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The Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture collection - CHANEL

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Full film of the Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture show presented at the Grand Palais on January 23rd, 2018. See more about the collection on chanel.com/-YT-HC_SS18 Soundtrack : - Matthew Herbert : « Titles » ( from A Fantastic Woman soundtrack) Courtesy of Milan Music / Bucks Music Group - Forest Swords : « Raw » Language (Instrumental) Courtesy of Ninja Tune / Just Isn’t Music - Konx-Om-Pax : « Cascada » Courtesy of Planet Mu / Campbell Connelly - Khalil : « Rest My Head Against A Wall Of Water » Courtesy Of Posh Isolation
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Text Comments (515)
Tsetsi (1 month ago)
This done-up stadium is amazing
*ミルクティー (1 month ago)
てんこところ (1 month ago)
Sofia de la Cruz Morales (2 months ago)
En Netflix se puede ver tras bambalinas
Tumur Anu (2 months ago)
K Humble (3 months ago)
Love the music! 🎶
BunkerKlunker (3 months ago)
yumiko kido (3 months ago)
I can't believe Karl Lagerfeld is gone now. We miss him and we will. R.I.P
john philip Yu (3 months ago)
Here because of the netflix show 7 Days Out.
Stephanie Stanley (3 months ago)
The name of the model who opened and closed is...
Yussry Sahid (3 months ago)
Stephanie Stanley luna bijl
Tania Ramon (3 months ago)
sucks there's not much brown models
mahtab kihanfar (4 months ago)
This is not only fashion show it is an ART ,. Wow
小狗Ling Ling (4 months ago)
Divine ✨💫🌟
Julie Wei (5 months ago)
I May not understand But i like very much . Beautiful .
Souvik Roy (6 months ago)
Filbert66 (6 months ago)
I wonder if Chanel and Karl are aware of the environment and pollution caused because of clothing manufacture. As for the collection it was boring. Only so much you can do with coats, jackets and skirts. Trying to force us to buy things we do not need
Klaymore Morgan (6 months ago)
Chanel impersonator should attend the show,
Julie H (8 months ago)
Gatoandres (8 months ago)
A fantastic woman
Syu Shrti (9 months ago)
The shoes are so pretty...😍
Hannah A (9 months ago)
its terrible .. lacks sophistication .. and the lengths of the boots is so annoying
이선 (9 months ago)
무대 의상 모델 모두 멋지다 .. 난 언제쯤 이나 샤넬백을 들어볼수 있을런지 ~~
Krista Antonini Martin (9 months ago)
Эта музыка известна ?кто знает,скажите создателя
Rudyspective 1 (4 months ago)
Music @ 6:01 ? Who is it?
bazu es (9 months ago)
i love iiiit!!!
diana m (9 months ago)
beautiful ,i hope someday be in there
Paris75 (9 months ago)
I spent 15 minutes in Heaven, surrounded by lightness, color, optimism, clouds and art. Thank you !
Márcia Silveira (9 months ago)
Painter XXI (9 months ago)
Как вечно Лагерфельд на высоте! Коллекция супер! Great collection!
Just Cade (10 months ago)
Spectacular as always. Haters don't understand/deserve fashion.
boogiz61 (10 months ago)
this was a disaster for Channel
suzi roro (10 months ago)
The soundtrack has me dreaming..
Jessica Ta. (10 months ago)
Beautiful all
Alejandra E. (10 months ago)
Who Is that kid???
꧁MนҝᎯ꧂ (10 months ago)
꧁MนҝᎯ꧂ (10 months ago)
exas4791 (10 months ago)
Pretty pastels and other colours. Silhouettes of the clothes are not too punishing for less than perfectly-shaped bodies. Therefore, wearable.
Anne N (10 months ago)
Monsieur Lagerfeld vous êtes au top, superbe collection, pleine de références délicieuses (pas Marie-Antoinette, je ne crois pas), j'ai envie de presque tout ; éclairages subtils sous les tonnelles comme le soleil au travers des frondaisons ! Des années Bicot portées avec tant de délicatesse par des Suzie dessinées aux pastels. Et toutes ces gentilles petites bottines que Monsieur pourrait ranger avec amour. ;))) Elle vous va bien votre barbe blanche. Vue une grosse vache en doudoune rouge, affalée sur son banc : faut la renvoyer dans son pré, elle va mâchonner toutes les roses !
