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RARE! Space shuttle Columbia Explosion footage

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On February 1st, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated during its re-entry into the atmosphere. The seven astronauts were killed. 82 seconds after the launch of shuttle (STS-107), a sizable piece of foam struck the leading edge of Columbia's left wing, at a speed between 650 and 950 km/h, making a hole in the protective tiles made of reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC), close to the landing gear area. During the re-entry into the atmosphere, plasma at 1500 °C penetrated through this hole in the left wing protective shield, and progressively destroyed the inner part of the wing. The crew lost the control of the shuttle. A few second later, the vehicle disintegrated
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James Darr (3 days ago)
I'll bet that big puff at :18 was the cabin depressurizing and breaking up... :(
MeekToaster 2001 (6 days ago)
now im officially scared to ride a space ship now
Nuke gamez (7 days ago)
Never seen at this angle before cool
Joe Latam (9 days ago)
I remember seeing this as a kid :(
Jonesey Default (9 days ago)
Boy- thats sad Girl- thats sad Idiots who have no respect- oof/f
TheShermanTanker (5 days ago)
Flat earthers: Lol it's all fake no one died fuck those actors
Kir Ovchinnikov (16 days ago)
So sad....rest in peace...
YZFR1mart (17 days ago)
Filmed with an iPhone x ?
Lance Hurley (18 days ago)
Once the wing fell off,they didn’t know what hit em
Chandan Sh (19 days ago)
Columbia wait Was this sponsored by a drug lord
Kaiser Lucas (23 days ago)
Oh the humanity
Jay douglas (26 days ago)
It didn’t explode it broke apart
Kemal Mustafa (1 month ago)
God didnt make people to go into space,same as going into the deep sea, We are not supposed to go there
Sandra Anderson (1 month ago)
Kalpana chawla
Liam Ross (1 month ago)
It wasn't an explosion or anything close to it. It was a complete disinigration from ultra-hot gases entering the wings previously damaged and ruptured wing as the shuttle entered our atmosphere. Once the hot gasses entered the exposed air frame, the entire side and lower section of the Columbia began literally coming apart at over 17000km's/hr. Like a massive gust of ultra hot wind sheer on the side of a steel shed, it came apart. No explosion.
Bb Bb (1 month ago)
Hoax! And mostly all comments defending this shit are paid shills
jrockett73 (1 month ago)
Real as hell for thirty years. You could have watched them launch or land yourself with your own eyes . I wish I was getting paid, then I wouldn't have to work.
Marc Sonnenberg (1 month ago)
Houston, we've had a few problems. Apollo I, Challenger, Columbia.
juschu67 (1 month ago)
Das kommt davon wenn die Organisation einen an der Kachel hat
Cynthia Hills (1 month ago)
My daughter and I saw this as it melted over us in Texas. We both knew immediately what was happening and just cried and hugged each other. Hope it was instantaneous. They were some of the best of us.
Carlos Martinez (1 month ago)
It was like a meteor ! 😨
Mark of Excellence (1 month ago)
It didn’t explode.
Freedom Storm (1 month ago)
This is NOT an explosion, grubers.
Victoria Castro (1 month ago)
16 years ago today.
zippyzee (1 month ago)
This isn't "RARE" at all...
STS114RTF2005 (1 month ago)
This happened exactly 16 years ago today.
Moe Szyslack (1 month ago)
Exactly 16 years now... rip
La Sal (1 month ago)
Hope they did not suffer too long. Rest In Peace space heroes.
jeeperscriminy (1 month ago)
Columbia Houston UHF Comm check...
Terry Bardy (1 month ago)
OMG! It's too tragic!
Adaya Norrell (2 months ago)
I'm in 5th grade and when I ask someone if they know what a space shuttle is, they go: "Huh, whats that?" It makes me kind of mad to learn everyone's forgetting about this.....
Mohiuddin Alamgir (2 months ago)
Why the Pentagon, the mightiest organisation on the earth , which is capable of destroying the whole planet many times, was not involved in the rescue mission for those seven astronauts from troubled space shuttle Columbia with its immense resources?Definitely the pentagon was not a white elephant.It should have attempted a rescue mission.
Hoang Quan Nguyen (2 months ago)
John Marston (2 months ago)
Everyone talks about the Challenger’s critical failure post-takeoff yet this killed just as many astronauts, I didn’t even know this ever happened (I was in kindergarten in 2003) until like a month ago. Shows that what gets attention is what the media chooses to give attention to.
Corey Edwards (1 month ago)
You must have been living on another planet to not know this happened until now.
Kyle Martinez (2 months ago)
It never “exploded” it just disintegrated
At least the soviet didn't make an anti US propaganda out of this.
