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Cuco performs "Lo Que Siento" after a long conversation with Lee on the Kinda Neat Podcast. NEW HATS: http://kindaneat.bigcartel.com/product/kn-logo-dad-hat HELP SUPPORT KINDA NEAT: http://Patreon.com/KindaNeat or HIT THAT PAYPAL: http://www.paypal.me/KindaNeat Cuco celebrated his 19th birthday with us in the studio. The young singer / songwriter / composer / multi-instrumentalist is having quite the year. He’s in the middle of an initial explosion that’s seen his following double in only a couple months. That’s because his sugary sweet pop ballads can melt the heart of a teenage girl, or catch the ear of a jaded mid 30’s music fan. Remember kids: sharing is caring. You can hear the interview streaming at: http://kindaneat.net/cuco or on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/k... Follow Cuco: http://twitter.com/icryduringsex http://soundcloud.com/trappedindeathstar Follow Kinda Neat: http://twitter.com/kindaneat http://facebook.com/kindaneat Follow Lee (host): http://twitter.com/itsintuition Follow DTBS (engineer): http://twitter.com/iamdatabass Filmed at Cosmic Zoo Studios: http://cosmiczoo.org
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Text Comments (7607)
i love music you lo que siento
💜Stephani 💜 (8 hours ago)
Jada Perez (8 hours ago)
Is it just me or dose this song make u wish u had a gf of bf cuz for me it😞 love this song thi
Abby Medrano (8 hours ago)
Jajajaja español inglés XD :v :"v
Carlos Garcia (8 hours ago)
This song fuck smacks 💥💥💥🔥
Luis Alva (8 hours ago)
Best song
kekgames02 (12 hours ago)
maau te amamos!!1!1!11!!!
Wolf Life Is Ligit Pack (14 hours ago)
Mexican and Cholo (Thug) music 😊😊😊
Emil (14 hours ago)
Legalicen la eutanasia
e d g y
Andrey Santos (17 hours ago)
I'm not trying to make radical statements here, but this is the best music in the history of mankind.
james reinnardo (17 hours ago)
I am from Indonesia, and I really like this song. while enjoying a beer in the afternoon and I think I was carried away by this music.
franjojo leivaleiba (20 hours ago)
realmente me gusta este tema :3
Mr. Robot Productions (22 hours ago)
Iconic 🤩
เตย (1 day ago)
Last night, I dreamed of you I dreamed that I sang this song to you.
Carlos Pelayo (1 day ago)
watcha!!...homie got skillz..
Spoiled Nut (1 day ago)
the end makes my ears tingle
TS-XXI (1 day ago)
eres mi favorito
LmC M (1 day ago)
es el oie cariño :0
Jehud Muñiz (1 day ago)
Jehud Muñiz (1 day ago)
Noval 29 (1 day ago)
Apa cuma gw kesini gara gara helloweed
Mauricio No (2 days ago)
*oye cariño*
chorizo megusta (2 days ago)
Whats crazy I could make music like this in my head
Maria Victoria (2 days ago)
Nayeli Ortiz (2 days ago)
This is doop
Julian Holguin (2 days ago)
Gracias Cuco ! esto es arte .
Dith Bastos † (2 days ago)
maria ramirez (3 days ago)
I love this song so much it's really cute :)
Jesus LM xd (3 days ago)
5:04 que pedo con el bug xd
Pro Gamer (3 days ago)
Covia (3 days ago)
Tal vez te guste mi canción. Escúchala si gustas, te quiero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaMpf2Xzfgk
Fachmi Nur (3 days ago)
im high listening to this song
P A V L O (4 days ago)
canta horrible pero es engatuzante
dAisy (4 days ago)
Anyone know the notes for the trumpet 🎺 part???????
THE HEARTBREAKING :v (4 days ago)
Muy buena música amigo La letra es ufff de llorar
McTuKillerHS (4 days ago)
spanglish like si crees lo musmo
Mixhelle Chxvez xD (4 days ago)
He's bomb asf 😂❤
Matthew Manheimer (4 days ago)
for real
izzomctorro (5 days ago)
Polyphia Feature!
Graciela Lorenzo (5 days ago)
tylon SLATER-CRUMP (5 days ago)
Steffie (5 days ago)
MARIONETT ホ (5 days ago)
Me recuerda a plastilina smosh con el spanglish
Dons Kins (6 days ago)
Dreaming of you when I'm alone Baby don't trip, I'm coming home Kick it with me, I don't care if the sun is gone Baby don't cry when I am gone Promise you are everything I want This is for you, baby, listen, it's your song Oye cariño, solo pienso en ti When I wake up in the morning until I go back to sleep How I wish you were mine, I think of you all the time I always feel like I'm flying, baby, you make me feel fine Lost in the words that you say to me Y pasando tiempo juntos is the ultimate dream I'm on the top of the world, baby girl can't you see I found my perfect girl, I want to make you my queen Time and time again I can be feeling real sad 'Cos mi sueño no se ha hecho una realidad Pero el tiempo dirá, el tiempo dirá If we go spend our life together en lo que el mundo gira I promise I don't want nobody else to be around me but you And nobody's touch and nobody's lips can make me feel like yours do Our hands in a lock, nuestros labios se conocen Nuestra noche es corta pero hermosa, we'll be okay Dreaming of you when I'm alone Baby don't trip, I'm coming home Kick it with me, I don't care if the sun is gone Baby don't cry when I am gone Promise you are everything I want This is for you, baby, listen, it's your song Sin ti mis días son largos y se sienten tan amargos Me ahogo en un lago de mis lágrimas que hago Can't look forward to my future if it ain't including you Promise that I'm gonna love you, it's about that time you do I swear I don't see nothing but I want to lay here with you And I hope you know I miss you From my head, I can't dismiss you Eres lo que yo anhelaba en esta vida, que me falta Lo que siento is surreal, I can't lie to you for real Sabes bien que te quiero And if you're down to spend your summer with me, just let me know You know you're my sueño You came to my life and now I feel alright Dreaming of you when I'm alone Baby don't trip, I'm coming home Kick it with me, I don't care if the sun is gone Baby don't cry when I am gone Promise you are everything I want This is for you, baby, listen, it's your song Dreaming of you when I'm alone Baby don't trip I'm coming home Kick it with me, I don't care if the sun is gone Baby don't cry when I am gone Promise you are everything I want This is for you, baby, listen, it's your song
King gamer 1738 (6 days ago)
. . ____
Bianca Chavez (6 days ago)
Heard this song once and I was hooked I have it on replay the vibe is so perfect I'm in love
gera mx (6 days ago)
que cancion🔥💖😍
rifky vimeisa (6 days ago)
so awasome
Mark The Scout (6 days ago)
Guys pray for Omar/Cuco now he was just a road accident in October 8 he's recovering and I hope everything goes well for him
xXlackrockaXx yo (1 day ago)
Damn I hope he's ok
Fucked up
xXlackrockaXx yo (3 days ago)
Oh shit really?!
