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How to make an Otzi the Iceman Flint Dagger. Ancient Bushcraft Survival Skills.

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How to make an Iceman Dagger. Ancient Bushcraft Survival Skills.
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James Shofner (4 hours ago)
Awesome job and thank you for sharing this valuable information on a person I have been interested in since it was made public.
Julio Garibay (1 day ago)
I want more videos like this please start making them again please an also gardening different kinds of foods please
Barry Webber (1 day ago)
Great job, absolutely fascinating, the level of skill and technology shown by Otzi is incredible, it just brings early humans right alongside modern man! Thanks for posting.
Blu (4 days ago)
im looking for a good self defense knife to carry, do you think this is a good one to use?
Jon English (4 days ago)
That is so cool
Arizona (5 days ago)
What's amusing though is they have no real idea how large the knife blade was when he made it, and yet people keep making reproductions of the found object instead of thinking about how large it would have been when it was hafted, and then proceeding accordingly.
CavemanJoe (4 days ago)
Well, one would be led to assume that the painstakingly crafted sheath which just happens to perfectly fit the found knife would indicate the size of the knife he made it for. Large stone knives weren't very common, either. Spear points, yes. Knives, not so much. Small flakes cut incredibly well and don't take up much space. If something large needed chopped, his hatchet would've worked fine for it.
Dwald Pilar (5 days ago)
Way cool!!! Very informative
existing man (9 days ago)
Can I find this type of flint in the west of Scotland?
Hovo Sahak (15 days ago)
Ur Wrong (15 days ago)
Who every dislikes this video must of quit
ivan schafeldt (15 days ago)
you wouldnt need to go to the lengths to craft a striker when almost any old had stone will do that job, some people talk out of their arse
ЕВГЕНИЙ - (16 days ago)
Moose (16 days ago)
I would love to get in to flint knapping but we don't have any flint here rip. Can't even find a piece to strike a fire steel with.
Marlon joão (17 days ago)
Meu amigo tenho uma dúvida? A lâmina não teria sido fixada com algum tipo de cola ou breu? (My friend, do I have a question? Would not the blade have been fixed with some kind of glue or pitch?)🙏👍👏👏👏🤩😁
Marlon joão (16 days ago)
+Jin Nascimento Vlws Jin, sílex na minha região é raro, tenho só um pedaço que vou ver se uso pra isso!👍👏👍
Jin Nascimento (17 days ago)
Não, ele fez uma fresta no cabo e colocou a lâmina lá já com uma pressão e só amarrou em volta dando uma pressão ainda maior e consequentemente um maior atrito... Amarra bem que não escapa! Deixa uma boa fresta e um bom pedaço de lâmina p amarrar q é sucesso☺️
Over Analyze (18 days ago)
his gut was full of animal fat (sheep). humans are naturally mostly carnivores
Марк (20 days ago)
Что за камень и на какой локации его можно добыть?
Jimmy world (22 days ago)
Ppl are opinionated babies
Amanda Morgan (22 days ago)
if n fling get a rock and smash
Sam Jones (26 days ago)
Oh hey, he's out in the wilderness! "Hears cars driving by"
Kelly Klaas K7SU (29 days ago)
I am a woodworker but not necessarily into this kind of stuff, although it is very interesting. What amazes me is how those people 5000 years ago and longer could make their everyday tools to survive. I am convinced that the people back then were more intelligent and more talented than we are today. Look at the beautiful buildings and sculptures that were made back then that are still standing today! Anything we build today is falling down after about 60 years. This was very interesting. Thanks for your post.
Don Juan (29 days ago)
I would suggest any rock wouldve sufficed to chip the arrow
Alain RADERMECKER (1 month ago)
Kelpry (1 month ago)
Wolfi wm (1 month ago)
I life there where he was found. I am really interested in his life and how he died
BOUNTY HUNTER (1 month ago)
What does it taste like
William Grey (1 month ago)
Do you ever sell any of the items you make?
Amitai Medan (1 month ago)
Only 5000yo?
wolfie498 (1 month ago)
Absolutely no way anyone would go to those lengths to smash it up for a spark. You would just use a piece of flint.