Fotios Lapichos (11 months ago)
Great project in terms of decoration but totally disappointing in terms of creativity. I just wonder about the fashion editors reaction in case you drop down the brand of Chanel... the final feeling that I got is rather "tasteless"... First part is totally boring full of repetitions as about the second part is very underestimated in terms of the great glory of that great fashion house. The dress shapes are not that feminine and very unconfortable for the final woman customer. I'm really curious about the press reports of that collection.
Elizabeth Williamson (11 months ago)
There is no doubt Coco Chanel loved tweed. It was a visit to Ireland with a duke of England that sparked her love of all things tweed.
Alex G (11 months ago)
Not a fan of the netting veils, but the dresses themselves are magnificent, they'd work much better with loose hair and a fresher, more natural makeup.
Roni Roni (11 months ago)
Крой рукава и скругленного увеличенного плеча в первой части весьма прекрасный и сверенный. Все мультислойные вещи во 2-ой части тоже весьма прекрасные. Кое-что наводит на идея, что создатель коллекции любит Восток либо сам с Востока, однако это будто чуть уловимый штришок : рассредотачивание объемов и зачисление, когда крой подчеркивается более либо наименее контрастными кантиками. Но помятые пластмассовые шляпки в иной коллекции этого года и бахилы со забавными каблуками...Неужели создатель тот же, мне тяжело в это поверить...
Rene James (11 months ago)
Beautiful. Love the matching boots.
Lisa McAllister (11 months ago)
Where can I buy this music, please?
Elizabeth Law (11 months ago)
The stand out Chanel this season was the Cruise collection.
Radazik Shintemir (11 months ago)
Bravo maestro! Exelent! It's better collection hout cuture! 🤗😀
roshini begum (11 months ago)
6:10 song ??
KHoulala Channel (11 months ago)
Well .I can't wear any of these dresses .but I enjoy the music .this so relaxing 😍😍😍
Barland enaj (11 months ago)
chanel always changing always pretty
Veneti 041 (11 months ago)
Wow this spring it needs to be more girly and immature again
Jennifer S (1 year ago)
Wedding dress with what are called “nervous feathers” in the hat business..how appropriate
Jennifer S (1 year ago)
Stunning and magical music..nothing compares to this
Sofia Bellini (1 year ago)
molte modelle hanno guardato in basso, errore gravissimo.
john wynn (1 year ago)
A true celebration of femininity, form, and function...a truly beautiful collection...loved the classics that kicked off the show. Pure Chanel...true to the "look" of this venerable house. The matching boots bought monochromatic dressing to a whole new level...brilliant and inspired. The simple headpieces were truly the "cherry on top" of this array of exquisitely executed simplicity. Taking it to the next level...the "confetti ensemble" blew me away...joie de vivre itself...and the perfect segue to crisp whites with punches of fuchsia...and both vibrant, and soft pastels, designed with masterful discretion and pure artistry. Blue, black, and silver iterations were cool and sexy without sacrificing the integrity of the collection as a whole. Be-ribboned...feathered...pleated...flounced...and jewel encrusted looks for evening followed suit...and kept me enthralled and enchanted...and wanting for more. As for the presentation...perfection...as per usual. The set...the music...the pacing...unparalleled on either side of the Atlantic. Chanel remains at the top of the game...the essence of couture in it's highest form. Coco is smiling...somewhere...certainly, in my imagination. Bravo M. Lagerfeld...you are indeed the king of couture...long may you reign!!! Long may you live!!!
PEACE & RESPECT (1 year ago)
fashion? Nja. Street style.
Ronda Fultz (1 year ago)
Loved the show and the music
lamar perez (2 months ago)
search chanel sount tracks most of them are on mp3 or itunes
guillaume boonenn (1 year ago)
Collection incompréhensible...des manteaux en été!
渡邉加奈 (1 year ago)
Jennifer S (1 year ago)
Fabrics are incredible
53mandevilla (1 year ago)
omg...do women really wear this ugly overrated crap? Just a bunch of bulky knits w matching boots...ugh...it's just the name! I've sewn for 50+ years and can make any of these...lol
Sylla Atlas (1 year ago)
9:12 Melania Trump wore this jumpsuit as a dress for the reception of the Macrons last weekend
anna S (1 year ago)
Sehr schön :)
Alina Wing (1 year ago)
From 10:20min is beautiful
Alina Wing (1 year ago)
Most of shoulders are too big
Design B (1 year ago)
Also, reading comments about how the collections "Look the Same", I would recommend looking closer. It's in the details. The genius is the reinvention/modernization while staying true to Chanel.
