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The Cheeky Girls - The Cheeky Song

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Music video for "The Cheeky Song" by The Cheeky Girls. :)
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Bryn Morris (12 days ago)
Pretty sure this song made me gay.
Ashley The Bear (19 days ago)
..this reminds me of the episode of “snog marry or avoid” Is the .. bad
Teph (19 days ago)
bobby kotick brought me here, beat me up, and stole my wallet
DiEx80 (1 month ago)
Jim Sterling brought me here and ditched me.
I bet if the male dancers gets asked what their deepest darkest secret, they would rather lie and say they did gay porn than admit they where in this vid
Kevin Thong (1 month ago)
Daniel Bramasco (1 month ago)
Que es esta madre 😕😕😕😕 ni nalga tienen pinches viejas
Seth Roesener (1 month ago)
Monica Gabor met her sister
Global App Factory (2 months ago)
yea we are cheeky boys. its good memory :D
iangale63 (2 months ago)
They are appearing in reading tonight and can you believe they still get £5000 for their set
Adam Manalo (3 months ago)
Why am I here again?
MrVidification (3 months ago)
Oh dear, I thought this was erased from memory forever. A Trump favourite, according to his biography. The full name of the song is 'Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)'
Nick Haberkorn (3 months ago)
Takes me back to when life was allot easier 😆😆
Paul Yarrow (4 months ago)
Bring back Abba anyday
Betül Ulusan (4 months ago)
Step kursu muzik listesi... vol bilmemkac
Kira Byrd (4 months ago)
their teeth and their laugh
Faith Phillips (5 months ago)
The days before X Factor...they would never had made it ...
Kermit The Frog (5 months ago)
We should make a song about this but have it full of shrek and Garfield
the Analyst (5 months ago)
Blyatiful... Ah nu Cheeki Breeki
KpopGeekGirl (5 months ago)
If this song didn’t come on during your school disco then are you even British?!
Jani John (6 months ago)
What am i doing here?haha lss
Kevin Mojica (7 months ago)
I could imagine Tommy Wiseau jamming to this
marharlika espanya (7 months ago)
Sweet Peach Msp (8 months ago)
OMG I actually used to like the cheeky girls man
Wolfeh Playz x (8 months ago)
I fuck fucking hate this so cringe ewww help D: save me please I beg u this is torture
Zen derella (8 months ago)
when i was grade 5 i want to dance with these my classm8 girls but they not consider me to be joined in their group cause im a boy
boris kovac (8 months ago)
Heeyyy that wasnt so bad right guys?!???.......... Anyone...........?
Abo00Raya (9 months ago)
I thought about this so many times, searched it, iam shocked of how bad is this and to think back then i liked it makes me question my choices in life, what the fuck is wrong with me?
Bastard Child (9 months ago)
Rebeca M (9 months ago)
You know that they are from Romania?
JOSHYYY.Y0 (9 months ago)
Nassim Wrx (9 months ago)
2018 ???
Jho Santos (9 months ago)
My childhood 😍😍😍
Bay Sean (10 months ago)
I am a nipple boy
Megkalap Nemadom (10 months ago)
Megkalap Nemadom (10 months ago)
Dorna Watts (10 months ago)
Makes me go back years from when I used to dance to this at school discos and pub lol x
asap chorizo (10 months ago)
carlo shing (11 months ago)
OMG. Elementary days. I remember the times whe. my teachers are performing this song. This song has a choreography. Hahaha awkward to listen but good anyway
marky lumayag (11 months ago)
Touch my bomb
Elizabeth Trudgill (11 months ago)
Does this count as the weird part of YouTube
Suzana Baranka (11 months ago)
cati ani aveți 😂😃
Suzana Baranka (11 months ago)
ioi ce gemene bune 😇😇😇
Caitlinmorrisxx (11 months ago)
Urgh this song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the week , I’m gonna be sitting there and my head will go “oh yeah cheeky cheeky”
Suzana Baranka (11 months ago)
Suzana Baranka (11 months ago)
sunteți tari îmi place melodia
Beebo Baby._. (11 months ago)
0:10 noooo that lipstick will snap turn it down plzzzzzzzz😭
Ayesha Anwar (11 months ago)
My cheeks
Quamrul Siraz (11 months ago)
Does cheeky mean gay? Then it makes perfect sense
Anzu (11 months ago)
this is a classic but so cool
Ghastly Dragon 10 (1 year ago)
Did they say touch my muff
LoneBerseker (1 year ago)
Back then it was a great cheeky song...now I feel like a perv watching this lol!