Ralph van der Eb (1 month ago)
you nailed it. excellent
RANDOM THINGS (1 month ago)
I have so much flint wood trees and saplings in my backyard and thought it was all trash wood. well apperently not.
MarkisTG (1 month ago)
Otzi's dagger was made of chert, but I love the vids
Dino Snore (1 month ago)
anyone worried about not having sinew? no just me? ok
Jacob Sherk (1 month ago)
How long would a stone tool like this last with regular use?
Daniel Toledo (1 month ago)
Whats is the name of rock?
Matthias Liszt (1 month ago)
By the way it is Ötzi and not Ützi as you pronounce it. He was named after the Ötztaler Alps where he was found.
darkhorsejim (1 month ago)
Otzi = Rock Star Mummy!
#unihamstersquad (2 months ago)
I have a REAL arrowhead
M Glennon (2 months ago)
Enjoyed your video very much! Good stuff. I like your perspective and conclusions. Thanks for sharing.
Daryl Massey (2 months ago)
Really enjoyed this vid and enjoyed the commentary and information keep up the great work and don’t listen to negativity.
MILOE SUPRE (2 months ago)
Thats cool
Deb G (2 months ago)
Fascinating. Thanks for the demonstration.
patriot 1776 nemesis (2 months ago)
fantastic information and video. Thank you.
Donald Correia (2 months ago)
Its a prison shank...
Jennifer White (2 months ago)
you could wonder if it was at one time as a spear that he had made and broke in time and kept it in time use it as a knife after that you said who knows what it was really for
Ray Bands (2 months ago)
You did a great job!
John Latsch (2 months ago)
Where did you learn to knap flint?
Ben Allen (3 months ago)
He probably broke it while sharpening it. Definitely not for striking pyrite
That looks awesome
Jr Juarez (3 months ago)
Wow it’s amazing how into their weapons ancient man wash. Otzi would of been one of those guys that are really into guns, knives and historical weapons if he was alive today
Matthijs van Guilder (3 months ago)
Condor's rendition of the dagger/neck knife is quite nice
semaj epits (3 months ago)
that's a great video. I'm trying to learn this life still
Donald Hall (3 months ago)
Very Informative Video and well presented...the only thing I'd like to add is..if you don't have Sinew, or want to put Squirrel Tendon or Ligament in your mouth.. you can take thin cotton string...put it in Wood glue or Elmer's Glue..wrapping it around the Stone and Handle..as the Glue dries it hardens and stays in place almost as good as Sinew.
Виктор Рид (3 months ago)
Looking like skinning knife.
I dont now haw to do eit
Anonymity (4 months ago)
Well done and a very good delivery
yellow snow (4 months ago)
5000 B.C.E. : Ashwood 2018: Ashwood
Alex Schumann (4 months ago)
i used to read this book at my grandpas house all the time
FPS JiveTurkey (4 months ago)
Why make up a dumb name for the dude though?
Michal Urban (4 months ago)
Awesome! :-)
Paladine (4 months ago)
great work, great video
Leonardo Granados (4 months ago)
Wise and efficient video. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing
Хорошее видео, увлекательное.
Asma Asmaton (5 months ago)
Okay, but how do you make the 'retoucher'?
james marshall (5 months ago)
Great vid
Mark Thompson (5 months ago)
I wouldn't worry about what other people think. You did an awesome job creating the dagger and explaining what all went on in Ötzi's life. It's a fascinating story, and I like your spin on it.
JensHanenburg (5 months ago)
Thats amazing!!!!!!!
AspiringIce (5 months ago)
Drinking game idea: take a shot every time he says “5,000 years ago”
Eat your greens! (5 months ago)
Flint is plentiful in the UK.
Slammer 215 My Life (5 months ago)
Skinning knife?
j R (4 months ago)
I wouldn't use it for that personally. Usually you want a single, almost ovoid edge with a flat back on a modern knife. You don't want a point that will catch and dig into the meat. If i was going to make a flint tool for skinning, I'd do a chunk of flint dull on the back that tapers down and spreads out like a fan into the broad edge. Like a tiny, thin hatchet head without a handle
west coast reptiles 591 (5 months ago)
Nice replica build dude! Itd be nice to learn other stone age crafts for fun, I mean sure we can make fire faster but they did it with style. A man walks up with two sticks or a two rocks and is able to set fire to something, thats hardcore.
mwillblade (5 months ago)
I'm from the southern part of Louisiana, I would have to use an oyster shell instead of flint!
