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WireTamer (11 months ago)
Dude! To build a network of tunnels THAT big, would require tens of millions of work hours. There simply was not enough people in Europe at that time to build such tunnels AND feed themselves.
Probably BS.
hellavadeal (1 year ago)
Mining has been around a very long time.
IVAN HORVAT (1 year ago)
Beahtiful, excellent information. and than you use this ??? moronic ???!!! computer generated voice ?!.!!??!!!!???
R797 (1 year ago)
You know what else is mysterious? A fart.
Keiser Sose' (1 year ago)
that's how humans survived the ice age. Earth is still on a warming trend so looks like a hot/cold swing every 12-15k years. obviously our Earth has a slow wobble possibly caused by the moons constant gravitational pull & its occupants have to adjust.
HalfAnon (1 year ago)
the age tells me the same as the undergound city in Turkey....something happened when people got down below surface...we know the last iceage was 10000 years ago... if that still correct.

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