Suppergillow (2 months ago)
This shit is hoax
Matinalii (1 month ago)
Adaya Norrell (2 months ago)
This is the kind of crap that makes me mad! You have proof right here that this really happened!
Frederick Jacob (2 months ago)
that fried them up quick and crispy....man wasn't meant for space travel...
Elliot Doesgaming (3 months ago)
Why did America use Fahrenheit: because they wanted to be different... sound familiar?! 🤣😭😂
Marco T (3 months ago)
Columbia did NOT explode. It broke up.
Major Geek (3 months ago)
It makes me so angry that there are people that have given their lives to this day and age : Apollo 1, Soyuz 11 , Challenger and yet there are people that still believe that the earth is flat and all space travel is a hoax
Major Geek (3 months ago)
Many more people have died making these events happen but to no avail, as the mission would end up in tragedy
Hamoud Bayacoub (3 months ago)
Fake..everyparts broke on to debris but the helmet still okay..lol
jrockett73 (3 months ago)
A lot of equipment made it back undamaged.
Sad end to a historic space craft, and its 7 crew members
Batty Rash (3 months ago)
So sad
Crystal Andis (3 months ago)
Happy John (3 months ago)
Why so many dislikes?... 3:22 PM 12/10/2018
Hoang Quan Nguyen (2 months ago)
Happy John People who think space is a hoax and earth is flat.
Jacob Fields (3 months ago)
I remember being in 5th grade watching this on TV in the classroom. We couldn’t totally fathom it then, but it definitely stayed in our minds as it will forever. I remember watching it clear as day too. Like it was yesterday. Im 26 now.
sexobscura (3 months ago)
It was a very blatant Alien invasion, people
Sovietic0 (3 months ago)
ahora lo acusaran a bin laden?
Julia Smith (3 months ago)
Thank you. ❤️
ROOKTABULA (4 months ago)
Maintenance fuckups + human error = 2 destroyed shuttles
Matthew Boi (4 months ago)
So sad, those guys who started this intire ISS build.
This only happened 11 days before I was born... I came into this world on the 12th.
Angelo Pal (4 months ago)
That was a beautiful scene,I love the outcome,it never fails, hahahahahaha
Shaw358 (4 months ago)
assuming you're from Israel, just looking at your name, a pilot serving for the Israeli air force died that day
Cornelius Crewe (4 months ago)
That is still so heartbreaking. I can only hope they never knew what happened to them.
Marc Lévesque (4 months ago)
Did we found the bodies ?
Shaboi_Mike (4 months ago)
Only parts. The astronauts knew there was something wrong and probably as soon as they knew the vehicle tumbled and decompressed which would have incapacitated the crew for the violent tumbling and friction of reentry.
jrockett73 (4 months ago)
Thomas Liénart (5 months ago)
You can download the investigation report instead of taking wild guess about what happened : https://www.nasa.gov/columbia/home/CAIB_Vol1.html
jbdoggy (5 months ago)
Sad! As a kid i always remembered Columbia as the 1st space shuttle & got me so fascinated & obsessed about space shuttles....planes that could go into space as i viewed it at that time. Even wanted to build airfix models of the craft. There other disaster Challenger was sad too but didnt shake me up as much as Columbia. I suppose its similar effect with 1st love...You always tend to remember & be impacted by the 1st 1 the most! Good bye Columbia & RIP crew!
Emily Marcucci (5 months ago)
poor people
Farah Ahmed (5 months ago)
i remember my brother was born in feb 1st 2003
Ryan McAlister (5 months ago)
Thats should never of happened this is why NASA is fucked the management did nothing when they were told about what the engineers discovered as reported what they saw watching the tape
NA NU (5 months ago)
Super 👍 es gibt doch Gerechtigkeit 😂👍
Jengis Khan (5 months ago)
They finally rest in pieces
JTC Conquer (5 months ago)
RIP true heroes.
CrashBurnman95 (5 months ago)
Can't believe the inside cabin video tape survived
Marc Sonnenberg (1 month ago)
Glen Rad (5 months ago)
Maybe a consiracy wrapped in a riddle
Sherol Stewart (6 months ago)
GOD speed.
jamica and hugh chen (6 months ago)
Blametheidiot Clintons (6 months ago)
It did not come apart upon re-entry !
Blametheidiot Clintons (6 months ago)
It already had holes in it from the fallen angels who shot it out of space for trying to get a picture of those big Holes on either end of our earth.
