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Elder Scrolls Online | All Primal Weapons & Armour | Light Medium & Heavy | Melee Bow Staff & Shield

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A Look At All Primal Veteran Weapons & Armour In The Elder Scrolls Online In Full HD Check out these Elder Scrolls guides http://tinyurl.com/goxunug Weapons & Armour Showcases For All 17 Styles - Xivkyn (Imperial Daedric) - http://youtu.be/1eEeEnPiBbM Glass - Coming Soon! Dwemer - http://youtu.be/5lM7GF8aAsY Ancient Elf (Ayleid) - http://youtu.be/arq37HnP8ak Daedric - http://youtu.be/bSTnlIxVFOs Primal - http://youtu.be/2ltCUNJ3X1c Barbaric - http://youtu.be/wVg1Jr2iu88 Imperial - http://youtu.be/VaTS2ln0qWo Redguard - http://youtu.be/5WrZQB2f3C8 High Elf (Altmer) - http://youtu.be/RsbaEV-sGsA Wood Elf (Bosmer) - http://youtu.be/-gIrLethqRY Dark Elf (Dumner) - http://youtu.be/TuXjymeS3b0 Khajiit - http://youtu.be/jjzl8xaZzB4 Nord - http://youtu.be/_f4kJLGsnzA Orc - http://youtu.be/FPZmzJm-Tuo Argonian - http://youtu.be/ljKJVehu6e4 Breton - http://youtu.be/pOO217UZyxA All 21 Craftable Sets | Locations & Stats - http://youtu.be/KUSnpMuiISc Please Like & Subscribe For More Elder Scrolls Online Playstationz0ne.com facebook.com/Playstationz0ne twitter.com/playstationz0ne
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Text Comments (28)
Cade Mosser (3 years ago)
how much should I sell a primal motif
chanel Rogers (3 years ago)
the staff look pretty cool
Retox (3 years ago)
do all the types of armor have the same stats just a different look?
Bill Smith (3 years ago)
And what Race is good for Bow?
Bill Smith (3 years ago)
I wanna use medium Armor and Bow should i put my points all in stamina?
Dalton Powell (4 years ago)
why have they not made skyrim armor mods about eso yet? .-. I love the armors in eso and id love to see something like those in skyrim
Kai Andrews (4 years ago)
how did you level up your black smithing so high?
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
watch my video on 8x deconstruction xp for crafting
FatalFist (4 years ago)
I really hope the Dye system allows you to change colors of the weapons to. Greatswords are my pride and joy, I was really looking forward to the Primal but I don't like how it looks dark rust-red as opposed to the icon which looks pristine whitegold.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
seems a bit stupid to me
Toxically Masculine (4 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE lol no you absolutely cannot dye swords. the devs even said they would never let you dye swords. however, in a future update, you will be able to dye shields.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
yeah im sure you can dye swords I want a solid gold a elf sword
Samsara (4 years ago)
There is a reason why my crafter doesn't have Primal.. it's UGLY! 
i love it coz it reminds me of TES3 Ashlanders
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
fair enough
Shaun Hastings (5 years ago)
Primal is beautiful, id sure love to look like that. i feel poor as because i only have breton steel on my highest level: lvl 22 Khajiit
Halcyon Gaming (5 years ago)
get high elf style in the meantime, nice jimi avatar
Cody Craft (5 years ago)
Kind of sped through the two handed, did not get to see the Greatsword very well with it being swung around. Can you send a pic if it zoomed in?
Halcyon Gaming (5 years ago)
pm me ur email and request please
Thorson Wong (5 years ago)
There actually is an Akaviri style, but it's the PVP gear. You can see the fighter's guild members wearing it a lot.
Halcyon Gaming (5 years ago)
that would b sick
Akaryusan (5 years ago)
hopefully akaviri style weapons and armor will be unlockable in some future adventure zone.
Wes Campbell (5 years ago)
I agree playstationZONE
Halcyon Gaming (5 years ago)
yeah I saw some akiviri gear but you cant craft it with katanas etc, thats what I want
Primordial Being (5 years ago)
Dave Uffels (5 years ago)
i was on sl about a day ago, and Aggron wasn't there! i might check it out.
Halcyon Gaming (5 years ago)
probably gonna give that a miss, really busy with eso and Agron is kind of lame
Primordial Being (5 years ago)

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