Danny Kenichi (1 year ago)
Tommy Cawley (1 year ago)
Josh France (1 year ago)
Looking back i can't believe they used to play this on the radio. It's so crap.
vincent marandola (1 year ago)
Samantha Riley (1 year ago)
tune 😆
Animesh Sahoo (1 year ago)
Miniminter a shout to u!!! 😂😂😂
Gautzz Kataria (1 year ago)
Whos here from mm7 games
Chaitanya Kothari (1 year ago)
Anyone here from Miniminter/Mm7games? 😂
Username (5 months ago)
MarkSy (1 year ago)
Miniminter anyone?
pranav vithlani (1 year ago)
Anyone here from miniminter’s video?
Eilidh Gowran (1 year ago)
Great song
Orlando Burgess (1 year ago)
They are Romanian and they can't even play the fiddle...
marc levine (1 year ago)
the magic of youtube.start the evening looking at a video and end it at the cheeky girls lol
Untainted SKS (1 year ago)
Twist and Pulse anyone
Destro Gaming (1 year ago)
My god, my childhood was so bad, it was good, even with the music videos, still better than Bieber anyday.
Necrosomnium (1 year ago)
Why the hell i remember this, how it dwelled in my mind after all this time.
The Autistic YouTuber (1 year ago)
Yet I sang cheeky holiday song at a talent show at my old school when I was a kid
Elemental (1 year ago)
They only want you to touch their bum so they can file a sexual assault law suit against you. They get a fuck ton of money and you get life in prison.
I E (1 year ago)
"we are the shitty girls, you are the shitty boys, come and join our shitty club!" Oops I mean cheeky, sorry!
Like if you´re here because of Jack Maynards video
Arian Notretu (1 year ago)
Romanian artist
Commander Doom (1 year ago)
Im here from daz games antone else
Shean Debart (1 year ago)
Shaen debart
__spencer__ (1 year ago)
I never realised how much talent they had...
jeremy enjaynes (1 year ago)
used to dance to this song when i was like 7 yrs old hahaha
Yin Yu (1 year ago)
This is meme material.
Geraint Davies (1 year ago)
im gay as fuck and i like to get with the cheeky boys
mark smith (1 year ago)
Ah the chico girls (see what I did there)
Lihi Israeli (1 year ago)
Jay Cartwright (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to them
Kuma Toni (1 year ago)
Singing this at work tomorrow.
Necrobadger (1 year ago)
"Touch my bum!" Ok, where the fuck is it?
Iriys Wolfe (1 year ago)
jesus christ NOOOOOOOO
AssociatedMug (1 year ago)
Who's here from Daz?
Narwally (1 year ago)
... I'm sure this was popular when it was made right?..... (lol this is so cringeworthy)
Bill Pasold (1 year ago)
People are too harsh on this song. It is obviously tongue-in-cheek...
Chloe S (1 year ago)
Why was this at discos
Singuard's Music (1 year ago)
Im not proud to be romanian
Cecilia Rose (1 year ago)
I come from a side of YouTube were you do not receive seizures. This side is called Daz Games Channel were I bring a message. These two are like the chicks from not my fault
yeetus (1 year ago)
I came here cuz daz mentioned it so i wanted to see why he hated it.... o geez this song is uh..
Jesse Blue (1 year ago)
Mmmmm i love "euro trash"
not-just an-npc (1 year ago)
I fucking hate this
Aimee Davies (1 year ago)
Who's here from Daz Games?
miles diloy (1 year ago)
how did this song end up in on youtube
Jxzzzmin X (1 year ago)
You are the worst singers you are the worst singers now plz plz plz stfu
Evan Peel (1 year ago)
Dazblack anyone
Chunga Chant (1 year ago)
Evan Peel meh lisa&lena
Amy Wilde (1 year ago)
Evan Peel me lol
Lea (1 year ago)
Zhatyma Anderson Here 🙋
Deema Abdulla (1 year ago)
Who's here from daz video 😂😂
Amy Wilde (1 year ago)
Deema Abdulla me
Jack the lad (1 year ago)
This is one of the parts of my childhood Id like to forget

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