Shaw358 (4 months ago)
Ste jakes (6 months ago)
God rest there souls
Kookie (6 months ago)
Please excuse my ignorance, but did they ever find any astronauts remains from the wreckage? I did hear that their deaths would not be instant once the shuttle started to disintegrate. What a terrible way to die 🙁
jrockett73 (6 months ago)
Found parts of all of them.
CG Entertainment (6 months ago)
Rumors of several astronauts ready to expose the truth about aliens even pictures . So government had to kill them all.
Velocity Amersey (6 months ago)
The day I was born that’s insane
Vladоаиип Tito 6 (6 months ago)
Congratulations, Murica xd
John Carrillo (7 months ago)
Sad and they were building the station for man to progress into space
jrockett73 (6 months ago)
Nope. This was not a mission to the ISS. It was a Spacelab mission. A laboratory .
Furry Destroyer (7 months ago)
How rare does it have to be if 4 million people watched this one video, not including all the others?
ltzn (5 months ago)
Strawberry Flavored Clorox Bleach he probably meant as rare, like rare footage like no one has seen it before so it's rare
SübZer00 (7 months ago)
This makes me so sad... as someone who wants to go to space I understand why they take the risk but I can't understand people who disrespect astronauts so much
Kurohige D. Teach (7 months ago)
I remember this in 5th...sad this is never talked about any more
Luke Bishop (7 months ago)
i just hate when people die doing what they loved
HRTBRK 1 (7 months ago)
Having realised Anything can happen in an instant without you ever knowing. I never want to go outside again. Ill live under my blanket forever.
HRTBRK 1 (7 months ago)
almostfm fuk.
almostfm (7 months ago)
Which, I should point out, would greatly increase your chances of being accidentally smothered by your blanket. Nitey-nite.
TampaOutlaw (7 months ago)
0:18 you know everybody dead now.
Jay's Vlogs (7 months ago)
I was born a few hours after this happened...
Hornet Gaming (7 months ago)
so sad.. i can only imagine the terror the crew felt
TheRubberStudiosASMR (8 months ago)
I manage to capture all of these crazy events live. I remember watching this at 3am. same with 9/11 and the boxing day tsunami. I'm not much of a sports fan so this is my bread and butter
Ady Baez (8 months ago)
Another USA mystery
Eliran Cohen (8 months ago)
Coming home ... :(
Cris Pereira (8 months ago)
Makes me sad every time I see this
Y0UNG P0PE (8 months ago)
Panhead Bob (8 months ago)
A rare video because it's not worth watching.
Nick Stefanyshin (8 months ago)
If we have unmanned spacecraft exploring mars, Jupiter and other vast areas of space, why can't we just land one of them on the moon and send back DEFINITIVE pictures of our supposed visits there? Seems simple enough to me.
Shaw358 (4 months ago)
+John Yossarian Don't bother, he'll never understand
Nick Stefanyshin (8 months ago)
John Yossarian I think you have spectacularly missed the point John. We need to focus on the planet we already inhabit before we start dreaming of turning barren rocks into habitable space. You know, the planet that is already setup to support life. Spending billions so a select handful of people can play fantasy while multitudes of your own kind suffer needlessly is the height of arrogance and indifference. NASA is just another political entity that lies to the world to distract from their true motives. All I am asking for is proof that it works and that it works for all of us.
John Yossarian (8 months ago)
"we have all the water we need. If the other elements are SO crucial, why haven't we been back to get them.?" Again, you have spectacularly missed the point of my post which was partially in response to your claim that the moon was "barren". Water on the moon will support future colonisation whether it's converted for drinking water via electrolysis, hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel or into air for future exploration. Geological surveying has revealed the wealth of rare metals which I assure you will be exploited within your lifetime. As I explained, these will be a valuable resource in respect of future technologies and likely to be mined via private enterprise. Helium 3 was confirmed by sample 75501, from Apollo 17 and perhaps provides the best reason to return to the moon in the 21st century. That realisation would come many years later when the University of Wisconsin discovered that lunar soil contained significant quantities of the lightweight isotope. The unique atomic structure of helium-3 promised to make it possible to use it as fuel for nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun, to generate vast amounts of electrical power without creating the troublesome radioactive byproducts produced in conventional nuclear reactors. Extracting helium-3 from the moon and returning it to Earth would, of course, be fraught with technical challenges, but the potential rewards would be staggering for those who embarked upon this venture. Helium-3 could help free the United States - and the world - from dependence on fossil fuels. "And you act like a couple of hundred billion dollars, (most likely trillions), is NO big deal." No - I simply challenged your incorrect statement that a generation was still paying for Apollo. "He'll, it costs more than that to feed and house the homeless, right?" Aside from the benefits of extracting these resources on the moon the survival of our species depends upon the colonisation of space. The budget allocated to this priority is criminally negligible.