Design B (1 year ago)
Chanel: ALWAYS LOTS TO LOVE. However, it seems like some of the clothes were designed by someone other than Karl? The shoulder/sleeve situation looked uncomfortable/restrictive. Some surprisingly "Less than Perfection" we have come to expect.
Claudia Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Beautiful Elegancia🌹
Alex (1 year ago)
I like how Chanel keeps it normal and not like other houses do like dolce & gabbana nice
Sebastian Wendel (1 year ago)
... die Modells schaun nochmal drein, als wär es eine Strafe diesen Job zu machen ... man kann's nicht mehr sehen ... aber der Bart steht Lagerfeld sehr gut :-)
Amy Silva (1 year ago)
I'm learning about absolutism in my world history class and idk why I was thinking of these fashion shows as I was learning about this...anyways the show is quite dreamy.
Φashion Ikon (1 year ago)
barbara solano (1 year ago)
spring summer, realy??
Margaret Taylor (1 year ago)
Love the timelessness and elegance of Chanel. And that wedding dress? Stunning.
이다은은 (1 year ago)
정호연 신현주 대다나다ㅏ
lucy beebee (1 year ago)
This is going way back in time ..Seen it before
Shalvya Inge Indira (1 year ago)
How is this summer
Jose Real del Coco (1 year ago)
Definitely Chanel isn't for millennials without good taste
emily schwellenbach (1 year ago)
like the first suit, most of the dresses are quite lovley, the wedding dress uhhhhh no, it is different but no, but great improvement from the last few years, Karl is still dreaming and creating, good for him
vazqal10 (1 year ago)
every single chanel couture show looks the same. avalanche of tweeds in pastel colors. ace soundtrack tho
Mila Cruz (1 year ago)
I don't know what you all are talking about. I loved it, every single piece has so much work into it it's admirable. Loved it!
Kongpat Sakdapitak (1 year ago)
TheKarenina79 (1 year ago)
Mercedes Johnson (1 year ago)
I counted two models of colour
SofiaL (1 year ago)
sublime ! très aérienne, j 'adore
Kelly Curry (1 year ago)
So stuuning omg
Marina Sky (1 year ago)
How beautiful. CHANEL has the best catwalks, the decorations, music, these porcelain models! I'm absolutely mesmerzed!
Pang Lin Fong (10 months ago)
Marina Sky 東北部
le melo (1 year ago)
That's the definition of elegance. Amazing work :D
伊! (1 year ago)
8:30 Please tell me who's name?
Fatou ESTEOULE (1 year ago)
I really enjoy the show, the dresses were beautiful and elegant as always. I am really upset to read a lot of bad comment like "boring", "always the same things", "nothing new"... because every look were different I dont see the same fabrics,the same colors or the same form. And that because I think that Karl is a pur genius : he does 8 collections by years for Chanel, he always respect the codes of the brand and its always different theme, colors, fabrics,form... it's absolutely not repetitive ! (Sorry for my bad English and the spelling mistakes, I am french :) )
Ms.Smith GameChanger (1 year ago)
😂 these designs suck, sorry not sorry nobody wears these
AnaïsDAP (1 year ago)
p p (1 year ago)
Wow Wow wow
Louise Marchand (1 year ago)
Je suis assez stupéfaite de constater que cette collection est la plus ennuyeuse et mémérisante que j'ai jamais vue chez Chanel ! Elles ressemblent toutes à des meringues, parfois c'est laid tellement les vêtements grossissent les mannequins. J'ai l'impression de m'être trompée de visionnage de défilé ! Il n'y a qu'une seule robe que je trouve mignonne, le look 43, le reste ne fait vraiment pas rêver et j'ai même pitié pour les filles : j'aurais pas voulu porter ce vestiaire et l'avoir dans mon book ! Que se passe-t-il ? C'est le début de la fin ? Karl Lagerfeld a été remplacé ? Ou alors il est urgent de le remplacer ? Incompréhensible.
MrUntapishtim (1 year ago)
Nice fabrics, pretty girls and lots of silly outfits.
Es el vestido de novia el ganador!!
丁子 (1 year ago)

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