antler?
Elo Hansen (5 months ago)
It is not only a dagger; it's a two in one, a FLINT AND STEEL; Őtzi's fire making tool, And a dagger. One small tool. Smart.
Micah Clark (7 months ago)
heck yea helped with project
Muskrat Outdoors (7 months ago)
Shawn, Great job with this! I have made arrow heads and it's not that easy! Why did Youtube demonitize this video?
Jozias Klippermann (7 months ago)
Great video! Just for information purposes: It's pronounced "uh - tsi".

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