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Living in the tunnels of New York City

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Carlos Living in the tunnels of New York City. Footage from now defunct tv station Current tv.
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ndoro bei (54 minutes ago)
A shithole literally. 😂😂
Trev Mac (5 hours ago)
sad thing is it's only about 20% worse than the place i live in and that's no attempt at humor
Brand X (11 hours ago)
All of you weeping hearts on here talking about this poor fellow...find out where he is...and SEND HIM YOUR MONEY...everyone is talk talk talk till it comes time to ante up,then everyone is short of cash...stfu with the poor this and poor that..don't like it..be charitable...like churches and lots and lots of other people are..plenty of places this guy could go if he wanted to...he chosses not to.He's knowingly leeching off society either because he's mentally compromised...which judging by his opening monologue would seem to be the case...or he is just knowingly not contributing..when those people begin to out populate the people that provide...bad times happen.
Chris Longski (11 hours ago)
Yeah -- Gore's TV station is defunct !
veg An archist (1 day ago)
Comment threads lol
Shannon Palma (1 day ago)
This is cool af!!! Sticking to the man in NYC!!!! Pretty smart...an apartment this size would cost over a $1000 per month in NYC!!!! He even gets free electricity.... 😺😺😺
Yasha Mashiach (1 day ago)
lol bro is legit living the life
Victor Franco (1 day ago)
Sounds about right in NYC!!!
thomas (1 day ago)
Got to do what you got to do. He smart other sleep on the sidewalk.
Patrick Collins (1 day ago)
Hmmmm great...a religious nut
el che (2 days ago)
usa sucks
Julia grossmueller (2 days ago)
Ice Adonis (2 days ago)
Capitalism is evil. A human living like a rat in a hole, terrible!
updown4455 (2 days ago)
What about having his family of 7 over for a Christmas dinner? A bit tough I guess.
May 2021
Christopher Brannon (3 days ago)
These spots must be extremely rare, I was on the streets in new york for over a year and we always joked about the mole people being a myth. That or this is fake and staged basically.
Loretta Tay!or (4 days ago)
hope nobody finds him.
Loretta Tay!or (4 days ago)
any update, 2019?
Tae Harding (4 days ago)
Get a job u bum
Dinokkendov (5 days ago)
Any updates on Carlos?
King joseph (6 days ago)
Yeah we should always listen to a guy named Carlos coming out of the hole in the ground???? 0 hey but he's the first one I ever saw that painted the inside of a manhole?????;. But this is just the people who is going to survive God bless our world..... Lol
stevieeskay (6 days ago)
What do you call a man with a shovel? Doug.
Marc Nel (6 days ago)
Yet another random recommendation
REDA R (6 days ago)
people joking on him and shame him ! you unhuman pieces of shit, try to live just 3 days like him, you won't survive ! that dude is a fighter you should respect him and respect people like him. not everyone has a perfect life nor was born with a golden spoon in his mouth
OneManArmy (6 days ago)
People say he lives happier than most population down there. And why wouldn't he be? He pays no rent, free electricity, heater...etc; most of I guess for him, no need to deal with nasty asshole neighbors!
Bill Gregory (7 days ago)
What if the city puts a heavy piece of equipment or structure over that hole? And where does he use the restroom?
bethoneybee (7 days ago)
I don't know if I'm sad or jealous...
Sharon Davidson (7 days ago)
I would get claustrophobia living down there but if he can deal with it good for him.It beats being on the street with no protection.
NYRfan4Life (7 days ago)
You gotta survive. At least one way or another.
Alvin Motos (7 days ago)
He was taken in by four turtles and a rat with a cane
Quality Control (7 days ago)
A religious idiot who trespasses and steals electricity, Doesn't that contradict his stupid religion?
Chris (8 days ago)
The mole people?
Erika Miller (8 days ago)
Like the book Mole People
D.J. Stylez410 (8 days ago)
Where there's a will there's a way. And he found a way. Bless him for doing so.
Maygon Bassett (8 days ago)
Does he have a job? how long has he lived there like that?
XMattingly (8 days ago)
Middle-aged Mutant Cuban Turtles, Middle-aged Mutant Cuban Turtles! Fried rice on a hot plate... propane power!
Pete B (8 days ago)
do you think that Carlos knows that 5.6 million people know where he lives
kreemkrackered (9 days ago)
How the hell did he get a fridge down there??!!
Sonny Haskins (9 days ago)
Wheres the shower & bathroom?
MrChet407 (9 days ago)
I think he is delusional
Media Guy (9 days ago)
They probably threw him out of there by now. Its 2019.
Bat Maayan (9 days ago)
coolest most bad ass dude on the planet
Snap Back (9 days ago)
So may 2021 the end
Singleton Paranormal (10 days ago)
*Dox him a little harder next time...*
acestation (10 days ago)
Dirty sewer rat
Chan Davy (11 days ago)
Survival skills
Manolo bonilla (11 days ago)
Long live Carlos
Brian notafan (11 days ago)
when it rains it doubles as a shower
Brian notafan (11 days ago)
must be a bitch getting a couch in his apt
Brian notafan (11 days ago)
go by and toss in a m-80 and watch his lid blow off how does he lock it up put a rock on the door/lid
Brian notafan (11 days ago)
i wonder if he has a bunch of friends over for a super bowl party and someone blowes a fart
Furyan Auror (11 days ago)
Hi. Im from 2019. Suck it.