R u serious? I just found this legend he can't be dying on us
Israel Gutierrez (6 days ago)
el Español Dominara el Mundo!!!!!
Eduardo Carmona (6 days ago)
Huaiwj jjsnua 😍
Ivan Santiago (7 days ago)
Con las canciones de cuco, siempre me hundo en la depresión
Rafael Arco (7 days ago)
Que canción tan chida
fortnitegod (7 days ago)
Do yall know how to get the trumpet notes
Zechariah Smith (7 days ago)
Nice tbh shii fire
itsthathawaiian (7 days ago)
yo this shit trash 😂
BIG SCREW (8 days ago)
fucking ghostemane venom video lol
Rick Harrison (8 days ago)
La neta se la rifo el ñoño con esta rola :v
nomad crv (8 days ago)
Esta chida la rola. Such a nice song. I'm glad I am bilingual.
music by people (8 days ago)
Vanessa Bernal (8 days ago)
es hermoso es hermoso y por ultimo... es HERMOSOOOOOOOOOOOO¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Librada Pinsles (9 days ago)
Ojalá la persona que me recomendó escuchar está magnífica canción supiera lo que siento por el...Esto describe exactamente lo que siento cuando hablo con el y cada vez que la escucho solo logró imaginarlo ta que es una de sus canciones favoritas.
Christopher Solís (9 days ago)
do not listen if you are not paceint
This is my shiii
MatxGamer 22 (9 days ago)
Pnche rola donde esta misa? :v
YA TU SABE :v (9 days ago)
Ala verga me acustumbre a la version de los simsomps :v
Jaime Razo (9 days ago)
Altaïr (9 days ago)
This song is fkn perfect i can't stop listening it
Hunter Mandujano (9 days ago)
Does anyone know what mic he use ? :(
Wendy Estrada (9 days ago)
This song is ass what kinda name cuco
Nekuik T-T (9 days ago)
No entendi por los cambios de lenguaje pero me gusto si bigote ahre
Lucero Barrios (9 days ago)
viva la chicano/a cultura!
Nila Lares (9 days ago)
IM IN LOVE WITH YOU 😍 cásate conmigo
illeana ray (9 days ago)
BL kitty (10 days ago)
Damn why is he so underrated. I guess he’s our little secret ;)
Jose Reyna (10 days ago)
It's a little ghetto old school Latino sounding.
Julia Ibarra (10 days ago)
Nobody's touch and nobody kiss can make me feel like yours do😩
xDani _ (10 days ago)
Vrga...me paresco al CUCO cuando canto...mi voz es casi igual :)
Niko Bellic (10 days ago)
⠀. . ⠀⌒
Duvan Herrera (10 days ago)
Que hombre. :vv
Josh Dude (10 days ago)
Missing my girl Ivette
alvaro gonzalez (11 days ago)
i dunt car if the son is gon
One Truth (11 days ago)
Fuckin Beautiful.
Rifi Tyas (11 days ago)
Boi (11 days ago)
Anthony Rafael (11 days ago)
Listening to this was the best thing that happened in my day and I was just going through some anxiety.
Jesus Rodriguez (11 days ago)
This song is getting me trough this girl leaving me and telling me the kisses and hugs meant nothing to her😭😭😭
Jesus Rodriguez (10 days ago)
+Cover 3 Sky yeah and then they say that guys are heartless.
Cover 3 Sky (10 days ago)
Jesus Rodriguez that’s tuff man. i miss my ex gf of a year who tells me the same now
ruben Lopez (11 days ago)
I hears ths before he got big
Christopher Rodriguez (11 days ago)
love u bro
Alan no love (11 days ago)
What's his instgram
ali cobian (11 days ago)
Thainá Estrela (11 days ago)
Brasil ♥️
Gabrielle James (12 days ago)
its me (12 days ago)
luhhhhhhh it
Fernanda Navarro (12 days ago)
me gusto el y la cancion ❤🌈😻
Rizky Meiz (12 days ago)
sing with me bb
Like sipiensas que es legendario
You kinda almost look like my crush so when I listen to this song I Feel like he is singing it to me although I know he will never like me.

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