August K (1 month ago)
Hey that's some strong stuff, don't underestimate it. I bet it'd be fun to make.
SKYCIRNS (5 months ago)
Where do you usually find a flint??
R Series (5 months ago)
N Tatic (5 months ago)
I doubt it was 5000 years ago. It could be 100 000 or more. Egyptians pyramids are around 5000 years old.
Wulfrvm (2 months ago)
let me put this into perspective, to the ancient romans, the pyramids were as old as the ancient romans are to us. point is, the pyramids are a lot older than people seem to realize.
Mike Fitzpatrick (5 months ago)
Amazing how are ancestors learned how to do this..a lot of trial and error for sure
Mike Fitzpatrick (3 months ago)
+chris45627 no doubt about it..They were survivors
chris45627 (3 months ago)
Mike Fitzpatrick and its crazy that they probably had to learn these skills under duress. Imagine having to flint knapping a knife so you can kill an animal while you’re already starving to death.
Jeff Akes (5 months ago)
great video, thanks
Abdu Brè (6 months ago)
I think we understand now. Like seriously, you don't have to mention it a million times!!
brad starkey (6 months ago)
I agree its a Knife a small one like this is perfect for skinning something. makes for fast easier work..... The guys with big weapon watch to much Rambow unless ur fighting a Bear
Thomas S. (6 months ago)
This is just too cool. I thank Otzi and you kind sir for doing what he did and showing us. Super cool.
Steve P (6 months ago)
Went to see him. His tools and clothes were very impressive! Grass cloak, grass and moss shoes, unfinished bow. Worth seeing if you can.
Bill Bright (6 months ago)
They could possibly clone his DNA a bring Outsie back to life, probably be surprised at the changes.
Wulfrvm (2 months ago)
Handsome Jack (6 months ago)
Flint? Pffft, that stuff is for plebs, obsidian is the way to go But jokes aside, you are amazing at flintknapping, you made an amazing edge
Stacey Smith (6 months ago)
the father of gid (6 months ago)
Who else will love to talk with otzi
NitroFuel Gamer (6 months ago)
Adeel Ashraf (6 months ago)
You're talented!
Tony Hind (6 months ago)
Great vid.
GeorgiaStateFishing (7 months ago)
It’s a knife still because even if it was found in the fire kit he could use it to shave the tinder
Diane Teeter (7 months ago)
Nice work. I found out in 2009 I am related to Ötzi
Wulfrvm (2 months ago)
+Diane Teeter those dont usually go back 5000 years
Diane Teeter (6 months ago)
+Ronplucksstrings no, not at all. Just used a test from Oxford Ancestry.
Ronplucksstrings (6 months ago)
...you're probably related to Lieowatha too...but only 1/1024th...
Davidwaytwo Long (7 months ago)
thanks again awesome
BayArea AZ (7 months ago)
This was AWESOME!! Thanks for the non boring history and easy diy. Im going to try this!
Nyctophora (7 months ago)
Lovely work. Also the attached handle proving it's not an arrow is interesting - I wonder how many large arrowheads are classed that way because of having no handle?
killi mimes (7 months ago)
Everyone knows Ootzi was a magic leprechaun that ran around with bigfoot and the tooth fairy....geeze people cut the man some slack, do you think making this stuff is easy?
fortnite god (7 months ago)
4:49 he is grinding his grinding tool
Maine Mountain Man (7 months ago)
Wicked cool!
William White (7 months ago)
could you use a deer leg bone instead of an antler
Max Schaefer (8 months ago)
What people don’t realize is that this knife is almost long for a primitive knife. Flint is fragile like glass and could break more easily the longer it was. Most were only 2-3 inches long
Wave (8 months ago)
BTW the excess ashwood that's peeled off can be eaten I'm not joking it's cambium fresh
Daigen Harrell (8 months ago)
We learned this in6th grde today

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