Spacey Cave Co. (11 days ago)
If I lived alone, I’d totally do it!
bronxgirlblazin girl (12 days ago)
dabmotha (12 days ago)
No one in America should have to live like that
Pedros Henriquez (13 days ago)
What if it gets super cold???
booby boi (13 days ago)
That looks cozy as hell lmao
Kikkroxx777 SlyBoogz (13 days ago)
this is old, wonder what it looks like now
stephi475 (14 days ago)
Damn free loading illegals.
Aaron Soto (14 days ago)
Get a job you lazy ass son of a bitch omg. What happens when some truck driver accidently parks on this idiots den.
I have heart burn (14 days ago)
buddys fucked
Majid Ali (14 days ago)
That's Stephen King's Doppelganger
gamegod19 (15 days ago)
@Clay Old yes I know its not welding, it was sarcasm dufus.
Dadada Diggz (15 days ago)
Two more years
Garolfa (15 days ago)
where is the shitter ?
James Cox (15 days ago)
this is alternate universe tony montana
Random Person (15 days ago)
The air quality must be extremely poor in there
James Vegan (15 days ago)
Keeps water in tide detergent jug.
hannah waz here (15 days ago)
me trying to convince my mom i can afford new york living like
Rebecca Singleton (15 days ago)
at least he believes in JESUS CHRIST!
Iamnot Arussianbot (15 days ago)
Yup. Mentally ill as well as homeless.
Vishy (15 days ago)
Awesome he should put it on airbnb
sullysboy (16 days ago)
i dont think jesus is coming back thats all false in some bible i dont believen in some of these people might be doing drugs maybe!
Helen Boula (16 days ago)
This is what breaks my heart it is horrible to know and to witness someone having to live like this in America today there's no reason for it.
Flower Enki (16 days ago)
I'm sad but happy at the same time. Living on the streets is hard. I myself had my turn.
joop hillbottom (16 days ago)
1:00 - "Ok, Thanks".....walks away.
Zach Morris (17 days ago)
Rent free in NEW YORK CITY......... that's a blessing
Moises Zavala (17 days ago)
Master Splinter is a human rat!
Naughty Rascal (17 days ago)
Perfect example of how a Christian should be Humble and Meek
Iamnot Arussianbot (13 days ago)
+Naughty Rascal Hell yeah.
Naughty Rascal (13 days ago)
+Iamnot Arussianbot Safer than the Streets
Iamnot Arussianbot (15 days ago)
...and living underground.
sly bandicoop (18 days ago)
if I had a friend who recommended the kind of videos YouTube recommends to me they wouldn’t be my friend
johnmonk66 (18 days ago)
to bad all those Jesus people didn't move down underground
Sam k (18 days ago)
2019 ? Update plz...😝
Rob Murdock (18 days ago)
1:00 he foresees trumps send term
Pigglesworth (18 days ago)
your first minecraft base
Stephan Reichelt (19 days ago)
where's Splinter?:)
8-Brit Generation (19 days ago)
Wonder how cold it is down there right now
xisobelx373 (19 days ago)
They're all over ..coast to coast .. I lived in them out west for awhile
Francisco Medina (19 days ago)
Anthony Coleman (19 days ago)
Where does he park his car?
Smitty Knickerbocker (19 days ago)
Anthony Coleman only the rich in Manhattan own cars
Chief of Staffy (19 days ago)
"How do you get electricity?" "You take it from all the way in the back." Ohhhkay.... I was hoping for something more specific...
Fen Riders (18 days ago)
Well he will be hooking up to some sort of electrical breaker that's used for the rail yard or whatever, he explains that on tv the rail company comes and clears him out for theft I'd imagine.
Stony Burk (19 days ago)
He's down there chillin
Trevor Donohoe (19 days ago)
WHERE does he shit n piss...mmmm?
Mr. Mortakai (20 days ago)
Opens gremlin cave door sees human race “ JESUS IS COMING 2021 yes yes Jesus is coming”
Matthew Lawton (20 days ago)
Reading all of these religious wackos meowing about how "smart" and "lucky" and "blessed" this poor delusional, homeless man is just makes me beg for nuclear winter. Western society is in desperate need of a world war or a plague.
Brian Carey (20 days ago)
Hardly any rats
Stanley Nolly (20 days ago)
WHY Don'tWhite Motherfuckers mind their STUPID ASS Business
car guy (20 days ago)
2021. We gettin close
Likedbymany (19 days ago)
I was looking for this. 😂😂
car guy (20 days ago)
U could move to a city with less people too
Julie Mitchell (20 days ago)
Wow. Good on them for looking out for themselves the best they can.
Diesel 8290 (20 days ago)
I bet the smell in his little hole is intense
Diesel 8290 (20 days ago)
I bet the smell in his little hole is intense

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