Nick Stefanyshin (8 months ago)
John Yossarian we have all the water we need. If the other elements are SO crucial, why haven't we been back to get them.? And you act like a couple of hundred billion dollars, (most likely trillions), is NO big deal. He'll, it costs more than that to feed and house the homeless, right?
John Yossarian (8 months ago)
"Wow, tjhats a lot of long words John. Whatever do they mean?" You could always look them up I suppose. "what does your diatribe have to do w8th my proposition of simply proving thay we can go 240 000 miles into space" Prove to who precisely? Why would "they" need to do that? "I might add, a generation the is still paying the bill for the previous generations hubris and arrogance" The Apollo Program cost roughly $25.4 billion, unadjusted. That makes the total Apollo Program cost $178 billion inflation adjusted to 2018. That’s our total cost to go to the moon. Consider, however, that this was for a project spanning from 1959 to beyond 1970 with six successful missions. Eventually, Apollo 11 landed humans on the moon. Consider that some 409,000 labourers were employed by the lunar program either directly by NASA, through outside university research, or contracted workers. How does that compare to the U.S. budget in those years? NASA’s official budget appropriations for the entire organization from 1960 to 1973, including work after the final Apollo mission, was $56.6 billion. Of this, the Apollo Program cost 34%: $19.4 billion. Adjusted for inflation to 2018, NASA’s entire budget for this period was about $463 billion. Some of the work for Apollo began in 1959. The last Apollo mission flew in 1972. NASA provides data for 1960-1973 to represent Apollo as these were the years which had Budget Appropriations specific to Apollo. The US annual federal outlays (the amount of money the country spends per year, which is typically more than our budget) from 1959 to 1972 totaled $1.9 trillion US dollars. Converting these outlays from each of their years to an inflation adjusted 2008 total brings the outlays to $17.9 trillion. NASA represented roughly 2.2% of the total US federal outlays from 1959 to 1972. The Apollo project in the same timeframe accounted for about 50% of NASA’s budget or just 1.1% of US total federal outlays during this timeframe. The total interest paid on US federal budget debt was $140.3 billion during this timeframe ($870.56 billion 2008 US dollars). This means that interest paid on debt accounted for 655% more outlays than the cost of the Apollo program in the same period. For reference, the US paid $252.8 billion in 2008 in interest on the national debt – nearly twice the total cost of the entire Apollo program. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 has authorized the Treasury Secretary to spend up to $700 billion taxpayer dollars. There’s hope taxpayers will come out of this bailout program without too deep of a loss. A portion of the expenditures should result in profits to offset the expected losses. The true cost of the recent Federal bailouts of the financial sector are unknown. If the program suffers a complete loss, it would represent 526% the cost of the Apollo program. after they got into a pissing contest about who could get to a barren rock first." Not quite. The moon contains three crucial elements. Water, Helium 3 and lanthanides - rare earth metals. Actually there are 15 of these including Scandium and Yttrium, widely used in modern electronics. Such REMS are vital to emerging technologies. The moon holds hundreds of billions of dollars of untapped resource which far from "a pissing contest" - (on the contrary, the scientific legacy of Apollo was huge) - private enterprise will very soon exploit - probably within the next few decades.
Enrique Casiano (8 months ago)
Why is rare to see explosion
Shaw358 (4 months ago)
It wasn't an explosion
daro2096 (9 months ago)
I suppose it is rare in the sense that only one camera recorded it, this one. But then you could say that about all the other footage taken by several other people who were out day and decided to film it.
Primo dE Rivera (9 months ago)
Poor people
George Pro (9 months ago)
LOL. Idiots.
Assozial Network (9 months ago)
It´s the very first clip CNN was playing over and over again during their coverage of the landing digitally zoomed in causing a rubbish quality. It´s as rare as sand within Sahara desert.
Pauly B (9 months ago)
Here’s a clue. Whenever you see a portion of the headline in ALL CAPS, it’s usually bullshit.
Ryan wyrick (9 months ago)
Everyone remembers the one launch that went bad... wheeled that TV right into every classroom in America and probably most of the world... isn't it kind of funny though that before that day and after that day no one remembers that damn thing no one even cares kind of funny how the one that went bad just happened to be the one that they forced everyone to watch. Piles and piles of logic people piles of logic that say this was a complete Hollywood hoax. But hey how about the devil horns and coiled up snake that they drew with the disaster debris?
Smee Self (4 months ago)
Tinfoil is on sale at the moment.
M. S. L. (9 months ago)
Daniel Treadwell (3 months ago)
What were the aerodynamics stressed about?
Paul Grimm (9 months ago)
I saw this looking north from Houston

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